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The pain awoke me with a start and I clutched at my chest, wrapping my arms tightly around myself to try and alleviate it somehow. As I cried, I looked down at the spot beside me fully expecting the grass to be standing long and tall because in reality he'd never been there... but it wasn't.

"It's not possible," I gasped.

The grass was flattened, in two places, my spot and his. My sensible, rational side screamed at me to think logically. I must have rolled over, making two imprints. However, the romantic, desperate side told me that it just might be true… Edward had really been here.

I looked around the garden which was now shrouded in near darkness. There were no shadows near the trees, no figures lurking by the house or anywhere else, yet I felt it… felt him. His presence was all around me.

Edward Cullen had been here, of that I was absolutely certain. In fact I'd never been so convinced of anything in my entire life.

Chapter 15

After waking up alone, but knowing unequivocally that Edward had been here with me I remained out in the garden for what I thought was hours and hours hoping, praying and begging for him to come back. Silent tears streamed down my face as I waited, needing now more than ever to see him and to touch him... to know this was real.

"Please," I whispered to him... to myself. "Please."

"Bella?" Angela's voice appeared from the darkness with a concerned looking Victoria by her side. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. I just had another bad dream. I'm fine." I wiped my face quickly with the back of my hand and started gathering up my things. "Did you have fun at the beach?"

Angela nodded. "You would have enjoyed it. The others are still there enjoying the bonfire and the sailors. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Angela, why don't you go inside and make us some cocoa," Victoria said.

"Good idea," she agreed and went into the house.

As soon as she was gone, Victoria walked slowly over to me and sat down, patting the floor beside her. "Tell me about him," she said quietly.

"You already know," I told her, ignoring the dull ache in my chest that was intensifying rapidly.

"I know that he was a boy who stole your heart and then broke your heart when he left you behind. I know that you still cry yourself to sleep most nights and when you do finally fall asleep, you dream of him." She put her hand on my arm softly. "I want you to tell me about Edward, who he is… not what he did. How did you meet him? What does he look like? What is so special about him?"

I closed my eyes and pictured, with a strange sense of contentment, the very first moment I saw him.

"He is the most beautiful boy I've ever seen—I couldn't do him justice by beginning to describe him to you, Victoria, I just couldn't begin to put it into words. The first time we met he was playing piano in my father's club with his family and it took my breath away. The way his fingers were dancing on the keys sounded like music from heaven." I found myself smiling at the memory, and the cold, agonizing pain I now associated with Edward was replaced by a strong warmth. "He asked me to dance and he was the only boy who I'd ever actually wanted to dance with. I was so enamoured with him, he was… is… all I can think about."

Victoria smiled almost knowingly. "There's something about our first love that never quite lets go."

"Edward isn't just my first love," I told her seriously. "He's my only love. We may not have had such a long time together, but what we had changed me too much to ever be able to go back. He saved my life… in more ways than one."

"Oh?" she asked inquisitively. "How so?"

"Here you go, honey." Angela re-joined us outside and still I continued to talk, to let it all out for the first time.

"I hated my life and the monotony of being Philip Dwyer's daughter. I was drowning in the materialistic and superficial nonsense and Edward pulled me back up." I took a sip of my cocoa and hummed, "This is delicious, Angela, thank you."

"Small price to pay if I get to hear this story." She smiled and beckoned for me to continue.

"At first the Cullen's were popular and people sought their company—my mother included. I think everybody was so enchanted with their presence and then as soon as they became a threat to the dominance Phil held in that town… he somehow turned everyone against them. To me, I didn't care about any of that drama, but Phil forbade me to have any contact with him, so I had to see Edward in secret."

"Forbidden romance?" Victoria sighed wistfully.

"He told me things no one else knew about and showed me a side to him that only his family saw. On my birthday we arranged to meet at a public event. I knew that Phil would never cause a scene publicly and hoped he might come around to the idea of Edward. It turned out to be irrelevant. Something happened and the Cullen's left Winnetka. That was the last I saw of them, I suspect that's the last I'll ever see of them, but even though he left me behind, I don't regret anything. If he hadn't come into my life I would never have found the strength to leave home. I would never have met you all or been given this most amazing opportunity. I know you might think otherwise, but I love it here—I wouldn't want to be anywhere else." Even the briefest recollection of my birthday caused the ripple of agony to return with a vengeance, but I forced myself to think of another, more pleasant memory of Edward and the pain began to dissipate.

"Do you know why they left?" Angela asked, rubbing my back.

"No," I lied. "There were a lot of stories circulating around town, but I didn't believe them."

"They never said goodbye?" Victoria whispered. "How could he do that?"

"I like to think circumstances were out of his control, I hope that was the case, because the only other explanation was to get away from me…" My voice broke and I was quickly being cuddled by both women.

"Do you really think that?" Angela asked and I shrugged.

"I hope I'm wrong. Edward also saved my life in the literal sense of the word." I let my mind wander back to the club in Chicago and immediately the warmth started to fade. "I found myself in a frightening situation alone and he appeared like an angel to keep me safe."

"Maybe your angel is watching over you now?" Victoria offered. "Maybe things were supposed to happen this way. You've got your whole life ahead of you. Tell me this; if Edward had stayed in Winnetka, if he'd never left you behind, would you be sitting here right now with us?"

"No," I admitted.

"Everything happens for a reason, don't forget that and don't forget Edward. Don't forget how he made you feel, Bella. You know when you've found someone special, Bella."

"I knew from the very beginning that he was the only boy I'd ever want. I may have been sixteen but I just knew it was him and now he's gone." I closed my eyes, more tears threatening to spill over.

"Have you tried to find him?" Victoria asked. "You shouldn't give up. Somehow he found you when you needed him the most—when you didn't even realise you needed him, maybe he needs to be saved too, Bella."

"I wouldn't even know where to start. His family appeared in Winnetka one day as if from nowhere, and then left just as suddenly." I laughed once sarcastically. "I suppose I could wander the world looking for them."

"Hey, if he really is your guardian angel, you could always live life on the dark side a little and see if he turns up to save you?" Angela laughed, obviously joking but to me, nothing ever made more sense. "Hey, Kid, I'm joking."

"I know," I lied.

The conversation drifted to their own memories of boys and love and as they recollected, I plotted. If I hadn't lost my mind and he was really here then would he stand by and watch if I was in genuine danger?

If the Edward I knew really existed, if deep down he really did love me, he would never let any harm come to me. It was a risky game, it was a plan that could backfire monumentally, but it was also a plan that could bring him back to me, and if it did, this time I was not letting him go.

Somehow I would find him.


"Are you okay?" Angela asked me the next morning and I nodded. "You seem a little distracted—you've been brushing that strand of hair for five minutes now."

"I have?" I grinned sheepishly and set the brush down. "I'm just thinking about Edward. It was nice to talk about him last night. I always seem to linger on the fact he left, I'd almost forgotten how good it was before that. Thank you."

"Our pleasure, Honey." Angela clapped her hands. "Come on then, your training is calling."

One of the less-understanding doctors would be on duty during our shift today, so we were going to the old building to practice some procedures with the supplies I had managed to sneak out of the hospital. I spent most of the morning applying dressings and splints to various parts of Angela's body. She also tended to ask me random questions while I was busy to try and catch me out.

"You have been studying hard," she said proudly after another correct answer.

"I don't have much else to do," I half-joked.

"You've taken to this like a duck to water, Bella. You've surprised us all." She helped me tidy up and then made a few notes of other supplies to smuggle out of the main hospital.

"Seriously, though, Angela, I feel like I was meant to do this… does that sound ridiculous?" I asked doubtfully.

"Not at all, Honey. Not at all."

After our "training" we had to do a shift at the hospital. I was limited to changing sheets and restocking cabinets, but I watched the doctors and nurses studiously. I tried to pick up on all the abbreviated requests and also tried to pre-empt the instructions the doctor would give to the nurse he was working with.

I was physically and mentally drained by the time we returned home, but I still had a lot to do. As soon as I was back at the house, I pulled Maggie to one side.

"I saw a poster for a disco this evening," I said to her and her eyes lit up. "Are you going?"

"I wasn't, but I can," she said excitedly. "Do you want to come with me?"

"I'd like to, if you think there's still time?" I said and she started jumping up and down.

"I can have you ready in no time, Bella," she squealed.

"Ssh," I whispered, nodding at Victoria dozing on the couch. "Let's not wake her, she's working tonight."

"Come on, let's go and get you something to wear," she trilled and dragged me over to her closet.

I sat there and let her dress me up like a doll, listening to her gush about how pretty my hair looked as she curled it, or how the makeup brought out my eyes. It made me think back to my old friends in Winnetka, to the night out we had which almost ended so badly for me… almost. If tonight worked out the way I hoped, maybe, just maybe, this night could have a similar ending? That was the plan anyway.

The dress she chose was deep red and it clung tightly to my body, emphasizing my curves. "Are you sure this doesn't look too provocative?" I asked doubtfully, smoothing my hands down my waist.

"Trust me, Bella." She was standing behind me and winked in the mirror. "It's a fabulous dress to dance in; you'll be the one all the boys want to talk to."

"You look beautiful," Angela said to me and then turned to Maggie. "You better not have pressured her into this."

"It was Bella's idea," she argued.

"It really was, Angela, I promise. I thought it was time I started enjoying myself." I grinned.

I didn't share the reason for my enthusiasm and I certainly didn't tell her what I was planning to do. I sincerely doubted she'd understand and she certainly wouldn't have let me try and make it happen.

"Well, then have fun, ladies," she said, waving us out of the door. "Not all of us can sleep in late tomorrow morning. I have to be at the hospital early so try to keep it down when you get back."

"I promise we'll be quiet," I said and Maggie scoffed.

"We make no such promise. You could always come with us?"

"Next time I will for sure," Angela laughed. "Look after each other."

"Oh we will," Maggie sang, dragging me out of the door.

To say I was terrified when we walked into the extremely busy disco would be quite the understatement. It was smoky, noisy, and incredibly hot. Maggie linked her arm through mine and walked me over to the bar. No sooner had we taken a seat, we were flanked by two uniformed boys.

"Good evening, Ladies," one of them said politely, winking at Maggie.

"Good evening yourself," she replied back. "I'm Maggie and this is my friend, Bella."

"Hello, Bella," the second boy said to me, winking. "You look very pretty tonight."

"Thank you," I said nervously and looked straight ahead.

"Can we buy you lovely ladies a drink?" the other one asked without taking his eyes from my friend.

"How about a dance instead?" she suggested and held out her hand. "Are you coming, Bella?"

"No, I'm fine here. You go and have fun." I smiled and she looked at me suspiciously.

"Are you meeting Jacob?" she asked and I shook my head.

"Absolutely not." I almost laughed at the absurdity. "Why would you even think that?"

"Because you're not mad I'm leaving you alone… and because he's walking over to you right now." She indicated her head behind me and then let her dancing partner tow her over to the dance floor.

"Hello," Jacob said, appearing next to me.

I now had two boys on either side of me, both looking at me expectantly. This was definitely not part of my plan.

"Hello, Jacob," I answered, hoping I didn't sound too disappointed to see him. "This is… oh I'm sorry, I didn't get your name."

The other boy just smirked. "I know Black. I didn't realise this was your girl, let me leave you two alone."

"No, I'm not," I started to object but he was gone.

"I didn't mean to interrupt," Jacob said shyly.

"You didn't… not really. His friend is dancing with Maggie; they just left me here with him." I shook my head. "I've never been to anything like this since we got here. I didn't expect to see you."

"I like it here, even more now I got to see you, Ma'am." He smiled. "You should come more often."

"Maybe," I said, not yet sharing his enthusiasm.

"You look pretty. Different, but very pretty."

"Thank you," I said, and then an awkward silence fell upon us.

I turned around and watched Maggie being spun around the dance floor. Her laughter was infectious and I grinned widely. Jacob saw me smiling and said, "Do you want to dance?"

This had not been part of the plan either, but I found the idea sounded like fun. "Just one song?"

Jacob nodded eagerly and I followed him over to find a space in the mass of people. He held out his hand and I took it, feeling his other hand hold onto my waist gently. We started to dance and I was enjoying myself, but then the song finished and a less upbeat one started to play.

As Jacob pulled me a little closer in his arms I closed my eyes and suddenly I was back in Winnetka dancing with Edward. It was such a vivid memory that I almost forgot it wasn't Edward's arms that were holding me.

"Is everything okay?" Jacob asked, and I realised we'd stopped dancing.

I nodded and I think he mistook my unease for something entirely different, because he leaned forward to kiss me.

"No, Jacob," I said, pushing him away and instantly feeling terrible for encouraging him. "I can't."

"Sorry," he mumbled"I thought..."

"It's my fault," I told him. "Would you excuse me? I just need to step outside for a second."

I had planned on waiting at least an hour or two before leaving, but Maggie's invitation to dance and Jacob's impromptu appearance just gave me an earlier opportunity. As soon as I stepped out into the street I started walking in no particular direction.

I headed away from the main part of town and towards the quieter, darker areas. I walked down alley ways, past by empty stores, but no one else was around. It was only when I was a considerable distance from the club that I realised what an idiot I was being.

What if I was wrong? What if Edward really wasn't here and I was walking into a situation with no guardian angel to save me?

I heard footsteps approaching and I started to panic. I considered running, but had no idea which way to go and the shoes I was wearing certainly wouldn't help my escape.

"Ma'am, what are you doing out here alone?"

"Jacob?" I asked, sighing in relief. "Were you following me?"

"Yes," he admitted unapologetically. "I wanted to apologize for trying to kiss you, and then I saw you go wandering off alone. It's really not the best idea for you to be walking alone at night, Ma'am. Are you lost?"

"No," I smiled. "I was looking for someone."

"Out here?" He looked around doubtfully. "Who?"

"It doesn't matter now. I think I should be getting home now." I started to walk in one direction, but Jacob's hand closed around my arm and tugged me gently.

"It's this way, Ma'am," he said softly. "May I walk you?"

"Jacob I…" I looked at him sadly. "I think you're really sweet and such a gentleman, but I…"

"That's okay. How about friends?" He smiled and I nodded. "Then as a friend, please let me walk with you. I'd like to make sure you get home safe."

As we walked we talked about his childhood and I avoided questions about mine. He was kind hearted and easy to talk to, as far as friends went, he could easily become a very good one.

When we reached the house he made me promise that the next time I went to the disco or anywhere else in town, I wouldn't wander out on the streets alone. I said I would, meaning every word and then with a polite nod of his head he wished me goodnight and left.

I turned around to go inside and saw Angela standing there with a smirk on her face. "Jacob Black?"

"Angela, it's not what you think."

"And it would be completely okay if it was," she said softly.

"Nothing happened. We're just friends," I told her.

"Okay," she said simply. "You don't have to explain yourself to me."

"Maggie was dancing with a boy and Jacob asked me to dance. I felt a little tired and I wanted to go home; I guess I got lost and Jacob walked me home." I noticed she was in her nightgown. "Sorry for waking you."

"It's not even eleven yet, Bella. I was just about to go to bed when I heard voices so I came out here to have a look. Are you coming inside?" she asked, but I shook my head.

"Not yet. It's a nice night, so I think I'll sit outside for a while."

I sat on the porch for a few minutes and the sound of the waves caught my attention so I decided to take a walk down to the beach. Listening to the tide moving back and forth was serene and under the moonlight the water looked so appealing. I treaded carefully over the rocks and dipped my toe into the cool water.

It felt even better than it looked, so I slipped out of my dress and in nothing but my underwear I waded in deeper. I dived beneath the surface, swam out a few meters from the shoreline and then floated on my back, gazing up at the sky.

My mind wandered to Edward, and I found some comfort knowing that wherever he was, however far apart we were, we would at some point be looking at the same stars, the same moon, and suddenly he didn't feel so far away.

I don't know how long I lay there, but I started to feel cold. I looked back to shore and saw that I'd drifted much further out to sea. I couldn't see any distinguishable lights to know which way to head. Panicking, I began to swim in the direction I thought was right but I didn't seem to be making any progress. I spun around over and over and then I saw a faint light far away in the distance. Immediately I headed towards it but after what seemed like an eternity, it was still too far away to even tell what it was. The current beneath me was strong, pulling me against the direction I was swimming and I started to tire rapidly; my arms and legs were aching and felt like dead weights as I tried to kick and swim.

I weakly called out for help but no one was around to help me. The first time I sank beneath the surface it startled me enough to provide a burst of energy and adrenaline. I found a brief second wind and frantically fought to stay above water, but my strength faded and once again I went under.

Each time I got my head back up, I gasped for breath, but I barely had time to breathe once before salt water rushed into my mouth. I thought briefly about my mother, Ms. Cope, and Angela… all of the girls here, but Edward's face kept appearing.

He was calling my name and the darker my mind got, the louder his voice grew. It brought me comfort, and strangely enough I wasn't afraid. I resigned myself to the fact this was the end and in those last few seconds, I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me, holding me tightly, letting me know he was here and that I wasn't alone in this life or whatever was to come. Then the sound of his voice disappeared and I was engulfed in the blackness.

"Bella? Please, Bella. Please."

It was Edward's voice, but it brought me no relief because I could hear the pain in his words. There was a desperation, a pleading I had never heard before and I wanted to tell him it was okay, that I was okay.

"Forgive me, Bella, please… I only left for you, to keep you safe from our kind… to keep you safe from me."

Then it occurred to me that I was dreaming again, I had to be dreaming because it was all so familiar. I knew I was on the beach, I could hear the ocean, and feel the waves lapping at my ankles. Everything was heavy and dark and I could feel raindrops starting to hit my face. From nowhere a cold shiver rippled through my body and I sensed I wasn't alone. I let my eyelids flutter open and unlike all of the other dreams, I saw his face so clearly. I knew that I should look away, fearing the pain I was going to feel when I woke up without him, but I felt too safe, too happy, and too complete to sacrifice a second of seeing him.

"Bella?" he asked, relieved.

"You're here," I breathed and he nodded once. "I can't believe I can see you this time."

I studied his face, but my usual dream Edward was much different this time… his eyes were dark, too dark. They made the black of the night seem light in comparison, they were so black and the circles under his eyes were visible even now. I also noticed his hair was soaking wet and strands of it were hanging down over my face. It wasn't raining, the drops of water I'd felt were dripping from his hair.

The more I focused on him, the less it felt like a dream. We were lying so close together, the length of his body pressed against mine and the coolness of his skin brought me more warmth than any blanket or heater.

"I like this," I said with a contented sigh. "Usually I can't see you when I dream. I never want to wake up."

"It's not a dream, Bella," he whispered.

"It has to be," I said and he frowned. "Because you're here, Edward."

"It really isn't a dream, Bella, and I shouldn't be here." He looked pained, and I clung onto his wet shirt tightly in a desperate attempt to make him stay.

"Did I drown? If I'm not dreaming am I dead? I did die, didn't I? That's why you're here, why I can see you, touch you… I don't want it to end."

He squeezed his eyes shut and pulled me against him. I heard him take a deep, long breath through his nose. "You're not dead, Bella. I was almost too late… I almost didn't get to you."

"If I'm not dead and if I'm not dreaming, does that mean I'm awake and you're really real? You saved me," I stated matter-of-factly; I was feeling surpassingly calm. "You really were here… last night… you were here last night. It was real."

That was all it took to know that it hadn't been a choice to mourn his loss, it wasn't a choice to cling onto that love and hope that I would find him again. Even though I was frightened he would leave, in those few minutes I felt like nothing bad had ever happened. I forgot about the pain and the emptiness, choosing instead to embrace what I had in this moment.

"Why are you here?" I reached up and ran my fingers over every inch of his face.

"For you, I had to make sure you were okay," he whispered. "Alice saw…"

"Alice saw what?" I asked.

His entire body stiffened and his voice sounded strained. "It's alright now, nothing bad is going to happen to you now. I won't let it."

"But you left me," I said to him sadly. "Why do you even care?"

"I do care. You're the only thing I care about, Bella. I'm so sorry. Please understand I only left to protect you, to save you from… from me."

I could hear the pain in his voice and still I needed to hear his story, I needed to really know what happened. "I don't understand," I said to him.

"I lost control… in the woods when you were bleeding… I lost control and I almost… I would have killed you, Bella. Quil Artera was right, I'm a monster and you deserve better than what I have to offer you. I told my father what happened and I told him I couldn't bear to hurt you… they understood that the best and only way to protect you was to leave you. If I wasn't here, I couldn't hurt you, Bella." He held me tighter and I could feel his arms trembling. "I stayed away at first, I fully intended to let you live a normal life—you deserved the chance to live a life of your choosing and I wasn't going to be the one to deny you that."

"Edward, the only life I would ever have chosen was a life with you." I sat up, and he did the same. "You never denied me anything until you left, and then the only thing you denied me was you. Edward Cullen, you will always be the only one I ever want."

"Please forgive me." he reached over and held my face in his hands. "I know I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I ask for it anyway, because I can't go on without you in my life."

"You left, Edward, and when you left... a part of me died. I found Angela and this whole new life without you… if I let you in again and something else happens to make you run, I don't think I could ever recover from that. Not twice, Edward." I shook my head and looked out towards the ocean. "How did you find me?"

"I did try to stay away," he said sadly and it hurt knowing my rejection caused that. "I just couldn't exist without seeing you so I came back. When I returned to Winnetka I told myself I just wanted to make sure you were safe and well… but then I realised you were gone. I caught the aftermath of your disappearance—it was quite a scandal as I'm sure you can imagine."

"Oh I can imagine." I smiled. "I expect the streets were rife with rumors?"

"Your friends are convinced you ran away with me, some others actually think I kidnapped you, and others think I hurt you." He tried to smile, but that last one was almost too close to the truth for him. "I knew you had help leaving, but no one else does. Through investigators he'd employed, Phil managed to track your movements to Chicago, but after that no one knew where you'd gone."

"How did you succeed where they failed?" I asked, happy that my whereabouts still eluded Phil.

"I used my gift and my other talents to find where you'd been in the city and that led me to your new friend—Angela. With a little help from Alice, we found out that you were here."

"Here I am." I breathed in his scent, letting it wash over me like warm honey, soothing every part of me... parts of me I didn't even know were in pain.

"You have no idea how proud I was to see you here, doing what you wanted to do. Then I hated myself for following you here, Bella. How could I ever come back into your life after seeing what you were on the way to achieving?" He rested his head on mine. "I was battling my selfish reasons to stay when Alice saw…"

"Saw what?" I asked.

"Nothing," he answered, but the tone of his voice said otherwise.

"Edward," I said curtly. "Don't keep anything from me, please don't."

"I'm not. Alice saw nothing. That's why she worried so much. Occasionally, when there are too many factors, too many variable things about a situation it leaves her blinded. She saw you and then she didn't… she was frightened it could mean you were in danger, so I stayed here to watch over you. I never thought the danger you'd find yourself in would be self-inflicted. Wandering the streets alone? Swimming at night alone? Why would you do that?"

"The last time I was in danger you saved me, Edward," I said and saw the anger immediately in his eyes. "I knew you were here, I didn't know why or for how long, but I knew you were close. I was prepared to do anything to see you again… I needed to see you."

"Please don't put your life at risk like that again," he said quietly. "I'm here now. It's very late and you're cold—let me take you home."

I nodded and stood up, suddenly becoming very aware I was only in my underwear. "My dress, I took it off to go swimming."

As if it was nothing, Edward vanished and then reappeared in a flash holding my dress in his hands. "You looked beautiful tonight."

"Thank you," I mumbled and pulled the dress over my head.

I took one step away from him, when suddenly I was up in his arms, being cradled against his chest. "Let me," he whispered and then he started running.

It was only a short distance from the shore to my house, but I loved every second. As soon as the house came into view, he put me on the ground and stepped back. I waved once, not sure what else there was to say and then turned to go inside when a thought struck me.

"Will you be here tomorrow?" I asked anxiously.

"Would you like me to be here?"

I nodded once. "Yes. What you said on the beach about forgiving you… I do, Edward. I just need time."

He smiled crookedly. "I'll be here as long as you want me to be here, Bella. I won't leave you again unless it is what you want."

"Tomorrow then," I said.


"And Edward?" I said quickly before he disappeared like only Edward could. "I won't ever want you to leave."

"Then I will always be where you are, Isabella Swan."

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