This is a song fic based on the song, 'Concrete Angel' but with a few changes. I have decided to do an Adam fic because he doesn't have that many and he is perfect so he deserves them! Adam revealed that his dad 'is a bully' so this story is around that. He is 15 and he works after school at the lab. The reason behind his OCD will come out and it won't be 'mainly science' as the answer. There will be abuse in this story and I HATE ABUSIVE PARENTS AND PEOPLE but I thought it would be cool to have some insight to Adam's past. Please, read, enjoy and review so I know if you like it! Song = Italics and I don't own CSI!

He walks to school with the lunch he packed- nobody knows what he's holding back; wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday, he hides the bruises with the linen and lace

Adam went about his usual routine; being as quiet as he could whilst getting ready. He had thrown on the same clothes a yesterday as his others were dirty- he hated thing being untidy but his dad refused to wash his clothes for him being a freak. He did this every morning, he had to. He was preparing his sandwiches when his dad walked in.

"Stealing my food are you, huh, you freak! Look at you with your tidy food and your even shapes. Why do I have to have a freak as my son? I wish your mother had the abortion once she had the chance" scolded Adam's dad as his iron fist connected painfully with his bruised abdomen. His dad repeated the blows to Adam as he whimpered. "Pathetic" he spat as he walked out. Adam steadied himself before going back to his lunch.

"No crust and even sided bread, perfectly shaped ham with 4 cucumbers the same size in the corners and a layer of salad cream" muttered Adam as he wrapped his sandwich in 2 layers of foil before walking out. Due to his shift at the lab, Adam made 2 sandwiches. He couldn't believe he had even gotten the job.


"Come in" yelled Mac for the hundredth time.

"H hi, I errr, I er am Adam Ross. H here for the j job" informed Adam nervously as his stutter took over.

"Kid, you are what, 16, there is no way you can work here" argued Mac as Adam stared at him.

"I I may be 15 b but I can do this. I can tell that your computer is set wrong for you. Too bright and the settings are all wrong for you" protested Adam.

"How?" asked Mac. He liked this boy, he seemed smart and independent.

"mainly s science" answered Adam.

"Fine, I expect to see you after school everyday till 9, if you are late, a warning, again, you are gone" warned Mac as he walked out. Adam waited a few minutes before he punched the air.


School was school. Adam enjoyed the learning aspect of it, hated everything else.

"Hey dork" greeted Jake Holmes- the popular jock.

"Hi Jake" greeted Adam back as he looked down. Jake meant trouble.

"I have been thinking, you shouldn't come back to school, you should leave. Forever" ordered Jake with a harsh grin.

"I cant just drop out of school!" argued Adam

"Listen nerd, it wasn't up for discussion! I would leave now, before I have to force you" spat Jake as his fellow jocks came into the bathroom. Adam looked up at them all; there was no way that he could take them on. Maybe it will be for the best, I could work at the lab full time. No one would scare me there he thought.

"I guess so" laughed Adam, he didn't want to anger them.

"Great, it wasn't nice knowing you Adam, I guess you best get going" ordered Jake as he signaled Adam to leave.

"Now?" asked Adam. How could he leave now?

"I will be nice! Today is your last day, it gives you a chance to say goodbye to your… imaginary friends" smiled Jake as he left. Adam waited in the bathroom for a few minutes before running to class so he wasn't late. He sat down in his seat after taking his jacket of and beginning the work.

The teacher wondered and she had to ask, it's hard to see the pain behind the mask. Bearing the Burdon of a secret storm, sometimes he wishes he was never born.

This wasn't the first time that Adam's teacher noticed the bruises.

"Adam, can I see you outside a minute please" she ordered softly. Adam nodded and walked outside.

"Is is everything okay?" asked Adam despite knowing where this conversation was going.

"Adam, I noticed bruises on your arms again and I am worried about you, is everything really okay at home?" asked his teacher for the hundredth time since Adam joined her class 3 months ago.

"Yeah, I just got injured playing rug rugby" answered Adam with a dramatic head nod. With a sigh, the teacher let Adam go back into class. Poor boy she thought sadly.


The rest of the day went quickly for Adam and he was now sitting at the lab analyzing evidence.

"Hey Adam, you got those results for whoa! What happened to you?" cried Lindsay once she saw the bruised arms.

"I have your results yes and I fell in PE and I got grabbed so I didn't fall" lied Adam as he handed the results over with a smile.

"Thanks" smiled Lindsay as she walked out with her results to find Danny. She found him with Mac in the break room.

"Hey Montana" greeted Danny as she walked in.

"Danny, I am worried about Adam" confessed Lindsay.

"Why?" questioned Mac as he came to life.

"He is bruised up pretty bad" answered Lindsay.

"I am sure he is okay, did you ask him what was wrong?" asked Danny.

"Yeah, he said he fell and someone grabbed him to stop him! That isnt right" she protested sadly.

"Lets leave it there shall we, he will tell us if anything is wrong when he is ready" ordered Mac as he walked out.

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