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Adam and Mac arrived at the lab just as everyone else appeared. Despite knowing how much trouble he would be in once his dad found out, Adam couldn't help but feel relieved and happy. Yes, the fear of getting beaten and possibly killed was still there, it always would be- it was engraved into his brain, but he hadn't felt like this ever and he knew he had to enjoy it. Wouldn't you? Constant stares and gasps was the major buzz kill but at the moment, he couldn't care one little bit.

"Thanks Mac" smiled Adam as he headed to his lab. Although a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders, he had to admit he felt weaker. Mac knew about his secret.

"Don't mention it Adam. Now listen to me, I am being serious now and I will be piss- angry if you lie to me again. I don't care how scared he makes you, it shouldn't be like that and you have to tell me. I am being serious Adam; I don't want you to get hurt you listening?" scolded Mac sternly. He meant every single word. There was something about Adam that made him protective like a father, a real father not the pathetic and lame excuse Adam had and he wanted to keep him safe. He would do what ever it took, even beyond what he had the power to do, to keep Adam safe.

"Thanks boss" Adam gushed. Adam never got the loving care from anyone and it felt weird to have someone doing that to him. He wouldn't deny that it felt nice, he enjoyed having someone caring for him like he should have done all his life but it was like learning to write with your right hand even though you are left handed. After receiving a smile from Mac, Adam tuned to leave and went towards his lab where Danny was waiting.

"Hey Adam" cheered Lindsay as she supped her steaming hot coffee. Handing over an equally hot drink, she warmly smiled at him.

"Hi Lindsay, is that for me?" stuttered Adam. So he occasionally got drinks from the team if they stopped by on the way but never had he gotten a free one.

"Yeah, it is a double hot chocolate with cream and a flake" she chuckled lightly as she saw his eyes light up excitedly like a child on Christmas. While being here for only a minute, she could see a difference in Adam already. His eyes had a positive sparkle which she had never seen before. He also wasn't as jumpy, he seemed lighter and cheerier. Normal.

"Oh my god! No way, I have wanted one of these for ages" squawked Adam as he inhaled the heavenly scent. His grandma had always provided him with one of these when he went to visit while he was little. Each visit earned him a delightful drink. Tracing his thumb along the edge of the cup, he evened out the cream so the ring created a perfect circle. Once he had finished perfecting his drink, he took the first mouth watering sip. "Thank you" he moaned as he savored the taste. Lindsay couldn't help but laugh, she had never seen this side of Adam before yet this seemed more normal. He was relaxed and he acted like the 15 year old teen that he was. Lindsay sent him a warm smile before she slowly made her way to trace to catch up on DNA samples. Walking into his lab, Adam breathed a huge sigh of relief as he got to work. Adam had been working for around 3 hours when Danny walked in.

"Hey Adam, I gotta new case and I only have 24 hours before my one and only suspect leaves so please could I have these on a rush and I will give you 5 bucks" pleaded Danny as he handed the evidence (A mobile phone) over with the promised 5 bucks. Adam laughed at Danny's bribery scheme but took the money with a grin.

"Sure, what is your new case then?" asked Adam curiously as he removed the phone and hooked it up to the computer.

"I got an abusive father who beats his son. His son had the guts to tell and he recorded the beatings and took pictures on his phone. Right now, he is in hospital but that will hopefully be the last time that happens once the evidence is done" revealed Danny with a hopeful smile. Little did he know, what he had just said to Adam caused him to freeze:
Abusive dad.
Last time.

However, it wouldn't be the last time for Adam, so Mac knew but how could he stop his father once he started his assault.

"Hello, earth to Adam, you in there? Can I get these on a rush?" asked Danny whilst he waved his ands in front of a pale face owned by Adam. Adam only nodded.


That shift had been harder, the evidence had gotten the young boy's father locked up for 7 years; it wasn't Adam's father though- he was far from safe…

"Oi, where are you? Pathetic twat" shouted Adam's father as he slammed the downstairs door. Adam stood up and met his father at his bedroom door.

"Hi dad, how was your day? Would you like me to make Dinner today?" asked Adam nervously. Overpowering all the other fragrances, the dominant, rancid stench of beer came from his father. Just the smell made him wince- it was strong. Adam had to try, he knew his attempts would fail but he could always hope. He learnt of his fail when his father pulled him up by the hem of his shirt and violently glued him to the wall. Squinting his eyes, Adam tried to block it all out but failed yet again as he bolted out of his happy thought when his father forced his head forward before shoving it backwards into the wall with a loud thud.

"Eurgh" groaned Adam as he jolted forwards. He felt a warm liquid trickle freely down the back of his tussled head. Holding his head up to face his father, he was winded with a shocking blow to his chest, once, again, again, again! Adam's head shot back due to the punch into his face. He spat out a mouthful of crimson coloured blood as his chest protested against the lack of Oxygen.

"You make me sick" shouted his father as he grabbed Adam's hair and swung him to the floor where his already bruised, battered and broken ribs forced their way onto the bed side table. Adam cried out in pain as his ribs were tormented even more.

"Please stop" begged Adam as he clenched his stomach. His father replied by stomping on his tortured body over and over again before he pulled him back up. Without warning, Adam's fist swung at his fathers face causing him to stagger backwards in shock.

"You little shit!" raged Adam's father as he raced forwards into Adam. He pushed him forwards out of his room before glaring at him with pure hatred. "You will regret that you worthless pig!" he screeched as he took one last thoughtless shove. Adam's eyes widened in horror as he felt the ground go from beneath him. Scraping the air for any chance of catching something to keep him up, Adam's cried penetrated the silent atmosphere. His father just stared blankly at him as Adam's head bashed against the step of the stair. His body painfully twisted as he flipped over onto his self. Adam blacked out; his last sight was of his father- stood, uncaring and bored as he fell.

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