Chapter 1

Shego Quits

It was another late autumn's day in Middleton and Kim Possible was in the mall with her friends Monique, Ron and his naked mole rat Rufus who lived in Ron's leg pocket. The three friends were in the mall since they had finished school early. Kim and Monique went clothes shopping in Club Banana while Ron went window shopping before coming across a window that was showing highlights of the wrestling that he was in to.

While on the other side of the World hiding behind a large waterfall was the hidden lair of Dr. Drakken who had tried many times to rule the world but failed with his sidekick Shego due to many to one person and that was Kim Possible.

Dr. Drakken was pondering how he could take over the world and get rid of the troublesome teenage cheerleading superstar then one morning Dr. Drakken had come up with a plan to do both things he wanted when he turned to Shego who was reading a magazine when Drakken said,

"Now Shego would you like to know my latest plan?" he asked when he looked at Shego and placed his arms behind his back and walked back and forth in front of her.

"No… Not really" replied Shego sarcastically as she continued to read her magazine. Drakken sighed and said,

"SHEGO!" as this got her attention as she replied,

"What? I'm reading here" she said as she looked at Drakken.

"What is the point of having an evil sidekick if they are useless and uninterested of your plans" Drakken complained.

"Ugh… Excuse me" said Shego as she was beginning to get annoyed with Drakken's comment towards her.

"You heard me Shego… I've been thinking of a reason why none of my brilliant plans work and I think I've found the answer" he said.

"Oh and what's that?" asked Shego as she slammed her magazine down and flipped up to her feet.

"IT'S YOU! You can never stop Kim Possible and her dopey sidekick Ron something because you are totally USELESS" explained Drakken with annoyance tone in his voice as this statement rocked Shego and hit her hard.

Shego was shocked at first by Drakken's comments as her black heart broke only to turn to anger as she snapped back,

"If that's the way you feel then go at it alone for all I care because I QUIT!" shouted Shego as she spun around and went to her room where she picked up a green and black sports bag and took several of her green and black latex catsuit's, matching boots and several pairs of gloves.

Zzziiippppppp went the zipper, as Shego pulled the zipper tab up, closing her Sports bag up and went to get her green club banana jacket and put it on before grabbing her bag and walked through the secret escape hatch and in a fit of rage burned the control panel clean off the wall with her plasma powers.

When Shego was far away from Drakken's base she turned and felt strange as somewhat her broken heart was telling her to go back as a tear swelled in her eye but she shook it off and said,

"Good riddance" as she spun and continued headed down the gravelly stone pathway heading for a new future.