Chapter 3

An unexpected Visitor

Later that Morning, Kim woke up and ate breakfast with Jim and Tim, who were always nick named 'the Tweebs' as they were identical twin brothers and caused nothing but trouble and often played jokes on Kim. Her dad Mr. Possible was a rocket scientist and often kept them in check. Kim while having breakfast turned to her mom and said,

"Have you ever worn heels?"

"Uh of course I have Kimmy why you ask?" asked Mrs. Possible.

"Oh no reason I got some killer looking boots and was wondering if you would show me how to walk in them" said a somewhat blushing Kim.

"Of course Kimmy" said Mrs. Possible as Kim looked at the time and headed off for school.

The day was long and boring and Kim continued her ongoing rivalry with Bonnie Rockwaller who tried every trick in the book to get the captaincy and even tried getting the other girls in on her plots but mostly backfired on her. This day was like no other, as the cheer squad met in the gym and Kim who was late once again came bursting through the gym doors and said while struggling with her gym shoes,

"Sorry I'm late girls, was caught up with something" said Kim somewhat embarrassed.

"Rather late than never Kim" in her usual cold way.

"Ha ha, very funny Bonnie now should we get down to business and practice" said Kim countering Bonnie.

On the other side of the world, Shego checked out of her penthouse hotel room and headed for the airport. She was dressed in the same outfit that she had stolen the night before although wearing her Green Banana jacket over the top of the black and green mini dress that she was wearing underneath. Shego got to the small airport and checked in and boarded the plane early since she booked a first class seat. A short time later the plane was up in the air and Shego looked out of a window and knew instantly where she was heading.

It was late afternoon when Kim ended practice and headed home as she wanted to try on the outfit she bought the night before. While walking home, Ron caught up with her and said,

"So what's the rush KP?" he asked as he kept up with the cheerleading heroine.

"I want to try on the new outfit I bought last night and my mom is going to show me how to walk in heels" she said as she walked by her best friend and Rufus who popped himself out of Ron's leg pocket.

"Cool KP is it a going out outfit?" asked Ron.

"You'll see soon enough" teased Kim as she continued walking home in her cheerleading outfit when a gust of wind blew up her skirt showing off her underwear as Kim blushed deep red.

Kim grabbed her skirt but it was already too late as Bonnie snapped her phone camera and said in her cruel way,

"Nice panties Kim" as she laughed as Kim blushed even redder as Bonnie walked off.

Somewhere deep in the heart of Japan, a new 72 hole golf course, was being and to mark the occasion, the 4 course, 300 floodlit multi story driving range and underground heating putting greens was opened by the world's 2 best golfers who was sponsored by the best and well known golf equipment Titlist and Nike.

Those players were Rory Mcilroy and Tiger Woods. The two were good friends both on and off the course and had a neutral respect between the two. It was approaching midday and Rory and Tiger appeared on stage when the resorts owner and Billionaire appeared and welcomed the people who had gathered for the opening. While at the top of a nearby mountain top that was in shape of a Tee box stood Duff Killigan the world's deadliest golfer who had been banned from every course in the world for excessive outbursts of anger. He stood wearing his traditional kilt and tam. He dropped one of his trademark exploding golf balls and shouted,

"FOUR!" as he hit the ball as it ignited through the air like a red tailed comet and exploded cutting the red ribbon.

"Who is this guy?" asked Tiger to Rory.

"Beats me" replied Rory when the irate Scottish voice said,

"I'm Duff Killigan the world's Deadliest Golfer and soon going to be the World's Number 1 deadliest golfer" said the Scotsman while leaning on his golf bag.

"Ok Duff, since this is a opening of a golf club how about you take us on in a round of golf and the winner gets these golden clubs" explained Tiger to Duff.

"Ai Laddie, you're on" said Duff as he accepted the 18hole challenge. It struck 13:00 sharp and the three way strokeplay exhibition match got underway.

Meanwhile back in Middleton, Kim was totally embarrassed when she took out her Kimmunicator and said,

"Wade I need you to do something for me"

"Sure Kim Whats up" replied Wade.

"Can you hack into Bonnie's phone and delete the pic of me with my skirt blown up revealing my underwear" asked Kim.

"Sure thing Kim no problem" said Wade and in a few clicks of the keyboard he said,

"Done, embarrassment diverted" said Wade with a smile on his face.

"Thanks Wade, I owe you one" said Kim when she turned off her Kimmunicator and walked home beside Ron and Rufus.

It was early evening in Middleton as the plane that Shego was on began to descend into Middleton Airport as she gathered her club banana shoulder bag and waited till the plane had stopped completely before walking off through the airport and customs unnoticed and walked out and took a taxi.

While at the Possible household, Kim had just got out of the shower and was drying herself as she was looking forward to trying on her new outfit. Once she had fully dried herself, Kim walked over still a towel wrapped around her body and picked a clean, dry pair of white panties out of her top draw and dropped the towel to her bedroom floor as she pulled the panties up her strong muscular feminine legs. Once her womanly parts were covered nicely, she shouted her mum up as she poked her head up and saw Kim's new outfit.

"Wow Kimmy this outfit is to die for. Come on let's get it on you and see what you look like in it" said Mrs. Possible.

"Alright Mom" said Kim as she took the minidress down from its hook and unfastened the neck strap and unzipped it.

With the dress now unzipped Kim stepped into the dress and worked it over her panties and then up over her body. Kim's mom took the neck strap and took the straps and tightly fastened it at the back of Kim's neck. Kim looked at herself in the mirror that she had in her room and saw that there was a heart shape on her chest revealing some but not all of her cleavage. Kim felt her breasts and noticed that she didn't need to wear a bra with the minidress as it acted like one as she heard her mum take grip of the zipper and began to zip it up. Kim felt the dress grow tighter and tighter but to her surprise so soft against her skin has though as she was wearing nothing but cotton wool. The dress was a perfect fit when Kim began to pose when her mum looked at the height of the boots. She unzipped them and Kim went over and sat on the end of her bed and took one of the boots and pulled it onto her foot and zipped it up. A couple of moments and Kim's feet were now encased in a pair of White and sky blue colored thigh high boots as she got up and wobbled and fell down a few times over.

Kim's mom then helped her daughter up on to her feet and helped her by holding her hands and taking tiny baby steps at first to get Kim to find her centre of gravity and then after a few minutes Kim started to develop the knack of heels and began to sway her hips but still occasionally still toppled over.

Mrs. Possible then went and retrieved something that would help Kim to walk better in the boots as she returned a few minutes later.

"Now Kim, to help you walk properly in those boots I want you to wear this for only a few minutes" said Mrs. Possible as she shown Kim the corset.

"Uhm…Ok I'll try anything once" said Kim as she looked at the corset.

"That's my girl now hold up your arms" said Mrs. Possible as she pulled the laces of the corset as wide as she could and Kim held her arms with palms facing each other up high slimming her stunning strong athletic cheerleading body. Mrs. Possible then pulled the corset down over her daughters head and lowered it until it sat around her waist. Kim looked in the mirror when suddenly she felt the corset tighten around her waist as her mom was beginning to tightly tie the laces.

Kim felt that she was going to pass out but in a matter of moments the laces were tied and Kim took deep breaths and compensated for the tight embrace.

"Now walk" said Mrs. Possible.

Kim looked at her mom, and began to follow her around the room as she swayed her hips and found walking in heels becoming easier and easier. Within minutes of using the corset, Kim became stable on her new high heels and liked it.

"Wow mom I didn't know this would work" she said surprised when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"I'll go and get that Kim, now how about you change into something more comfortable" said Kim's mom.

"Good idea and thank you for helping mom" said Kim as she reached behind her back and unpicked the laces and released the corset from around her waist.

Ding dong, went the doorbell as Mrs. Possible said,

"I'm coming" as she took hold of the door handle and said,

"May I help you?"

"I'm here to see Kim Possible" said the female voice that was covered by a scarf and hat.

"Kimmy someone's here to see you" shouted Mrs. Possible up to Kim's room.

"I'll be right down" said Kim as she wore a pair of light blue pajama bottoms and a light blue heart t shirt as she walked down the stairs and said,

"Hello can I help you?" asked Kim.

"You can Kimmy" said the green coated woman as she removed her hat and scarf.

"SHEGO!" said Kim who was shocked to see her.