day 221: smokey lines and trying times.

smoke arose up from the ashes of the fallen building. embers glared releasing heat in intense frequencies everywhere. a hand covered in the gray soot poked up from the tangle of planks and wood spikes. under that a man with black hair layed there dangerously still without moving or breathing. the breathing appratus he had been using was torn apart from an explosion that took place.

he woke up with his blue eyes glitting red from the sharp light and his ears rang from the solid boom he had heard. a body moved underneath him begging him to get up.

"elvis! elvis!" it cried. "get up please you have to!"

his eyes blinked as he tryed to get his body to even move but with all that wieght he was under it was impossible. "i cant we need to get or find help."

the girl reached up and pressed the siren button on his coat.

days back track to day 45 almost the time before the explosion took place.

27 year old elvis criddlington was doing his usual buisness at the firestation. skies of course as always in pontypandy were usually blue but in this case they were not. it was mid december and the weather started to get really cold to the point to where water would freeze around your legs in you were in water of course. the cold was not bothering him however, it was the fact that he was trying to get penny to go out with him and so far no luck.

"why dont you just ask her already." groaned shegra as she helped him clean jupiter.

"i would but everytime we are alone and i try to ask her i get nervious and chicken out." he whispered.

"boy i tell you! you got to be a crazy love hawk and show no fear! meet me by the wholefish cafe tomorrow and i will tell you what i mean." she laughed.

elvis smiled. "i'd like that."

"what are you two whispering about over there?" asked sam.

"um nothing elvis was just talking to me about the difference between a acoustic and electric guitar." replied shegra nerviously.

sam didn't look convinced but shegra smiled the best she could at that.