Chapter nine

The rain hit the window quietly. Elvis stayed awake a little while longer to keep watch over penny. His hand stroked her blonde hair as she slept. Her snoring sounded like a little kitten purring. He watched for any signs that she might be having a nightmare but couldnt find any. He layed his head down and closed his eyes luring him into a deep trance like sleep.

His dream.

He woke up in a dark room with a single dangling lightbulb. He could fell something hot and heavy around his neck choking him. His wrists and ankles were also under the same wieght. He saw penny laying on the floor hurt and he dashed for her only to get shocked. He feel to the cold hard ground unresponsive to what layed around him.

Penny woke up to the sound of elvis turning over. " elvis it's time to get up. " she whispered.

He muttered something under his breathe before finally coming to it.

Shegra hummed quietly as she did her work. Since the explosion demolished her other workshop she was forced to relocate to another location. She made sure to install emergency pressure release valves and an emergency shut off. She reenforced the locks on her doors also. She lit the coals in the knelm downstairs.

" there now to once it gets hot i can start using clay again." She went up stairs to finished the project she had been working on for several days. It was of an angelic figure sought to bring a little bit of her beliefs into the shop. The phone started ringing off the hook.

" black dragon smithery and crafts shegra acosta speaking." She greeted.

" why hello by any chance have you seen or heard from my daughter?" Asked the voice slyly.

" sir i run a buisness not human services or a day care sorry. " she hung up on him. " god people these days!" Her hands worked the handle of the hammer she had in her hand and the piece of hot metal in front of her. Her ears rang the "clanking" of metal hitting metal. Sparks flew into the water bucket she had out hissing as they hit it.

The phone rang again.

" hello? Como es tu?" She asked using spanish.

" hello ma'am apprently we talk again." Said the same voice creeply.

" sir again i dont know who or what you are looking for but i cant help you! Now stop calling!" She yelled.

" um i am calling about penny morris! Now tell me where she is!" It growled.

" sir i am in no way aquainted with her sorry. I have not gone anywhere except to get metals and thats it now bye!" Shegra slammed the phone down on it's reciever. She waited about an hour or so before picking it up to call penny.

" hello?" Asked penny.

" um penny i have a question some guy called me saying that he is looking for you. I told him i didnt know who you were or what he was talking about." Said shegra calmly feeling her sense of panic welling up.

" shegra that man is my father and..." she cut herself off. "I'll explain later right now just go back to what you were doing." The line went dead after that. Shegra sighed and looked at her banged up metal that was still sitting on the edge of the crafting table. It was still red hot. She grumbled something under her breathe and went back to work.

Sam was walking outside of his house when he heard the sound of an atv pull up.

" shegra what are you doing here?" He asked.

" no time to explain!" She said handing him a helmet. the little atv roared to life under her as they sped down the cobblestone streets. shegra started to feel a weird alment come over her. her self concious slipped with a vision.

she saw everyone with electric collars and chains attached to them. every time someone tryed to run an electric current passed through them causing them to yowl in pain. tears flooded penny's eyes at the sight.

-end of vision-

shegra blacked out behind the bars causing sam to pull the atv over. "shegra! shegra!" he called shaking her.

her eyes opened but a strange haunting left her voice. "it it here!"

to be continued in the next story.