"Last time on Total Drama," Chris said, as a montage of the TDROTI finale played, "Cameron and Lightning battled it out in giant robot suits. I can't say who won is case a country your in had the alternate ending be the real one. I'm looking at you United Sates. Sadly, some government agents invaded the island, and I was forced to be…decontaminated. Luckily, I managed to find a new place to host this season, a place that has no legal issues! Who will be the first to go home? How much torture can I do to them first? Find out on Total…Drama…Pokemon World Adventure!"

(Theme Song)

Camera pop out from underneath a Lilly pad, from the top of a cave, pushes a Drillber out from its hole and pushes a Pidgey out of a tree.

(Music starts)

Cameron and his Turtwig jumps in surprise as a wild Weedle appears. He is about to touch it but Lightning and his Tepig comes in and kicks it.

Dear mom and dad, I'm doing fine

An angry swarm of Beedrill starts to as they run away. They pass Lindsay, Beth and Tyler along with Lindsay's Piplup, Beth's Jigglypuff and Tyler's Mareep who were sitting down having some lunch. They see the Beedrill and start to run as well.

You guys are on my mind

Harold pulls out a Pokeball but suddenly his pants catch on fire. Duncan laughs at Harold as does his Chimchar. He gets a glare from both Courtney and Gwen. He stops laughing as Courtney pulls out a Pokeball.

You asked me what I wanted to be

Duncan runs away while Courtney rides her Charizard after him. Trent and his Mightyena walks up to Gwen and her Absol, who begin to blush.

And now I think the answer is plain to see

The scene changes to where Dawn and her Lucario are mediating nearby where B and Scott were battling. B starred at Scott's Persian. His Metagross then uses Hyper Beam sending Scott and his Persian into the air.

I want to be famous

Scott and his Persian fall to the backstage of a contest where Anne Maria is using hair spray on her Bouffalant and DJ was putting his hat on his Phanpy.

I want to live close to the sun

Justin is posing at the front of the stage with his Pachirisu, which is also posing. Katie and Sadie along with their Plusle and Minun are cheering for them.

Well, pack your bags cause I've already won.

Blaineley is also cheering for Justin. She and her Glameow glanced with annoyance over at Bridgette and Geoff who were making out. Bridgette's Squirtle and Geoff's Marill stare in complete confusion.

Everything to prove nothing in my way

Outside, Jo was fighting with her Himmonchan. She then kicked it in the stomach causing it to send flying to Brick and his Hitmonlee.

I'll get there one day

In the next field, LaShawna yells something to her Wartortle, who then used Surf sending Cody's Grachomp along with Cody, Sierra and Sierra's Lopunny off the arena.

Cause I want to be famous

They then collide with Eva. She turns around enraged. Her Steelix then uses Iron Tail on the ground sending them flying up.

Na na na na na na na na na na

They fly knocking into Izzy and Owen who were riding on Owen's Tropius with Izzy Totodile.

I want to be

They all fall onto Noah's Snorlax who was sleeping while Noah was reading a book against a tree. On the other side, Staci is seen talking to her Cyndaquil until a Team Rocket grunt stole it.

I want to be;

The grunt is stopped in its track when Mike and Zoey stand in the way. Zoey sends out her Blaziken while Mike sends out his Gallade. The Grunt runs away screaming.

I want to be famous

Ezekiel looks at his Herdier and then at Gallade before running off to strengthen his Pokemon. He then trips head first into the mud getting in all over Dakota and her Pikachu.

I want to be,

Dakota becomes angry, turns into Dakotazoid and grabs Ezekiel. Pikachu and Herdier then jumps behind Sam who used his Tyranitar to knock Dakota out. He then jumps back in defense when he sees her move.

I want to be,

Alejandro and Heather are standing in the campfire about to kiss until Chef comes out with a Stunky. Two Hyper Beams hit him and both Alejnadro's Nidequeen and Heather's Nidoking smirk.

I want to be famous

The camera zooms backward and it reveal all of the contestants and their Pokemon are standing in front of a sign with the season's name on it.

(Whistles to tune)

"Contestants, you might be wondering why I brought you here." Chris said standing in front of a building with the contestants.

"Because you roped us in with contracts once again." Noah asked.

"Yes, but why here?" Chris asked.

"Because the island is now protected, the plane exploded and you used all of the movie genres in Total Drama Action." Courtney said annoyed.

"Okay, but do any of you recognize this?" Chris said pulling out a Pokeball. Once noticing it, Sam, Cody, Harold and Noah each knew what it was.

"I already know that some of you know what it is but to the others, I'm going to have to show them something more obvious." Chris said before releasing a Pikachu.

Katie, Sadie, Dakota, Lindsay, Beth, Zoey, and Bridgette smiled before waking up to it and petting it. "Not as cute as Cody." Sierra said.

"Now, this is a Pokemon. Pokemon are these cute and super cool animal things that battle for their trainers. Now, each of you will go into the Pokemon world. Any questions?" Chris asked.

Beth raised her hand and asked, "Won't we need Pokemon for the Pokemon world?"

"Stop talking about *censored* Pokemon! I don't care about any of these *censored* freaks!" Eva yelled. That is until Pikachu used Volt Tackle on Eva.

"Good question Beth. Here's some Pokemon food." Chris said throwing a can of food to Beth. "You will each receive a starter Pokemon and begin your journey. Now, please follow me inside. I'll explain the rules when the teams are chosen."

Inside, all of the contestants were standing outside of a lab. "I have randomly selected all of you in an order to pick a starter Pokemon." Chris said. "The first person will be Trent!"

Trent walked into a room where Chef was standing there with three Pokemon in five playpens. "Alright pick one of them right now!" Chef yelled.

Trent looked at the starters and looked at Treecko. Treecko was just leaning against the playpen's wall. "I choose Treecko." Trent said before Chef gave Treecko's Pokeball to Trent.

"Alright, Treecko, let's travel around the world and show everybody what we can do." Trent said. Treecko nodded before Trent sent him back into his Pokeball. Trent walked out the other door and it closed behind him with the door at the front opened.

"The next person is Beth." Chris said from the other side. Beth walked in and looked at all of the Pokemon. She looked at Turtwig and picked him up. "You are so cute. Turtwig do you want to be a member of my team?" Beth asked. Turtwig nodded as Chef threw Turtwig's Pokeball to Beth. She then put Turtwig in her Pokeball.

Lightning then walked in after Beth and Turtwig left. He bolted over to the Unova starters. "Which one of you wants to join Lightning in his chance for the money!"

Oshawott and Snivy were pushed out of the way by Tepig who started to jump up in joy. "You are a fighter. Wanna be mine?!" Lightning asked. Tepig nodded and snorted happily.

"Alright, then. Chef, can I have Fighter's Pokeball?" Lightning asked. When he got it, he ran out screaming, "Lightning and Fighter will beat you all."

Staci walked in next and walked next to the Johto playpen. "I just want to have all three of you." Staci said hugging Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. "Did you know that my great great great great great great great great great great grandmother actually invented the number 3? Before that, everybody could only count to the number 2." Chikorita and Totodile got tired and simply jumped back into the playpen while Cyndaquil however, sat there listening to Staci lie about her family.

"Take this and go in there!" Chef yelled giving Staci Cyndaquil's Pokeball. Staci walked out holding Cyndaquil in its Pokeball in her hand.

Lindsay was the next person to walk in. She looked at both Piplup and Chimchar. "Can I have Piper?" Lindsay asked Chef.

"Yes, you can." Chef said giving Lindsay Piper's Pokeball.

"Come on Piper! Let's go!" Lindsay said putting Piper into her Pokeball and walked out of the room.

The next person to enter the room was Courtney. "I want the Pokemon that will make me win!" Courtney said looking at the remaining Pokemon. Suddenly, Bublusaur, Squirtle, Totodile, Chikorita, Mudkip, Torchic, Chimchar, Snivy and Oshawott backed away from her quickly. She looked over at Charmander. It had a deterred look on its face. If she was going to win, she needed a Pokemon who was a lot like her.

She picked up Charmander and stormed over to Chef. "I want this one!" Courtney yelled. Chef gave Courtney the Pokeball and hide behind a desk. She went into the door with her Pokemon now inside the Pokeball.

The next contestant to enter the room was B. He looked around at the starters and stopped when he saw Oshawott. Oshawott was looking at him the same way. B turned to Chef and pointed at Oshawott. Chef tossed B the Pokeball and Oshawott went right in. B walked in the door that the others left in.

The next person was LaShawna. She looked at the starters and saw Squirtle acting super chill. "Yo Chef, can I have the turtle?" LaShawna asked.

"Fine by me." Chef said throwing Squirtle's Pokeball to LaShawna.

"Thanks." LaShawna said as she had Squirtle return. She walked out right before Izzy burst in.

"I want them all Chefy!" Izzy said as she grabbed all of the Pokemon. The only Pokemon who wasn't trying to get out was Totodile who was laughing and dancing.

"Sorry crazy, but you can only have one." Chef said, "And it seems like that one like you. " He then pointed at Totodile. "Put the rest of them down and I'll give you Totodile's Pokeball."

"I'm going to call you Chompers!" Izzy said as Totodile danced happily in front of her. She then called him back into its Pokeball.

The next person was Dawn. She looked at all of the Pokemon's auras and finally selected Snivy. "This one's aura tells me that she does not want to hurt others unless her friends are in danger."

"Fine. Take it." Chef said throwing Snivy's Pokeball. Dawn sent Snivy into her Pokeball and walked out of the room.

The next person was Dakota. She looked at the Pokemon and remembered something. "Sam's favorite pokemon is a Cyndaquil. So I will choose the one from the same generation as Cyndaquil. I want Chikorita."

Chef gave Dakota the Pokeball and Chikorita went inside. Then Noah came in.

"Honestly, I want Chimchar. It happens to be my personal favorite fire type." Noah said taking Chimchar's Pokeball.

The next contestant to come was Brick. He saw that Bulbasaur. "Honestly, I always wanted to see a dinosaur when I was a kid so I'd like Bulbasaur." Brick said.

The next contestant was Zoey who looked at both Torchic and Mudkip. She saw more of herself in the Torchic and picked it. "Let's get ready Torchic." Zoey said to Torchic.

Mike then was next. Since Mudkip was the last of the starters, Mike was instantly assigned to him.

"Alright, who will choose their first pokemon next? What region will the contestants be going to? How are we going to spilt the teams up? Find out next chapter on Total Drama Pokemon World Adventure" Chef yelled as he pulled out another 15 Pokeballs.

Current Pokemon Standings
























Piplup (Piper)




Snivy (Viper)


Tepig (Fighter)