I don't own Power Rangers, this is based off of a story my cousin and I came up with. So no suing. Just enjoying.

It was a normal day in Angel Grove. 6 teens were in the Youth Center, all doing their usual activities.

"Oh yeah! Take that Bowser!" Jarod Scott was playing MarioKart on the Wii, with Jenna Kwan right beside him.

"Are you forgetting I'm the one in 1st place?" Jenna joked.

Ebony Taylor was sitting at a table with her laptop, singing along to 'So What' by P!nk. She was a wannabe rock star. She always had her songbook and iPod with her.

"Do you mind?" Jeremy Cranston yelled over Ebony's singing. "I'm trying to study."

"Well, I'm trying to have fun." Ebony plugged in her headphones and silently rocked out.

Hannah Hart did a perfect triple backflip off of the springboard. "And she sticks the landing." She whispered as she landed. Her boyfriend, Kyle Oliver, applauded and hugged her, not realizing how sweaty she was.

"Nice job, girl." Kyle smiled his Invisalign- straight smile.

"Thanks!" She rubbed her face with a towel.

Suddenly, all six kids felt a strange feeling in the pit of their stomach.

"Oh man. What did I eat?" Jarod joked. No one laughed. Then suddenly, the six teenagers were gone.