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"Too long, too late

Who was I to make you wait?

I love you, I have loved you all along"


"I tried."

"You did."

At that moment, Patrick Jane could do nothing but stare at the woman in front of him with what he feared was obvious affection in his eyes.

She had been so reluctant to share information with him in the last couple of days (still was, really) and had finally agreed to let him see the files.

The Red John files.

He knew it wasn't healthy, that he should try to follow Hannigan and Lisbon's advice.

But it wasn't that simple.

Patrick Jane couldn't just ignore the fact that the man that had killed his beloved wife and daughter was still breathing, still alive- while they were buried, cut up and destroyed.

He was ready to finish what he had set out to do and rid the world of that son of a bitch.

He couldn't help but wonder if joining the CBI was the right choice, however. Jane found himself getting attached already. He couldn't have that.

No distractions.

Without exactly meaning to, the newly hired consultant moved forward, awkwardly enveloping the petite woman in his arms. He felt her tense and reluctantly return the hug a moment after.

It might not be helpful and it might put her in danger.

Right now, though, Patrick Jane could think of nothing better than getting to know his new boss and colleagues.

He finally felt like he was starting to belong somewhere. His new home.

And he had Agent Teresa Lisbon to thank for that.

Author's note: So, obviously, I decided to start with Red Dawn. The next chapter will be a scene from Season 1, and so on. Please tell me what you thought!

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