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This story plays two weeks after the holidays and after the Frostival

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The bell echoed loudly through the classroom as Eli, Fiona, Imogen, Katie, Marisol, Mo and the rest of the students went into the classroom and took their seats. Katie sat up front as usual, Marisol and Mo on the opposite side. Eli and Imogen sat together since they had been dating because Fiona set them up. And Fiona was just by herself, like she cared. Well actually she did care. Since she set up Imogen and Eli her friendship with Imogen went downwards. Imogen thought Eli was having a manic episode a few weeks ago and seeked comfort at Fiona's loft. Fiona found it difficult not to kiss Imogen right there and then, but she knew it was for a better cause. Imogen was straight after all. Imogen and Fiona hadn't really talked since Eli and Imogen where 24/7 together and after they had had a fight about Fiona being onreasonable and weird towards Imogen.


Three weeks ago

"You set me and Eli up remember?" Imogen said

"Yes, I know, but that doesn't mean you have the spend all your time with him." Fiona said back.

"Like you care, first you set me up and then Holly J came back and we didn't spend time together at all. If it wasn't for Eli I would have spent the whole week alone without someone showing interest in me."

"We're here now, aren't we?"

"Yes because of this Frostival.. otherwise I would have been in my room now, alone, with myself and maybe Eli.."

"Imogen, I.. I'm sorry."

Fiona put herself and her feelings aside for Imogen and she couldn't even tell Imogen about it.

"I'm glad that tomorrow this is over and we can just start to ignore one another."

"But Imogen I don't want that.."

"Well maybe you should have cared more about my feelings before Fiona, because you completely tossed me aside and set me up with Eli. I really like Eli, I do and I'm glad we're together, but the reason behind your set up sickens me. You don't want to hang out with me anymore. And clearly I was right. We don't have sleep overs anymore, because you come with stupid excuses and every time we have movie night you are suddenly interested in every movie an you don't talk, even the one that was rated baddest movie ever made! Fiona i get you don't want to hang out with me anymore. But if you hate me or dislike me so much, just say so! And now you made the decision you don't want to tell me in the face, well, I should do it myself. So, farewell Fiona."

Imogen left the loft and Fiona stood there, tears rolling down her cheeck. Little that Imogen know that the feelings Fiona had for her where so strong she couldn't even sleep next to here anymore or talk to her when sitting next to her on the couch because she was scared she would kiss her and ruin ther friendship. But now she had lost her too.

End Flashback

The class started and Mr. Simspon walked intro the classroom.

"Hello 12 graders. I have an announcement to make. You'll be assigned for another group project. Because Eli is producing a school play and he wants some inspiration or maybe new ideas. Instead of writing English stories and read them we're going to make them and star in them. Yes you heard me. You're going to be paired up and you will perform a scene from Romeo and Juliet. And because we're an community and we're always trying to learn you guys something you are going to be paired up with the same sex. This play has a twist, right Eli?"

"Yes. Mr. Simpson. It's not Romeo and Juliet, but Romeo and Jules. I hope that with this play we can show people it's normal to be bisexual, gay or a lesbian. And I thought that with this little project I can get up with some ideas."

"You heard Eli. So I have made my couples of two. I will read them for you. "Marisol and Katie, Mo and Eli, Imogen and Fiona.."

"What?" Imogen said. This wasn't the first time that we've been paired together for a project.

Mr Simpson continued reading the list of pairs as Imogen looked over at Fiona, who was smiling. Imogen was starting to believe that the teachers were in a sort of conspiracy, because she is has always been pared up with Fiona for the last two weeks. The girl who didn't want to hang out with her anymore, but would always say she cared. The assignment: to write a modern version of Romeo and Juliet. The groups started getting together before class ended to discuss their plans. Imogen didn't move so Fiona had to approach her.

"Fiona, Fiona.. Fiona" Imogen said rolling her eyes

"Imogen, Imogen, Imogen?" Fiona responded

"Look, I'm not happy about this, so let's get it done as soon as possible."

"Okay," Fiona said "when do you want to get together."

"I'll be at your loft at 4 Fiona," Imogen said standing up after the bell rang

4:06 struck on the clock when Fiona heard a knock on the door. Imogen. When she opened the door, Imogen pushed her way in mumbling a 'hi'.

"Okay, so what's your plan?" Fiona asked "Do you have any ideas yet?"

"Not exactly," Imogen said in her an annoyed tone, "but It's definitely interesting."

"Okay, why exactly?" the fashionista asked sitting down on the couch.

"I don't know, I think it's a little interesting that we have to play a love story together. Imogen said sitting down next to Fiona

"Because...?" Fiona asked

Fiona looked confused. She didn't exactly knew what Imogen was trying to say, but she just let it be.

Imogen sat back and crossed her arms sighing and rolling her eyes. Fiona could sense that something was wrong. As mean as Imogen was to her everyday, she still considered her a friend, even though Imogen didn't. Fiona was a little confused and decide to ask Imogen.


"What?" Imogen yelled making Fiona jump.

"Imogen, are you not feeling comfortable doing this play with me because I'm gay?

Imogen turned her head and just stared at Fiona, her eyes like darts at first but softened.

"What? NO, what are you, crazy? I would never have a problem with that. Far from it." Imogen said.

"Oke than I'm glad I asked. Because since we haven't talked in three weeks I don't know what to expect from you anymore."

"I know, but maybe It's good that we have set up for this project. Maybe I was to harsh. But why Fiona? Why have you been so different lately?"

Fiona stared at Imogen. She didn't know what to do. Should she tell Imogen about her crush? No, no that's wrong. Maybe blame it on the alcohol? No.. not again. Holly J? No. What could she possibly tell her?

"I.. have just been thinking.. about everything and since you were so sweet to me I couldn't believe it. Holly J left and I had no one. And after Katie and Marisol dumped me and I completely tossed you away I was just being stupid and I convinced myself I didn't deserved a friend like you.."

"Fiona, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! Why wouldn't you talked to me first?"

"Well I saw the sparks between you and Eli and I just wanted to make you both happy."

"But that doesn't have to mean you have to set youself aside for me and Eli and ignore me. You're supposed to be my friend."

Fiona looked Imogen in the eyes. She was almost crying and Fiona didn't know what to do. She had messed up and her feelings towards Imogen just wouldn't dissapear. Fiona didn't know what to do and held her arms wide open.

Surprisingly Imogen returned the hug but didn't say anything, she just sobbed into Fiona's shoulder. After awhile her tears subsided and she finally pulled away from Fiona.

"I missed you Fiona," Imogen finally said, a little make-up running down her face.

"Good Imogen, than I'm not the only one who missed someone. We should work on some plans for the play."

"Yes and I have to tell you some more about Eli and me."

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