Chapter 7

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Imogen wiped the last tears from her face. She looked at Fiona and smiled.

"Yes, Fions. I will. I feel amazing right now, like a weight had been lifted off my chest. I can finally be with the person I wanted all this time." Imogen said smiling ear to ear.

"Imogen, you don't know how happy I am to hear you say that. I haven't been the same since you sort of left me. I thought I had lost you."

"Well. Fions, you haven't and won't. I'm here and I'm all yours."

"I'm so happy right now. Why don't you come over here and we'll celebrate a little bit!" Fiona sat patting the bed and winking a bit.

Imogen went over to Fiona, crawling on the bed. She bend over Fiona and placed a kiss on her mouth. A small smile spread across Imogen's face as she started blushing. Fiona just giggled shaking her head before leaning in for another kiss, placing her hand on the normally tan girl but now blushing cheek. Fiona was the first to take control switching positions so now she was on top. She started straddling her hips, never breaking the kiss. She traced Imogen's bottom lip asking entrance onto her mouth. Imogen slowly opened her mouth and found Fiona's tongue before the started dancing around for dominance. Fiona won before breaking the kiss to catch her breath. Imogen looked at Fiona her grey eyes filled with lust. Fiona leaned down and started kissing Imogen's beautiful tan neck causing the beauty with pigtails to moan with pleasure. She was enjoying the girl of her dreams straddling her hips, and nibbling her neck.

There make out session lasted longer than they thought because it was outrageously late when Imogen had to literally push Fiona off of herself.

"Fions, look, I know where this is going and I think we should just stop, its almost 2:30 am and we've got school in the morning," Imogen panted trying to catch her breath.

"Yeah, you're probably right."

Imogen stood up off the bed and put the shirt back on that at some point during their hot and heavy make out session got pulled off. She walked back over to Fiona and got back in the bed. She crawled up against Fiona's warm stomach and Fiona placed her arm around Imogen's waist. Both girls stared into the dark. Imogen turned, so that her face was facing Fiona.

Imogen looked down at Fiona, into her eyes. She realised something, something really interesting.

"Fions. I know this is almost impossible, but I'm really sure about my feelings for you. I think I'm in love with you."

"And I'm in love with you, Immy. I know it's fast, but I think we both locked those feelings away. And now we can give in and it al comes out."

"Yes, I think so too. I think at the top of the ferris wheel, I sort of wanted you to kiss me.. But I think I was just scared to admit I had those feelings, especially for my best friend. I think I always kept it inside a little, because there were a lot of times where it was obvious for myself to know I liked you, like with Eli.. I.. hmm..

"What Immy? You can tell me."

"Three weeks ago after our fight. I slept over at Eli's and.. me and Eli.. we got to second base and third. I didn't had sex but we did all the other things.. I was just so angry and I really needed something. It was nice at first, but afterwards I felt so guilty, because.. well.."

"Imogen tell me.." Fiona said desperately.

"When he went down on me. I pictured it was you. Right then I was reminded again about the feelings I had for you, but I thought you didn't liked me as much as I liked you and I never had a change. Especially when it looked like you didn't wanted to hang out with me anymore. I just locked those feelings away and that was another reason why I kept a distance for two more weeks, I think. Butwhen we started the project together I realised I couldn't keep up the act and just had to face that I'm in love with you."

"Well Imogen. If I can be honest. I did pleasure myself thinking about you," Fiona said in a sexy voice.

"You did?" Imogen asked with one raised eyebrow.

"Yes. A lot." Fiona pressed her lips against Imogens and they kissed passionately. The hand Fiona had placed on Imogen's waist was now underneath Imogen shirt feeling Imogen's breast.

"Hmm Fions. That feels good." Imogen did the same with Fiona but went a little more south so her hands slipped into Fiona's PJ's.

"What about stopping for tonight, Immy."

"Forget what I said and screw the waiting, after admitting how long I liked you, I realised I've been waiting enough." Imogen said and with that the girls had one of the most intense night of their lifes filled with pleasure and joy.

The morning came quick and Fiona was the first one to wake up. She went to her dresser and put on some underwear and walked towards the kitchen. After 30 minutes Imogen walked in. Already dressed for school.

"So. That's a nice outfit Immy. I really like it."

Imogen sat down at the bar and Fiona grabbed some cereal and milk. She knew Imogen liked those.

"Thank you, Fions. I got a text from Eli twenty minutes ago."

"Oh what did he say?" Imogen grabbed her phone and showed Fiona the message.

Hey Imo. I just wanted to let you know that I still have to get used to the fact that you're not mine anymore. But if I had to give you to someone I wouldn't mind if it's Fiona. I hope we can be friends later, but I just want to let you know that I need time and hope you would just let me alone for a bit. If I want to tell you or ask you something I will come to you. I hope you're happy with Fiona. And tell her I'm not mad at her and I will always consider her as one of my best friends. Eli.

"That's so sweet. He's a good guy."

"Yes and he send me this one minute later."

Imogen where are you? Are you staying at your Dad's? Please text me back if you're not willing to take my calls.

Oh sorry, that one is from Natalie, she was concerned about where I went. I told her I was at your place though." Imogen said.

"But this was the text message from Eli I received one minute later."

Oh and sorry for the text message I send to Fiona, I wasn't having a manic text episode, but I was just really mad and jealous. Sorry if it caused any problems. Eli.

"Ahw. Imogen. He such a nice guy, you should go on a date." Fiona laughed.

"Shall we just not do that Fions."

Fiona grabbed Imogen's hand and looked in her eyes.

"I really liked the night. I know it was a weird night for you, but I hope you have no regrets.

"No definitely no regrets. I love you fions."

"And I love you. And now I want to ask you... Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

"Well, girlfriend..if I didn't want to be your grilfriend would I do this?" And with that being said Imogen walked towards Fiona, she placed her hands on Fiona's hips and sealed their new relationship with a kiss.

The end(game)

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