I sit in the car chewing on my hair. Austin is supposed to be coming to Miami tomorrow. River Dale gets out of school a week before Miami does. I've been stressing over this all week. To get my mind off of him, I turn on the radio.

"And this is Austin Moon's brand new song! He's dedicated it to his girlfriend and best friend, Ally Dawson! Without her, he said he would have no inspiration and he wouldn't be where he is today. Here it comes! Heart Beat!" Miami Mack says through the radio.

I can get your heart beat



Beatin' like

I can get your heart beat

Beatin' like that

You know you got my heart beat



Beatin' like

Hey-ay, Hey-ay


Hey-ay, Hey-ay

I can get your heart beat



Beatin' like

I can get your heart beat

Beatin' like that

You know you got my heart beat



Beatin' like

Hey-ay, Hey-ay


Hey-ay, Hey-ay

Would you?

Would you want it if I stood up above the crowd?

Got up on a chair and if I shouted your name out loud?

I know this song... Austin wrote it while we were on video chat a few weeks ago.

I miss him so much...

Now I'm sitting at the back of the room in last period, staring into space and thinking about my prince... He'll be here in less than twenty-four hours! I can't even believe it!

"Ms. Dawson, please pay attention," Mrs. Jensen snaps. I blink and look to the front of the room. A scream escapes my lips. "Did you see another spider?" Mrs. Jensen asks me, annoyed. I ignore her. I run to the front of the room, ignoring the stares of my classmates.

It was less than twenty four hours, alright. I open the door and jump into Austin's arms. He hugs me tight and I kiss him. It's been forever since I've felt his lips on my own so I make this last as long as possible.

"I thought you were coming tomorrow," I exclaim happily when we finally pull apart.

"I wanted to surprise you," he tells me with a bright smile. Austin sets me down.

"Ms. Dawson, please take your seat," Mrs. Jensen says, appearing at the door, "you may continue your love fest when class is over."

"When is your class over, Als?" Austin asks me but Mrs. Jensen answers for me.

"It's over in about ten minutes," she tells him.

"Can I wait inside?" he asks her.

"Yes, but try not to disrupt the class," she sighs. He smiles. Austin holds my hand and we walk to the back of the room. A few of the girls stare at him, gasping.

"So what class is this?" Austin asks me quietly when my teacher turns around.

"It's math," I say, pointing down to my work.

"This is fifth grade stuff. Six plus twenty divided by four?" he asks. "I could do this in my sleep."

"Actually, it's six times twenty divided by four," I correct him. "And then I have to divide the answer into four again and make into a rectangle. Then I have to find the area of the rectangle. It still isn't that hard though, you're right." I look up at him and his mouth is slightly open.

"That's way harder!" he says in a loud whisper.

"Thirty," I mutter under my breath, writing it down. "What is thirty divided by four?" I ask myself. I write the problem in the air with my finger. "Seven point five," I whisper. Then I do the rectangle part and find the area. I raise my hand so Mrs. Jensen can check my work. I'm the only one that's already done.

"Good job," she tells me after she checks it. She walks back to her desk.

"How do you even do that?" Austin asks me, amazed.

"Please. This is fifth grade stuff," I say with a wave of dismissal.

We walk out to Austin's car. He's gotten his real license now and even his own car so he doesn't have to borrow his parents' car. He has a 2012 Honda Civic. But I see another boy standing by his car. I run up and hug him. I'd totally forgotten that Dez was coming with him!

"Ally!" he exclaims. "How have you been?"

"I've been great! How about you?" I ask.

"Eh," he groans, "another squirrel stole so'more of my nuts..."

"Oh, I'm sorry," I say.

"Ally!" someone calls from behind me. I turn around and see Trish running toward me. "I need your dad to give me a ride home."

"Oh, are you guys taking me home or is my dad coming?" I ask, turning to Austin.

"We're taking you home," Austin tells me.

"I'm riding home with them. Do you mind going riding with all of us?" I ask Trish, turning back to her. She's staring behind me all googly-eyed. I follow her gaze and find Dez at the end of it. "Trish," I say.

"Yeah," she says absentmindedly, "sure, whatever. Who's he?"

"Trish, this is Dez. Dez, this is Trish," I introduce them. They both murmur their "Hi's". I notice Dez is returning Trish's stare. They climb into the backseat and I sit in the front with Austin.

"So where do you live, Trish?" Austin asks, turning the car on. She doesn't answer. I reach back and nudge her arm and she looks up.

"Huh? Oh, just go to the right when you get off of the school grounds," she tells him. He does as she says and drives down the road. "Now make another right then a left." He follows her orders. She gives him directions and we're all fine until we get to her street. "Okay, now it's the second white house on the left," she tells him.

"That one?" he asks, pointing to the house next to hers.

"No, ya goof," she says, smacking his head.

"Ow!" he exclaims.

"That one," she says pointing to her house.

"That's the one I was pointing at!" he argues as he pulls into her driveway.

"Whatever," she says. "Bye Austin, Ally... Dez..." By the way she lingers on Dez's name, I can tell that she may or may not have a small crush on him.

"Trish!" Dez exclaims before she can close the door. She pokes her head back in. Dez takes a small slip of paper and a pen out of his backpack. He writes something down and hands it to Trish.

"What's this?" she asks, looking down at it.

"It's my number," he tells her. She smiles and walks to her house. Austin and I share a knowing smile.

"So how do we get to your house?" Austin asks.

"You know how to get to my house. I guess you already forgot," Dez says from the backseat. "Okay, well first you have to get on the highway and drive all the way back to River Dale..."

"Dez, I was talking to Ally," Austin says with a chuckle.

"Oh," Dez says.

"Okay, so just make a left and go down to, not the next road, but the next road," I tell Austin.

He nods and puts the car in reverse. When we finally get to my house, Austin turns off the car and smiles at me. I smile back.

"God, I can't believe it's actually been almost forty-two weeks since I've seen you guys in person," I say as Austin and Dez grab their bags from the trunk. I walk to the door and unlock it.

"Has it really been that long?" Austin asks me. "That sounds like forever."

"Well, I guess I could have said nine months and two weeks," I say.

"That still sounds like forever! I could have given birth in that amount of time!" he exclaims as we walk into my house. I give him an odd look. "W-well, a girl could have give birth in that amount of time..."

I roll my eyes, letting out a small giggle. I lead them into the living room where my dad is waiting for Austin, Dez, and I.

"Austin!" he exclaims, hugging him and patting him hard on the back. Austin coughs when my dad releases him.

"Lester, always a pleasure to see you," Austin replies, smiling.

"Dez!" my dad says, looking at him.

"Mr. Dawson!" Dez exclaims.

"How have you been?" my dad asks him.

"I've been good," Dez tells him, nodding his head. "Those darned squirrels though," he adds quietly. My dad stares at him for a moment but Austin and I understand.

"Anyway," my dad says, shaking his head to clear the thought, "Ally, if you'll show them to the guest bedroom."

"Sure thing, Dad," I say. I lead them up the stairs and down the hallway to the room next to mine. I open the door and they walk inside. "You guys can get yourselves situated and I'll be in the next room if you need me," I tell them, pointing to the right. They nod and set down their bags.

I walk to my room and leave the door open a crack. I pick up my songbook and open it to a brand new page.

Dear Diary/Songbook,

Austin and Dez arrived in Miami today. A whole day before I was expecting them. They're in the next room getting situated. God, I still can't believe I'm seeing them! It's been forever! Gah, why does school have to be longer than summer?! If I could, I'd change that just so I could see them for a longer amount of time. Oh, and I kind of think that Trish has a thing for Dez... She usually doesn't fall in like with guys so easily. She also doesn't like crazy guys... I smell arguments coming our way. Oh, well, let's just enjoy the love fest while we can!

Love, Ally

I feel someone's hot breath on the back of my neck as I close my book. They wrap their arms around my waist from behind. My heart races then I realize who it is. I turn a little to see Austin smiling down at me. I hug him.

"I've missed you so much," I say into his warm neck.

"I've missed you too," he replies, wrapping his arms around me. I smile into his neck and close my eyes, taking in his intoxicating scent. The scent I've missed so much.

"That's a little too close," I hear from my door. Austin and I jump apart and see my dad standing at the door.

"Sorry, Dad," I say with a small smile. He smiles back at us.

"So are you all settled in?" he asks Austin. Austin nods.

"Yes, sir," Austin says.

"Yes, sir!" Dez says as he salutes my dad, appearing behind him and making us all jump. "But I have a question."

"Jesus, Dez," my dad says, putting his hand over his heart. "Gimme a heart attack, why don't ya? What's your question?"

"Can I close that vent by the window?" Dez asks.

"Sure, why?" my dad asks.

"Because that plastic thing over it blows the air right under the bed and I don't wanna be cold at night," Dez explains. Dad opens his mouth to say something, then seems to think better of it and turns to walk down the stairs. Dez smiles his usual goofy smile and walks back to the guest bedroom.

"So," Austin starts, turning back to me, "what is there to do in Miami, Florida?"

"What isn't there to do in Miami, Florida?" I ask, thinking of the beach, the mall, and the many other places. "I'll show you and Dez some fun stuff tomorrow. Right now, I have homework to do."

"You have homework on a Friday?" he asks. "And on the last week of school? Your school sucks."

"Hey! My school is—yeah, you're right. It sucks," I agree. "Now get out. I'll come see you when I'm done."

"I can't help?" he asks, frowning.

"Why? So you can distract me and make me have to do twice as much homework tomorrow? No, thank you," I say, giggling. He smiles.

"Alright, I'll see you in a bit," he tells me, kissing my cheek. After he leaves my room, I get started on my homework. When I finally finish, I put everything away and walk to Austin and Dez's room. The door is open a crack and I hear them talking. I know it isn't like me, but I eavesdrop for a bit.

"But I can't go, Dez," Austin says. "Not next Saturday."

"Austin, it's San Diego!" Dez exclaims happily. "You have to go!"

"I was only supposed to be performing in Florida this summer," Austin tells Dez. "Ally's the whole reason we're here, remember? I can't just leave."

"Then take Ally with you," Dez suggests.

"No, no, I can't do that!" Austin exclaims frustratedly.

"But... why not?" Dez asks. Austin sighs.

"Because San Diego is where Penny was born," Austin sighs.

"Penny? Who's Penny?" Dez asks.

"Penny is Ally's mom. She died when they moved to Miami of, like, cancer or something," Austin explains. I bite my lip, blinking back tears.

"Oh," Dez says. "But if she can't go to San Diego because her mom was born there, then why can she stay in Miami where she died? Isn't death, like, y'know, worse than birth?"

"Maybe it's because Penny actually grew up there. And some of her friends might recognize Ally because she looks so much like Penny and try to talk about her. I don't know! I'm not Ally! Just because I've been her best friend for life doesn't mean I understand how she works!" He groans and I hear him fall onto the bed. "What am I going to do?"

"I don't know..." Dez says quietly.

"Alright, whatever you do, don't tell Ally about this. Got it?" Austin asks.

I run back to my room, the sobs and tears ready to pour out of me. I shut my door and cry, hoping Austin nor Dez can hear me. When I finally stop crying, I lay back on my bed.

So Austin's going to San Diego? Or... not going to San Diego? He needs to go. He can't just skip out on a concert. People have probably already paid for their tickets! People might be flying in from different countries just to see him! He has to go. I'm what's holding him back. I need to tell him that he can go... But wait... I'm not supposed to know. I'll just have to ease it out of him. Very gently.

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