Dear Peasants,

Okay, you guys, I have absolutely nothing for this story. I'm sorry if you thought this was a new chapter, because it isn't. But do not fret, peasants, I'm not ending this story. I'll still be open to ideas. So, while I'm waiting for ideas to come to mind (you can PM me some if you have any), I'm going to start another story. I'll start the poll over again and give you a week to vote. I may have some ideas for this story by then but if I don't, I'll start a new story. By the way, I love you guys :)



P.S. I'm totally joking when I call you guys my peasants; I don't really think of you guys as my peasants, I promise. It's just a temporary pet name joke thing for a while. You know, like when I called you my lovelies, and my minions. It's like that.