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Nate had decided to get in some extra practice before the big bobcat game. He walked his way to the River court. Dribbling his basketball, he came to an abrupt stop when he saw Julian pacing along the river front. "Julian." He called out.

Julian froze and turned around groaning at seeing Nathan Scott in front of him. "Nathan." He nodded.

"What are you doing out here Julian?" Nathan questioned noticing that the other man looked the worse for wear.

"Oh just having my world thrown around." He scoffed.

"What?" Nathan asked dropping the basketball to the ground.

"Oh you know your brother shows up at our door. Ready to tell the world or at least Brooke the truth, tearing her world my world and everyone else's world apart."

"Wait Lucas is here?"


"And what did he say."

Julian ran his hand tiredly over his face. 'Nothing you're going to like."

"Julian you might as well tell me because if Lucas is in town you know I'll find out in the end and if you hurt Brooke I'll kill you." He walked towards the other man. Causing Julian to take a step back and sigh in defeat.

"Sawyer is my daughter." With those worlds Nathan stopped in his tracks he wasn't expecting those words to come out of Julian's mouth those were actually the exact last words he expected to hear.

"Sawyer's your daughter and yet you're only worried about your life getting messed up. What about his life, what about Sawyer's life? And if you think for a minute that he did this to hurt Brooke you're sadly mistaken because if there is one thing I know about my brother is that he would never hurt Brooke Davis if he could help it not after what they went through in high school." Nathan was trying his hardest to hold himself back from punching Julian something he dearly wanted to do.

"Oh yes the great Lucas and Brooke love." Julian shot back. "But the thing is Lucas married Peyton not Brooke so again he hurt her."

"Your right he did marry her and maybe that did hurt Brooke but not on purpose. You on the other hand knowingly let Peyton deceive Lucas knowingly deceived Brooke You fucking Ass." That was it Nathan couldn't hold back anymore he let his fist fly connecting with Julian's nose. Julian clutched at his face as he fell backward.

"What the fuck." He shouted sitting on the ground.

"You deserved that and If I find out you made this harder on Brooke or Lucas then it needed to be you can believe I'll do it again. And with that Nate grabbed his ball and left the court leaving Julian out in the night. Everything in Nathan wanted to head to Brooke's but he stopped himself he knew it would be better for everyone involved in Lucas and Brooke were allowed to handle this on their own.

At Brooke's house there was no talking going on. Both Lucas and Brooke had fallen asleep. Arms wrapped around each other laid on the couch. Silence enveloped them as their hearts beat against each other as one. In the morning they would have to deal with everything that was happening all the lies they had to untangle all the feelings they had to face but for now they were content in each other's arms.

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