Drabble Number One; "Meow!"

A soft meow caught Raven's attention. She set her book down and looked down. At her feet sat a small green kitten, looking up at her with big eyes.

"Yes, Beast Boy?"

He meowed again. Raven raised an eyebrow. Beast Boy looked down to her lap then back up to her eyes. Raven's eyebrow lowered again and she shook her head. "No, Beast Boy."

Beast Boy turned his big, begging eyes on Raven, and though she refused to admit it, she found it very hard to say no to him. She closed her eyes, shaking her head firmly. She heard a sad meow, and opened her eyes to see the green kitten walking dejectedly away.

Raven's eyebrows furrowed as she sat, puzzled. A moment later Beast Boy returned, this time as a full-grown cat. He meowed at her.

"For the love of Azar, Beast Boy, what do you WANT?" Raven asked, clearly beginning to feel irritated.

Beast Boy meowed and looked at her lap. Then he challenged her eyes and held surprisingly strong to Raven's glare. Eventually, Beast Boy acheived the impossible; Cracked Raven's resolve and won a staring match with her. In cat form, no less.

Raven growled and bent down to roughly pick up the green cat and lay him in her lap. There he curled up and promptly fell asleep. Raven rolled her eyes and picked up her book again. She read for about five minutes, suprisingly content even with the cat in her lap.

However, after five minutes, Beast Boy grew back into his human self, lying in Raven's lap. Raven's book fell to the floor. Beast Boy smiled at Raven from her lap, head resting on her shoulder.

Raven stared at him and...


Began petting the soft hair on his head with a small smile playing about her face. "Beast Boy..." She said softly, shaking her head. He was cute even when he was an idiot and annoying. She couldn't bring herself to be angry with him for doing something so cute.

And Beast Boy knew it, which was why he did that every day.