This chapter is dedicated to StellaBella123, in thanks of this prompt and a few others to follow.

Drabble Number Four; "Simple."

There were many ways their fellow Titans would describe Beast Boy and Raven's relationship.

Often times it would be called mellow or other times stressed. Mellow was their appearance, as they had a schedule worked out which they rarely strayed from. They regularly woke to eat breakfast together, then Beast Boy sat quietly at Raven's feet with his earbuds in and his eyes closed as she meditated. Afterward, they would sit together on the sofa and mingle with the other Titans before inevitably disappearing around five and not returning till morning.

Their mellowness was observed, but their stress as assumed. After all, how could Raven and Beast Boy, of all people, have any type of relationship without a bit of arguing, fighting, threatening, and throwing into the bay?

Robin once walked in on the two canoodling on the couch in the wee hours of the morning, horrified as he caught them just as Beast Boy was slipping Raven the tongue. He'd tried to make a discreet exit, but had voiced his displeasure at catching them in such a way louder than he had intended. Afterward, Robin described the BB/Rae relationship as rather disgusting and PDA, OH MY FREAKING GOD PDA!

Cyborg would describe Beast Boy and Raven's relationship as unexpected and insane. He had honestly never entertained the thought of the two becoming a couple in any serious way. He'd always just assumed they were frienemies and would stay that way. Polar opposites, in Cyborg's opinion, were the least likely to ever come together in any intimate relationship, and he had long believed that the day Raven and Beast Boy got together would be the day Hell froze over (for real).

Starfire's opinions were different from Cyborg's in nearly every aspect. She had had an inkling of the chemistry between her two comrades, long before it was acted upon. She was, after all, the most romantic of the Titans. Since her relationship with Robin had bloomed into a full-blown, intimate, boyfriend/girlfriend thing, she had been more aware of her friends' romantic interests. And so, Starfire thought her friends' love was inevitable and rather adorable.

However, no matter what the other Titans thought of their relationship, Beast Boy and Raven had their own opinions.

Such as their routine; they did things together, but nothing too fancy unless it was a special occasion. Their arguments were hardly what they had been. After an argument, both usually felt guilty and one always seeked the other out. When they made out on the common room couch, it was always when they were not expecting any of the other Titans about, so it was definitely not PDA. They did not think that their love was insane, because it felt so right. Granted, it was rather unexpected at the time, but not insane. While the couple did not think their relationship was insane, they also did not think it had been inevitable. They never thought it would happen, Raven thinking she was destined to be alone and Beast Boy thinking that after Terra's death he would be unable to love again.

To sum it all up, though, in their minds their love was simple. Simple was their routine, their arguments and make-ups. Simple was their intimacy, as was their beginning. Their love was beautifully, simply, simple.

And as simple as it was was as simple as it should have been.