The time went by quickly and they all made Jonin. They have all decided to take on Genin squad's. Naruto has talked with Sarutobi and with a solid argument from Shikamaru. They are indeed combining Genin squads. We see them standing in-front of Sarutobi as he goes over the Genin teams'.

"Okay then the teams are as stated." Sarutobi says as he reads off the list. "Naruto and Sakura will be taking team 1. Kiba and Hinata will be taking team 2. Tenten and Neji will take Team 3. Rock Lee and Might Guy will be taking team 4." Sarutobi says. "I pity those six." He thinks. "Ino and Shikamaru will be taking Team 5. Shino and Choji will be taking team 6. Karin and Tayuya will be taking Team 7. Minato and Kakashi will be taking Team 8 and Asuma and Kurenai will be taking team 9." Sarutobi finishes. "You have today to look over your Genin files. You will meet them tomorrow at 1. Dismissed." Sarutobi says and they all leave through the door.

"I'm surprised Minato took a team." Jiraiya says as he appears in the window.

"So am I, but I'm actually glad he did." The aged Hokage replies. "We need to have our Genin stronger and with them teaching. I have no doubt that will happen."

"I agree." Jiraiya says proudly.

At the Namikaze Compound:

"Let's see what our Genin are like." Naruto says and they open the files on their Genin.

"It seems like we have one who acts exactly how Sasuke did." Sakura says handing him the file.

"Great." Naruto says and he takes the file Sakura handed him. "Hitoshi Hauser is the Rookie of the Year. Had excellent marks in all areas. Only thing though is he has a superiority complex. It seems Itachi and Mikoto might need to speak with him."

"Kioshi Hauser; Hitoshi's twin and complete opposite." Sakura says picking up another. "He was the worst student. He was the joker and the Dead Last. I'm surprised he actually passed."

"Now Sakura you should know that just because someone was the Dead Last doesn't mean they don't have potential." Naruto reminds her.

"You're right." Sakura says. "We just have a lot of work to do."

"Kira...Hmm that's weird." Sakura says. "She doesn't have a last name."

"Neither does Tenten." Naruto says. "What does her file say?" He asks.

"Let's see here." Sakura says. "Has a bloodline and she was the top kunoichi. High marks in Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu." Sakura's eyes become the size of dinner plates. "She knows the advanced form of the Transformation Jutsu and knows multiple types of Clone Jutsu's."

"What?!" Naruto asks in surprise and Sakura hands him the file. "How was she not the Rookie of the Year?" He asks and looks closer at her file. "Oh, she had one point less then Hitoshi in the written exam. What does this Bloodline let her do?" Naruto asks himself and he looks and can't find anything. "That's weird. There's nothing on this Bloodline of hers."

"And since she doesn't have a last name we can't figure it out that way." Sakura says.

"Well let's contin..." Naruto says and he hears a little voice call for him.

"Big brother." Amaya says and she runs into the kitchen.

"Hey Amaya." Naruto says and he puts her on his lap and he opens a file. "What are you up to?" He asks.

"How about running away from me when it's bath-time." Kushina answers as she enters the kitchen.

"You know that you need to take a bath." Naruto says and his little sister shakes her head and crosses her arms. "How about this?" Naruto asks. "You take a bath and I'll read you a story tonight."

Amaya's face lights up and she runs out of the kitchen and tumbles up the stairs to the bathroom. "You were going to read a story anyway weren't you Naruto?" Kushina asks.

"Yea, but it got her up there didn't it?" Naruto asks. "A ninja is supposed to be deceiving."

"What are you going to do if she catches on?" Sakura asks.

"I don't know, but Mom you better get up there before she floods the house." Naruto says and Kushina runs up the stairs into the bathroom. "Now onto the next three." Naruto says. "Hmm. They all seem to be about the same."

"Yea, Taijutsu, Genjutsu and Ninjutsu are average for Genin." Sakura says.

"You're right. We do have our work cut out for us." Naruto says going through the files. A while later there is a knock on the door. Naruto opens it and sees Konohamaru standing there.

"Hey boss." Konohamaru says.

"Hey Kono." Naruto says. "What brings you by?" He asks.

"I just want to let you know that I perfected the Rasengan." Konohamaru says shocking the two Jonin.

"Are you serious?" Sakura asks in surprise.

"You bet." Konohamaru says and he holds out his hand and forms the Rasengan flawlessly.

"Congratulations Konohamaru." Naruto says proudly.

"Thanks boss." Konohamaru says. "Udon was wondering if you had any advice for a seal he's working on?"

"Well I'd have to know what he was working on first, before I could offer any assistance." Naruto replies.

"He said that he was trying to create a seal that you can store things in your wrist." Konohamaru says.

"A seal like that already exists." Sakura says as she and Naruto show the seals on their wrists.

"Udon is going to go crazy knowing the seal he is trying to create already exists." Konohamaru says laughing.

"Listen Kono." Naruto says seriously. "Sakura and I meet our Genin squads tomorrow. So we might not have as much time as we did before."

"No sweat, boss." Kono replies. "You have already taught us more then Ebisu-sensei."

"Ebisu may have his quirks, but he means well." Naruto says. "So try and listen to him once in a while okay?" He asks.

"You got it boss." Konohamaru says.

"Hey Konohamaru." Naruto says. "Tell Udon to meet me here when you guys are done training with Ebisu and I'll help him with the Storage Seal."

"I'll let him know." Konohamaru replies. "You can count on me." He then takes to the roofs.

"He's rowdy isn't he?" Kushina asks.

"He certainly is, but I have a feeling that he will be just like his Grandpa." Naruto says and he closes the door. "Well I think we should head to bed. We meet our team tomorrow."

"I agree." Minato says as he walks in followed by Karin and Tayuya.

"So how are your teams?" Sakura asks.

"Pretty good." Minato says.

"Pretty lousy." Karin says. "We have so much work with our team it's insane."

"Yea our Genin are nothing, but a bunch of slackers. I'll be surprised if they pass our test." Tayuya says.

"What test do plan on giving?" Minato asks.

"I think we'll follow your tradition and do the Bell Test." Karin says. "It will help us decide who is worthy of being a ninja and who is sent back to the Academy or dropped from the program for good."

"That's what we're going to do as well." Sakura says.

"Yea, but I'm worried we will have to fail our team." Naruto says.

"Why do you say that son?" Minato asks.

"We have someone who acts just like Sasuke did." Sakura answers. "He has a superiority complex."

"Although I don't want to fail them as one of the Genin has a bloodline." Naruto says. "There is nothing about it in her file."

"What's her name?" Minato asks curious about this bloodline.

"Her file only has one name...Kira." Naruto says. "Without a last name it gives us very little to go on. So we were going to talk to the Hokage tomorrow. See if he can shed some light on her."

"My guess is since she doesn't have a last name, she might be an orphan." Minato says.

"Yea and since she decided to join the Academy the orphanage stops taking care of her." Naruto says.

"Well let's not worry about that right now." Minato says. "Like you said. Just talk to Sarutobi about it tomorrow. Let's just go to bed now."

"Good idea." Karin says and they all head upstairs for the night as Naruto goes to his sister's room to read her a story.

Next Day at the Academy:

Iruka has finished his speech when the door opens and in walks the Jonin-sensei's. "Team 1 meet us on the roof in 5 minutes." Naruto says then he and Sakura leave in a Shunshin.

Four Minutes and 59 Seconds Later:

"Good thing you are all here on time other-wise you'd all be sent back to the Academy." Sakura says and Hitoshi laughs.

"You think we're joking." Naruto says seriously.

"Yea." Hitoshi says. "Because there is no way that they'd send me back with my scores. I'm the Rookie of the Year."

"So was Sasuke Uchiha and he's dead." Naruto says. "Look. Title's don't mean anything out there. Except these ones." Naruto says and he pulls out his Bingo Book. "The only names that have any weight in the world are the ones in here."

"Naruto's right." Sakura says. "Now let's get on to introductions. Let's start with you loud mouth." Sakura says indicating Hitoshi.

"My name is Hitoshi Hauser." Hitoshi says. "I like my parents my brother and training. I dislike fan-girls and many other things. My hobbies are training and getting stronger. My dreams are none of your business."

"You?" Naruto asks.

"My name is Kioshi Hauser." Kioshi says. "I like Kira, training and my family. I dislike stuck-up people and traitors. My hobbies are training and getting stronger. My dream is to have a family in the future."

"You?" Sakura asks.

"My name is Kira." Kira says. "I like Kioshi and training. I too dislike stuck-up people and traitors. My hobbies are training and reading. My dream is to have a family."

"You?" Naruto asks.

"My name is Hiromo Satoshi." Hiromo says and there is a pause.

"Would you like to share anything else?" Sakura asks.

"No." Hiromo says.

"Okay. You?" Sakura asks.

"My name is Yukio Shinju." Yukio says. "I have many likes and dislikes. My hobbies are training and hanging with friends. My dreams are to find that special person and have a family."

"You?" Naruto asks

"My name is Kinkura Tenroku." Kinkura says. "I like my family and friends. I dislike traitors. My hobbies are training and hanging with friends. My dreams are to become strong so I can protect those closest to me and have a family in the future."

"My name is Sakura Haruno, I love my boyfriend, and hanging with my friends. I dislike perverts and traitors. My hobbies are reading, training and learning new things. My dreams are to have a family in the future and become a strong ninja." Sakura says.

"My name is Naruto Namikaze. I love my girlfriend, my family and hanging with my friends. I dislike perverts and traitors. My hobbies are reading, training and learning new things. My dreams are to have a family in the future and become a better Hokage then Hokage's past." Naruto says.

"Now that introductions are over. Meet us at Training Ground 7 at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning for your true Genin test." Sakura says.

"True Genin test?" Kira asks.

"The test that you guys took at the academy was to see who had the potential of becoming Genin." Naruto says. "This test has a failure rate of 66.6%. That means only a few teams will be able to continue being ninja."

"Bring all your ninja gear and don't eat anything or else you'll just throw-up. Also if any of you are late then you all fail." Sakura adds and they both leave in a Shunshin.

"What do you think the test will be about?" Kira asks.

"How the hell should I know?" Hitoshi asks and he leaves followed by everyone else.

Unknown to them their sensei's are watching. "I wonder if they will pass our test tomorrow or not?" Sakura asks.

"I wonder the same thing." Naruto replies. "Only tomorrow will tell. Let's go."


"" Sakura says and Hiromo lands on the training ground. "Time. Good you're all here and on time. Punctuality is an important key to being a ninja."

"Now I'm sure you're wondering what this test is going to be." Naruto says. "Well I'll tell you. You're goal is to get a bell from Sakura or I. Only four will pass and the rest will be sent back to the Academy or dropped from the shinobi program altogether. Depending on how much skill you showed."

"By the way. You only have 'til noon and when you come at us." Sakura says with a smirk.

"Come to kill." Naruto finishes and the Genin get a look of shock on their faces.

"Ready...Go." Sakura says and the Genin disappear into the trees. "Who do you think will attack first?" Sakura asks.

"My guess is Hitoshi." Naruto says. "You?"

"I think it will be Kinkura." Sakura replies and she catches a thrown kunai. "If you want to catch us off guard it's gonna take more than that." Sakura says to the trees.

"Dammit." Kira thinks and she changes locations.

"I'm gonna get a bell." Kinkura says as she charges out of the treeline and attacks Naruto.

"Well you were right Sakura." Naruto says as he blocks a kick to the head and Kinkura twists her body and reaches for a bell. Naruto spins his body and kicks Kinkura away. "Nice try, but we're not in the Bingo Books for nothing."

"What?" Kinkura asks. "You are only a few years older than us."

"If you pass this test we'll show you." Sakura says.

"That is if all of you pass." Naruto says.

"Maybe this we'll get them to use teamwork." Naruto and Sakura think at the same time and everyone charges out of the treeline.

"We'll get those bells and you will show us those pictures." Kira says. "Kinkura you take the twins and attack Naruto-sensei the rest of us will take Sakura-sensei."

"Right." They reply and they go on the onslaught. Kinkura goes high while the twins go low. Naruto blocks all of the attacks and throws Hitoshi away and puts a Gravity Seal on Kioshi who falls to the ground.

"What?" Kioshi asks. "Why can't I move?"

"You'll find out soon enough." Naruto says and he pulls out a kunai to deflect the projectiles thrown by Hitoshi and Kinkura.

With Sakura:

Sakura is blocking every attack thrown by the Genin. Kira pulls out a katana and swings it at Sakura who uses a substitution to escape the attack. Kira's attack goes right through a log. "Dammit." Kira says. "At this rate we'll never pass."

"What do you think, Sakura?" Naruto asks. "Do you think they got it?"

"I think they did." Sakura says as she jumps down from the tree branch she was standing on. Naruto takes the Gravity Seal off of Kioshi. "Okay that's enough. You all pass and as promised we'll show you our pictures in the Bingo Book." Sakura says.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down, rewind. How did we pass?" Yukio asks.

"Teamwork." Kira says.

"Correct." Naruto says. "You all had an incentive to get a bell. We had hoped that you would figure it out without wanting to see our picture in the Bingo Book, but...a promise is a promise." Naruto says as he and Sakura pull out their Bingo Books.

Naruto Namikaze:

Status: Chunin

Affiliation: Leaf

Rank: A

Order: Flee on sight

Bloodline: Rinnegan

Moniker's: Yellow Death, The Foxes Master; Ability to summon Demon Foxes.

Bounty: 25,000,000 ryo.

Known to be traveling with Sakura Haruno aka The Pink Death and The Foxes Mistress, Jiraiya of the Sannin and Mikoto Uchiha; Matriarch of the Uchiha Clan in the Hidden Leaf Village.

Sakura Haruno:

Status: Chunin

Affiliation: Leaf

Rank: A

Order: Flee on sight

Bloodline: Unknown

Moniker's: The Pink Death, The Foxes Mistress; Ability to summon Demon Foxes.

Bounty: 25,000,000 ryo.

Known to be traveling with Naruto Namikaze aka The Yellow Death and The Foxes Master, Jiraiya of the Sannin and Mikoto Uchiha; Matriarch of the Uchiha Clan in the Hidden Leaf Village.

"A 25,000,000 ryo bounty each." Hitoshi says in shock.

"Why does it say you're Chunin?" Kira asks.

"Because that's what we were when are names were added to the Bingo Books." Naruto answers. "Now then you have the rest of today off. Tomorrow we start missions and training."

"Yes sensei." The Genin reply as they leave the training ground.

"Tomorrow will be interesting." Sakura says.

"Yes it will." Naruto replies and realization hits him. "I need to head back home. I promised Udon that I'd help him with the Storage Seal." Naruto disappears in a swirl of leaves.

"I hope he's like this with our team. Oh who am I kidding? Of course he will." Sakura laughs to herself then she too disappears in a swirl of leaves.