"Sean do the clocks go back tonight?" Rachel shouting half yawning at the same time

"Yes why" sean replied

"For work in the morning, so I can put the time so I need to up on time!" Rachel answered before saying what time do you have to be at work

"Sean its 11 o'clock I need to go to bed" "Are you coming?"

"Yeah, come on then Rach" Sean kissing Rachel then getting into bed

What you doing Sunday


I was thinking of the three of us going bowling.

Three of us but its only you and me Sean, who else is their

I have a boy Hayden. Sean said

What you actually have a son? How long ago was this? Rachel said in shock

Yeah about 8 years ago

How comes you have never told me before?

I don't know! He just hasn't cropped up much has he? So what do you say to Sunday?

Rachel ran down the stairs with tears running down her face. Then Sean followed Rachel

"Rachel, Rachel what's wrong why are you crying is it something I have done or said?"

"No, no well when you were talking about Hayden it made me think!

Made you think what?

I would have a 6 month old baby girl but I lost her 4 months before she was due but if I didn't lose her and she was born when she was meant to be born she would be 6 months old.

So you lost her 10 months ago! Sean replied in sadness

Yeah with tears rolling down her checks

Oh Rachel please stop crying I'm so sorry I didn't mean to upset you

It don't matter you weren't to know that I lost her!

So what do you say to Sunday are you coming

Yeah ok what else have I got to do?

Come on lets go to bed

6 o'clock the alarm went off, but it was only 5

Sean get up i've got to go to work, you can't stay her

Your alright i'm on 3/11 Rachel

Well i'm not, come on move

Its 5 o'clock Rachel I'm not getting up

Really well I spouse I could go back to bed for an hour then. Rachel said giving Sean a kiss and cuddling up to him to keep herself warm

Rachel I was thinking about what you said last night, I want us to have our own little family.

Sean what are you trying to say to me.

I want us to have to a baby.

Eerrrmmmm well Rachel said looking at Sean.

Rach your stomach is all swollen are you sure you're ok?

Yeah i'm fine stop worrying and making a fuss! Were 100% fine Sean!

Were? There's only me, you and Hayden and you haven't even met him yet! So what haven't you told me Rachel?

Err well there's something I need to tell you!

What did you want to tell me?

Well i'm pregnant

Why didn't you tell me Rachel Sean Said?

I don't know it didn't feel right telling you! I was going to tell you tonight at dinner I promise!

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