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Leader: SinisterStar- Slender she-cat with jet black fur, one amber eye and one green.

Deputy: Iceheart- Smoke colored tom and ice blue eyes.
apprentice, Tigerpaw. (Brown tabby tom)

Medicine cat: PoisonIvy- tortishell she-cat.

Warriors: ShadowStrike- Black and white tom.
apprentice, Quickpaw (Tabby tom with sharpe claws )

WildFire- Flame colored she-cat.

GhostPelt- Mist colored tom. Iceheart's littermate.

DarkMist- Gray she-cat with green eyes.
Apprentice, Nightpaw (Black tom with a white spot around his eye.)

Queens: SnakeFang- Orange tabby she-cat.
(Kits- Deathkit, Black tom.)

Location: Swamp at the bottom of Sunrise mountain.


Leader: BrightStar- Calico she-cat.

Deputy: BoulderStripe- Gray tom with darker stripes.
apprentice, Leafpaw (Golden she-cat.)

Medicine cat: MintLeaf- Tiger-Striped tom with leaf green eyes.

Warriors: AmberStripe- Orange she-cat with paler stripes.
apprentice, Blurpaw (Gray tom. quickest cat in the clan)

SkyLeap- White tom with blue eyes. More agile than most cats.

LillySplash- Brown she-cat with white tribal markings.

RabbitLeap- SkyLeap's brother. The only way you can tell them apart is the amber eyes and a black spot on RabbitLeap's chest.

Queens: JasminePetal- Cream colored she-cat. (I came up with that name from a candle.) Expecting BoulderStripe's kits.

Location:Very top of sunrise mountain.


Leader: CloudStar- Storm cloud colored she-cat with orange-ish eyes. (Sounds like the skyclan cat from a couple of warriors books but she's not.)

Deputy: LightningStorm- Golden tom with paler stripes and blue eyes.

Medicine cat: SunDapple- Tortishell she-cat.
apprentice, Rainpaw (Gray tom with paler, smaller spots and violet eyes.)

Warriors: Elkfur- Brown muscular tom with green eyes. (What? You can't expect them to live in the mountains and not come across elk, moose and wolves. Oh my!)

WolfTooth- Gray tom with darker fur on his back and tail. Yellow eyes.

SplashFeather- White she-cat with ginger spots and feather like fur.
apprentice, Lionpaw (Ginger tom.)

IceWhisker- Pure white she-cat with neon green eyes

Queens: EagleSwoop- Brown she-cat with white paws. Mother of ElkFur's kits.
(kits- Mudkit, Brown tom with orange eyes like his mother. Fawnkit, Brown she-cat with small white spots.)

Elders: BlindEye- Retired a moon early due to becoming blind. White tom. Had jade colored eyes before he was blind.

Location: on a mountain next to Dawnclan called Stormy mountains.


Leader: FoxStar- Russet tom with golden eyes.

Deputy: OnyxPelt- Black she-cat with a orange paw.

Medicine cat: DawnBreeze- Cream colored she-cat.

Warriors: DragonFire- Black tom with a orange mark from his shoulder to his lower back. OnyxPelt's brother.

OwlScreech- Gold\Brown tom with yellow-ish eyes.
apprentice, Mysticpaw (She-cat with Fire colored pelt and white stripes.)

PeachFur- Orange she-cat

TornadoPelt- Gray tom with lost 'o knots in his fur...

Queens: RoseThorn- Tortishell she-cat. Expecting DragonFire's kits.

Location: A meadow at the bottom of Stormy mountain

Cats outside the clans

Coral- calico she-cat with yellow-ish eyes, one slightly darker than the other.

Mittens- A orange she-cat with white paws.

Tux- I'm sure you know what he looks like.

Balloon- A tabby tom that just gets fatter and fatter.

"Firekit! Over here!" the 3 kits of SquirrelFlight and BrambleStar were playing with a ball of moss.
Firekit named after his grandfather, Mousekit; a shy and quiet BrambleStar look-alike and Softkit; Looks like her mother with the fluffy tail when she was a kit. 4 and a half moons old and about to be apprentices.
"Ugh, Softkit. Are you not getting bored? What about you Mousekit?" Firekit asked his littermates. Mousekit nodded, Softkit shrugged. "Really? When I was a kit A ball of moss never failed to entertain me." The kits turned to see their grandmother, now in the elders den, laying on her side. "SandStorm! Tell us a story!" The kits mewed. "Didn't that story of Scourge scare you three at all?" SandStorm asked. The trio shook their heads. "Well, I'm all out of stories." Firekit mewed "Awww, that's not true. You're never out of stories!" Mousekit and Softkit quietly agreed.
SandStorm always found tales to tell the soon-to-be apprentices. She purred in amusment.

"I belive there is one I never told. But some cats never tell the story because they fear it is an prophecy." The kits mewed for her to tell the story. "Okay, okay. Long before Thunderclan, shadowclan, riverclan, skyclan and windclan even exisisted, were four other clans." Softkit piped up. "How long before the clans?" SandStorm gathered the kits with her tail. "Before monsters and thunderpaths." They gasped. "When twolegs rode horses." Firekit, Mousekit and Softkit hushed immediately. "The clan names were; Dawnclan, A clan that lived at the very top of a mountain called sunrise mountain. Stormclan, A clan that lived on a mountain in the clouds. Meadowclan-" Firekit scoffed. "That's a weak name."
He stopped talking after his grandmother gave him a hard look. "Meadowclan, a clan that lived at the bottom of Stormy mountains. Strong and proud, much like windclan. And then there's Darkclan, Worse than the dark forest, shadowclan and Scourge put together. Clans feared the clan and their warriors. Cats try to avoid any fight with them. Well, it wasn't like that before SinisterStar.
"Such a ferocious leader, She scared even her own warriors..." Mousekit felt guilty for interrupting but said, "You said something about a prophecy?"
SandStorm nodded. "It was a prophecy about the bravest and scariest leaders and warriors dragging the clans into darkness." Staring at the young kits confused expressions, she sighed and said, "Let me explain from the begining..."

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