My Heart Calls For You

Chapter One

"This cannot be happening!" grunts Michael as he comes crashing through the doors of AAU and into chaos, almost tripping over a nurse picking up an upturned trolley. "Can nothing run smoothly without my presence? Ah, Sacha, what happened?"

The happy go lucky, cheerful, big cuddly teddy bear Sacha is anything but. Instead he's as white as a sheet, shaking and has fear swelling his pupils. The only other time he has looked so distraught was when he was stabbed.

"A patient lost it then lashed out. The knife came out of nowhere, caught him right in the abdomen and then the top of his thigh. It's not good Michael; he's losing a lot of blood. We need to get him into theatre ASAP. It looks like the femoral artery," Sacha breathes out in one breath, voice trembling with every other word.

As Michael rounds the corner he sees the unconscious man lying in a pool of his own blood, Chrissie and another nurse knelt at his side trying to stem the bleed. The sticky substance has soaked into his murky brown shirt and denim jeans surrounding the entry wounds, the red liquid continuously oozing out of his body and creating a new pattern on the laminate flooring.

"Don't fear Michael's here. How long has he been bleeding like this?" Michael says while coming to their aid.

"Two, three minutes," Chrissie replies. "And it hasn't eased up at all. We are going to lose him Michael; he's already lost a lot of blood. I can't seeā€¦"

"There's no thing as 'can't' Mrs Levy, didn't your mother ever tell you that? Right, Sacha, you two, we need to get him on that trolley and into theatre." No one moves. "Now!"

That works.

Nurses scuttle about back and forth, practically bumping in to each in a hurry to save the man's life, which is diminishing by the second.

"You will not die on me man," Michael rants to himself as he and Sacha hurtle into the operating theatre, adrenaline pumping through their veins. "Not on my watch, not now. You may have disappeared once, but you can't disappear for good. You're needed here Luc."