Chapter Fifteen

"Luc! What do you think you are doing?" gasps Sacha as he walks into the room to see Luc trying to struggle into his fresh clothes Chrissie fetched from his caravan earlier.

"I need to, ah, go and find, ah, Eddi."

"Not right now you are not, you can barely stand, don't be so stupid."

"I need…to talk…to her."

"Not now you are not. Come on Luc, get back into bed."

"No…need Eddi…can't lose her…again," he says while trying to put on his shirt, his stitches clearly evident on his increasingly paling lower abdomen.

"You're being ridiculous," he attempts to guide Luc back to bed but only gets shrugged off in the process. "Luc, just stop it."

"I need to…talk to…Ed-ahhhhh," the pain becomes unbearable and all of a sudden his right leg gives way and he collapses to the floor.

"I told you to get back into bed. What happened?"

Being careful of his stitches, Sacha manages to shift Luc back onto the bed with a little bit of help when he stopped struggling.

"It's my leg. I-it gave way. It feels numb, tingling…pain. Ahhh," Luc's hand naturally goes to clutch his leg.

"How long has it been like this?"

"Fifteen minutes maybe, could be twenty."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"I thought it wasn't anything to worry about. Sometimes it's only natural, ahhh…"

"Yeah, I think we have bypassed natural now don't you think."

"You don't say," he growls through his teeth, eyes clenching shut. "It's the femoral nerve, it must be damaged. You need to take me…"

"Luc I do know what I'm doing, I am a doctor after all. Can I have some help in here please?" Two nurses come bustling into the room. "Can one of you also page Michael Spence, he is needed urgently."

"Listen," Luc grabs hold of Sacha's arm forcing him down to his level. "If I don't make it…"


"No, I mean it. I know the risks. I know what's happening. If I don't make it for god sakes tell Eddi I love her, always have and always will and tell her, mmmm. Tell her I'm sorry. Also, if you do, mmm, manage to save m-me but not my leg, I w-want you to dedicate it to science."

"What would they want with your leg?"

"H-how the hell should I know? If not th-they could always use i-it to kick someone up the ba-backside. Ahhh."

"Okay, enough of the talking we need to get you back into theatre."

"Maybe I sh-should take up res-residence there, saves mo-moving me back a-and forth!"

"Mr Spence will be here in ten minutes," a nurse says as she pokes her head through the door.

"Okay, thank you. Let's get him prepped and into theatre."


Eddi stopped smoking years ago; however at times of deep stress she gives into the weakness and inhales one. So here she stands at the back of the hospital out of the visitors' view, but it's not like anyone would notice her, it's almost pitch black if it weren't for the car park lighting, consuming nicotine and puffing ringlets of smoke into the chilly night air.

After her little altercation with Luc she had to get away. She couldn't risk blurting out something which she would have later regretted. Already she has said too much.

How am I going to face him now? resounds in her head. I don't belong here anymore. But still she feels at home here. As soon as she stepped foot on Holby ground she felt that rush, the unexpected. Every day in AAU is different. The ward draws her in like a moth to a flame, but that's the problem. Too close and you get singed. She should just leave.

Come on Eddi, leave! You don't need this in your life right now. Just stump out that cigarette, turn in the other direction and walk away. How many times has Luc simply abandoned you without a care? It's all going to end in misery anyway, you know that deep down. And with the last she makes a decision.

Standing she grinds the butt end into the ground, takes one last look at the imposing building that was her home for over a year, the place that holds so many good memories and equally same amount of pain.

Taking a deep breath she begins to walk away from Holby City, but she is halted in her process when she sees Michael running towards the entrance.


"Eddi! What are you doing out here? I'd have thought you would be in there waiting for Luc."

"Waiting for Luc? What do you mean waiting for Luc? He's only lying in a hospital bed."

"You haven't heard then?"

"Heard what?" her heart quivers and her stomach plummets as a sinking feeling takes over.

"Luc's gone back into theatre."