Hey everyone! I am rewriting the Charmed series, Season 4 onwards. I won't say much more than that.

Couples: Prue/Andy, Piper/Leo, Phoebe/Cole, Paige/Glenn, Payton/Nate

Oh, another thing. Paige and Payton aren't identical twins, they're fraternal twins. Payton is portrayed by Anne Hathaway.

Episode 1: A New Power- Paige and Payton

Leo placed his glowing hands over Prue and Piper Halliwell and the blood on Prue's ear and Piper's face disappeared. Phoebe's face morphed into relief as her sisters regained consciousness.

"Ow what happened?" Prue asked.

"You guys almost died, that's what happened." Leo replied softly.

"What else is new?" Piper said sarcastically. Her eyes travelled and fell on the doctor. She clamped a hand over her mouth.

"But we lost our innocent." Piper said sadly and Phoebe hugged her then Prue as well.

"I'm just glad the two of you are alright." Phoebe said softly.

"Back at you sis." Prue replied and Piper managed to nod.

"Leo, have you talked to the Elders? Why did we get beaten so easily?" Piper asked turning to her husband and Leo sighed.

"The Elders think the Power of Three isn't strong enough to defeat the Source." Leo said softly. Prue gaped at Leo.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Prue asked softly. "That's the only power we have. It's what's always worked."

"There's a new power they've discovered." Leo explained to them. "It's called The Power of Five."

"The Power of Five?" Phoebe asked. "But there's the only three of us. Where are we supposed to find two more Charmed Ones?"

Piper thought for a moment.

"Why don't we ask Mum and Grams about it?" Piper suggested softly. "Maybe they know how we can create a Power of Five."

Prue decided that wasn't a bad idea and the three of them headed upstairs.

"Hear these words, hear our cry spirit from the other side, come to us we summon thee, cross now the great divide!" The three sisters chanted together. Patty and Penny appeared.

"Prue. Piper. Phoebe. What's wrong?" Patty was the first to ask.

"Mum, the Elders think we can somehow form a stronger power, The Power of Five and we'll need that to stop the Source and probably other demons who are at that level." Prue explained to them. "But there's only me, Piper and Phoebe. Together, we can only form the Power of Three."

Patty and Penny exchanged glances. Penny gave Patty a look saying 'you should tell them'.

Patty sighed at that.

"Well, actually there are two other witches out there." Patty said softly. "We cast a spell so I wouldn't show but…I had two daughters with Sam. Twins."

Prue gaped at this unsure of how to react. She felt a little betrayed not having known that she had two little half-sisters and they hadn't even known about it. She knew she should be happy since it would allow them to defeat the Source. But she couldn't help but feel annoyed about it.

Piper on the other hand felt a mixture of happiness and surprise. Happiness because it meant they wouldn't have to be on their own and they'd have two new family members and surprise because she would have liked to known that she had another sister.

Phoebe expressed her feelings by speaking up.

"Are you saying we have two baby sisters?" Phoebe asked looking alarmed. "But where? Why aren't they living with us? What are their names?"

Patty sighed.

"The love between a witch and a whitelighter wasn't so common before." Patty explained gently. "It was forbidden so we had to give your sisters Paige and Payton up at birth."

"You need to find them." Penny finally spoke up.

"How? We can't exactly just waltz up to them and say "Hey we're your sisters!"" Piper remarked sarcastically and Prue rolled her eyes.

"More importantly we don't know what their adoptive last names are." Prue pointed out logically.

"No but head to the local church." Patty instructed them. "Look for Sister Agnes. She found a home for them so she'll know."

Just then, Cole shimmered in. Phoebe moved over to him, kissing him softly.

"Hey everything okay honey?" Phoebe said softly.

"I managed to get the Bounty Hunters off my trail." Cole told her pulling her close.

"Okay then." Prue said taking charge once more. "Piper, Leo, Phoebe and Cole can go and then since there's two of them, you can split into two teams and look for them."

Piper glanced at her, knowing she was having a hard time adjusting to the fact that she would now have two baby sisters. She exchanged a look with Phoebe, neither one of them saying anything but just agreeing.

The group headed to the church, finding Sister Agnes telling her the names.

"Oh yes, those twin girls were beautiful." Sister Agnes. Paige and Payton Matthews."

"Matthews, okay so have you kept in touch with them?" Piper asked her.

"I'm sorry I don't give this type of information to any strangers." Sister Agnes replied politely.

"Oh we're not strangers, we're her sisters." Phoebe piped up. Piper hit her shoulder.

"Yeah, our Mum had her reasons to give the twins up." Piper said forcing a smile before sending a pointed look to Phoebe who smiled innocently. Leo looked down smiling while Cole hid a smirk. It was typical of Phoebe to blurt out something like that.

"Well, Payton works at the school for the disabled and intellectually weak Briston Special School, she's a teacher there." Sister Agnes told them. "Paige works at a local office and is an assistant social worker at South Bay Social Services."

"Ok thank you." Phoebe said happily. "Ok, Piper and Leo, you guys go find Payton and Cole and I will go find Paige." She grabs Cole's hand pulling him along.

"Phoebe! What are we meant to say to her?" Piper called out.

"Just get her to come with you to the Manor!" Phoebe called back, before shimmering out with Cole.

Piper threw her hands up in the air and looked at Leo who shrugged. The two of them headed to the school.

"Hey." Piper said smiling to the lady on the service desk. "I'm looking for one of the teachers, Payton Matthews."

The lady picked up a phone, dialling a number.

"Ms. Matthews, there are two people here to see you. Shall I send them in?" The lady asked. "Alright I'll send them through." She hung up. "Just the second door to the left."

Piper and Leo followed the instructions and as they entered a room, a young woman walked over to them. She had wavy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.

"Hello I'm Payton." The woman said gently. "How can I help you?"

Piper glanced at Leo, unsure of how to say anything now that she was actually here.

"Hello I'm Piper." Piper said smiling at her. "I know this is going to sound crazy but I need you to come with me to my house."

Payton frowned at the request.

"I'm sorry but I don't even know you." Payton said softly.

"Yeah but we know you." Piper said and then added "And Paige as well. You see we're Patty's daughters as well. Your birth mother and she gave you up to Sister Agnes."

Payton didn't know how to react. How did this woman know all this? She couldn't believe she was agreeing to this.

"Alright I'll come with you." Payton said softly. "Though I should tell you Paige will be a bit harder to convince."

"Good think Phoebe took that job." Piper said with a smile as Payton went over to a desk signing something and following Piper out.

"Paige, would you please listen to us?" Phoebe was saying running after Paige who had run out of her office after hearing Phoebe and Cole's story.

"This is going well." Cole remarked to Phoebe who gave him a look.

"Not helping." Phoebe told him. "Paige, Payton is a part of this as well! Our other sister Piper went to get her!"

Paige stopped upon hearing her twin sister's name.

"You're bringing Pay into this? Come on!" Paige said softly. "I don't have special powers and I'm not a witch nor your sister."

Phoebe turned to Cole.

"A little help here?" Phoebe requested looking desperate and Cole sighed.

"Look, if you don't want to believe us don't." Cole said softly. "But prove us wrong if you're so sure of that. Come with us to the Manor and if you're not the one, we'll let you both go and never bother you again."

Paige looked thoughtful about that.

"Fine, I'll go with you." Paige finally agreed. They all arrived at the house at almost the same time.

"Prue, we're home!" Piper called out glancing at the others as Prue came downstairs.

"Hey I'm Prue, your oldest sister." Prue introduced. Paige scoffed causing Payton to send her a look. Payton extended her hand.

"Payton." Payton said politely. Prue shook her hand and then moved it away extending it to Paige who seemed more resistant.

"Paige." Paige finally said and stiffly shook Prue's hand. As she did, a bright blue light shone around the five of them, sparkling rather brightly. Paige quickly pulled Payton back who looked a little nervous.

"What was that?" Payton said anxiously.

"That's a good question." Paige said looking questioningly at Phoebe and Cole.

"I think that means you're supposed to be here." Cole said before Phoebe could say anything. Before either of the twins could reply to that, Shax burst in. Cole threw an energy ball at him while Leo threw a chair.

"Upstairs, hurry!" Prue cried grabbing Piper's hand who grabbed Phoebe's pulling them behind her. Payton grabbed Paige's hand pulling her along with her as well as Shax followed them.

"Paige, Payton read this spell with us!" Prue said quickly.

"Spell? This is crazy!" Paige said in protest.

"Are you guys really witches?" Payton said surprised. The sisters didn't have time to reply as Shax was getting ready to attack.

"Hurry!" Piper cried.

"Evil wind that blows, that which forms below, the longer may you dwell, death takes you with this spell!" Prue, Piper and Phoebe had begun the spell, Payton and Paige soon joining them as well. A bright yellow light flashed causing Shax to explode.

"The Power of Five." Prue said softly.

"What have you guys turned us into?" Paige said glaring at them before running off.

Payton had a hand to her mouth.

"Oh my god, I have to get out of here." Payton said before running after her twin, trying to fathom on what had just happened.

"Payton! Wait!" Piper cried but she was already gone.

"Paige!" Phoebe cried and attempted to run after her but they were both out the door before any of them could catch up to them.