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Episode 2: A Gift and Moving forward

Piper groaned at the fact that her two newly found sisters had just run off even though it was perfectly reasonable for them to do so. Giving it some more thought, she would most likely have done the same. Suddenly, she noticed a frown on Leo's face and turned towards him.

"Is something wrong?" Piper asked her husband, starting to get a little worried.

"The Elders…" Leo trailed off as an Elder orbed in to the attic just then. "Want to pay us a visit."

"Hello Leo, Prue, Piper, Phoebe." The Elder greeted them. "Since you have managed to defeat Shax, we've come to a decision to reward you all for your great accomplishment." He shot them a smile.

"I don't know if I'm looking too eagerly forward to this one." Piper muttered under her breath, with barely forced smile on her face. Suddenly, white orbs were visible and a man appeared before them.

Prue's eyes widened in shock as she looked at the newcomer, there was something very familiar about him. Those passionate blue eyes, that expression, the breathtaking smile that haunted her in her sleep, causing her sadness. Standing in front of her was her high school sweet heart, her first true love, Andy Trudeau. She closed the distance between them and slipped into a comforting embrace.

"I've missed you so much." Prue said softly, her voice cracking as she began to cry in his arms.

"I've missed you too Prue, more than you could ever know. It was awful, not being able to see you. I wish that I could have told you about this and you wouldn't have to go through all the sorrow." Andy replied, pulling away and gently cupped Prue's face in his hands. He reached out his thumb to brush away the tears that had been trailing down her cheeks. God, she was so incredibly beautiful, looking like an angel standing there before him. In all these years they had been apart, it was as if she somehow had managed to get even more beautiful, if that was even possible. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. He could feel a faint odour of cherry blossoms from her perfume.

Andy removed his hands from her face, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and turned to face the others. Phoebe and Piper were both smiling at the scene played out before their eyes.

"Piper, Phoebe. It's good to see you guys again." He said softly, offering a smile.

"Same here." Phoebe put in. "I'm glad your back Andy." She grinned back.

"We all are." Piper added, shooting a glance at Prue who met her gaze and she sent her big sister a smile. She hadn't seen that spark of pure happiness and life in Prue's eyes ever since Andy died and it was nice to see the spark returning once again. Prue wasn't the same without it.

"So, you're a white lighter now?" Prue asked turning to Andy whom offered her a smile.

"Yeah, it was both a gift and a need. I'm only new at this though but the Elders thought that since there will be five of you girls now, you'll need two white lighters to look out for you." Leo smiled.

"So they think that I can't handle five witches on my own?" He joked, but honestly didn't mind sharing the spotlight with him. After all, having two more witches around the house would be hard to manage and it would be rather nice to have another male around. Cole was a good friend, but he did have his own apartment even though he came over a lot to see Phoebe. It would definitely be easier if they shared the burden amongst them. He knew from experience that it wasn't that easy to deal with the charmed ones. He didn't want to think about what it would be like having two more.

Andy shrugged at his remark, knowing fully well that he appreciated the help.

"The fact that you can even handle these three is really impressive, considering the fact that they always seem to get into a lot of trouble." Andy winked at Prue, who rolled her eyes.

"Okay, I hate to break up this reunion, I really do, but we have got to find Paige and Payton and bring them back here. We have to make them accept all this and figure out what their powers are." Prue said and turned to Piper. "I think that you should be the one to go after them. They'll listen to you." Piper looked a bit puzzled at her statement.

"Me? Why me? Why can't you or Phoebe go?" Piper asked, with a confused look on her face.

"Because you're the kindest and most patient person I know." Phoebe said slowly, wrapping an arm around her. "No offence but that Paige is hard work; she won't be persuaded that easily. Payton seemed nice though, but I don't think that she'll agree to anything if Paige doesn't go along with it."

She was about to argue against it, but then she noticed the look in Prue's eyes. She was dying to spend some time alone with Andy; they had years to catch up on. A sound of defeat escaped her lips as she surrendered to their will, she didn't have the heart to say no.

"Alright, alright I'll go and talk to them. But you owe me." Piper said in a low voice, eyeing Prue and Phoebe carefully, then turned around and headed downstairs to in some way manage to reason with her new sisters. She had a bad feeling as she got into the car and drove to their apartment, Phoebe had managed to get the address to it. Something wasn't right, but she couldn't quite grasp just what it was. There was this feeling in her gut that something would happen.

"Well here goes nothing." She mumbled under her breath and knocked gently on the door, waiting for someone to great her. On second thought, they'd probably just slam it shut in her face considering how they ran off before. Sigh, she wished that someone else could deal with this. The sound of the door unlocking brought her out of her thoughts, as she stared into the eyes of Payton. To say that she was surprised to have her standing outside her door was an understatement.

"Piper? What are you doing here? How did you find out where we live?" Well, at least she remembers my name, that's a start. Piper took in a deep breath to clear her head.

"Payton, I really need to talk to you. Can I come in please?" Payton hesitated, not sure if she should trust the woman at her door claiming to be her sister. She knew that Paige would be mad at her if she found out that she'd talk to them after she promised not to. Still, a part of her couldn't help but to be curious about what she wanted to say. To learn about a possible new family she had never known before. Though, she was still a bit sceptical, and a bit freaked out, she finally agreed.

"Alright, come in. But I should tell you that Paige will be coming home in a couple of minutes and I'm not sure if she'd like to have you here. She's quite upset about the whole thing. Well, more upset than me, I suppose I should say." She had been furious, and left for church to find Sister Agnes to ask her about their adoption and their parents.

Payton had decided not to follow, she knew that Paige needed to spend some time alone and frankly she wanted it too. This day was just getting stranger by the minute. She did definitely not imagine vanquishing a demon when she woke up this morning, let alone find she apparently had three more sisters. Yeah, it was a strange day alright.

"I understand, I promise that I won't be long." Payton nodded and widened the door so that Piper could enter the apartment and closed it quickly behind her and put the hasp back on.

You could never be too careful in this town. She led her into the tastefully decorated living room and gestured for Piper to take a seat on the leather couch, as she herself sat down in her favourite armchair opposite to her. The room fell silent for a while, as neither of them could think of a way to start up the conversation. Piper debated on what to say, Payton was too nervous to ask.

"Would you like to have anything to drink Piper? Some tea, coffee, water, or a soda perhaps?" She asked politely, putting an end to the uncomfortable silence.

"No thank you, I'm fine." Piper reassured her. "Since we haven't got much time, I'll just get to the point of why I'm here. You see…" A loud crash interrupted her.

Instinctively, she jumped out of the chair and ran into the kitchen to see what the cause of the crash was, Payton closely behind her. The scene that was before her eyes shocked her. Paige was lying on the floor, unconscious and bleeding from a wound on her forehead. Payton let out a high squeal as she saw her sister. Oh, Paige.

"What the hell happened?"