L.A. 23th of March

"Honey, are you ready?"

"W-what?" Brittany asked turning her head towards him. He smiled at her. That smile made her feel better even though she was so nervous.

"It's going to be fine. You're great and you know that." He added to assure her a little more.

She smiled again. Matt was so sweet sometimes, he always knew what to say to make her feel better and safe. But that day, it was very hard for her to feel positive about her future. Finally her agent, actually more a friend than a real agent, had called her. She was making breakfast for Matt and suddenly her phone rang, who could be so early in the morning, and there it happened. Stephan, her agent, with an enthusiastic voice told her that a very important company had required her for a dance audition, for an upcoming music project.

Apparently a very young and talented singer was launching his or her first album. The music project was to promote the album with a single music video, some live shows and eventually a world tour The first video had to be amazing and she could be part of that. All she had to do was to go inside and just dance…just dance, it was easy to her, in theory. She had been dancing for her entire life, dancing was her passion, her job and her dream to do something important with her life.

Now she was sitting in the car, just 200 meters from what it could have been a turning point in her life. She looked up at matt, trying to collect all her courage.

"Ok. Let's go." finally she open the door and stepped outside.

"I think I'm ready. I call you when I'm done. Bye love" she kissed him with a fast but soft kiss.

"Good luck, B!" he replied starring at her blue eyes. He was so in love with that girl. He really wanted her to get that job, he really wanted her to be happy.

Actually he had big plans. They had been together for 3 years, but it took only one year for him to be sure that that dancer was the right person, the love of his life. He just loved everything about her, her smile, the passion that she put in everything she was doing, the way she made he feel, the way they made love. Just everything. That was why he wanted to marry her, he was just waiting for the right moment, plus they were young, and she was still trying to build a career. That was why he wanted her to get that job so badly.

While he was thinking about his probable life with Brittany, she was already got inside the building.

Brittany walked through the hall of the building till the reception. She managed to get registerd very fast by a very pleasant and helpful lady.

"Here you are." the lady gave her temporary ID badge and then added "You can follow me please."

She was taken in a waiting room full of young and beautiful girls like her.

Brittany sat on the floor, the chairs were already taken, and started making some stretching exercises just to cool off the tension.

She could feel all the other people starring at her, wondering why she was there. She told herself to be calm, that she was ready, she knew the choreography by heart.

Luckily and unexpectedly after 10 minutes an all-dress up woman entered in the room calling her name "Brittany Welsh".

"Here I'm" Brittany stood up quicly.

It was still weird to be called that way. She had to change her last name from Pierce to Welsh 4four years ago. She had been a victim of stalking by a guy when she was attending some dance courses at the first year of college. The police suggested her to change the last name to cut all the possible bridges with the stalker. Brittany wasn't sad about changing her last name, she saw it as a way to start over, a new name, a new life she had thought at the time.

The last year of high school hadn't been very easy for her, and then the stalker experience had ruined her life. That was why after all that pain she had decided that the last name change was her turning point. She wanted so bad to be happy again and step by step she had managed to get her life back.

She finished her first year at college and then she moved to LA to attend other art and dance schools. Then she started meeting new people, new friends and then Matt happened.

She followed the woman through a narrow corridor trying to calm down, but the anxiety was growing step by step. She was aware of her talent, she knew that she was born to dance, but she was afraid of fainting at some point. She hated herself for being so emotional, but she was like that.

She was taken on the stage of a small auditorium. Three men were sat down watching at her.

As she stepped on the stage she immediately felt unsecure but she tried to push that feeling away with a big smile while saying "Good afternoon".

The woman that took her there said "This is Brittany Welsh" and then she left..

For 10 seconds Brittany stood up in the middle of the stage without saying anything. Then one of the three man, the older one asked .

" So, why are you here Mss Welsh?"

" Oh, well, because I didn't have anything to do." She thought in a sarcastic way.

Brittany smiled, that question was so stupid and pointless.

"To get a job" she replied trying to seem very self confident.

"Really? That's a brave thing to say. But unfortunately I'm obliged to remember to you that you don't have the job yet"

"Well, let's just say that I believe in what I'm doing" Brittany said smiling. She was terrified but she decided to keep on playing the part of the brave, fearless girl.

"Ok, then. I'm very interested in what you got Miss Welsh"

In that moment another men stepped into the conversation .

"Even if it is very funny to listen to this, can I ask you one thing?" the men don't even wait for her answer "Why are you here?"

Brittany looked up at him with a wondering expression on her face.

"But this time I would like you to answer with your heart. Please, let us know the truth"

Brittany looked down, confused, trying to think of another effective answer but her mind was empty. Then she smiled and nodded "Ok, the truth" she thought.

"Well, it is true that I'm here for this job of course. You know, I've been dancing for my entire life, since I was a little girl. Dancing is my passion, is my way of having fun and express my emotion, is part of who I am. But I have to admit that now I'm here because I hope to transform my big passion, my hobby in a real job. I've just finished my last year at college, so it's now or never, you know?"

The men didn't seem to react at what she said

"I see. Well, thank you and good luck "

"Thank you"

Ten seconds passed and then the music started playing and Brittany did what she could do best. She danced. the performance lasted 5 minutes and covered different kind of dance from hiphop, jazz to some steps of classic and afro dance. She didn't even realized that she had managed to remember the whole choreography when the music stopped.

The three judges seemed pleased with her performance and she had that big smile on her face that meant only one thing: she had enjoyed doing that, and she hope those three men had noticed it.

"Well, thank you Miss Welsh. We'll let you know"

"Thank to you." she said while she was leaving the stage.

The woman, Lauren, took her to the waiting room and told her

"We'll call you in a week to let you know the result of the audition .Thank you for coming, it was a pleasure to have you here" she shook her hand and then she went to call another dancer.

Brittany took all her stuff and got out of the building. She looked at her watch. Gosh, that audition lasted only half an hour. Everything happened so fast. She took her cell phone and called Matt.

"Hey, I'm done"

"Oh, that was fast. How was it? You seems, I don't know…confused"

"No no...I think I did great, or at least good, or... I don't know actually. They didn't tell me anything." she sighed " Listen, I'm freaking out a bit. Can you come here and pick me up please?"

"I'm already on my way babe. Love you" and then he hung up.

Brittany and Matt's apartment – 5 days later

The hot water was making her feeling better after the evening wok out at the gym. Brittany was finally taking a long shower after that day. The music on the radio was playing, Matt was in the kitchen making dinner, pizza she was hoping and she was relaxing. She was feeling good, tired but happy. The hot water was like a soft massage for her hurting muscles.

After a while she turned off the water and got out of the shower box. She looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled.

"Hey sexy" she told herself.

She took a jar of expensive cream and started massaging her cheeks.

Then suddenly she stopped. Starred at herself in the mirror with a confused expression.

What the hell ...

Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?

Can the child within my heart rise above?

Can i sail through the changing ocean tides?

Can i handle the seasons of my life?

She instinctively turned off the radio and sat waiting for her brain to start working again. In that moment Matt entered in the bathroom. "Perfect timing" she thought.

"Hey babe, the pizza is ready."He instantly stopped on the door looking at her. " Are you okay?"

She seemed upset, that was weird. He had left her happy some minutes before, and only a shower had happened in that meanwhile, so what was wrong.

"Hey love, I'm fine. I'll be ready in ten seconds. " She smiled at him, but he could tell that it was a fake smile, just to make him to go out without asking anymore questions.

"Oh,Ok." and then he closed the door confused. Maybe she was just afraid of the result of the audition, the thought. they hadn't heard from Stephan yet, and maybe she was starting freaking out.

After the door was closed Brittany's brain started working again.

"What the hell was that?" she thought.

She hadn't listened to that song for ages. It was just a normal reaction to a song that had meant so much in the past. That didn't mean anything anymore. She wasn't that person anymore. She wasn't with that person anymore.

She stopped, all the past experiences came at her mind. Wonderful thoughts, amazing moments, she smiled angain overcame by the emotions, but then she remembered also the day that changed everything. That awful day, one of the last days she saw her.

"Oh come on, dummy. It's just the past, stop being so emotional" she told herself in her mind.

Yes, it was the past. But every time she was thinking about that day and the following year she couldn't not to feel a little bit of pain in her heart. But now she was ok, some great happy things had happened to her since then and Matt was one of them, the most important one. She was so in love with that guy. He was so sweet and nice to her, she realized again how lucky she was of having him in her life. And while she was convinging herself that her life was better now that in high school, Matt happened to her again.

She heard him knocking on the door.

"Honey, I'm ready for your pizza. Did I ever tell you how happy I'm with the fact that you can cook?" she screamed opening the door.

"No Britt, there's someone on the phone for you" pause

"I think you should really take this" he added

Brittany took her phone, looked up at him. Matt nodded at her, as he wanted to give her ourage. She didn't say anything and closed the door again. She took a deep breath.

"Hello, this is Brittany"

"Hello Miss Welsh, I'm Lauren from the WB record, I'm sorry for bothering you so late in the evening" pause, a very long one.

"Oh, do not worry. You're not bothering me at all" she assured.

Brittany was about to faint, her heart was beating so fast and she could barely speak.

"Well, I was calling you because I've just heard the producers. They want you in the project"

She died. She tried not to scream, it was really hard to maintain a certain behavior and to say something appropriate.

"oh oh. that's wonderful. thank you!" she said shaking "I'm very excited about that!" she added

"Don't thank me. I'm very happy for you too, but it is going to be a very long journey and this is just the start " Lauren waited a second to keep on speaking as she wanted to give Brittany the time to realize the first part of the sentence. " We want you to come at the studio tomorrow morning so that you can meet the rest of the dance crew, we can explain to you the terms of your contract and you can decide whether or not to accept it. Oh, and before I forgot, you'll meet the star of course"

"Oh, that sounds amazing. Can I know his name at least?" she asked with an ironic tone.

"Not yet, you know for privacy reason. The only think I could tell you is that tomorrow you will meet her, and her name too. Good night Miss Welsh."

Brittany hang up the phone and at the same time Matt got into the bathroom.

She looked up at him and in a whisper she said "I made it!"