15 th of May – The middle of nowhere

Santana had never stopped thinking how heaven should have been like but that morning she lived something that was very close to her idea of paradise.

She was softly waken up by the warmth of the sun on her naked skin and she immediately realized that it wasn't too late since the heat was barely but nicely perceptible. Her mind started gradually coming back, she first felt the amazing sensation of waking up outdoors, the air was fresh and her olive skin was tingling under the slight pressure of a mild breeze. Then Santana smiled instinctively with her eyes still closed. The wonderful sensation of opening her eyes hugged to the person she loved most in her life suddenly hit her and the happiness that quickly spread into her body almost scared her. She opened her eyes and the first thing she laid her eyes on was a gorgeous sleeping blondie.

She smiled again at that view, overwhelmed by the love and the peace that were surrounding her. The sun beams were just enlightening Brittany's features in a perfect way and her blond hair seemed to shine of golden highlights.

She's the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

Santana slowly slid closer under the silk sheets and whispered softly.


After few seconds Brittany moaned happily opening her eyes.

"Hey, you."

"Did you sleep well?" Santana asked as she wanted to be sure that her girlfriend was feeling good.


"Me too."

Brittany leaned forward to be face to face with her, their noses were almost touching, Santana sighed loudly at that action.

"So, last night.." she started. "…it wasn't a dream."

Santana looked down blushing a little bit not because she was feeling embarrassed but because she couldn't believe that her life was absolutely perfect in that particular moment and having the girl of her dreams asking that sentence was like being in heaven.

"It felt like a dream." Santana agreed nodding and playfully brushing her nose against Brittany's one.

"I can't believe it took us five years to realize how stupid we were." Brittany commented. "Thank god I'm good at dancing."

Santana laughed. "What? What does it have to do with last night?"

"If I weren't that good I wouldn't have gotten the job for your music project and I'll be probably getting married."

"Thank god you're not marrying Matt." Santana agreed.

"Oh, even if that's incredibly true you should have said thank god you're with me right now!"

Santana snorted ironically.

"That's implied."

"Have I told you that I love you?"

She laughed looking at her image reflected in those incredible blue eyes.

"Millions of times." And she leaned forward to give her girlfriend a good-morning kiss. "But say it once again, just in case."

"I love you"

Santana giggled, she realized how happy she was in that moment and for a second she darkened her face since she could see that in that particular moment her life was almost perfect: her career as a singer was starting and all the feedbacks she had received so far were positive, she was finally with the only person she had ever loved and she had never felt that happy in her entire life. She suddenly shivered at the thought that she had everything to lose and despite she was confident about her job and her relationship she was really worried for the meeting she was about to face that day.

Brittany, noticing her concern, placed sweetly a hand on her naked shoulder.

"Hey, is everything all right?"

"I'm just worried for today, Britt."

"Oh honey, I know. Nothing is going to happen" she paused for a second. "Nothing bad I mean."

Santana smiled at her, pretending to believe those words.

"I know."

"I wish I could be with you without all these problems. I wish I could walk down the road with you holding hands. I wish I could go to a party or a gala with my girlfriend and I wish I could talk about how much I love her during the interviews."

Brittany smiled and took her face in her hands, Santana closed her eyes moaning softly.

"We'll be able to do those things, we just have to find the right moment San."

Santana smiled at her, after all she was right, they had all the time they wanted in front of them. She just didn't want to wait anymore, she had been waiting and suffering for the past five years to get back with Brittany and now that she was happy again she just didn't want to waste another minute of her life with her.

"It's just that I'm really happy now."

"Me too San and convince yourself that it's a good thing." She smiled at her. "Stop over thinking."

"I'm not!"
"Oh you are! I know you! You're probably freaking out right now because you feel like you have everything to lose."

Santana goggled her eyes.

How can she know?

"I hate you."

"No you don't."

"Don't think you know me." She said with an annoyed chug,.

Brittany laughed loudly and hugged her quickly.

"Can you just admit that I'm right?"

Santana tried to escape from her embrace.

"Never." But then she smiled at the sight of those blue eyes that were staring at her with a lovely expression.

"Ok sooner or later you'll realize that it's better not to fight with me." She said mocking her.

"But for now I just want you to know that you have nothing to worry about!"

"Do you mean you'll always love me and try to please me every day?"

Brittany hinted a smile and frowned.

"Mmm…What if I'll try to please you as I did last night?"

Santana leaned forward and slowly kissed her girlfriend on the lips. "Mmm."

"That'll make me the happiest person on earth." Santana agreed smiling before checking her watch. She suddenly frowned since it wasn't that late but they should start going back to LA in order to be prepared for the meeting that was about to change everything.

She wasn't worried at all, she had decided that the best way of defending their relationship from Matt was to come clean with the WB company and with the rest of the world. It was surely a big step for both of them since no one knew about them, apart from Quinn of course, and it just seemed to be the only correct way to face such a big problem. They weren't ashamed of being together, conversely Brittany was surely the best thing that had ever happened to Santana and so telling the world about them would only have meant confessing a true happy love.

"Britt…" Santana started. "…listen I think it's better for us to come clean and to tell the truth."

Brittany, that wasn't expecting that at all, goggled her eyes and for the following ten seconds Santana wasn't sure of what would have been her reaction. They looked at each other, silently, probably both wondering if that was indeed a good idea.

"Are you sure?" Brittany asked clearly worried about that sudden decision.

"Yes, only if you agree with me."

"Santana are you kidding me?" Brittany asked beaming. "Are you really asking me if I would be happy to tell everybody that I'm dating the person I've loved most in my entire life?"

Santana giggled hiding her face in Brittany's shoulder.

"I just want to be sure that you're ok with this. Once the world will know about us there will probably be a lots of rumors and gossips and I don't want you to get trough something you're not ready to face." Santana tried to explained the best way she could what were the exactly issues they might have met in their path.

Brittany slightly shook her head and took her girlfriend's hands in hers.

"I'm not afraid Santana. Plus this will only mean no more fake dates for you."

Santana burst into a loud laugh. "Ahah. Ok. We should go now!" she said even if the idea of getting out of that bed was something annoying since she would have paid a fortune to spend the entire life in a place like that with the love of her life.

4 hours later –WB building

Santana got out of the black car without saying anything to her driver. She didn't mean to be impolite, she just was so damn focused on what she was about to do and to explain to the board of the company that was simply holding her future career in a fist.

She had tried to pretend not to be worried about that but indeed she was literally freaking out, the car trip back to her hotel had been very silent and she had felt the anxiety slowly growing and spreading into her body as an annoying wave.

She kept on saying to Brittany that she wasn't worried about her career but the truth was another one, she was indeed concerned about it not because she was ashamed of telling the world that she was dating a girl but because she had worked so hard and she had made so many sacrifices to throw everything away just right when all the past hard work was starting to give its fruits.

Santana sobbed and smiled falsely to her manager that was waiting for her at the entrance of the building.

Here we are.

She nodded at him and got into the building without saying anything. She was too busy thinking of all the possible ways to announce her fair with Brittany.

There is something I wanted to tell you. I'm gay and I've been recently dating my own dancer.

That wasn't that bad but it was easy to think about it but Santana was already shaking at the thought of saying it out loud, but she didn't have many options. She had already decided and Brittany was okay with her. Plus it was also the only way of dealing with the all Matt thing, she didn't want to pay him anything and on the other hand she didn't want to live with the fear of him releasing that picture. Coming clean and telling the world about the two of them would have meant so many things: Matt not getting his revenge, telling the world that she was desperately in love with her best friend and finally formalizing their relationship. She was aware and completely sure that this time Brittany and her were doing the right thing and that she hadn't never been so happy in her entire life but telling everyone the truth would have meant much more. She was looking forward to communicating the big news to her parents and she couldn't have been more ready to spend the rest of her life with a single person. She knew that it was early to start thinking about the future but she also was confident about the two of them and that time nothing and no one could have tore them apart.

I love her.

She thought approaching the meeting room where her life was about to be turned upside down for the countless time in the past two months. She stopped for a second in front of the door, holding the handle. She slowly took a deep breath and got inside but as soon as she made the first step into what was about to became a place of war she froze. She had to squeeze her eyes twice to convince herself that what she was seeing was real.

"What are you doing here?" she asked instinctively with an almost terrified tone.

Brittany turned herself to looked directly at her and slightly smiled as she wanted to reassure her that everything was all right.

What the hell is she doing here?

Santana thought unbelieving at what she was looking at, she had left her at her home three hours before and then she had come back to her hotel to get ready and to gather all the ideas up for the meeting. Even if she was totally lost in the soul of that amazing girl she wasn't really understanding what was going on in that moment.

Santana's lawyer, that was sat in a chair around the big table placed in the middle of the meeting room, stood up and made just the three steps that were separating the two of them.

"Santana it's fine." He started rolling his eyes at Brittany who nodded looking down. "Brittany came here an hour ago and confessed everybody the trouble you have with Matt. We have discussed it with the company and we have decided not to pay him. This only means that from now on you're able to do whatever you want with your personal life."


Santana goggled her eyes and gave Brittany a questioning look.

"Are you serious?" she asked loudly trying to hide her confusion without any success.

Before her lawyer could add anything else Brittany quickly stood up and rushed at her grabbing her wrist and pulling her out of the room.

"Come on." She said running out of the door. The other people didn't try to stop them since they probably understood the fact that they needed to talk in private.

Once out of the room Santana froze and pulled her arm back.

"What the hell.." but she couldn't finish her sentence since Brittany turned herself and rushed again against her. Brittany readily placed her hands on Santana's hips and gently drove her against the corridor's wall. Santana let her girlfriend do what she had in mind because she was blindly trusting her even though she had absolutely no idea what was going on in that moment. Once her head hit softly the concrete wall she looked up at her girlfriend's blue eyes.

Brittany looked at her back smiling sweetly and then her glance lowered to her lips, then she leaned forward just to get closer and closer and there Santana let her amazing girl kiss her in her usual sweet and sexy way.

"I love you San."

Santana giggled. "I love you too."

Then Brittany stiffened her muscles and pulled back.

"I quitted." She confessed.

At those words a surprised pitched sound escaped Santana's mouth.


Brittany didn't need to repeat that sentence once again since she knew Santana had clearly heard it. She just stood there in front of her girlfriend waiting for her to process her words.

Santana was apparently shaken, she frowned and she opened her mouth to say something but no sounds came out.

"Honey it's fine." Brittany said putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Why?" Santana asked in a whisper.

"I just didn't want you to face it alone. I've played my part in all this story and I just want you to feel free to act in the best way you think. " she shrugged. "Plus I've clearly broken my contract's rules so it was the best decision."

Brittany made a step forward to get closer but Santana rose her hand still confused.

"Brittany I don't understand."

"There isn't much to understand San. I'm free, we are free to do whatever we feel like doing. No one is holding us back, no one has power on us, not anymore."

"But it was your job, your dream." She said and Brittany could notice a small tear approaching Santana's eye, she slightly tilted her head.

"You are my dream."

At those words Santana couldn't hold herself and she burst into tears, she quickly moved forward to hug Brittany and hid her face into her shoulder.

"Hey hey, why are you crying."

"I don't know." She whispered.

"I'll find something else. My only concern right now is you."

"My only concern is you." Santana replied staring at her as she wanted to tell her those words with her chocolate eyes.

Then they hugged for what seemed to be an infinite amount of time.

"I love you so much." She whispered softly in Brittany's ear.

"I know." She replied teasing her and pulling back. "Now, go and confirm to everybody that you're fucking a hot dancer."

Santana laughed and turned herself finally happy to tell everyone the truth about herself and her relationship.

20 of the May – Brittany's house

Brittany locked her door and rushed downstairs with her small luggage. She was thrilled to find out where Santana was taking her. She had called her the day before saying that she already had working plans for the night and that had clearly upset Brittany so much since it was Friday and Santana knew that Friday was their date night, but her girlfriend had readily told her to prepare a small luggage since they would have gone on a road trip that weekend. She had smiled shaking her head for the way Santana could make her change her mind in just once second and then she had agreed excited.

As soon as she saw Santana's personal car she beamed and almost run into the auto.

"Hey gorgeous."

"Hi Britt Britt." She replied giving her a sweet slow kiss.

"So? How was the interview?" Brittany asked wasting no time.

Santana smirked at her with a mysterious expression.

"Oh, very well. You'll see." She said starting the engine.

"What do you mean?"

Santana laughed again playfully.

"Come on San!"

"Ok ok." She replied still laughing. "The interview will hire next Thursday and by that day you'll be officially my girlfriend." She said dropping that fucking awesome bomb.

Brittany emitted a cry of joy.


"Are you serious?" she asked anxiously to know if her girlfriend was messing with her or not .

"More than serious." She confirmed. "I told everything about us. I wanted it to be a surprise."

Santana said while taking the main road.

"I wanted to invited you at my place to watch it but I just couldn't hold the news." She added.

Brittany's heart was beating faster than usual, it was incredible how her girlfriend was always able to find a way to surprise her and to make her feel that way.

"Oh my god." Brittany commented without thinking and that made Santana turned her head to check on her reaction. "I just can't believe everyone will know about us."

"Are you afraid?"

"Afraid? Are you mad?" she said giggling as she was the happiest person on earth. "Everyone will know that I'm dating a singer. That's awesome."

"Oh so you're only interest in fame." Santana replied snorting.

"What did you expect?" Brittany played the game but after a few seconds her expression turned from a fake happy one to a real enthusiastic one.

"Since you've just told me this big news." She began speaking. "I've to tell you something too."

Santana stared directly at her, even though she was driving.

"What?" she asked curios

"Does the name Jaclyn Jorke tell you anything?" she asked still teasing her.

Santana frowned nodding. "Yes sure, she's a famous singer. Why?"

Brittany bit her lower lip. "Well…" she started slowly in order to make her love even more curios "…she called me for a job." She said in one breath almost screaming of excitement.

"What? Really?" Santana screamed too.



"Can we stop yelling?" Brittany shouted laughing.

"I'm too excited for you!" Santana replied still with a loud tone but then she suddenly darkened her face.

"Promise me that you won't fall for her." she added glaring her hot blonde.

Brittany looked back at her with a doubtful expression.

"You're ridiculous."

"I don't know, maybe it's what you do to gain success: spleeping with your bosses."

"Santana Lopez are you telling me that I'm a whore?"

Santana quickly rolled her eyes at her afraid of having offended her. "No, I was just.." but Brittany burst into a loud laugh.

"I can gladly be your whore." She added making Santana smirk at those steamy words.

"Don't talk to me like that, or I'll stop the car and I'll fuck you until you shut up." She answered.

"So do you want me to stop?"

"Not really." Santana answered hoping for that game to go on but Brittany changed topic.

"So, where are we going?"

"Do you really want to know that?"

"Yes!" Brittany replied readily.

"Promise me that you won't be mad."

"Mad?" Brittany asked even more worried. "What have you done?" she asked.

"Do you trust me?"


"What?" Santana replied pretending to be offended but she was indeed dying to tell Brittany where they were going.

"Come on, no more games. Where are we going?"

"Home." She said out of the blue. At that word Brittany goggled her eyes and stayed in silence for about ten seconds then she managed to say. "Really?"

Santana smiled as she could read the excitement into Brittany's shining eyes.

"Yes, and tonight we'll have dinner with our parents."

Brittany almost squeaked. "How did you…"

"I called you mom." Santana explained.

"Oh god."

"She seemed happy.." and there on the way back to Lima Santana started telling Brittany about the phone conversation with her mum. She had called her two days before to invite her and Brittany's dad to have dinner with her family that weekend. She had told her the whole story about her daughter and her and surprisingly Brittany's mum had seemed to be very excited about the two of them together again and she had answered positively to the invitation.

"…and she told me that she was looking forward to seeing you and me because.." but she couldn't finished saying what she was telling her since Brittany had taken her hand. Santana held it tight and looked at her with an expression that meant what?

"Thank you."

"So you're not mad at me, uh?" Santana asked. "I do realize that maybe I should have asked you."

"Mad? This is awesome Santana, really it is." Brittany said smiling. "You know what it means, right?"


"After this weekend there is no way back." She stated.

"Do you need more time?" Santana asked still staring at her but she relaxed as she noticed her girlfriend smiling relax.

"No, not at all." She replied sweetly and firmly convinced that this time everything would have gone for the better.

"Maybe you do want to stop the car and fuck me before arriving home." She added teasing her and slightly caressing Santana's naked thigh.

Santana smiled happy and totally aware of the fact that the future in front of them was clear and shiny. Maybe it wasn't how they have planned their relationship to be, but it was felling even better and the only thing she managed to think smiling was

Let it be.


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