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She lay on her belly at the edge of the rooftop, looking through the lens of her sniperscope. He was moving through the dark like a cat. You could see him, but at the same time, to everyone else's eyes, he would be invisible. She had to take a shot soon, or there would be none. He was fast, so fast. She concentrated harder and took a deep breath. Pulling her trigger, the tranquilizer dart shot from the rifle, wheezing through the air. But he was fast, too fast. He disappeared around a corner, as the dart impacted the wall not even an inch behind his shoulder.

"Fuck!" she whispered.

Quickly getting to her feet she snatched her rifle and bag and started running after him over the rooftops. She stuffed the weapon in her bag and hung it over her shoulder. She ran, jumping from one building to the other. Occasionally the high winds threatened to sweep her of her feet, once nearly blowing her away in mid-air, and she only just managed to cling on to the edge of the building she tried to jump onto. She pulled herself up by her arms and threw her legs gracefully over the edge, scanning her new surroundings.

The lights on the streets below her didn't provide nearly enough light to see, but she had her infra-red glasses on, enabling her to see everything around her, in a spooky green atmosphere. She couldn't see very far though, the infra-red light only reached about twenty yards, beyond that there was near blackness. She blew a strand of wavy brown hair out of her face and rose to her feet.

She had last seen him a mere three minutes ago, but there was no sign of him now, though she was sure he was close. She had tracked him through three systems, something she was told not many could accomplish. She walked over to the edge on her right and looked down on an alley. There were no lights there and it was difficult for her to see from this hight. She could just make out some containers against the wall of the opposite building. Knowing this rooftop-chase had to end eventually, she looked for a nearby rainpipe. Seeing one some nine feet away from her, she jumped over the edge and grabbed
hold of it with one arm. While she hung there, she tried to see more clearly into the alley. Still seeing nothing, she slowly glided down, turning her head in every direction. She landed silently on her feet and crouched against the wall. She could now make out the alley more clearly. In front of her, about ten feet, were the containers. Litter was all over the ground, but other than that, there was nothing to see. She looked towards the street on her right, which was lit up by streetlights. She knew her quarry would not be found in that direction, because he preferred the darkness. Perhaps not a very good idea to track him in his element, but she had no choice.

Once you find what you are looking for you need to strike fast, or risk losing it, not knowing when or if you'll find it again. She stood, walking to her left, her combat boots making no sound on the pavement while she moved further into the alley. After about thirty yards of stalking she saw a wall coming up at the end of her night-vision. It was nearly ten feet high. She could climb it, be it with some effort. She could just try to get on the buildings and decide her next move from there, or go back, which made no sense. While she stood there silently contemplating, she felt a presence behind her. She swiftly turned around and saw someone standing just within her field of view, surrounded by a halo of light coming from the street behind. She could make out the outline of a big, broad-shouldered man. But there was something else to see, and when she saw it, there was no question as to who this man could be. Silver orbs looked at her from where the man's eyes would be. The result of a so called eye-shine, so he could see in the dark. She had found him. Richard B. Riddick. Wrong. He had found her. She had walked right into a trap. She thought she had been following him, but it was most likely the other way around.

"Oh you're good." she said comically. "Mind coming a little closer?"

Never blow composure, even with a man who could, rumour has it, snap her like a twig. With the movements of a patient man, he slowly took a few calm steps towards her. His arms hung by his sides, giving away no hint of agression. She could see him properly now and she had to admit to herself she was intimidated. She wasn't fearless, only a fool would be. Fear keeps you alive, but still, she had no intention of showing it.

As he stood there, still a fair distance away, she couldn't help but feel small. She was small, only 5"7, though at the moment she felt more like five period. It wasn't even so much his height, which probably was around six feet, it was his whole being. The potency radiated from him, ofcourse underlined by his muscular form. She wondered if she could take him on. After the few seconds it took her to take this in, he spoke to her.

"So here I am."

The tranquility of his deep voice startled her, and she mentally added it would have been hella funny if he had a high pitched voice. For a split second the image swam in her mind's eye. What weird things you could think during crazy times. She nearly chuckled at herself.

"Obviously" she answered with an amused face. She wasn't sure what to do.

He showed no intention of coming at her and she wasn't really sure what would happen if she went at him. But standing here like a douche wasn't an option either. Her hands itched to reach for the guns strapped to her thighs, but she had to take him alive. Problem. The sais on her back wouldn't be much help in this either. But before she even had a chance to think it over, he charged at her. She clenched her hands, ready for impact. She turned and dropped to the ground, leaning on her arms while she threw her right leg up towards his face. He was fast, too fast. Blocking her leg with his left arm, he pulled off her glasses with his right, leaving her to see close to nothing. She rolled to the side, got up and backed a few steps away from him.

"Why don't you make this a fair fight?" she challenged.

"It's not in my best interest to fight fair is it?" he replied, completely calm.

She was trying hard to see him, but she could only make out his silhouet, whereas he could see her clear as day. Problem. Run, was the only thought that came to mind. The wall. She turned suddenly and ran towards the wall, running up a few steps against it and grabbing the edge. She started pulling herself up but he was already on her, pulling her down by the back of her cargo. She yelped and slipped off the wall. He threw her to the ground, hard, where she landed on her sniperrifle. It dug into her back and the pain of it made her lose her focus for a split second. Looking up she saw a shadow leaning down and felt a hand grabbing her by the throat. He pulled her up and slammed her against the wall, while squeezing down on her trachea. When she tried kicking him, he simply moved in on her and jammed her legs against the wall with his. She managed to throw a punch in his face before she slipped into a deeper kind of darkness.