When she opened them, he was gone. She must have fallen asleep, if only for a few minutes. She felt cold and realised she was still only wearing underwear.

"Is that how you wake up every morning?" Riddick's voice came from the pilot seat.

Selena sat up, she hadn't expected him to still be here.

"You're still here." she stated more than asked.

"You want me to leave?"

"No" she snapped, it came out more harshly than she had meant.

He threw his head back in a laugh. "Now you're finally being honest. Does it hurt?"

Selena narrowed her eyes at him. She didn't like throwing her feelings out there, it made her feel vulnerable, especially since she was naked on the floor.

"Shut up." she growled.

"You're really not very easy, are you?" he asked her.

"I thought you liked a challenge?"

He laughed again and turned his seat away from her. "You got that right."

She got up from the floor and started putting her clothes back on. She managed her bra and her pants, but after that, Riddick appeared behind her, and wrapped his arms around her waist. He ran his nose down her neck while she held his arms to her body.

"We should visit your friends, thought you might wanna say goodbye."

Selena froze at his statement.

"Say goodbye?" she asked him, enjoying his closeness.

He rumbled. "Hm, you can stay here, if you want. It's your choice. Jus' decide fast, coz I aint stayin' for long."

Then he let go of her and stepped away. He opened the door and went outside, leaving her standing there dumbfounded.

Was she really going to let this man walk away from her? This man, who brought her adventure, danger and all the other things that made her feel free?

Like hell she was, she had finally admitted she was head over heels for Riddick, and she wasn't going to ruin it now.

Selena quickly pulled her shirt over her head and ran outside.

"Where are we going?"

"Outta here."

"Back to the U.V. System? Coz I aint gonna live like some cavewoman."

"I'm not asking you to. Do what you want, but I aint stayin' here. In all the brightness, and everything I hate."

"It's not so bad here, Riddick." she whispered.

"There's only one thing left for you here, do you think she needs you?"

"You expect me to choose, when you've already made your choice? I can't leave Ziza behind!" she was starting to feel desperate.

"They'll be safe here, you know that. Come on, Vega, the girl doesn't deserve to be around people like us. She's not you, and she's not Kyra. She's an innocent girl, she doesn't need shit like this. Think about it."

Selena lowered her eyes and did. Maybe he was right, she would always be a bad influence. He said they could come back to visit. Maybe she should just give it a try?

"We can come back, right?" she asked him.

"There's somethin' I wanna do. After that, we'll visit. Are you with me on this?"

"Where are we going?" she asked again.

"Furya" he stated, a sly smile on his face.

"Then hell yeah, I'm with you."

Selena ran into her house by the beach, to find Ziza and Lajjun already out of the bunker, waiting for her.

"Thank God you're alive!" Lajjun gasped as she hugged Selena. "What happened?"

"They're gone an' they aint comin' back." Riddick said. "It's safe now."

Lajjun smiled and hugged Selena again, who had Ziza already in her arms.

"It's over, Lajjun." Selena whispered to her. "It's alright now. You hear me Zee?"

Ziza nodded her beautiful head in glee.

"Can I play on the beach now?" she asked.

Selena chuckled. "Ofcourse you can, princess." she set her down on the ground.

Ziza ran to Riddick and flung her tiny arms around his legs. He placed a giant hand on her head, making Selena smile. Then, Ziza let go and ran outside, into the sunrise.

"What will you do now?" Lajjun asked.

Selena noticed her tone, as if she already knew what Selena was going to say.

"We have some things to attend to." Selena said to her, feeling sorry for leaving them behind. "We'll come back as soon as we're done. You're house was detroyed, but you're welcome to stay here. It's not great, but it's safe."

"It's perfect." Lajjun said, letting Selena know it was alright. "Thank you for all you've done for us, I can never thank you enough."

Selena took her hand. "Just keep Ziza off the streets, please. Don't let anyone take advantage of her innocence. If anyone does, tell me. I won't have happen to her what happened to Kyra."

Lajjun nodded. "Be careful, please, Selena. I know you think you won't add much to her life, but she adores you."

Selena laughed. "Feelin's mutual. I'll see you soon, Lajjun."

Selena gave her one last hug and walked outside. Ziza was playing in the sand, throwing it up in the air. The wind carried it away and Ziza danced along.

"I need a quick stop." she said to Riddick while she stood watching Ziza.

"For what?"

"My Sais. I left them back with the soldiers in the alley. I'm going back for them."

"I'm in no hurry."

She turned to face him. "That's not what you said earlier."

He smirked and walked away.

"Damn you, Riddick!" She yelled after him while he laughed.

"I'll wait in the ship." he said to her.

She knew he hated being out in the city in daytime. But she suddenly got suspicious.

"Are you gonna leave without me?

"What do you think?" he teased her again.

She crossed her arms, wanting to show trust, but not really trusting yet.

"Fine, but if you bail on me, I'm hunting you down and I'll castrate you." she said walking away.

"Aint lettin' that ass go." he laughed.

She wasn't sure whether to feel flattered of offended.

"Who says you're ever getting this ass again?" she grunted.

"You can count on it, sister."

"That sounds really perverted." she mumbled as she took off.

She knew he was still smirking behind her back, but she chose to ignore it.

Selena didn't think there were still Necros out on the street, but it seemed not everyone had received the message. She thought they were just left behind, but obviously they were still under the impression they had to keep fighting. There were only a few, since most of them had ran towards the ship when they had taken off. But those who remained behind went down easily.

That is, apart from a group of four. It was a challange, since she didn't have her weapons anymore, but she had taken her glove blade from the ship.

She sliced oper two of them, working a third down onto the floor befor the fourth managed to slash at her with his axe. A wide cut formed across her back and she yelped.

Selena fell down, but quickly turned around to face him. She yanked her knife out of her boot and stabbed the third soldier, who was lying next to her, in the head, making sure the fourth one was the only threat left.

Her back hurt like hell, but it was nothing new. She jumped up on her feet, the knife in one hand, the blade on the other. The axe struck down on her again and she caught it in between her hands, having to drop the knife. She kicked the man in the knee, breaking it. She yanked the axe from his fists and in one swing, cleanly chopped off his head.

Selena dropped the axe, the pain really starting to become prominent. She had to move.

Making her way over to the alley, she felt blood dripping down her back.

"Goddamnit" she cursed between her teeth. "First fuckin' time I'm without Riddick and I get crippled."

She thought to herself he was going to make fun of her for sure. Once she reached the alley, her Sais were quickly found and put back in place. Then she quickly made her way back to the beach, which wasn't easy due to her new decoration.

When she got there, she was surprised. Genuinly surprised.

He was still there. He really had waited for her.

She stumbled through the sand, past the ship to the other side. She saw Riddick gaze out the window at her.

When she reached the door, he had turned around his seat to face her.

"Well, that went well." she said while she climbed in.

"What happened to you?"

"I ran into an axe, goddamnit." she growled.

He stood up and grabbed her by the elbow. He turned her around and lifted her shirt. It was sticking to her wound and it hurt.

"Au" she stated coldly.

"Can't leave you alone for five minutes, can I?" he said while he examined her cut.

Selena rolled her eyes.

"Lie down." he ordered.

She did as he said, while he searched for a first aid kit. The floor was hard and cold, and she could understand how she had been so comfortable there last night.

He sat on his knees beside her and started cleaning her wound. She hissed at the sudden burning sensation.

"You know" he started. "If you're trying to create a perfect map of New Meccah" another painfull dab. "You're getting there."

Selena couldn't help but laugh at this remark.

"Well, since you'll be visiting it more often, I thought I'd give you something to memorize." she answered.

"Guess I'll be visiting you more often then." he started sowing her up, while her face turned red. "We'll start with the part on your back."

Visions once again shot through her mind and she felt her skin grow warm. Control yourself, girl.

"Not making you uncomfortable, am I?" he taunted, and she knew he knew.

When he was finished he wiped the blood off her skin, a little slower than needed.

"You seem to know something I don't." she answered.

"You'll know it soon enough."

Selena opened her mouth in surprise, but no words came to mind. She turned around to him as he stood up and flung the bloody cloth outside before closing the door.

He sat in the pilot seat and the engines roared to life. She got off the floor, and the heat in her body rose as she watched his fingers move across the console.

The ship shot up into the air and Selena had to hold onto something.

Once they were in space, she let go and walked over to the console. She punched the auto pilot button and turned to Riddick.

He looked up at her and cocked his head to the side, considering her.

She moved closer to his seat and he sat back.

Selena was feeling foxy, and he'd know it. She climbed on his lap and straddled him.

She agressively grabbed his head and slammed her lips to his.

"Show me that Furyan." she whispered harshly.