Ethan, She's gone.

By: Raven


As I waited at the bottom of the stairs, Erica and Sarah fought. "I'm not leaving White Chapel just to see a rerun of Dusk 2!" Sarah yelled. "You're no fun anymore!"Erica argued. Then she stormed out. "Hey, Sarah." I started. "Oh, Hey." She said. " So um… will you go out on a date with me tonight?" I asked. "Yeah, sure!" Sarah exclaimed. "I'll pick you up." She continued. "Okay, how about 7?" I questioned.


"Okay, see you later!" I responded as I was leaving. As I flew up in the sky, I thought I saw wings that looked like Jesse's. "Hey, Sarah." A voice said behind me. I almost screamed but I held it in. "It's me, your old friend." The voice said. I did a 360 turn and I saw who the face was.


When I got home I was so worried. That something or someone would mess this up. I put on a plaid shirt and Jeans. "Hey, where are you going?" Jane asked. I was a little scared that she was at my door. " On a date." I answered. "You? On a date? Who with?" She stuttered. "Sarah." I responded. Then she doubled over in laughter. "What?" I asked. "You and Sarah, Please. . . ." She said trying not to laugh.