By: Raven


Today we made it back to White Chapel. Rory and Erica greeted us with hugs. I was so glad to be back, not in Oklahoma. (Not that it's bad.) So we decided to go see Sarah's grave. so we all walked, because we weren't sure, if it was nice to fly into a graveyard.


I missed White Chapel, so much. The smell of flowers in the meadow. I felt at ease for once. I then felt on alert when I heard a rally in the tree's. So much for relaxing, I thought. I then looked up and was raged.

Guess who out of a million vampires? JESSE! "Never can do anything." I mumbled.

"Good to see you Ethan." Jesse said smirking. I then hissed at him and so did Rory and Erica.


Today, I stepped out of my grave. Something or someone lured me out. I heard voices coming from the Forest. When I made it there, I saw 6 people fighting. It was a 5 against 1 battle. I tried to make out their faces, but I wasn't close enough.

So, I went closer and saw it: Ethan, Benny, Erica, Rory and Jesse were fighting. I had to help them. So I dashed over there with a stake and killed Jesse.


When I saw Sarah, I was overwhelmed. I couldn't speak, I was speechless.

"Hi, I missed you!" Sarah said, breaking the silence.

"Sarah, H-H-HOW?" I asked.

"Good souls, live forever, bad souls die and stay dead." She explained.

"I missed you so much!" We all said hugging.

"Ethan, when I said I loved you, I meant it." Sarah said.

"I meant it to." I said.

Then she leaned over and kissed me.