Welcome to the Jungle

This story contains rape and a lot of it. You have been warned.

"Woo!" Rukia said taking an exceptionally rough drop on the rapids.

Rukia Kurosaki and her husband Marine Corps Captain Ichigo Kurosaki (Ret.) were taking on the Futaleufu River in their kayaks. For those who don't know, the Futaleufu River runs through Chile in South America. The couple (Rukia 22- Ichigo 25) always went adventuring on their honeymoons to exotic places to sate their adventurous appetite.

Rukia had on the standard life preserver, but that didn't her DD-cups from pulling the straps tight. Rukia was an average sized woman (5'8 even) with a tanned complexion and long hair that she tied into a pony tail. She taught a power Yoga class and a 2nd grade class.

Ichigo wasn't by any means a weakling as he jogged 3 times a day, bench pressed 320, and taught boxing at the community gym. Ichigo was well above Rukia's height with a 6'2 and no matter how much he got outside, he forever had a pale skin tone. His hair was buzzed cropped and he checked daily for gray hairs caused by their adopted daughter Anna (4 years old).

Getting back to the rapids, the couple were enjoying themselves immensely. Being no rookie when it came to rafting the duo was on was Class V rapids and was navigating like a pro. The turquoise colored water rushed below them as they took turns with ease, almost as if racing. Entering the Gates of the Inferno Canyon Rukia pulled ahead laughing at her husband.

"Gonna have to do better than that Ichi-y boy!" Rukia taunted.

Grunting Ichigo grinned from ear to ear as he hit the back of his wife's kayak with his oar. Ichigo instantly realized his mistake as Rukia struggled to regain control of the back of the kayak. To top it off they just entered Inferno Canyon's infamous series of Class V drops.

With a massive effort Ichigo pushed Rukia out of the current toward the shore and himself further in, confident he would be able to take on the current better than his out of control wife. What Ichigo didn't see were the rocks that had surfaced due to the week of minor drought. Ichigo went wide eyed when he saw these, but then his eyes quickly turned into narrow slits of determination his wife called his "Game Face".

"Come on!" He yelled his neck veins bulging "If I can defuse an IED, I can take some fucking rocks! Oorah!"

With that Ichigo disappeared down the river. Rukia didn't see any of this however, as she struggled not to hit some rocks by the shore that Ichigo also failed to see. Despite her skill Rukia was helpless as her kayak smashed into a rock and threw her clear of the wreckage and into the tree line. Luckily enough for Rukia she missed the trees and rolled down a grassy hill further into the jungle, unluckily enough for Rukia this hill ended abruptly as she was thrown off a cliff.

Greeted by an unfamiliar sense of vertigo, she snapped open her eyes just as she began to drop. Her breath caught in her throat when Rukia tried to scream as she flailed her arms. She fell into the lagoon with massive force splashing water everywhere and making a loud sound in the canyon she landed in. Slowly floating to the bottom Rukia looked around as fish swam by and the plant life waved back and forth in the current before swimming up and breaking the surface.

Swimming to the shore Rukia heaved herself onto dry land gasping for air.

"Ouch!" Rukia cried out looking down at her right hand.

She had pricked herself on a spiny bright purple plant that set on the border between lush grass and smooth water. Suddenly Rukia felt woozy and threw up on the ground in front of her. Crawling for a few steps she collapsed losing all feeling within her extremities. Flipping herself onto her back with the last of her strength Rukia stared into the tree blocked sky as her vision tunneled.

Right before she lost consciousness Rukia croaked "Ichigo" and passed out as shadowy figures entered her field of view.

Akhushtal approached the fallen figure spear and shield raised. Axomama and her sister flanked her side's bows at their sides. The Futafelli were not ignorant when it came to the hostility of outsiders in their valley and showed no mercy in enslaving or executed the occasional intruder.

Akhushtal's POV

Akhushtal was a mediocre 6'7 not being the tallest or shortest of the Futafellitribe. She had long braided hair that dropped down to her collar bones. She was part of the few hunter teams that forested for food daily and therefore was exceptionally physically fit. Akhushtal also had the lightest skin color of her tribe due to the fact that her mother was an outsider.

Axomama and her twin were both 6'1 and had shaved heads with an excessive amount of piercings. They were the best shots the village had and could hit a screaming colowi (what they call a toucan) from 50 yards.

Seeing the poison filled plant it didn't take long for Akhushtal to piece together what had happened. Having had contact with the deadly flower before Akhushtal knew that the outsider only had a rok (hour) to live if she didn't get attention. Holstering her spear and shield Akhushtal scooped the woman up over her shoulder.

"We'll take her back to the village." Akhushtal said and the twins nodded to their leader in understanding.

They ran back to the village with unparalleled speed; clearing up raised tree roots, ducking under low branches, and clearing invisible gaps with ease. Each girl had memorized the forest around the village forward and backwards since they could walk and partially in the dark.

Halting for a sentry Akhushtal announced herself.

"I am Akhushtal, daughter of Caipora the Great and head of hunting squad tress" Akhushtal said pounding her chest causing her D-cups to jiggle.

"You may pass daughter of Caipora." The female sentry said almost automatically.

Slowing their pace the girls (all 3 of them were 18) entered the village's main gate. A smile crossed Akhushtal's face as entered the hustle and bustle of her village once more. Traders harked their goods in the market, their cries echoing across the village. Mothers pulled up crops in their long plain blue dresses as their daughters ran around the village causing mischief.

Hunters and scouts entered and exited the village not slowing for anyone not important wearing their simple brown bra made from plain cloth and their brown raji (skirt) or rajin (like a skirt except the cloth goes all the underneath and connects with the skirt in the back forming underwear of sorts).

The houses increased in size as they went further into the village, going from small huts to large lodges. At the center of the village on top of a hill was the Chief's lodge where the hunters and scouts entered and left from.

Axomama poked the day dreaming Akhushtal hard in the back snapping her out of her dream state. Remembering their situation Akhushtal hurried to the shaman's hut. The shaman's hut was near the Chief's lodge and Akhushtal received approving looks from the women as she carried the outsider to the shaman's hut.

The shaman was an outsider herself, but she had helped the people so much with her powers she was now considered one of them. Before the shaman got there a person would get sick and their closest friend was supposed to take an oath to help them get well. Even you didn't take the oath you were exiled from the village, but if you failed to make the woman better you were killed. Because of this there were a lot of deaths until the shaman came and started healing everyone.

Axomama and her twin left for their house halfway towards the shaman hut leaving Akhushtal to knock three times, pause, then knock two more times by herself.

"Come in!" A woman yelled from inside.

Pushing open the door Akhushtal walked to the back of the hut and laid the intruder on one of 5 wooden tables. The shaman Janewas in the corner of the hut working on a villager. Akhushtal liked Janea lot, mainly because she taught her the English her mother wasn't able to. Akhushtal's mother was an outsider and her other mother was Caipora the Great. Caipora was the chief before the current one and had died defending the village from another tribe's attack by starting an avalanche of boulders killing herself and the other tribe's warriors.

The day before the attack she impregnated an outsider, but the villagers refused to take the offspring of an outside as their leader so Coatlicue was elected Chief and when Akhushtal came of age she was put in charge of the hunters, Coyolxauhqui's old job. Akhushtal didn't mind however, Coatlicue did a great job as Chief probably way better than the job Akhushtal would have done.

Walking around the curtain, Akhushtal watched as Janejerked off a mother. All the women of the Kondo village had cocks, and this was a fact that went back as far as time itself. If a Futafelligot pregnant the baby would have both parts and if a Futafelliwoman impregnated an outsider the baby would still have both male and female parts. Your job in the village was judged by your cock size, physical strength, and determination. The woman with the biggest cock, the strongest muscles, and the greatest will was named Chief while a woman with a small penis, not so strong, and not very motivated would be a farmer and a wife.

The villager came quickly under Jane's ministrations. After measuring how far her cum shot, the length of her cock, and the weight of her balls Janegave the woman permission to get dressed. Janebeing the tease as she is gently cupped the woman's ass before she left.

"So how can I help you Akhushtal?" Janesaid turning around.

"I'm not the one who needs help." Akhushtal said pointing to the intruder "She touched the Kokkali flower by the lagoon and she only has about 20 minutes left to live."

"Uh huh." Janesaid un-nervingly calm.

Walking over to her drawers she pulled out several jars and containers and sat them down on the table next to Rukia.

"After I treat her I'll send her to holding area." Janesaid ushering Akhushtal out her hut "Looks like there is going to be a competition tonight."

Rukia's POV

"Ugh my head." Rukia groaned coming back to the land of the living.

"Nice to see you're awake, but I don't have time for you to slowly come around." A woman said.

Opening her mouth Rukia's mouth connected with another softer mouth. The soft orifice sent her tongue out probing the unexplored area that was Rukia's mouth and before Rukia knew it she was returning the kiss tongue and all. Realizing what she was doing Rukia's eyes shot open and she shot up shoving the woman off her.

The offender wore a white lab coat which did nothing to hide her delicious curves. You could tell be her accent and skin tone that she was British. She was about 5'9 but the air she exuded made her seem like a giant. She had a great pair of dark chocolate breasts which was attractive for a woman of her apparent age (31).

"Nice to see your awake honey." She smiled "My name is Jane."

"Why did you kiss me?" Janegroaned the pain in her head not receding.

"Because I need to let you know the situation you're in." Janesaid simply.

"Situation?" Rukia groaned, and then suddenly the events of that day came back in a rush "ICHIGO!"

Rukia shot up only to be pushed back down by Jane.

"You are currently in a village, controlled by a tribe that has yet to make contact with the modern world." Jane explained "You are currently their prisoner and if you try to escape they'll kill you."

Rukia sat there for a good 5 minutes wrapping her mind that statement. Jane vanished into another room then came back with 2 mugs made from clay and a sweet smelling liquid.

"Drink this; it should help with the headache." Jane said handing Rukia a mug.

"They are about to start the competition soon." Jane said off-handedly.

"Competition?" Rukia questioned "By the way my name is Rukia."

"The competition is where the women of the village fight over prisoners compete for the ownership of slaves." Jane said "Unfortunately for you have a huge rack so you'll be a highly valuable prize."

Laughing Jane gently slapped Rukia's tits causing the offended woman to cover her sensitive nipples with one arm.

"What about the men of the village?" Rukia inquired.

"There are no men, everyone in the Futafellivillage are dickgirls." Jane sighed.

Rukia let out a shower of her drink and spit in shock.

"Dick what!?" Rukia yelled.

"Hermaphrodites" Jane said "They have both parts."

"I know what a Herm is, but I refuse to believe that there is a village full of dickgirls." Rukia said indignantly.

"If you don't believe my words maybe you'll believe your eyes." Jane said with infinite patience.

Walking out the front door Rukia could see Amazonian women all heading in one direction until the door swung shut. Jane returned about 20 seconds later followed by three 16 to 20 year old girls. Saying something in a language Rukia didn't recognize. In unison the girls pulled up their skirts revealing their dicks. Giggling the girls dropped their skirts and ran out the hut.

"Alright let's go, I need to get you to the arena." Jane said to the flabbergasted woman.

Standing the woman up Jane marched her out the hut as the last stragglers headed towards the arena.

Akhushtal's POV

The arena was located in the back of the village and could easily fit all 500 of the village's inhabitants. The stands were raised in a circle around a football sized area. On the field there were multiple obstacles ranging from a rock wall to a raised stage obviously meant for fighting.

The stands were packed out and the noise was tremendous. Merchants sold their goods in exchange for the quartz coins the Futafelli village used as currency. Akhushtal stood inside the preparation area with the competitors. Just like any other sport the crowd had their favorites, the Futafelli village's favorite was Tlazolteotl daughter of Coyolxauhqui. Anyone could join the competition, but only the long term competitors actually stood a chance.

Because of this Akhushtal got strange looks from the other dark skinned women when she signed up. That and the fact that Akhushtal never competed in the competition, preferring to sit and watch. Honestly Akhushtal herself didn't know why she was there as she prepared. Just the thought of seeing the intruder in the hands of another made Akhushtal mad enough to sign up before she realized what she was doing.

So there Akhushtal sat readying for the first competition the 100 pace sprint. Akhushtal wasn't particularly worried; she didn't become Head of the Hunters on merit alone. She trained brutally day and night honing her skills through a series of 5 mile runs through enemy territory, scaling the valley the village was located in, and holding her breath in the lagoon for a full 5 minutes. Because of this Akhushtal was certain she could beat all the other contestants if they under-estimated her.

A horn sounded rousing the 10 competitors from their thoughts. Lining up at the gate exit they left staging area one at a time when their names were called. As per usual Tlazolteotl received the most applause, but in a surprising turn of events the announcer called a fifth name.

"And the final competitor is AKHUSHTAL!"The announcer called out.

The crowd didn't know whether to cheer or remain quiet at this unexpected add on so there was a smatter of applause that died out quickly.

"The day is late so we'll only be doing 3 of the 5 competitions. First up the 100 Pace Sprint!" The fast speaking announcer rang the gong once all the contestants were at the starting line.

They all shot out of the gate, some faster than other but Akhushtal was moving faster than them all. Tlazolteotl usually didn't even have to try to beat the other contenders, but by the time she bent low to increase her speed Akhushtal had already crossed the finish line.

Huffing Tlazolteotl passed the finish line about 3 seconds later with most of the other women 4 seconds behind her. As per the rules the last 3 contestants were disqualified and the remaining women set up for the obstacle course.

Rukia's POV

Rukia watched the tournament from her cell which offered a great few of the proceedings. Two guards stood at attention in front of her cell, their tightly drawn rajin clearly outlining their cocks. Any attempts at communication had been fruitless as they just ignored her. The only other consolation in the awful mess she was in was the fact that she wasn't alone. A 19 year old girl had been on an expedition with her parents when a group of masked women attacked and separated them.

The girl refused to say anything more than that, not even her name. She just sat their sobbing into her legs. Sighing Rukia turned back to the tournament and issued a prayer for Ichigo's safety.

Akhushtal's POV

Tlazolteotl sent multiple undisguised dirty looks at Akhushtal who smiled back. Ringing the gong again the competitors took off. The first obstacle was the stone step where the women jumped from stone to stone avoiding the mud. Akhushtal and Tlazolteotl were neck and neck as the hit the rocks looking directly in each other's face.

It looked as if they were floating their feet not even touching the ground and leaving all the other girls in the dust and/or mud. Jumping from the last stone, they performed a synchronized combat roll and took off running at the next obstacle which was the rope climb onto 20 yards worth of monkey bars. Halfway up the rope the rest of the women quit to watch the 2 speed demons.

Reaching the monkey bars Tlazolteotl slid Akhushtal a swift and undetectable kick to the ribs causing Akhushtal to gasp as she lagged behind. Tlazolteotl hit the ground first and ran toward the finish line. Crossing the finish line Tlazolteotl didn't stop and neither did Akhushtal. They both went directly to the final challenge: The duel.

They were both given long staffs with rocks wrapped in an excessive amount of wet leaves on the end. They would bruise, but not kill if contact was made. The melee was fast and furious as Head of the hunters and the daughter of the Chief exchanged blows. Tlazolteotl feinted a thrust then brought the back of staff up hitting Akhushtal in the ribs. Tlazolteotl however received an unexpected hit to the side of the head courtesy of Akhushtal's training staff.

Falling on her back Akhushtal swung her staff at the disoriented Tlazolteotl knocking her legs from under her. Rolling over Akhushtal mounted her and pinned her arms to the ground. There was silence as Tlazolteotl struggled for an escape tactic before final admitting defeat in the form of a shrill whistle.

Jumping to her feet Akhushtal smiled as she held up her hands in victory. The crowd went nuts, Tlazolteotl had never been defeated before and the first time the Head of the Hunters tried she won. Akhushtal was handed the crown of the arena and was led to the cages as the women showered her with flowers.

Reaching cages the smile dropped from the triumphant Akhushtal's face as she stared into the intruder's face. There nothing but contempt and rage in Rukia's eyes. Defiance personified.

"Take her to my hut." Akhushtal said breaking eye contact.

Rukia's POV

"Take your hands off me!" Rukia struggled fruitlessly as she was dragged out the cage, out the stadium, through the village, up a hill, and was thrown into a hut.

Once the footsteps of the guards receded Rukia tried the door only to find it barred. Looking around and seeing all the windows were small and high up, Rukia got to work rearranging furniture to look for an exit. Suddenly the door opened behind her and Rukia slowly turned her head around to see who it was.

It was none other than the champion of the competition, who slid a board into place over the door. The two caught and maintained eye contact for approximately 5 seconds before Rukia bolted for the knife lying on the kitchen table. Rukia was by no means slow, but the Amazon was faster grabbing her arm before she even got halfway there.

"My name is Akhushtal and you're mine." Akhushtal said in a language she hadn't practiced in a while.

"Uhhh my name is Rukia and I happened to be married thank you?" Rukia said confused.

"I won you fairly so your body belongs to me." Akhushtal said with a sense of finality in her voice.

Omniscient POV

With her free hand Akhushtal ripped off Rukia's much abused shirt freeing her firm tits. Rukia yanked away and snatched the knife off the table, turning on Akhushtal she was immediately disarmed by the battle hardened woman. Grabbing both of Rukia's shoulders Akhushtal threw the white woman to the ground and straddled her.

"Resistance is futile, just give up." With that Akhushtal roughly groped Rukia's breasts.

Despite trying her hardest Rukia was unable to contain a moan as it slipped from her lips. Akhushtal took this opportunity to lean forward and capture Rukia's open mouth. Rukia's first thought was to rip the woman's tongue right off, but that wouldn't be good if she wanted to get back to Ichigo so Rukia went limp.

Feeling all of her slave's muscles go slack Akhushtal paused. Akhushtal really didn't know what to do as she was a virgin herself and despite the act she was putting on, she wasn't really into the whole marking her slave thing. She had watched another hunter do that to a captive so Akhushtal was simply doing what she did.

Carefully Akhushtal removed her hands and stood up, but Rukia remained motionless on the floor staring into space. The other hunter's slave had fought tooth and nail until she was tied down and marked so Akhushtal had to improvise on what to do. Dragging Rukia by her feet Akhushtal picked up the woman and dropped her, length ways, onto her bed.

Rukia's tits jiggled with every movement causing Akhushtal to pitch a tent with her wraparound cloth. Dragging the woman's pants off Akhushtal threw them over her shoulder and stared at the woman in front of her. She was beautiful in every way from her luscious hanging tits, to her full curves and her wide hips. She had a faint blush across her face and her arms lay loosely above her head which showed that she wasn't totally emotionally detached.

Fumbling with her cloth, Akhushtal pulled out her 8 inch cock and held it in her hand. Akhushtal had masturbated before, but sex was another matter entirely. Following her instincts Akhushtal shuffled forward and grabbed the white woman's hand. Placing the slender hand around her cock, Akhushtal shivered at the wonderful feeling.

Rukia was actually intrigued with the anatomy of the woman and began to jack the woman off while maintaining her thousand yard stare. She was completely caught off guard however when Akhushtal came after 20 seconds of Rukia's attention. This was signified by a loud grunt and an increase in Akhushtal's hand's pace.

Akhushtal bent over the bed as she released her load all over Rukia's face. By then Akhushtal was running on pure lust for the woman in front of her. She had barely finished climaxing before shoving her cock into Rukia's mouth. This did prevail in provoking a reaction from the woman as her airway was blocked by 4 inches of cock.

Akhushtal moaned loudly as she skull fucked Rukia and Rukia tried to break Akhushtal's iron grip. Then Akhushtal said something that totally through Rukia off her game.

"I love you!" She yelled coming down Rukia's throat.

Akhushtal, not having have been shown affection as a child, confused her attraction for Rukia with love not that it mattered to her. Diligently swallowing Akhushtal's chocolate tasting cum Rukia lay there not knowing what to do. Akhushtal circled around the bed and opened Rukia's wide giving her a beautiful view of her pussy.

"Please don't!" Rukia pleaded as she blushed.

"I need to…make you…mine!" Akhushtal said fighting with Rukia's hands trying to protect her precious parts.

"Please don't, I have a husband and a daughter!" Rukia cried out, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Yes I'll be your husband and you'll have my daughter!" Akhushtal said misunderstanding Rukia.

Getting frustrated Akhushtal leaned forward and slapped Rukia. The sound echoed throughout the room and Rukia brought her hands up to her cheek letting Akhushtal finally thrust inside her pussy. Holding her hands down Akhushtal pressed her body against her prize as she got accustomed to the feeling of Rukia's tight pussy.

Rukia openly let tears stream down her face as Akhushtal began humping her and grunting. You could hear the creaking of the bed from outside as Akhushtal continued the village's tradition with a viscous passion. Sobbing sounds came from Rukia as she was violated in a foreign place by unexplainable people. Getting frustrated with her slave's noise, Akhushtal placed a hand over her mouth to muffle the noise so she could enjoy her conquest.

Despite Ichigo ravaging Rukia every other day, her honey pot had managed to stay tight over the years. While this was horrible for Rukia as she was raped, this was amazing for Akhushtal who felt as if velvet was conforming around her cock, milking her essence.

"AHHH!" Akhushtal cried out as she unloaded her large load into Rukia's orifice.

The sound of the woman's mind breaking was almost audible as a smile slowly spread across Rukia's face. Wrapping her legs around the exhausted light skinned woman. Akhushtal tried to roll off the woman, but was shocked to find out that Rukia's leg lock was too tight.

"Where are you going big boy?" Rukia purred.

Wrapping her hands around Akhushtal, Rukia brought the light skinned teenager in for a deep kiss.

"Enough…get off me." Akhushtal huffed barely keeping her eyes open.

Even though her face didn't show it, Akhushtal was shocked. She couldn't believe this woman was wearing her out! In her defense she didn't know sexual intercourse would feel this good. Releasing her death grip, Rukia allowed Akhushtal to roll off her and land on the floor with a dull thud.

"What have you been doing that has you so tired Ichigo?" Rukia said standing up above Akhushtal, the Amazon's cum flowing freely out of her hole.

"I-I-Ichigo?" Akhushtal stuttered.

She never got an answer as Rukia lowered herself onto Akhushtal. Despite the woman's exhaustion her cock stood at attention, veins bulging. Rukia started gyrating on top of Akhushtal working her ass up and down on her cock. Leaning forward, Rukia smiled as she smothered her rapist with her breasts.

"I love you." Rukia smiled gently at the teenager as she lost conscious.


Akhushtal's POV

Akhushtal opened her eyes to a warzone. She was standing in formation with the rest of the Futafelli warriors as warriors from another tribe barreled down on them. The crash was deafening as spear met shield and knives parted skin and Akhushtal was in the thick of it all.

It was as if she couldn't be touched she was moving so fast. Just a light skinned blur with her spear and shield stabbing the enemy, protecting exposed backs, and ending lives left and right. There was a mighty horn that caused the enemy to retreat and Akhushtal, with the rest of the village's warriors, raised her weapon and victory and celebrated.

There was a flash of white light and Akhushtal was patrolling among the enemy prisoners. It was strange because she had a strange weightlessness about her and she couldn't control her feet. It was as if her body was on auto-pilot and she was sitting in the cockpit.

Walking pass the groaning wounded Akhushtal walked into the lagoon area. In the middle of the lagoon was a flawless woman, but for some strange reason she couldn't make out any details. It was like she was everything and nothing at the same time. Turning, the woman transformed in a being of pure white blinding Akhushtal.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Akhushtal yelled, her cock becoming hard as warmness enveloped it.

"You taste good." Was all the being said before it exploded into a myriad of images.

Akhushtal lurched up from her dream as she climaxed all over Rukia's face. Rukia had been sucking Akhushtal off in her sleep and now she licked the reward off her face with a passion.

"You were talking in your sleep." Rukia said simply "You better get up if you want to get to work on time Ichigo."

Looking up Akhushtal went wide eyed. Based on the shadows the sun was making she was late for hunting duty! Jumping out the bed Akhushtal tried to put on her clothes and take off her necklaces at the same time. She wasn't helped by the fact that Rukia kept trying to suck her cock.

Finally getting her clothes on, Akhushtal grabbed her mother's spear off the wall and charged out the house not even bothering to close the door. Outside instead of encountering the slow bustle of morning activity, Akhushtal was greeted with mass movement as people ran to and fro to complete tasks and mothers ushered their daughters inside.

Akhushtal finally realized the bell above the chief's hut was tolling.

~Dong Dong Dong~ Stop. ~Dong Dong Dong~ Stop.

"3 bells? That's the call for an emergency assembly of the warriors and hunters!" Akhushtal realized.

Rushing towards the arena, Akhushtal joined the horde of warriors and hunters heading in the same direction. Once 75% of the fighting fit within the Futafelli village were inside the arena Coatlicue came out looking disheveled.

"Attention Futafelli warriors!" Coatlicue began, her voice traveling throughout the arena silencing the women present "We face a grave threat! I have just been informed that the Yuricosa village is mustering their forces to attack us!"

This caused a roar of outrage among the spear wielding women, which was eventually quieted down by the chief.

"I am now giving my daughter Tlazolteotl full control of our forces so that she may prove herself and bring glory to our village!" Cheers went up from the warriors. "Go forth my warriors and show them why the Futafelli village has survived for 1000 years!"

The roar was tremendous as the woman yelled excitement, anger, and a little fear. Tlazolteotl then came from behind her mother wearing the ceremonial battle headdress.

"Well what are you waiting for?" She asked "All capable women are hereby ordered to move to the scouting post on the edge of the Yuricosa territory. When we do crush them, it'll be in their homes not ours!"

With that Tlazolteotl hopped down from the raised platform and left arena followed closely by the village's army of 200 (give or take 20) futanari.

Rukia's POV

Rukia was kind of sad that Ichigo had to rush off to work, but that was life for you. Standing up she went over to the kitchen and ate some of the food lying around. After the stampede of women, which Rukia watched from the front yard, she decided to walk around.

A couple minutes after the warriors left the village, like clockwork, all the girls were released from their mother's death like grip. Rukia watched everything carefully for a half-rok as the village continued its daily routine. The vendors always tried to entice the kids first so they could go beg their mothers. The mothers continued to work diligently in large group fields as well as some in their own personal fields. All the while children of all ages ran wild and free around the village.

Once again getting the burning in her loins, Rukia set out to find someone to fuck her, but first she needed some new clothes. Going back into Akhushtal's hut Rukia shed her ruined shirt and dirty pants for a long blue dress that Akhushtal would wear on formal occasions. Since the dress was a little tight on her assets, Rukia cut a vertical slit from the collar of the dress to half-way down her tits and left the hut. Sticking to the outskirts of the village Rukia circled around until she came upon an alleyway that the girls hid in when they played hide and seek.

Sitting on the sidelines was a girl, about 16 (Nungui), watching the other children play.

"Looks like you could use some company." Rukia said walking up behind the girl.

The girl jumped and whirled around so fast she nearly broke her neck. Backing up she tripped over a rock and fell on her butt. After convincing the girl she wasn't going to hurt her through a series of hand gestures and a warm smile, the girl sat back down on her tree stump next to the outsider.

"I'm pretty sure you can't understand me, but there is something I need to talk about." the girl said.

While Rukia didn't understand anything she was saying, she did understand the tone and immediately recognized it as a "girl" problem.

"There is this girl I like, but I want to become a warrior so I can't say I like her as our tradition states." She began "But I'm afraid if I don't tell her I like her someone not interested in becoming a warrior will. What should I do?"

As Rukia listened to the girl explain her life threatening crisis she slowly crept her hand around the girl drawing her in closer until they were side by side. When the girl finally finish she looked up at the busty woman for at least a look of understanding and was surprised when she found a lot of it.

"I don't know what you said and all I got out that was that your name is probably Nungui." Nungui nodded "What I suggest is that you follow your heart and screw what anybody else thinks. However you won't be able to faces who you're talking about with a hard on now will you?"

Halfway through the last sentence Rukia casually placed her left hand of the tent Nungui was creating staring at Rukia's breasts causing the girl to moan. Sliding off her tree stump, Rukia got on her knees in front of the girl and lifted up her skirt revealing a throbbing 5 inch cock. Tsk-ing Rukia set to work alleviating Nungui's hardness.

Rukia didn't have to work long as Nungui came rather quickly in Rukia's mouth. Swallowing Rukia smiled at the girl and ushered out the alley way and into the heart of a vigorous game of hide n' seek. Smiling Rukia watched from the shadows as Nungui approached a taller girl and after a moment of stuttering, smiled at the girl's response. Withdrawing behind the house Rukia circled around to a small garden where a mother (Mayahuel) was hard at work harvesting her crops and throwing them into a basket. She had long, black, slightly wild hair that reached her lower back. Another important feature was the fact that she lacked the lower part of her left arm.

Not wanting to get her dress dirty Rukia took it off and hung it up on the mother's clothesline. At the same time she picked a large cloth to wrap around her breasts and a skirt to wear. Wordlessly she stepped over the fence and began helping the mother with her work. The woman definitely noticed the outsider helping her, but didn't say anything. As they finished up the woman gestured for Rukia to come inside and Rukia obliged.

The hut wasn't small nor was it extremely big. It had a kitchen and two rooms and nice spaced windows. Reaching what looked to be a sink the woman reached up and tugged on a fray rope dropping water into the sink from a tube on the roof. Once the sink was filled both women got to work washing the vegetables.

Now Rukia was no psychiatrist, but she could tell when a person was stressed and by the way she man handled those fruits, this woman was stressed. Rukia's guess was the sudden leaving of most of the warriors to battle. Once they were done washing Rukia took the woman by the hand and led her over into one of the rooms and directed for her to lay flat on her stomach on the bed.

Once that was done Rukia unfastened the woman's cloth that held up her C cups and let it float to the floor. After Ichigo started getting pains in his back Rukia would massage his back every night and Ichigo claimed that Rukia had the touch of an angel. Rukia once again worked her magic here, her hands lightly dancing across the woman's back releasing knots and soothing the skin.

After taking off the woman's skirt Rukia flipped her over onto her back. The woman made an attempt to cover her breasts and her raging boner at the same time and fail miserably. Reaching around, Rukia untied her own bra and let her large assets out. Prying the woman's hand off her cock, Rukia replaced them with her tits. Now the woman's staff was only 6 inches so Rukia enveloped them completely and had no room to move up and down for the tit-job she was planning.

Switching up her style Rukia stood up and straddled the woman, while massaging her breasts. Determined to get some relief today, Rukia sat up slightly and spread her lips for the woman to see. Seeing the woman try and fail to spear Rukia with her cock by thrusting upwards at Rukia's hole, Rukia sighed. Placing both hands on the woman's chest Rukia slowly lowered herself down ever so slowly until she was at the hilt of the cock.

From there Rukia began to gyrate in a clockwise motion, causing the woman to moan loudly. Mayahuel's cock was greatly different from the two other she had recently had inside her. The ex-warrior's cock was constantly twitching and throbbing within her. It was as if her cock was a vibrator as well as it sent steady shiver of ecstasy up Rukia's spine.

Grabbing Rukia's ass the mother started jack hammering in and out of Rukia at an alarming rate, creating slapping sounds with each thrust. Rukia was enjoying this with a passion, the mother's cock was great (although not as thick as she would like) and she was hitting all her spots. Matching the mother's thrusts Rukia leaned in for a passionate kiss. Suddenly a loud yell came from right outside the bedroom door and the door opened. Out tumbled a 16 year old girl clutching her penis and kneeling in a small puddle of her own cum.

The girl was extremely muscular with short spiky hair (Teteoinnan). Apparently the mother's daughter returned to find the scene before her. Instead of leaving she cracked the door and masturbated to the whole thing, but when she climaxed she fell forward knocking open the door and creating an awkward moment. After a few seconds of this Rukia gestured for the girl to join them and the mother finally spoke.

"Indeed why don't you join us honey." She asked.

"What really?!" The daughter replied startled.

"If you don't come and take this woman right now you're forbidden to go outside for the next week!" The mother sighed.

Still clutching her cock she shuffled over to the foot of the bed and the mother resumed her thrusting. The only hole the daughter saw was Rukia's anus, so that's where she unknowingly entered. Needless to say Rukia screamed so loud from the instant climax that some kids outside stopped playing. Slowly coming down from her shuddering orgasm, Rukia collapsed on top of the mother who was still thrusting into this unbelievably tight hole.

If anyone was being pleasured right now it the daughter however. Rukia's ass squeezed her like a Russian bear bringing her to an orgasm twice already. Finally after her third orgasm the daughter had enough lube to pull out and back off the bed in exhaustion, letting her overflow spill out Rukia's ass. The mother didn't have nearly as much stamina as her daughter so was only able to come once, but her climax was far powerful than her daughter's.

Increasing her tempo then suddenly going balls deep into the outsider, the mother unloaded her seed deep inside Rukia. As a matter of fact she came so much that despite clogging the only exit, the cum still managed to leak out the sides of her cock.

Ever so slowly Rukia lifted herself off the cock with a little *pop*. The mother had evidently poured about 10 oz. worth of cum into Rukia as it leaked out and ran down Rukia's leg. Being the only woman awake in the room Rukia took a shower and simply left. Switching out the cloths for the dress once more Rukia walked backed to Akhushtal's hut and collapsed on the bed and into a dreamless sleep.


The first day of the war between the two villages there were already casualties. The only entrance to the Yuricosa territory was a narrow pass with high hills on both sides and as they tried to quickly pass the Yuricosa caused an avalanche of boulders blocking their entrance and killing the lead squad. So now the army sat on the opposite end of a field, the Yuricosa held the other side which contained the pass, fighting a war of attrition.

Akhushtal and her 2 squad mates were tasked with finding a way into Yuricosa territory without going through the pass. To do that they needed to cross the open field, but if they did that in the day time they would easily be spotted. So was in the dead of night as Akhushtal, Axomama, and Ixtab crept into the tree line that acted as the border for the Yuricosa's camp.

They remained stock still as a patrol passed inches from their faces. They each were naked covered in mud and leaves. They only had spears because Akhushtal decided if they got caught and needed to fight they needed to be running not fighting. Once she was certain the patrol had passed Akhushtal gave the signal and the group moved to skirt around Yuricosa's main camp fire.

The Yuricosa women were celebrating their so called victory with lots of drinking and partying much to Akhushtal's happiness. Finally passing the camp Akhushtal allowed her squad to catch their breath.

"How do we even know if there is an alternate entrance?" Axomama questioned doing her best to silence her breathing.

"How else did they get this army out of their territory?" Akhushtal asked.

Nodding in the logic of the statement they moved forward once again, their destination the natural rock wall along the right side of the pass where a warrior said she saw movement. After a rok of searching Akhushtal heard movement and signal the squad to drop to the ground. To the shock of their eyes a circular section of the wall rolled out the way revealing a cave entrance. Akhushtal was unsure how the Yuricosa manage this, but she knew her mission included making sure that cave exited into Yuricosa territory.

As the squad prepared to move a Yuricosa warrior came out the cave. Now the Yuricosa villager's average penis size was smaller than one of the Futafelli's, but every so often there we'll be a woman born with an exceptionally large or long dick.

This was one of those warriors. She stood at a measly 6 even on the best of days. While must from the Futanari villages were broad and muscular, she was thin and lighter than most, obviously the daughter of an outsider. Her hair was tied into two different long braids that were ornately crafted, most likely by a team of servants. Her cock was a magnificent 11 inches in length and too thick for the average woman with veins running up and down the length.

After standing there for a couple minutes she loosed a sigh and Akhushtal could hear the sound the warm liquid hitting the rainforest ground. Pointing to Ixtab, Akhushtal pointed toward the cave then she pointed to herself and Axomama then the warrior. Nodding Ixtab slowly got up and crept into the cave. Following Akhushtal's lead Axomama stood up as well shaking with excitement.

Akhushtal lightly stepped toward the woman, careful not to step on a branch or bush was Axomama flanked around to the woman's right. Stopping a few feet from Akhushtal stood at her full height which brought her eyes to about neck level with the 22 year old woman. Hearing the bird call Axomama used Akhushtal unsheathed her twin blades. The knives were a 6 inches in length and had hilts of hardened wood. Akhushtal had wrapped some vines around the hilt to increase her grip.

With one swift movement Akhushtal reached around and place her right blade around the base of the woman's cock as her left blade reached around her neck. The woman froze up as the last bit of her piss petered out. Emerging from the shadows Axomama tied up the woman and shoved a rock wrap in vines that allowed her to wrap around the warriors head (basically a gag).

"Try to escape and you die, nod if you understand." Akhushtal commanded.

She received small nod from the woman.

"Axomama go see if Ixtab needs help, and secure the cave. I'll be there in a minute." Akhushtal said.

After Axomama left Akhushtal grabbed the warrior by her shoulders and walked her into the forest and sat her down against a tree. Removing the rock gag Akhushtal narrowly dodged a well aim spit at her.

"That wasn't very nice now was it?" Akhushtal said "Let's cut to the chase, you're going to tell me how many warriors are in your army, how many are in the cave and whether those tunnels leads to your village."

"Like hell I will." The warrior growled.

"I believe you'll see things my way….in time, now what is your name?" Akhushtal asked.

"I am Mudu, warrior of the Yuricosa tribe, and seasoned fighter." She said proudly, but Akhushtal felt like there was something else about her that she wasn't mentioning.

"Bullshit." Akhushtal said simply "The Yuricosa tribe has seen a real battle in ages, you know why? Because in order to get to your village you have to go through our village and out village has never fallen."

Mudu refused to return Akhushtal's gaze knowing she been revealed as a mere novice.

"Now we can do this nice and easy, or the hard way." Akhushtal said and didn't receive an answer "Very well then."

Setting her stuff down the getting on her knees Akhushtal grabbed the warrior's cock causing her to jump.

"How many warriors are in your army?" Akhushtal asked…no answer.

So Akhushtal lightly ran her hand along the length of the long and thick cock causing it rise. Once the cock was fully erect Akhushtal took one of her knives and held it against the woman's balls.

"Please don't!" She pleaded "There are 120 in our army here and 40 more defending the village.

"That's a good girl" Akhushtal said dropping her knife.

To Mudu's shock Akhushtal placed her mouth around her the head of her cock and began sucking. Mudu tried to stay away from pleasure such as this and focus on her training, but she hadn't known it would feel this good! As Akhushtal pulled her head back Mudu bucked her hips in a futile attempt to keep her cock engulfed.

"You want to put your cock in my mouth?" Akhushtal asked running her tongue along Mudu's length sending shivers up the captured woman's spine "Tell me how many warriors are in the cave."

"AHHH! Just 2!" Mudu yelled cumming on the rainforest floor.

After leaving the throes of her first orgasm brought on by another woman, Mudu's eyes went wide once she realized what she'd done.

"You're such a good girl." Akhushtal purred "Now one last question, do the caves lead into your village's territory?"

Mudu said nothing and just stared into the forest's canopy. Sighing Akhushtal began the blowjob once more causing the woman to squirm underneath her. Akhushtal's mouth felt so good on her engorged cock that Mudu would have easily gave up the answer if she didn't bite her lip to remain quiet.

Noticing that Mudu was purposefully being stubborn Akhushtal stepped up her game and took half of the captured woman's cock in one go. The rushing feeling of warmth was too much for Mudu; at least that much was apparent as she screamed her orgasm. Violently bucking her hips Mudu unload her load straight down Akhushtal's throat.

Sputtering Akhushtal pulled back for air only to receive a face full of cum. Swallowing Akhushtal smiled at the fruity taste of the semen.

"So do the caves lead into your territory?" Akhushtal asked softly of the exhausted and dazed woman.

Mudu could shake her head yes in affirmation. Smiling Akhushtal stood up while wiping the remaining cum off her face.

"Since you've been such a good traitor I'll let you live." Akhushtal said as she left the bound woman to her fate.

Walking into the cave, Akhushtal didn't have to search long before she found Ixtab pounding Axomama's ass. After barking a half hearted chastisement (because Akhushtal enjoyed interrogating the woman so much) Akhushtal asked her squad if they found an exit yet. Nodding Axomama directed Akhushtal to a large opening at the far end of the cave, large enough to move an army through if necessary.

Deeming they had enough information Akhushtal ordered a fall back to camp. Navigating the caves Akhushtal hit the switch that rolled the boulder back into place before diving out. Passing the woman as they Akhushtal watched as she struggled to free herself on a sharp rock. Ordering Axomama and Ixtab on, Akhushtal walked towards the woman without really knowing why. Looking up the captive was staring directly up at a limp dick, going up further she would be confused by a face full of pity, worry, hate, lust, and distress.

Taking the woman by the chin Akhushtal tilted her head up and pushed her mouth against the elder woman. Surprisingly enough she returned the passionate kiss with equal vigor and for the next 20 seconds they were mouth to mouth. Pulling back for air both women gasped for the precious oxygen. However before anyone could say anything Akhushtal took off after her squad, leaving a confused Yuricosa warrior with an erection.

Akhushtal cursed herself as she stealthily crept pass the still ongoing celebration. She had no idea what came over her when she kissed that woman it was just that the naked body of that woman laying for her to take was too much for her. Cursing herself once more Akhushtal disappeared into the dark.


Elsewhere in the darkness of night, miles away a figure crept along the ground. The shadowy being had been tracking his prey for a while, but now was the time to strike. Lashing out with a crude stone knife the figure stabbed deep into the neck off the boar.

Standing up the tall figure turned toward the noise in the distance. Deciding that was as a good a place as any the being picked up its kill and took off into the dark.



Waking up to the knocking on her door Rukia stretched her arms as she rolled out of bed. Stomach growling she walked into the hut's kitchen to see what Akhushtal had. Fixing something akin to porridge and grabbing a banana Rukia sat down outside as the warm rays of light flowed around her. After using the bathroom, Rukia got into the tub.

(For the sake of the story I'll translate what they're saying.)

"Go ahead go on and knock." Allpa encouraged the other girl.

"What if she was just making it up?" Cocha asked anxiously

"She wouldn't lie about something like this." Allpa said casually strolling up to the front door.

While in the tub Rukia heard the knock on the door and rose out of the tub. Not bothering to put on any clothes Rukia simply walked across the wooden floor and opened the door to a pair 16 or 17 year olds. Needless to say their mouth dropped open once they saw the busty white woman, dripping water, open the door naked.

"Ahhh visitors" Rukia smiled "Come on in." She gestured.

Nervously they stepped inside the hut and had the door closed behind them. Walking around Rukia opened the windows she had found that were at a reachable height. Turning towards the 2 standing teenagers Rukia smiled and asked:

"So what brings you here today?"

This was the part Allpa didn't plan for, the language barrier. To top it off the naked beautiful woman in front of her did nothing for her 6 inches of hardness and the same went for Cocha's 10 inches. Looking down Rukia started laughing leaving the Amazonians severely confused.

"Oh you want to have sex? Why didn't you just say so?" Rukia said regaining her breath.

Walking over to the bed Rukia sat down and made a 'come hither' motion. Allpa wasn't a virgin as she got taken by a guard one night on a celebration, but Cocha was and didn't really know what to do. Grabbing Cocha by the arm Allpa dragged her over to Rukia and pulled down her cloth for her before doing her own.

Rukia let out a small gasp when she saw thick one girl was and a little sigh of disappointment at the other girl's cock. Taking Allpa's cock in her left hand and Cocha's cock in her right, Rukia moved to put her mouth around Cocha's cock, but instead received a face full of cum. Not use to such sensations Cocha moaned loudly as Rukia's hand took hold of her cock and climaxed prematurely. Wiping the rather small load of semen off her face Rukia smiled as she tasted it with her fingertip.

"Pineapple." She said with a strange air of straightforwardness.

"Me next!" Allpa said excitedly thrusting her cock towards Rukia's face.

Releasing Cocha's cock Rukia turned fully towards Allpa. Placing the cock against her lips Rukia looked up at Allpa who kept trying to shove her cock down Rukia's throat. Smiling Rukia kept it at bay and stood up even though she barely came eye to eye with the tall girl. Reaching around Rukia untied the cloth that held Allpa's B cups. Taking a nipple in her mouth Allpa moaned at this new sense of pleasure.

Sitting Allpa down on the bed while maintain lip to nipple contact wasn't easy, but Rukia got it done. Now Rukia wasn't going with the flow here, she had a plan that she was trying to accomplish. A regular person wouldn't be able to see the signs, but Rukia was well trained in this kind of thing. Mending relationships. From the air between them to the tone of their words to each other, Rukia could tell pass the language barrier that this friendship was stressed to the point of snapping.

Pulling back from Allpa's nipple, much to the girl's angry moans, Rukia returned to her knees and eclipsed Allpa's cock within her tits. From there all she had to do was lick Allpa's ultra-sensitive head to bring about her orgasm. You couldn't see Allpa's cock pass the tits, but you could see the cum bubble out the top and run down either side of Rukia's mammoth breasts.

Perfect, now everything was in place. The small staffed girl was dazed from her recent orgasm; the well endowed girl was leaking pre-cum like a waterfall behind her, and now all Rukia needed to do was give Cocha a nudge in the right direction. Circling around the girl Rukia pushed her forward then walked over to Allpa and opened her legs into a V shape given Cocha a perfect view of Allpa's pink lips.

Now Cocha and Allpa had been friends for as long as they could remember, but Allpa had always teased Cocha of the size of her dick out of jealousy. With that in mind Cocha felt reasonably justified as she started nudging against Allpa's pussy with her cock.

"Wait what are you doing?" Allpa gasped still exhausted.

"Getting me some well deserved payback." Cocha said getting the tip of her cock inside.

"Ohhh it's so thick!" Allpa said as she tried to squirm away.

"I know you reminded me plenty of times like when we're hanging out with friends, when we're using restroom, or when I stay over at your house!" With definition Cocha roughly squeezed Allpa's nipples.

"No stop it's too big, it won't fit!" Allpa yelled as Cocha went deeper, stretching Allpa out as she went.

Sitting over on a stool of sorts, Rukia was pumping a sex toy Akhushtal had in and out with vengeance and licking the cum from between her tits. With a primal roar Cocha went balls deep into Allpa who came and caused Cocha unleash her load almost directly on top of Allpa's womb. The whole scene thing caused Rukia to orgasm herself with violent force and for the next few seconds the house was filled with screams and curses of both languages.

Barely down from her first orgasm; Cocha grabbed both ends of the bed as anchors and began thrusting again.

"Don't think you're out the woods yet, you're done when I say you're done." Cocha said barely out of breath.

Smiling at the girl's stamina Rukia put on some clothes and left the girls to it.


"Ugh" Akhushtal grunted as she furiously jacked off.

It was the morning and Axomama had come into their shared tent screaming her head off about the Yuricosa's retreat before going to get breakfast. So why did the Yuricosa warriors retreat? Had they found that woman Akhushtal left alive realized the secret was exposed? That woman…those beautiful lips, those long legs, and that long, strong cock.

Just thinking about her caused Akhushtal to cum underneath her covers. Unfortunately her cock was still hard, knowing that masturbation wouldn't help she called Axomama back into the tent. By Akhushtal's look Axomama knew what her commander wanted. Laying flat on covered ground, Axomama open her legs into a 'V' and lifted her balls out of the way so Akhushtal had a straight shot.

There were no words said just grunting and a faint moaning between a commander and her subordinate.

"They plan to move forward through the tunnels soon." Axomama said.

"All the better, I want to get home." Akhushtal sighed.


Walking throughout the village with no clear destination in mind, Rukia took in the sights of this primitive yet fascinating society. She watched how the wives conversed, how the children played games with rules they obviously made up on the go, and how the teenagers divided themselves into cliques.

Apparently when you turned 16 you decided your profession to either be a warrior, a hunter, a farm wife, a traveling merchant, or a council member. Walking into the center of town Rukia could see there were guilds for each (by looking at the signs ex: the warrior guild had a shield and spear while the merchant guild had fish and fruit) profession except council member because people who want to be council members have to be mentored by a person on the council which is in the Village Hall.

Apparently everyone knew her as Akhushtal's woman as they left her alone. Taking this to her advantage Rukia took time to inspect the quality of some of the fruit from the merchant's guild. Walking along side the Warrior's Guild, Rukia rounded the corner into the fenced back and found the Futafelli's apparent boot camp.

Around 50 teenagers were training and sparring in various ways. Tough looking warriors barked orders as only D.I.s knew how to do, shouting from their diaphragm. Rukia couldn't understand what they were saying, but she assumed it wasn't nice. Having nothing better to do Rukia scaled the rock formation that overlooked the training grounds sat down and watched the girls.

They weren't allowed to wear clothing as it restricted their movements and erections were hit with a stick until they went down. They also didn't go home; instead they went into their shared barracks in the caves underneath the rock formation Rukia lounged on. Suddenly a shrill whistle pierced the air signaling for a break and everyone dropped what they were doing instantaneously (except for the DIs as they continued to yell at the girls who dropped their things).

Hopping down Rukia began walking back toward the town center when a window swung open almost hitting her. Looking inside Rukia could tell it was obviously (10,000 word mark!) a group shower. The girls paired up to wash each other's back while warm water cascaded down onto their backs. Like any group shower however there always was a Queen bitch who made everyone else's lives hell.

That same strolled in along with her 3 cronies and ordered everyone else out. She was tall, even for most Amazonian and had her hair silky smooth from the attention it received each day. Also she was ripped beyond belief with a six pack, however her C cups rather small on her frame. Obediently everyone else left the shower, but she stopped one girl with an outstretched hand and a smile on her face. The girl was fairly slim and flat chested, probably more suited to be a hunter than a warrior, but she had managed to get in by giving her body to an influential council member.

"Whoa whoa whoa where are you going there Quilla?" Pacha asked.

"You said everyone out." Quilla mumbled.

"Not you newbie I want to talk with you." She said in more of statement voice than a questioning one.

Manhandling Quilla, Pacha led her over the far most shower head. Turning the water on Pacha's thugs stood off to either side as their boss undressed. Rukia was impressed by the heat the aggressor was packing, not because of the length but because of the decent width.

Pushing the now struggling Quilla up against the wall, Rukia could hear the slapping sounds as she worked herself to a full erection.

"Don't think we're singling you out newbie." Pacha grunted "This is something everyone goes through and you'll go through multiple times if you don't pull your share in training."

"Please stop!" Quilla pleaded, but her cries fell on deaf ears.

Reaching maximum hardness Pacha bent the smaller girl over and placed her head at Quilla's lower entrance. Trying to rip away she only succeeded in falling onto the wet floor her ass in the air. Not wasting any time Pacha rammed her 7 inch cock in and Quilla opened her mouth to scream, but one of Ryo's goons was ready and put her dick in the thin girl's mouth.

"Oh fuck she's tight." Pacha moaned putting all her strength into each thrust, her large balls making lewd sounds as they slapped against the unwilling flesh.

Quilla squirmed as she tried to break free, but to no avail. She was simply too small to do anything against the elder warriors in training. The last trainee stood off to the side and jerked her own cock as she wasn't into anal. This continued for the next ten minutes or so until the first one climaxed.

Sputtering Quilla managed to spit out the cock and received a face full of cum. Grabbing both of Quilla's shoulders Pacha pulled her victim into the sitting position. Slowly she put one foot up, then the other. Soon Quilla was hanging off the floor completely her feet dangling almost a full six inches above the ground. You could see the outline of Pacha's cock through Quilla's stomach it was so big.

"Why don't you get in on this?" Pacha asked as she spread Quilla's legs into a V shape.

"You know I don't do anal Pacha." She said still jerking her 7 inches.

"Who said anything about anal? There's still some room in her pussy." Pacha smiled sadistically.

"NO you can't!" Quilla yelled flinging her elbow back and hitting Pacha's tit.

"Keep on fighting; it's no fun when they go limp." Pacha whispered into Quilla's ear.

Approaching the two the teenager got a brilliant shot of Quilla's Haven and her boss's cock balls deep inside. Placing her head against Quilla's entrance she tried to push in but there simply was not room and all she achieved was making Quilla cry out in unwilling pleasure.

"Here let me try this." Pacha said as if they were trying different ways to get the last bit of toothpaste out the tube.

Pulling until only the red head of her cock was inside Quilla, Pacha nodded to her subordinate. Once again placing her cock against Quilla's entrance she pushed pass Quilla's screaming, pleading, and crying until she managed the tremendous act of getting the head of her cock in.

Tears freely rolled down Quilla's face, but they were counteracted by the way her tongue lolled out her eyes were about to roll into the back of her due to over stimulation. You could practically hear the skin stretch as it accommodated 4x what it was suppose to.

"Start thrusting." Pacha ordered.

Following the command the trainee started going in and out of Quilla which brought out the victim's orgasm. Quilla's cock shook as it released directly onto the other girl's tits. Timing herself Pacha started thrusting alternately to her lackey so there was always a cock inside of Quilla. After a few minutes of this Pacha felt the tell-tale signs of an orgasm as her balls tightened.

"All the way in!" She yelled and her thugs complied as she orgasmed as well.

With their cocks all the way in Quilla's pussy stretched to its limit and Pacha was pretty sure one of her pelvic muscles had been dislocated. Climaxing directly into Quilla's womb they soon filled that space completely and pulled out. Cum poured out as Pacha dropped Quilla onto the ground, her cock covered in her own cum.

"Come on let's go" Pacha said and the trio stalked out the showers leaving a cum covered Quilla to try and pull herself together.

For years to come she her pussy would be stretched to all but the most mammoth of cocks. She wouldn't have the confidence to ever get a mate; that is until she did the exact same thing a week before she graduated from boot to another villager.

Now Rukia wouldn't lie to herself, that whole scene was horrible and tickled something in the back of her subconscious, something she should remember, but didn't really want to. Brushing the thought aside she collapsed on the spot having orgasmed 3 separate times. Struggling to get feel back into her legs, she stood up and promptly collapsed out of sexual exhaustion. Crawling into the bushes she laid her head back on the soft ground and promptly fell asleep.


To the extent of Akhushtal's knowledge the Futafelli's surround of the Yuri tribe's village was the fastest siege ever. The Yuri village was a large circle, half inside the mountain its back was to and the other half facing an open plain. The Futafelli warriors set up camp just outside the enemy archer's range and were fully prepared to starve them out.

By some idiot's prediction the Yuri warriors were suppose to have pushed back the Futafelli army all the way into their territory. As such it would easier to reinforce their army if all the food was ready to be sent immediately. So they built small granary huts to hold the food and placed the huts out in the field in front of their village so they wouldn't have to carrying them through the village.

Due to that the Yuris only had enough food for the next 2 days and in order to get more they would have to get the supplies out of one of the multiple granary huts that dotted the field. If they did that however; multiple Futafelli archers would have them pegged from the beginning and same vice-versa.

Setting up for the eventual Yuri attack, the Futafelli warriors built spike pits and dug trenches. To funnel the enemy forces onto these obstacles they placed 2 minefields using the same barbed plant that nearly killed Rukia. Tlazolteotl intended for the menial labor to keep them all busy, but to her shock they were on track to finish it on the first day.

Hunters weren't considered at physically fit or as tough as warriors so they were excluded from the menial work. Akhushtal was just fine with this however, sitting up on a tree branch and looking up at the jungle canopy. The day was particularly hot so she went without any clothes, just her twin knives for company.

The silence surrounding her was bliss and it allowed her to clear her thoughts, especially from about that Yuri warrior. Shaking her head Akhushtal stopped herself before she allowed her sex driven mind to roam any further. Slipping down from the low branch Akhushtal landed feet first into the lagoon she and her team had found. Wallowing around for a bit in the emerald water Akhushtal found herself thinking about her mother.

No not her Warrior mother, her outsider mother. How it must have been being pregnant in such a foreign land with such strange people. Akhushtal's thoughts eventually floated to Rukia who was probably sitting in the hut awaiting her return.


The shadowy figure stood at the edge of the tree line eclipsed by the tower trees in shade. The figure had just escaped a puma by being carried by the rapids downstream a bit, but now it was even further from its objective! Biting down on its trusty stone knife it set off up river with a dislocated shoulder which it popped right back into place with a grunt.


Opening her eyes Rukia was surprised to see that it was dusk already. Sitting up Rukia forced her way out of the bushes and into the crowded street. People were on their way home as the day winded down, but honestly Rukia couldn't remember which way was Akhushtal's hut. In this area she didn't know Rukia did the most responsible thing and headed toward the only building she recognized.

The Shaman's Hut.

Rukia stretched her arms as she opened the door without knocking. Inside Jane was sitting on a stool reading a book with her back to the door. Doing her best to become weightless Rukia crept up behind Jane to see what she was doing. To Rukia's quaint surprise Jane was reading Amateur Lesbian Sex and tweaking her own nipple.

"You look like you could use a hand." Rukia said at a normal voice, directly into Jane's ear causing the woman to jump and drop her magazine.

Jumping up had caused Jane to knock over her large collection of lesbian comics, playboys, and sex toys. Rukia herself was clutching her stomach laughing at the younger woman's embarrassment.

"I-uh this isn't what it looks like?" Jane said right before she slipped on a dildo.

"You seem to be fairly interested in the female body, so you're into that kinda stuff?" Rukia asked thumbing through a magazine.

"Yeah." Jane said standing up and trying to regain her composure "Before I started training to be a doctor I was a nun at a church because I had been left on the doorstep."

"So you never had girl on girl sex?" Rukia asked hopping up on the table.

"Well I did watch this video that the head nun had confiscated." Jane said picking up her magazines.

"What was it about?" Rukia asked picking up the sex toys.

"It was about the amateur 18 year old lesbian and this MILF who show her the pleasure of the opposite sex." Jane explained.

"Well we can do that right here can't we?" Rukia asked standing up.

"What do you mean?" Jane replied puzzled.

Sighing explosively Rukia grabbed Jane's hand and placed it on her lower calf.

"You know good and well what I mean." Rukia purred.

Jane opened and closed her mouth like a fish out of water before Rukia finally maneuvered her around and placed her on the examination table.

"I'm not so sure about this." Jane said as Rukia pulled off her lab coat and threw it aside.

"What did you say?" Rukia said being tall enough to look directly into Jane's eyes.

"I said I'm-" Jane was cut off as Rukia kissed her full force.

That broke down the barrier as their hands traveled up each other's body frantic to explore the unknown. Rukia's hands settled on Jane's ass while Jane squeezed Rukia's globes through her dress. Placing one hand on Jane's chest Rukia pushed her flat on the table.

"I'm about to rock your world." Rukia purred into the younger woman's ear causing her to shiver.

With the lab coat out the way, Rukia pulled down Jane's shorts to find her pink lips. Jane's squirmed a bit as Rukia got down on her knees and placed her head in between Jane's legs. With confident thrusts Rukia began to eat Jane out. The squirming had turned into bucking as Jane tried to get Rukia further inside her. After a few minutes Jane sat up and grabbed the back of Rukia's head as she orgasmed.

Lapping of Jane's juices Rukia smiled at the berry smell and stood up to shed the rest of her clothes as Jane did the same. Since she finished first Rukia went the array of sex toys Jane had apparently brought with her. Smiling she retrieved what use to a dildo but after adding some leather straps to it, Jane made it a strap-on.

Pulling on the abnormally wide 9 inch sex toy, Rukia rounded on Jane the strap-on swinging wildly. Whoever made the strap-on put a lot of effort into it as it looked almost exactly like a big black dick, equipped with testicles and veins. Jane had just finished removing her clothing when Rukia pounced on her. Not being gentle in the least Rukia bent Jane over the table and roughly shoved two fingers into her dripping snatch.

Jane moaned as Rukia expertly twirled her fingers and let out a frustrated grunt when Rukia stopped. Grabbing both of Jane's giant globes for support Rukia nudged the strap-on at Jane's entrance. This was teasing in the worst way as Jane tried to slide back onto the strap-on, but Rukia kept her where she was and continued to tease her lower lips.

"Stop fucking around." Jane moaned after half a minute of the teasing.

"I don't know, you don't seem like you want it." Rukia said stopping "I want to hear you beg."

"What? You can't be serious!" Jane said trying to look at Rukia over her shoulder.

"If you won't, you can always go back to masturbating by yourself." Rukia smiled.

Jane was silent for a good long minute before saying "Please stick it in."

"Stick what in?"

"The strap-on."

"What about it?"

"I want you to stick the strap-on inside me"

"Where do you want me to put it in at?"

"You're not going to make this easy are you?"

"Not until you use the dirtiest words you know."

They sat there for another good 2 minutes with Rukia gently caressing Jane's lips.

"Please put that huge cock inside me! Fuck me like an animal and stir up my pussy!" Jane finally cried.

"About goddamn time!" Rukia said as she shoved all 9 inches in.

With a firm grip on the younger woman's hips Rukia was slamming away, each thrust made a satisfying smacking sound against the Brazilian's bubble butt. Jane's breasts were rolling back and forth in time with the thrusts and Jane couldn't close her mouth for the moans and curses of encouragement that constantly came forth.

After a few minutes Jane was screaming her orgasm and shuddering like a volcano about to erupt. Coming to a halt Rukia pulled out the liquid covered strap-on and discarded it.

"Did you have fun?" Rukia asked.

Jane was so dazed she could only force a nod.

"Good, because I have one more thing I want to show you." Rukia said helping Jane lie flat on the floor "It's called tribbing and I think you'll like it."

Slowly lowering herself to the floor as well, Rukia opened the woman's legs to gain access. Pressing her lips against Jane's Rukia stood up and brought Jane's legs with her. Now Jane was wondering what Rukia planned to do as she lay flat on her back with her legs in the air. Her answer came sooner than she expected as Rukia began grinding back and forth on her pussy.

The sensation was incredible and soon Jane was doing her best to grind back on Rukia. They had long since stopped talking and now the smell of their activities permeated the air along with their grunts and moans of encouragement. It didn't take long before they began to feel he tell-tale signs of a powerful orgasm. Increasing speed they both yelled at the top of their voice as they climaxed.

Shuddering to a stop Rukia let out a content sigh and struggled to her feet. Jane was passed out from the exertion so Rukia laid her on one of the table and draped a cover over as she would her….As she would her what? There was something that finished that sentenced perfectly, but Rukia couldn't remember. As she walked home she strained her mind, to the degree that it began to hurt, looking for the answer.

She knew it was somewhere in her mind locked away, but the question is why she couldn't get to it. Entering Akhushtal's hut Rukia immediately slipped and fell on semen. To her shock most of the surface area of the house was covered in cum. From the table to the floor to the wall and don't get me started on the bed. Standing up Rukia looked around until she saw a trail of cum leading out back. Following it cautiously Rukia opened the door to the back yard to find the same 2 teenagers from earlier today passed out in the grass.

Cocha was balls deep in Allpa's ass just as she was when Rukia had left. All her attempts to rouse them were useless so through great strength Rukia dragged them all the way down the hill and back to the village where she left their entangled bodies laying on the road. Still trying to remember Rukia was getting headaches as her brain tried to stop her.

The headaches got so bad that she had to stop cleaning. Lying down on the newly changed bed Rukia fell into a fitful sleep full of people with no faces or names.


Darkness had fallen and a scouting party had confirmed that the Yuri tribe would be coming out to meet them in combat. Akhushtal wanted nothing more than to be in the middle of the fighting, but as a hunter she wasn't allowed to unless she did a lot of did sucking. The thing is it isn't the amount of dick you suck by whose and Akhushtal knew just who needed to be bribed.

Sighing Tlazolteotl returned from the command tent the heavy ass headdress in her arms. She returned the smiles to her troops to keep up morale, but secretly she was scared. She had never held so many lives in her hands and she knew that everyone wouldn't be coming home. Sighing she dismissed her tent guards and cut them off as they tried to say something. Weighing the tent flaps down with rocks Tlazolteotl turned around to find a scantily clad Akhushtal in her bed covered in flowers.

"What the hell are you doing!?" hissed the Warrior Chief

"I just wanted to comfort my commander before the battle." Akhushtal said and snorted inside her mind.

Striding across the ground Tlazolteotl reached and grabbed Akhushtal by the arm to pull her out. Twisting her hand Akhushtal grabbed Tlazolteotl's hand and pulled her on top of her.

"Oh don't be too rough with me." Akhushtal giggled.

"Nonsense!" Tlazolteotl yelled trying to use Akhushtal's tits to push herself up, but Akhushtal's legs were wrapped around her.

What Akhushtal knew was that Tlazolteotl didn't have a lot of sexual experience because her mother refused to let her sully herself with prisoners or other villagers. She was supposed to me married to the daughter of the Chief of the Yuri village. Not being able to have sex Tlazolteotl had to jerk off in her room while a prisoner or a villager stripped for her.

Grabbing the back of Tlazolteotl head Akhushtal brought it down and kissed Tlazolteotl full on the lips. This got Tlazolteotl to stop struggling and allowed Akhushtal the time to unfasten Tlazolteotl's armor. By armor I mean the heavy underwear she was wearing. This was her thickest armor because in combat the enemy tried to jab at the enemy leaders groin in hope of spearing her genitals and leaving her in pain and infertile.

Freeing the leather belt Tlazolteotl's cock sprang free from its prison. Gasping at the sudden rush of please Tlazolteotl paused to regain her breath.

"What are you waiting for? Am I not good enough for you?" Akhushtal pouted and started getting up to leave.

"Wait I- lay back down!" Tlazolteotl commanded.

Getting back into her original position, Tlazolteotl put her on her side and came up behind her. Opening Akhushtal's legs she began nudging against Akhushtal's opening. Snorting at Tlazolteotl's inexperience in the sexual arts Akhushtal impaled herself 2/3s of the way on her commander's staff. Tlazolteotl immediately began her climax much to Akhushtal's shock. The Chief climaxed prematurely! To climax prematurely is a sign that you have been possessed by the devil and often led to executions.

Tlazolteotl pushed Akhushtal away sat on the side of the bed her face in her hands.

"I want to be in battle tomorrow." Akhushtal stated her demands.

Tlazolteotl didn't reply but she did nod making Akhushtal smile. Shuffling up behind Tlazolteotl Akhushtal wrapped her arms around teenager in a hug.

"There there all you need is a little experience." Akhushtal said "And I know just who will able to help you."

Pulling Akhushtal back onto the bed Akhushtal straddled her from her legs up until their cocks were rubbing against one another. Sitting up Akhushtal dropped down on Tlazolteotl's cock again and began riding her to her climax only 8 seconds later. Sighing Akhushtal knew this was going to be a long night.


The figure could feel the tension in the breeze as he stalked forward inexorably. Its muscles rippled with each step it took and its senses stretched to the max for signs of a trap. In hadn't felt this alive in a long time and with the smell of death on the wind these were about to get a whole lot better. War was in the air!


Waking up in the morning, Rukia's desire to fuck something was all but nonexistent. Forcing herself to eat breakfast Rukia walked into Akhushtal's backyard and stared up into the canopy of trees as if expecting something to fall down into her lap. After a while Rukia sighed heavily and just lay down in the dirt trying to remember…well anything besides sex.


The ranks were drawn tighter than a virgin's ass and Akhushtal could hear the breathing on the 3 warriors surrounding her. They were just outside the effective range of the archers, a fact proven by the few bodies' right in front of them. Right on queue a Yuri warrior opened the gates for her warriors, but not just warriors exited. It seems like the Chief ordered all the mothers as well to pick of various sorts of weapons and kitchen utensils to defend their village.

Word spread through the line fast on the imminent charge and order not to harm the mothers if you didn't have to.

"Shields into position!" Tlazolteotl yelled.

As one the warriors and Akhushtal formed a wall and a roof with their shields and began advancing. Arrows came down, but they had all the gaps covered, but every now and then a stray arrow would find the smallest chink and squeeze through. Half-way across the field the orders came:


Breaking formation the army charged across the field and in between the food storage hut. The archers had a harder target, but with that many people you just have to aim at the mass and let loose. Right outside the village the people forming up dropped what they were doing and ran back inside leaving the warriors' flank exposed. Having no choice the warriors backed in the gate as it slowly closed. Everyone knew that gate would close in time however as the Futafelli warriors were only 50 yards away running full tilt.

Blood pounded through Akhushtal's veins and the world tunneled around her. All she could think about was reaching that gate, placing one foot in front of the other she managed to increase her speed. 40 yards. The Yuri village warriors stood tall, but at the moment they're crouched leaving Akhushtal able to jump over them. 30 yards. Akhushtal wondered if her mother had every stormed a village. 20 yards. Akhushtal could see the fear in their eyes now, the knowing of the fact that death was inevitable. 10 yards. Rukia was the very last thing Akhushtal thought about before she hit the shield and spear line.

Jumping Akhushtal put one foot on the closest shield and jumped clear over the shield line. Use the warrior's heads as stepping stone Akhushtal found herself at the rear of the Yuri formation. The warriors didn't have time to kill her as her comrades hit their shields at the exact same moment.

Turning away from the front lines Akhushtal was confronted by the face of war. Waste littered the streets, buildings were in disrepair because they needed materials to build fortifications, and mothers ran around scooping up children and running towards the Village Center. Akhushtal followed at a slow pace and stabbed the woman who tried to attack her with a knife. Akhushtal had heard stories about how killing a person was so traumatizing that one could go mad, but Akhushtal felt none of that.

Stopping Akhushtal turned around just as the Yuri line broke and routed allowing the Futafelli warriors to storm the city. The routing warriors were jumped on and tied down and anyone who tried to fight back was put down ruthlessly. Most of the mothers were gone by now and woe to any of those that were too slow. The Futafelli warriors approached the helpless women tugging at their loin clothes.

The mothers were raped sometimes even by 3 warriors at once. This didn't last long as Tlazolteotl whipped anyone who had their dick out once she entered the city.

"Find the mothers and children!" Tlazolteotl ordered and the warriors moved to obey.

They broke down front doors to find empty houses. Sometimes they got lucky and found a family that hadn't run and had their way with the unprotected mothers. Walking calmly Akhushtal looked back and forth at the destruction they had caused not hearing a sound. Akhushtal had expected something similar to this, but nothing like this. To believe they were destroying the city for the crimes of 1/3 the population.

For no reason what-so-ever Akhushtal's mind flashed to the Yuri woman who was either dead, dying or being raped. Finding purpose once more Akhushtal set off to look for where all the mothers and children had gone. Remembering her last trip here as a child with her mother Akhushtal remembered that she had eavesdropped on the door while the village chiefs met.

"Promise me you'll protect my people if our forces can't hold them off." Akhushtal's mom asked.

"I promise, but where would I put them?" The Yuri village chief replied.

"I understand you have a complex cave system underneath the village." Akhushtal's mom said.

"Yes we could place beds and food there, enough for months perhaps." The chief said after considering the idea.

"Well there you have it and excuse my eavesdropping daughter. Akhushtal!"

Akhushtal subconsciously rubbed her butt in memory of that beating. Shrugging off the memories Akhushtal smiled as she remembered the entrance to the caves. Setting off at a brisk jog Akhushtal covered ground quickly heading toward the village center. Cutting through an alleyway Akhushtal almost stepped on a Futafelli warrior raping a 14 year old. The girl was sobbing as loud as she possibly could, but compared to the din of war she might as well have been whispering. The warrior had a single track as she had dropped both her spear and her shield and was concentrating on not cumming too soon in the tight orifice she had found.

Hoping over the warrior Akhushtal emerged into the village center where Tlazolteotl was conducting the searching.

"I know where they are." Akhushtal said simply, silencing Tlazolteotl and all her lieutenants.

"Years ago the built a fall back shelter in the caves beneath the village. The entrance to the caves is under the fountain in the village square." Akhushtal said gesturing to the fountain Tlazolteotl herself was sitting on.

A screaming Yuri warrior burst out a nearby building charging the group in the middle of the plaza. She didn't get 5 steps before Akhushtal, throwing one of her knives, caught her between the eyes.

"Assemble the troops!" Tlazolteotl barked staring at Akhushtal suspiciously.

Once most of the Futafelli warriors had been rounded up Akhushtal stepped in the fountain where the water had turned blood red with the bodies floating in it. Reaching the center Akhushtal turned the peeing penis upward and watched as steps descended around the fountain. Before any could react Akhushtal hopped over the fountain wall and took the steps two at a time.

As Akhushtal predicted the mothers and children had indeed gathered in the caves, but they weren't what Akhushtal was looking for. Sprinting pass the now screaming women Akhushtal's eyes swept the caves as she ran pass looking for the woman. As she entered further into the caves and left the screams of the women behind her Akhushtal began to lose hope that the woman was still alive.

That was until something landed on her back from above. Rolling with the force Akhushtal came up a few feet away from her attacker. Her attacker was silhouetted by the light from further in the tunnel meaning Akhushtal wasn't able to make out her face. Akhushtal could clearly see the other parts of the older woman ranging from her thick thighs to her 6 pack abs. Akhushtal instantly knew she had found who she was looking for.

"Try as hard as you like, but I would rather die than go through your victory ceremony!" She hissed and picked a spear lying against the wall.

"Victory celebration?" Akhushtal questioned "Wait that's only for the Village Chief and her family members…which means she is the daughter of the village Chief!"

Happy at her revelation Akhushtal let down her guard and received a kick directly to her chest because of it. Once again rolling with the force Akhushtal came back up knives drawn.

"Give yourself up and become my servant." Akhushtal commanded.

"You'll have to kill me first!" Mudu yelled screaming and charging.

Using the woman's inexperience to her advantage Akhushtal easily circled around the older, but less adept warrior. Suddenly closing the distance between them Akhushtal got behind her guard. Not wanting to simply stab the woman, Akhushtal kneed her directly in the crotch effectively bringing her to her knees. Grabbing the spear Akhushtal threw it further into the tunnel and grabbed the Mudu by her hair.

Dragging the still in pain woman, Akhushtal joined the procession of prisoners being herded up to the surface. At the top the prisoners were being lined up at the edge of plaza facing inwards. Tying Mudu's hands behind her back and sitting her down at the front of the prisoners Akhushtal returned to the search for the village chief.

She was found hiding in a nursery closet a rok later and was brought to the plaza so everyone could see the victory ceremony.

"Please! Please! Don't! You can have the village just don't kill me!" She begged as she was dragged naked through the square.

"Please I have a daughter you can have instead!" she insisted as she reached the center of the plaza.

Akhushtal watched Mudu's reaction as she went from anger to shock to heartbreak at her mother's blatant weakness and fear.

"I'm sorry; we'll never go against you again!" Her promises were interrupted by a swift kick from Tlazolteotl.

"For going against the Futafelli people I sentence you to the Ringori!" Tlazolteotl yelled.

"The Ringori!" the Futafelli warriors repeated.

Dropping her cloth Tlazolteotl revealed her hardness to the crowd. Walking up to chief she stared down at the pitiful crying woman. Grabbing the back of her struggling head Tlazolteotl had to hit her twice to daze her enough finally get her cock into her mouth.

The chief struggled and flailed against Tlazolteotl's cock as she slowly suffocated to death. This went on for about a minute and a half and as the chief entered her death throes Tlazolteotl finished up with an oral climax. As the semen flowed down her straining throat the chief's face went from a blue to purple and with one final spasm the brief war between villages was ended.

With that the village chief was strung up on the fountain, cum still dripping from her mouth. The surprisingly large amount of villagers were lined up against the wall outside naked so they could presented to the warriors who so pleased servants or new wives. Needless to say Akhushtal grabbed Mudu right off the bat and brought her to the hut she was staying in during the occupation of the city.

"Do you know why I chose you?" Akhushtal asked.

"Because you want a prestigious warrior to be your servant." Mudu said with contempt.

"Because I feel something in between us and I know you do too." Akhushtal said standing up.

"Pfff as if I could feel anything for such a lowly hunter." Mudu said turning away from Akhushtal.

"If you don't feel anything why do you refuse to meet the eyes of the previous Futafelli village chief's daughter?" Akhushtal said turning Mudu around "If you really don't feel anything then kiss me."

Mudu turned around to meet the shorter woman's eyes. Bending down slightly Mudu brushed her lips against Akhushtal's and then quickly turned away.

"See! I knew it!" Akhushtal exclaimed.

"So what? This doesn't change anything." Mudu said in exasperation.

"It means that we can improve on it, so what's your favorite color?" Akhushtal said smiling and offering a seat on the bed next to her.

"You're serious about this aren't you?" Mudu said sitting down.

"As serious as an orgasm." Akhushtal replied.

Sitting Akhushtal and Mudu talked throughout the night.

In the forest between the Yuri and Futafelli Villages

The figure observed the movement of the women below him from the shaded tree branches. The battle was over which disappointed it greatly, but it didn't forget its mission. Jumping from tree branch to branch the figure made its way toward the Futafelli village with its knife in between its teeth.

Futafelli Village (The next day)

A great parade was held for the warriors that returned home. While a contingent was stationed at the Yuri village most of the surviving warriors returned home to their families with their servants. Akhushtal smiled and waved as she led Mudu through the village, but as soon as possible she broke off and headed toward her hut. Entering it Akhushtal turned around and presented her hut as she would a mansion.

"I know the bed isn't big, but-" She was cut off by the fact that she tripped over a prone Rukia.

"Who is that?" Mudu asked.

"This is my outsider slave Rukia." Akhushtal said standing up.

Akhushtal lay on the ground staring up at the ceiling unblinking. Mudu examined her with a tinge of jealousy at her breasts and looked back at Akhushtal.

"Rukia your services are no longer required since Mudu and I are going to get married." Akhushtal said.

"Married" Rukia murmured.

"Yes, the thing people do when they are in love." Akhushtal said "Are you okay?"

"Love?!" Rukia yelled bolting up.

Suddenly her memories came back to her of her husband, her daughter, her house and her parents everything! With a rush of breath Rukia grabbed Akhushtal by shoulders and hauled herself up.

"You have to help me escape Akhushtal!" Rukia said breathing heavily.

The smile on Akhushtal's face slowly dropped as she thought about what Rukia was asking of her.

"We have to move quickly perhaps tonight if we want to get you out." Akhushtal said pacing.

"Wait! What is going on?" Mudu said confused.

"I'm going to help my slave escape." Akhushtal said remembering Mudu didn't know any English.

"Well we could sneak her out tonight during the victory celebrations." Mudu said and Akhushtal relayed it to Rukia.

"So I was thinking about what we could do until then…" Akhushtal said once they established a plan.

"Are you serious?" Rukia asked straight faced.

"Come on don't be like that outsider." Akhushtal said circling around to Rukia's left.

"My name is Rukia." She said with a huff.

"That huff sounded like a yes to me." Akhushtal groping Rukia through her dress her cock poking against her back.

Sighing in defeat Rukia allowed herself to be led over to the bed. Mudu picked up a tube from underneath her bed and applied the oily substance liberally along her cock as Rukia gave Akhushtal a tit job. Finishing Akhushtal's cock Rukia received a squirt of semen to her face.

Gesturing to her cock Rukia sat up and positioned herself above Akhushtal. Taking a deep breath Rukia slowly lowered herself onto Akhushtal, but as soon as her lips touched the head of Akhushtal's cock Akhushtal grabbed her ass and hammered her cock home.

"Ahhh! Wait a minute!" Rukia yelled as her tits bounced against Akhushtal's nipples.

Akhushtal didn't respond but simply increased her pace as she held onto Rukia's ass for leverage. Coming up behind Rukia Mudu pushed Rukia down and nudged against her clenched ass.

"Stop for a second Akhushtal." Mudu said.

"Loosen up Rukia" Akhushtal asked slowing down from her breakneck pace.

Trying her best to relax Rukia's breath caught in her throat as she felt Mudu's cock pressed against her ass. Placing her hands on top of Akhushtal's Mudu began the process of squeezing into Rukia's ass. Due to the amount of lube she applied and Rukia's vague familiarity with anal sex Mudu was able to get 2 inches painfully in. With a roar of frustration Mudu tore through Rukia's rectum with a powerful thrust bringing tears to her eyes.

Planning for this Akhushtal took her hands off Rukia's soft ass and grabbed a cup off the table by her head.

"Drink this, it'll help." Akhushtal barely got time to finish before Rukia snatched the cup out her hand and downed it in one go.

Slowly the pain in her rectum was replaced a deep longing instead. The same could be said for her wet lips, the liquid she had just drank was a powerful aphrodisiac warriors used for sexual stamina. As the heat spread from her pussy and up to her torso where it spread its tendrils to every inch of her body. Outside Rukia was panting as the urge to fuck the living shit out of something grew exponentially.

"What the fuck are you waiting for?" Rukia growled.

"I think it's okay to keep going." Akhushtal said to Mudu.

Slowly Mudu sunk the rest of her cock into Akhushtal's still tight as a catholic parent's ass. Pulling out Mudu did it again, only this time faster and again and again, until she was slamming in and out of Rukia's ass. Following Mudu's example Akhushtal resumed thrusting into Rukia and sucking on her nipples like they were candy.

The sound of flesh slapping roughly against flesh echoed throughout the hut as Rukia was doubled teamed by 2 well hung Amazonian women as she yelled encouragements. Rukia pussy was squeezing the hell out of Akhushtal's cock as she felt a powerful orgasm nearing after 10 minutes of fucking the white woman. The same could be said for Mudu who had to slow her pace or risk climaxing too soon in Rukia's amazing ass.

"I'm about to cum." Akhushtal grunted in English and her native language.

"Same here!" Mudu yelled.

"Come the fuck on!" Rukia said "Fill me up with your hot cum! Fill up my womb with your seed!"

Screaming Mudu climaxed first into Rukia's ass. Mudu must have unloaded a pint of cum into Rukia ass because she came for a full 20 seconds and despite Rukia's ass being like a sphincter cum still leaked out. Feeling an overwhelming amount of cum fill her rectum was too much for the Rukia as she climaxed violently onto Akhushtal's cock screaming even louder than Mudu. Climaxing lastly Akhushtal buried her face into Rukia's bust instead of screaming.

They all sat there as they came down from their intense orgasms. Mudu, being on top, was the first to move allowing cum to spill out of Rukia's stretched as like a miniature waterfall. Rukia tried to move next, but the pain in her ass was too great and she just fell to the side. Pulling out of Rukia Akhushtal watched as her overflow cum joined Mudu's on her bed.

"Greatest…fuck…ever." Rukia gasped right before she passed out.

Outside the Futafelli village

The figure watched as the light from the sun slowly disappeared underneath the canopy. The guards changed shifts ever 4 hours and judging by the noise coming from the village they were celebrating. The figure simply wanted to drop down on one guard and stab the other one in the neck before she had time to even scream, but it restrained itself. No the time will come and he would be ready when the opportunity presented itself.

The so called opportunity came a couple hours later when the sun had fully set and out of nowhere 2 figures ambushed the 2 guards and safely knocked them out. Following the two women were another two women the shadowy figure couldn't identify, but could tell they weren't natives. The four females made their way towards the river after dragging the bodies out of sight.

Rukia's POV

"How much longer?" she gasped as she tried to keep the other captured girl on her feet and keep up with the fast moving Amazons.

"Not much longer." Akhushtal said for the fourth time.

"Quiet! I think I hear something!" Mudu said and Akhushtal translated for Rukia.

They all stopped and listened to the sounds of the Amazonian jungle or rather lack of the sounds. The great jungle known for its orchestra of noises was quieter than a Nazi parade in Israel. All of a sudden, like death itself, a shadowy blur dropped down from the branches landing on Mudu's back. Shouting Akhushtal began to draw her knives, but the blue was too fast and judo flipped eye onto her back.

That allowed Rukia to get a good look at their ambusher. The man was tall and muscled. He had a huge bright orange man beard, but that didn't mask his face from a certain someone.

"ICHIGO!" Rukia cried running and jumping onto her husband's back.

Scrambling to her feet Akhushtal watched confused as Rukia hugged their attacker who stared coldly at her.

"Akhushtal this is my husband Ichigo, we'll be fine from here on out." Rukia said as Mudu got up.

"Well this is goodbye." Akhushtal said once they got everything explained to all parties.

"Yup this is goodbye Akhushtal." Rukia said "I'll miss you and your cock."

Smiling Akhushtal watched as they disappeared into the forest, then after a moment she turned around and headed back to her village, Mudu right on her heels.

Walking toward the river along with Ichigo and the girl Rukia swept her hair out of her eyes sighed absently mindedly rubbing her stomach and had a sudden craving for star fruit.

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