The Pool Girl

This is a little something for one of my favorite ebony XXX actresses, Cherokee D'ass. This wasn't commissioned by her or anything, but the idea did come to me while looking at some pictures of her.


I pulled to a stop at the bottom of the hill, my Vespa purring as I kicked up the stand. I should've been wearing a helmet and I made sure my mother thought I was but for a summer in Georgia? That was like praying for a heat stroke. Despite that I did rather enjoy letting my dirty blonde hair wave when a good gust of wind hit me.

I walked up the gates of the house, the place never failed to impress me. It was located in a high class neighborhood with three story mansions on practically every road. A place I wouldn't be able to afford even after 20 years of cleaning pools and working a Zaxbys. I pressed my card against the wall mounted scanner and the gat slowly slid back for me. Hopping back on my Vespa, I gunned it up the steep driveway hopping my engine didn't suddenly decide to give out on me.

I was wearing some knee-length jean shorts and a white t-shirt that had been my older sister's at one point. My cleaning clothes were in my drawstring backpack I wore, a pair of swim-trunks, some flip flops and a baseball cap to keep the sun out of my eyes. My luck held out as I made it to the top of the driveway and parked my ride right next to a massive gas guzzling SUV. Row upon row of cars lined their huge garage from sports cars to motorcycles, most of which were only touched when the maid cleaned them.

My mother owned a pool cleaning business that she operated with the help of her two sons, two daughters and legion of nieces and nephews that were all eager to make a quick buck. Of course she took most of the profit for herself with her employees getting only 25% of their cut. Of course since she needed somebody who was actually good with money, she paid me to make sure she cheated my siblings properly.

The family who lived in this colossal manor were a bi-monthly regular because of all the trees surrounding their pool. You would think that they would get one of their butlers or maids to do it, but apparently even the hired help was too high class for such menial labor. That was more than fine with me, more money in my pocket. Little did my mother know that of the 25$ they paid her for every time I was sent across town to clean their pool, Ms. D'ass tipped me at least $100.

It was sweet gig, which only I could do because I was the only one who had bothered to get a license and drive legally. Turning off my chariot of fire, I left the keys in the ignition. Nobody was gonna still my beat-up, thrice hand me down ride when you had a $40,000 sports car not 20 feet away.

My sneakers crunched the gravel under my heel as I approached the front-door. I didn't even bother knocking, I was a regular and everyone usually knew I was coming. Stepping into the foyer, I took a moment to breath in the air of high-class. All the floors were marble and all the carpet was velvet. Expensive items hung up from the walls, African art mainly and busts of famous movie stars were all over the place.

Kelli said high from up the steps and I waved back. Out of all the maids and butlers she was the youngest by a good margin and also the only one who didn't give me the cold shoulder. One time I had gotten lost in the labyrinth of halls and rooms and the light-skinned 20 something year old was the only one who'd give me directions.

"Sup, Savanna!" She slid down the banister, her black skirt riding dangerously high as she hopped off.

"I don't understand how you haven't been fired yet." I shook my head at her reckless action.

"Because I keep my eyes and ears open to make sure I don't get caught." She said hugging me.

Returning the hug, I headed down the main hallway with Kelli right behind me yapping my ear off. Entering the kitchen, we almost bowled over the youngest member of the family Zoe D'ass. She was almost exactly my age with a week difference (Go team Cancer!), but somehow she'd gotten everything I wanted. The 18 year old dark-skinned beauty was the reason I came here every Friday. I tutored her in Statistics, for which her mother treated me with various goodies.

She was fairly tall, but we stood eye to eye at 5'11. She was always wearing shorts way too small for her and the same 3 t-shirts she alternated whenever I saw her despite her no doubt extensive wardrobe. She had a great pair of tits, DDs that bounced whenever they had the opportunity and a nice rear-end. When I ran into her she was returning to the living room where she had grabbed a pint of cookies and cream ice cream to go along with whatever she was watching.

"Hey Zoe." I said not expecting a response and not getting one.

She was a rather…difficult individual despite the fact that we went to the same high school. She looked down on everybody else and whenever her posse was walking through the halls you better move or get moved. She had the entirety of the football team on her back and call, but I never had to worry about that since I was tutoring her. One little slip and all of Franklin High School would know that their homecoming Queen was being tutored by a nobody.

"Uhh, I'll go tell the Misses that you're here." Kelli said, quickly extracting herself from the tense aired environment.

Walking past Zoe, I opened the cabinet and opened a pack of Ritz crackers. I made sure to make eye contact with Zoe who was just standing there as I munched on the crackers. It infuriated her to no end when I acted like I was her equal and her twitching eye told me that I was getting to her. Huffing, she turned on her heel and stomped into the T.V. room.

In between the kitchen and the T.V. room was a window that I used to watch the BET video that Zoe was lounging on the couch observing. Half way through, I got tired of the repetitive lyrics and senseless sexual provocation and left to get changed. Changing into my swim-trunks and flip flops I slapped my U.S. Army baseball cap my eldest sister had given me on my head and headed back outside.

"Hey Savanna!" Ms. D'ass called to from the balcony that was outside of her bedroom. "I'm glad you came honey, I was hoping to enjoy my backyard today."

The sun was directly behind her so I had to cover my eyes as I waved up to her silhouette. The possibility of working with Ms. D'ass out here did not sit well with me. Don't get me wrong, she was awesome and all, but lately the dark-skinned woman had been getting a little to touchy-feely and I liked to keep my space.

Grabbing the pool's net from the shed, I set about scooping up the leaves out of the clear blue pool. The sun beating down on my head combined with salvation literally a jump away made me wish I lived here. I would love to just jump in the pool and splash about with Kelli, but I had to keep it as professional as possible. I heard my employer a few seconds before I actually saw here, the clicking of her heels on the pool-side surface was extremely distinctive.

I tried to keep focused on my job, but I couldn't resist looking behind me as soon as she passed me by. I instantly regretted the decision. Not because she wasn't what the guys at my school fantasized about, no Ms. D'ass was gorgeous.

She had long curly black hair that touched the small of her back. She was wearing an elaborate multi-color bikini that connected her top and bottom pieces with two hooks and circled around her waist to connect in the back. She had a tattoo of intricate flames right above the crack of her ass and another one that said 'D'ass' directly in the middle of her right cheek. She had on a pair of thigh-high fishnet stockings combined with a pair of platform heels and a white fur coat.

No she was amazing. I regretted looking at her because that fine piece of dark-chocolate was the exact kind of excuse my dick needed to climb out of bed and say high to everybody. She always got me a bit hot, but this was ridiculous! How could I not want to squeeze her fat ass and play with her big tits?!

Blushing, I forced my cap further down on my eyes and turned in the opposite direction so I could adjust my bulge without getting caught. Keeping my moves stiff, I slowly maneuvered to the opposite side of the large pool where I hopped to calm myself down. I had no such luck, if anything my dick got even harder as images of my employer's sexy body strutted through my head. It was the most agonizing 20 minutes of my life as I slowly cleaned the far side of the pool from where Ms. D'ass was tending to her garden.

Returning to her pool-chair, she called me over to her as she reclined the chair.

"Here you go baby, why don't you help me out and spread this on me." It was like handing me a death-sentence as she passed me a bottle of sun-tan lotion.

Gulping, I shakily accepted the pink bottle as she rolled onto her back. Well at least she couldn't see my wood, but that didn't make the pressure go away as I squirted the white cream into my hands. Taking in a deep breath, I pressed my palms to her back and set about spreading the cream all over her back.

"Oh baby your hands are so cold." She groaned, I could feel the tension leave her body as I wiped in the lotion, working my way up her back.

This was like one of wet dream come true, the chance to finally explore the sexy black MILF's body without fear of consequence. Switching sides, I couldn't help but bite my bottom lip to keep from grunting. Her ass was just so amazing! My dick twitched about as my fingertips danced just mili-meters from her succulent ass. Unable to hold myself back any longer, I dug my sun-lotion covered hands into her soft mountain sized ass cheeks.

I must've done something wrong (or right) because she moaned in response to me groping her ass.

"Oh yeah, that's the spirit baby. Get rough with that dat ass." She said, still facing down into the tanning-chair.

I didn't need any further encouragement as I kneaded her cheeks with both of my hands. I played with her caboose, jiggling her ass back and forth before making it clap together. Digging my hand in her crevice, I made sure to get the white stuff everywhere. My enjoyment hadn't gone unnoticed as Ms. D'ass lifted her ass up high for me.

"You having fun back there?" She laughed as I froze.

"I-I-I-I" I stuttered unable to formulate words.

"You like playing with my ass huh?" She swayed her hips back and forth slowly and soon I was in a trance as I followed her rear-end with my pupils. "Have you ever seen an ass bounce up close honey?"

She must have taken my silence for a no, because the next thing I know that huge black ass was bouncing up and down with ease. It didn't even look like she was trying as she popped one cheek and then the other individually. Planting her bare feet on the ground, she slowly stood up ass first until she was right in front of me, all without stopping her butt from bouncing.

Turning around, she smiled at my star-struck expression as she draped her arms over each of my shoulders. My mouth was suddenly dry as I lost hold of the net, the wooden handle clattering to the ground as this black goddess swayed back and forth in front of me. Her half-lidded hazel twinkling in the sunlight as her breasts rubbed against my smaller pair.

"You like that baby?" She whispered in my ear, her face extremely close to my own. "You want my fat ass on you don't you?"

She turned around slowly, grinding her ass against my bulge in a teasing manner. Slowly going down, she slid back up, her butt grinding against my junk. The friction felt great as I grabbed onto her hips and grinding against her in return, my stiffy sliding up and down on her ass.

"M-Ms. Dass…" I said, unsure of what I wanted to say.

"Mmm, c'mere baby." She began walking forward and my body moved to follow her, my brain shoved into the back as my penis took control of my muscles.

She lid me into a trio of large maple oak tree not far from the pull, but out of the line of sight of the house because the shed was in the way. Turning around, she leaned against the furthest tree, squeezing one of her breasts as she slowly curled a finger at me. Approaching, I was dumbfounded as she planted as kiss on my collarbone and then my cheek and then an explosion of stars, sensations and tongue as our lips connected.

It was a glorious sensation of pleasure as our tongues swirled around one another, her perfume became omnipresent in my nostrils as I closed my eyes. Wrapping my hands around her, I squeezed her fat ass to my heart's content, playing roughly with it. One of her hands played with my breasts while the other trailed further and further south until it brushed against my bulge.

The shock of sensation of her hand scraping against my cock was enough for me to regain slight control of my bodily functions and break the kiss.

"Ms. D'ass, we shouldn't be doing." I breathed.

"Why not baby, you obviously want me so bad you can't even take it." She kissed me again and I kissed back, running my fingers through her hair.

I broke it off once again, the strand of saliva between our mouths lingering before she broke it with her own tongue.

'You're married, this isn't right." I breathed heavily, out of breath from wrestling with the more experienced woman's tongue.

"How about you let me worry about him and tell me if this feels wrong." She slid down to her knees slowly, her nails dragging seductively down my chest.

She pulled with the double knot out of my swim-trunks free with little effort as was promptly slapped in the forehead with my member as my shorts fell to the ground around my ankles. Her mouth formed the perfect 'O' shape as she got an up close and personal look at my dick. It was 11 inches of white Southern trouser snake and almost as thick as a soda-can.

"Ooh baby you got that Mandingo!" Ms. D'ass cried out with a mixture of surprise and pleasure.

Grabbing the base of my dick, she stroked it a few times as if she was making sure it was real and not a mid-July mirage. Her hand felt better than mine ever did, even without lotion her velvety grip was enough to cause a bead of precum to grow on my glands. Opening her mouth, Ms. D'ass lapped the bead of cum off of my sensitive crown causing an involuntary buck from my hips.

"Stop playing around." The growl emanating from my throat surprised both me and her. "Suck my dick already, if you can that is."

"Oh baby, you don't know who you're messin' wit!" Ms. D'ass smiled, stroking my dick a few more times before diving onto my member.

She worked the first 5 inches at first, going in from the side and rotating her mouth to the right as she pulled back. Her tongue was playing with my sensitive crown the entire time as she bobbed up and down on my thick dick. Quickly working down my dick, she was soon deep-throating my meat, cock hitting the back of her throat as she sucked like a vacuum. Her mouth felt like heaven! I never knew a blowjob would feel this good, but it was no doubt because of her fellatio skills.

Placing a hand on the tree, I grabbed the back of her head with the other and began thrusting slowly, using her mouth like a fleshlight to milk my dick.

"How does my dick taste huh?" I asked, quickening the pace of my thrusts until she was forced to stop bobbing her head and accept my pace instead. "I bet you love the taste of my big white dick in your mouth!"

I could only hear the sound of 'glug glug' coming from her mouth as I gripped her head with both hands. Dominating this sexy black woman with such ease felt amazing! I felt so stupid for not whipping my dick on the horny bitch sooner, I've could've been enjoying this for years! Saliva mixed with my prenut fell from her mouth and landed on her tits as I fucked her throat with all my energy.

Pushing her head all the way down on my dick, I could hear her fighting her gag reflex as I held her down on my cock. Her tongue swirled around my member even as I choked her with my thick cock-meat.

"Oh yeah, that's it baby suck on that dick." I cooed in between moans.

Holding her down for a good ten seconds, I let her go and she came up like a diver gasping for air, saliva coating my dick and the edges of her mouth.

"Ah fuck, I'm about to nut. Come and get it baby." I smiled as I put my hands behind my back, showing that I was prepared to let her do the rest of the work.

Stroking my long dick with both hands, she panted as she licked breathlessly at the tip of my cock. I bit down hard on my bottom lip as I felt the cum churning in balls eager for release. As if she could sense it as well, she went down underneath my dripping cock and took both of balls in my mouth at the same time. I cursed as I felt the cum surging up through my cock, Ms. D'ass released my nuts with a wet pop and stroked my dick as I climaxed.

A load that had been maturing in my balls for a week forced its way to the tip of my cock and then launched out with the force of a geyser. The first strand hit the ebony MILF diagonally across her face, the second landed mostly in her eager mouth with some of the edges landing on her lip and chin and the third less powerful burst gave her a thick pearl necklace.

"Oh honey." Ms. D'ass moaned after swallowing my load. "You taste so good baby."

Taking my cock, she suckled out the last few globs of jizz from my member before wiping the cum off her face and depositing it in her mouth. I could tell that she thought I was done, but I had more stamina than what she expected of me and a week's worth of dick juice ready for her. Helping her to her feet, I took her by surprise when I pressed her against the tree suckling on her neck.

"You thought I was done?" I ground my dick against her bikini and I could hear it squish against her pussy juices. "I want to see how your pussy feels around my big white dick first."

I ran a finger along her slit and felt her shiver in excitement underneath my body; admittedly she had an inch or two on me and was significantly thicker. Burying my face in her tits, I took pleasure in motor-boating those delicious black breasts. Untying her bikini from the back, I latched onto her breasts as soon as her bikini top fell.

"Ooh baby, I don't know about this. I should probably be gettin' back in the house before somebody comes lookin' for me." She moaned as I flicked her Hershey like nipple.

"I don't think so, you leave when you take care of the problem you caused." I took hold my dick and rubbed it against her camel toe causing her to cry out rather loudly.

Pushing her bikini to the side, I rubbed the head of cock back and forth against her soaking wet pussy. Each time I rubbed against her clit she moaned and pushed against my body as if trying to recreate the sensation.

"Baby, I don't know. You're a bit too big for me honey." Ms. D'ass said.

"Your pussy is saying somethin' different!" I smiled as I slid the head of my member inside of her juicy black cunt with ease, causing her to clap a head over her mouth as she cried out rather loudly. "How does my big white dick feel in your tight black pussy huh?"

I squeezed her malleable ass in my hands as I went balls deep into her pussy. It felt like everything I ever imagined and more! Her tight cunt squeezed my dick like a python as her feet left the ground. Years of menial labor gave me the strength needed to support both of our weight as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I gave her no time to get herself together before I started her cunt with my spear, each thrust causing a wet sucking sound that created a cacophony of sound when combined with my grunts and her moans.

I could feel her nails digging into my back as I pinned her pussy to the tree with my dick, leaves fluttering down around us due to the force of my thrusts. Her mouth was agape as she struggled to form words, her eyes glazed over in rapture as I slammed her G-spot repeatedly.

"Oh baby, your huge dick is splitting me in half!" She cried out, squeezing my body like a snake. "I'm about to cum!"

I felt her walls tighten around my dick (if such a thing were possible) as she buried her head in my shoulder, stifling her still ear-splitting scream. The sensation of her pussy squeezing the life out of my dick was too much for me to handle as I groaned, reaching my own climax shortly after she reached hers. I feel my cock swelling inside of her before filling the sexy black goddess full of hot, gooey spunk.

I felt my cum run down my cock and balls, leaving trains on my legs as I breathed heavily. Spots swam in front of my eyes as I pulled out of Ms. D'ass and let her stand on her own. Apparently her own orgasm had been so intense that her legs had turned to jelly and she sunk to her knees, my thick jizz practically spurting from her stretched out pussy. Grabbing the back of her head, I shoved my limp dick into her mouth causing her to go wide eyed in surprise.

"You're not done until you clean me off." I smiled down at her as she began obediently sucking my dick, licking both of our fluids off with fervor.

Pulling away from her, I pulled up my swim-trunks and tied them tight. This school year was lining up to be an interesting; I smiled as I helped Ms. D'ass to her wobbly feet. On that note, I reminded myself to schedule tri-weekly appointments with Zoe so I'd have an excuse to come over and get me a piece of Ms. D'ass' ass on the regular. Yes, this would be a fun year indeed.

This is just a little something I finished over Christmas Break and decided not to upload right away because of the amount of specials that went up in that period. Things have been really busy in my life between school and college applications so I haven't been able to work very much at all on stories.

However at the time of this upload it's a snow day which means tons of free time to write. With that in mind I'm gonna try and hammer out the next chapter of Futa Kombat. Wish me luck!

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