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It was a cold September evening. I don't know why we decided to go out. At the time it seemed like harmless fun, that was, until I lost someone whom I held close to me.

The woods were quiet with the eerie songs of the owls and crickets. As we walked, we got deeper and deeper into the trees, a dense forest forming behind us. It was getting darker as we walked. He had said something about going back in little while. I just nodded and kept walking next to him. I was getting colder. I regretted not wearing warming clothing. He noticed me shivering and moved closer, sliding his hand into mine, intertwining our fingers together. I looked up and smiled at him. He smiled back and placed a soft kiss on my cheek. I blushed. He always knew how to make me smile. It was something he almost always knew how to do. Almost always. We walked for a while and then started back. By now it was completely dark. I was terrified. Not like I was going to admit to him. Not after he had accused me of being too scared to go in the first place. As we walked, I thought I saw someone standing in the brush. I guess he noticed, too because his grip tightened. We walked a little faster.

We were almost out when the man showed himself. But he wasn't a man at all. His frame was too large to be one of a human being. His arms went down to his knees, his long fingers almost touching the ground. His skin was completely milk white. Yet, that's not what amazed me most. His face was blank. Not like without expression. He had no face. We stared to run. That's when he took out his black, long tentacles. They first went for me. I dodged them and kept running. My Love, however, was not so lucky. He was taken by them. The next thing I saw will stay with me forever. He wasn't eaten. No, he was merged into him. That was the last time I have ever seen my love. That faceless man, however, I see every night in my dreams, outside my window. Everywhere.

I see him everywhere. He killed him. He killed my only love, the only one I could turn to in my time need, someone who would help me with any problem I had. With how ironic it is, he now it the only problem I face every day. I stand here now, in the same spot I last saw him. It has been 10 years since he has been gone. I stand here only thinking about him, about how happy we were. It was too much to take. Without him, I had no will to live. I held the pistol to my head. "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?" I screamed. As if on cue, he appeared in front of me. His tentacle reached slowly for me. "WELL YOU WILL NEVER GET THE PEASURE!" I yelled. I pulled the trigger I faded into the darkness. I smiled my best for him as I knew he would never get the satisfaction of killing me like he killed my everything.