I was very happy about how well I'd done in today's Math Exam. I usually don't do so well in "smart" subjects. I sat in the bus talking to my friends about something. I was the youngest kid in the entire school by a year because I had done pretty well in my subjects because I wanted to be in high school with my other friends. I studied them a little. There was the awesome Raffaella-or as we like to call her, Riffi-who was probably the smartest in our entire little group of friends. High school was tough, so we tend to stick together. Riffi was the most beautiful girl in the entire school which attracted guys and bullies. But she seemed almost as if she had no idea. Part of her look also came from her way of putting clothes together to wear. She has twirly blond hair and blue eyes. She'd come from Germany when she was a very little girl. About eight years old. She didn't have the funny accent I was expecting though. She's the third youngest and third oldest in our group. She's fourteen although she could pass for twelve-her skin was flawless. Buck was known for being full of spirit and sometimes naughty. His mom was very worried about him since she could hardly manage him sometimes. All he had besides his mom was his hotshot big sister. His dad left them when Buck was four. But if his mom could hear how he sometimes talked, she'd have no reason to worry. Buck was a guy full of childlike faith and spoke about God as though it was as normal to speak of Him in high school as it is normal to speak of One Direction. Sadly, it is, in an unneccisary way-language is strong here. I always think everyone should be a little like Buck in that way. He was maybe my closest friend of us five although all five of us are close. His blond hair was swept to the sides of his innocent but sometimes pouty face. He had green eyes which seemed to suit him just right. Drew is somebody interesting. He's got a very funky style of outfits which makes him awesome. His blond tipped brown hair stands as though he's been struck by lightning. His face was as cute as a puppy's. He's the oldest of our group turning sixteen later sometime. He doesn't seem much older than me though and I'm thirteen. He had warm light brown eyes and loves to laugh. He's also the easiest to be embarrassed about something. Well he has more reason than the rest of us, because he's quite clumsy. Surprisingly he's an awesome dancer. I met Jack only this year when I started high school. High school is almost over for the summer though so I've gotten to know him pretty well. He's fifteen like Drew although younger and smarter than him. He's very sensitive to people and surprises me again and again with how clever he is with them(people). He seems to get along with everyone. Although they don't always like him to be honest. See he's a doctor's son. He sometimes goes to work with his dad who knows a lot about people and what they're like. He was also born with a big portion of the knowledge. He has blond hair also shoved away from his face though in a different way. He's got very perfect features. And light blue eyes just add to his looks. My name is Izabelle Grande. Though everyone calls me Belle. I'm half Spanish. I have dark auburn hair, basically chestnut-brown. One good thing about me is my blue eyes. They go really well with my hair see? I'm not known as the smartest kid which is a little surprising because I got into high school before I was old enough. I was twelve when I got to go to high school. If I want something really bad, I can be smart I guess. I'm thirteen now. I'm wild, fun, and always mess up. Then my smart friends have to fix everything up. Oh well... We're all getting off the bus together to sit around in a park and sulk because we just found out one thing we all have in common. The fact that none of us are allowed to go out after ten. That's why we wanna sulk. It was my idea of course-I think most of them just went along with it for my sake. We all got off and ran over to the park. "Let's go sit over there!" I ran ahead and plopped onto a bench beside an older man. The others were a little hesitant but they followed and sat down too. "We really should be permitted out after dark. What's the big deal?! My dad flips out when I come in around then. Carmen and Nico aren't either allowed and Carmen's eighteen! She's old enough move out if she wanted to! But she went out once after dark and Dad got freakin' angry. I've never seen him like that!" I finished my long speech with a sigh. "I know but who cares..." Buck was looking around the park, "Let's do something fun!" "You don't care if we're being treated like little kids?" I grabbed his shoulder, pulling him back to attention. "It's not that bad. Sure it's kind of stupid, but why make a big deal about it? It'll probably blow over soon enough. My parents never used to be that strict." Jack calmly and patiently decided. I wanted to kick him right then. They always had to agree with me no matter what! "But they never tell us why!" I tried to get them to see my point. "I'll tell ya why!" The old man turned to us. "Why?" I was both surprised and delighted. "Because you are little kids and prone to trouble." He turned back to trying to read. "That's mean." I replied. He chuckled and turned back, "Is it? Alright I'll tell you young'uns a story." I looked too eager. I did love stories. Jack knew he was saying that because I was acting just like the little kid he called me. So he sighed and pretended to pout a little. "Once upon a time there was a group of kids just like you, maybe a little older, that decided to go to a party. When they walked back at eleven, they decided to walk a lonelier road. One of them suddenly stopped and whispered that she saw a big shadow run across the road. Everyone was a little jumpy then, although they all put up tough fronts. They kept on walking when they heard a rustle. One of the girls wanted to go back then and go a more friendlier road but one of the boys wanted to take this shortcut. They kept walking when it sounded like foot steps behind them. They all turned around and saw the form run across the road behind them. One of the girls began to whimper, this being her first night out like this and still much younger inside. They tried to get her to be quiet without making her even more afraid than she already was. Suddenly, when they'd reached the bend and began to feel more light hearted, happy to be able to tell about this when they got home, the younger and more afraid girl screamed. They all turned around and saw her being dragged away by something they couldn't make out. The braver kids ran over to help her while others started running. Only one of those kids lived to tell about the entire experience. He tried to help his friends when they were picked up, but eventually knew there was nothing he could do, and if he wanted to live to tell others about this so it wouldn't happen again, he had to run. He survived." The man looked very sad. "It's a story. Who knows if it's true?" Riffi thought he was probably just making it up to scare us. "Because that little girl was my baby." His eyes dampened. I put my hand on his shoulder. Everyone was a little stunned. "Would you like to tell me what that has to do with the curfew?" I was still curious. "Yes yes... People got concerned when another story a little like that was told about two police officers. They tried to keep their kids in after dark out of fear at first. Then more incidents happened. There was one man who decided to keep a watch since he lived the closest to the corner. He watched and every night after 10, the creature was seen running from the woods behind the city. He reported what he saw to the police. They came over and watched and saw the same thing. At first they only closed up that road after 10 and forbade everyone from going camping at those woods. But then, more things began happening. People began going missing just walking in the streets and sometimes their horrific screams were heard all over the streets. But sometimes it was just quiet and they were never seen again. Once a little boy had his window wide open and his room's light on after dark. Next morning his room was empty." I gasped then, thinking about my own little brother. "They had everything sealed and shut after ten since." The man turned back to his reading. I'd heard a lot now and was ready to do something else. We walked to the streets to go home. "Do you think it's true?" Drew asked fingering his funky sunglasses. "It was his daughter who got captured by the thing. My parents are sealing me in after 10 cuz of monsters." Jack shrugged, "But monsters? I have to look under my five-year-old brother's bed for those imaginary creatures every night. They're definitely not something teens should have to avoid after dark!" "What if it was true though? I'd almost kinda like to believe it is! It's creepy and it gives me a thrill!" Buck skipped a little while walking in his own glory. "It wouldn't be good! It would be scary!" I tried to speak a little sense into him. Suddenly something struck me. I'd never really liked to talk about it and although my friends were sympathetic, they did like to ask me about it. They'd stopped after Jack made them because he knew I wouldn't and shouldn't speak until I'm ready. The words wanted to come out now, but something was holding me back from saying what I wanted to say. It'd been four years already now! I decided to do it. So in a quiet way, which was strange for a loud-mouth like me, I spoke my mind, "I always thought Daddy wanted me to avoid the woods because Mom had been murdered there during a camp out. I guess it wasn't exactly a murder. And that's why I never got another look at her when it was her funeral." Everyone was quiet because they had no idea if they should say anything about it or not. They're horrible at talking when someone's saying something sad. Only Jack was permitted to speak unless he gave the "okay". He sometimes found it a little annoying but I found it adorable. He'd make them think that because he always corrected them when they made mistakes while talking. Which was A LOT. "Hey look!" I pointed at a plane in the sky. Everything lightened up from then on.

"So did you and your friends have fun today?" Dad came into the room holding a casserole. "We didn't do as much stuff as I was hoping we would. But very interesting. I never knew you've been trying to protect me from monsters the last few days." I smiled. Dad's face paled, "Who told you?" "A random guy in the park." I sat down at the table. "It's almost true... I should've maybe told you." Dad sat down. "It's not such a big deal! Who cares?" I wondered. Carmen and Carlos soon entered the room. Dad sighed and yelled up the stairs, "Nico we're eating now! Hurry up!" After someone replied, Dad yelled again, causing us to shut our ears, "You're coming!" After a while, Nico came down the stairs looking a little pouty. He quietly sat down at the table. His amber eyes connected with my blue ones for just a second. He was just a shadow of what he used to be. His skin had paled, making his hair stand out, contrasting to the skin very strongly because it was jet-black. He was so quiet and always alone, thinking or something else. His arms were covered in sores. I was almost sure he was cutting. But nobody caught him and he always had an explanation. We don't believe in lying which is why we believed him. But why would he tell us if he was cutting? We all joined hands for prayer, then began eating supper. Immediately eight-year-old Carlos had a story about something that happened in school. We listened in interest. Meanwhile, getting to something more interesting, I was in my bedroom, making a video diary when Carmen came in, "Don't you wanna watch news on the TV?" I knew she was being sarcastic because probably Dad wasn't paying much attention to her because he had stuff to watch. I laughed it off and when down to drink some water. Suddenly I heard something about "missing kids" and I ran into the room, plopping down beside Dad. "Five children have gone missing in the past eight years. But parents are not giving up yet! Mrs. and Mr. Hugh's declare they will keep their son Adrean's room and everything in order, even setting a place for him at the table at every mealtime until he returns. It's been six years since the little boy has gone missing. He was only three when the police suspected he was abducted. Another interesting story, is a two-year-old girl went missing two years ago. The cops can't find a trace of her. People suspect it also to be a kidnapping case, but the police can't find any evidence of it. They even went to the extent of searching her home to make sure her parents hadn't done something to her. But what's really interesting is an eight-year-old little girl who went missing only last week. Also no trace of her." "Wow she's pretty! I wouldn't be surprised if it was an abduction." I gave my input as a picture of the missing kid appeared on the screen. We continued listening, "Cops have found no footprints, car tracks, or anything whatsoever. She'd been at a friend's house for a sleepover when during playing hide-and-seek, she couldn't be found anywhere." Dad shut off the TV, "Time to go to bed kids. Kiss me then go." I obediently kissed his cheek quickly and dashed up the stairs to tell Carmen. Missing kid cases always thrilled me and gave me an eerie feeling. I wished they'd come back safe. They were so young! I could just imagine how scary it had to be out there. And if they died, how did they die? Did they notice? Were there shadowy men with a knives pointed at the children's necks? I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling for a long time. What if the monster got them? Was there such a thing as a monster? But that was impossible! I got very scared and turning over on my face, I prayed very hard, until I felt peace and dropped into a deep sleep.