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"Bu-but he's just my friend!" I protested. "C'mon! You picked dare..." Macy begged. "We're almost three years apart! I'm thirteen and he's almost sixteen. It's probably illegal for us to like each other, and to kiss him I have to like him." I explained. "Just kiss him!" Macy sounded impatient now. "That's not a dare I can actually do now anyhow! And it's so gross!" This was horrible! "Just do it!" Macy slapped her hand on the carpeted floor. I stayed silent then. All the girls giggled. "Alright Amber, truth or dare?" I lamely asked. "Dare." She was hoping I'd dare her to kiss someone too. I motioned for her to come to me and whispered, "I dare you to slap some cake into Macy's face. The piece with the most icing!" She nodded and got up to the table. "Oh wow wild dare! Eating cake?!" Tosha rolled her eyes. Amber came back with the cake and smashed it perfectly into Macy's face. "Heeey!" She yelled. "Belle dared me to!" Amber quickly shifted the blame to me. I just smiled at Macy. Because everyone else was laughing, Macy smiled about it before going to the washroom to wash it off. Truth or Dare ended eventually and solos were back on. And I got a turn, "Okay I can't think of any song! But my name is Belle and I'm thirteen." Riffi suddenly got an idea, "Sing the song you wrote!" Everyone agreed whole heartedly. "I don't know..." I shrugged. "Just do it!" Bizzy growled from the back of the room. "Okay, okay!" I looked a little shocked. "Wait do you need music?" Heather wondered. "I've got some awesome friends and they put together the music for me and put it on YouTube." I smiled and searched it out. The music and song were made to fit my voice so everyone enjoyed it. Especially cuz it was probably the type of music all teens listen to in our school. It even had a rapping part! As soon as I finished Heather got up and came forward. I turned to go back down to sit but she pulled me back, "So who's the boy you were singing about?" I rolled my eyes and stuck out my tongue at her, playfully. Finally everyone had sung a solo. "Let's find out what our names mean!" Heather opened searched on Internet for names. We eventually took turns showering and spread out our sleeping-bags for bedtime. We had a little snack, and talked. I knew I was gonna fall asleep soon so I brushed my teeth quick and lay down in my sleeping bag. Although a lot of the girls were still talking, I dropped off to sleep.

June 14, 2012, Thursday
We had to do a lot of tests and finals today. We're not done yet though! We've got tomorrow yet. Then time's up! My sister will be one of the graduates out of high school. Naturally I was dead tired after that day. But my friends weren't! Buck was full of energy as usual, "Hey we should go for a casual walk tonight!" "I know what you want." I muttered. "No! We'll go at nine, just like you said your dad said." He turned back to the other kids. "Lemme guess... Stay out for an hour?" Jack rolled his eyes. "Nah..." Buck said, although the disappointment on his face gave away that he really wished we would. My eyes connected with Drew for a second. Normally I wouldn't think about it but today it shocked me. I thought about the kiss. I felt my cheeks turn crimson. Drew had absolutely no idea what had come over me, so he just shot me a normal sweet Drewish smile and turned back to the conversation. I felt like hitting myself. No matter what Macy said, me and Drew would only ever be just friends. I didn't like like him and he didn't like like me. I'd just push aside any thoughts. Any feelings would only mess up mine and Drew's friendship. "Okay okay Buck! Stop begging and talking. We'll go on that walk with you, won't we guys?" Riffi gave in. "Why not?" I smiled at Buck. He looked delighted when Drew and Jack agreed. I got off the bus after saying bye to Buck and Riffi. Jack and Drew were already at their own homes. I knew that Buck and Riffi would argue the rest of the way. I smiled and ran up to our house and dashed in. "Hey Dad!" I grabbed a slice of poppy-seed bread. Nico and Carmen came in after me. "Nicholas! I have to speak with you!" Dad sounded serious. He didn't send me and Carmen away though so it couldn't be too bad. Nico didn't look alarmed at all. "I got a call from your teachers. You're doing terrible in school! Your grades are bad. Only if you pass every test tomorrow, you'll pass your grade. Summer school doesn't sound fun, does it?" Dad tried to make eye connection with Nico, but Nico didn't connect. "So I want you to study today all day! I want you to pass tomorrow! Get it?" Nico shrugged and looked disinterested out the window. "I asked you something! I want a yes or no answer. No nodding, shrugging or shaking your head. Tell me yes or no. Do you get it?" Dad was really upset! "Yes." Nico looked back at Dad, although still not making eye-contact. "Thank you. I'll check in on you now and then. Just wait a sec." Dad filled a cup with milk and took a saucer with poppy-seed bread. He handed Nico his backpack that he slung around his shoulder. "Here Nick." Dad smiled a little and handed him the snack. Nico took it wordlessly and went up the stairs to go study. Carlos was home already since his school ends before our school. Most of what I did that day was study for tomorrow's test, watch a movie with Carlos, eat supper, etc. Evening came and the doorbell rang. Dad opened it. Riffi, Jack, Buck and Drew were all standing there. "Is Belle home?" Riffi asked, "We're going for a little walk!" "Oh sure... I spoze it's 8:58 so it's fine." Dad left the door open and went over to the stairs. Pretty soon I heard him holler for me. I jumped off my bed and dashed down the stairs to the door. Slipping into my flip-flops, I followed them out. "Be back before ten!" Dad called. I waved back at him and off we were! "This is kind of boring... It isn't even dark out!" Buck complained. "Why do you like scary stuff so much?" I wondered. "It gives me a thrill." Buck replied. Jack sighed, "Someday you won't find it so thrilling. Fantasy scary things are fun to imagine, but when they become realistic, it's not fun anymore." "Whatever Jack." Was the reply. "I'm glad it's not dark!" Drew looked very happy. But since it was after nine o-clock by now, the sun was setting. We walked for a long time, talking all the time. It took longer than me and Carmen normally take to walk, and we take long. But with five kids, and all of us something exciting to say, it did take a while. And so it was getting pretty dark when we wanted to go back. We were about where me and Carmen had walked till. I wanted to tell them about it. "Know what?" I stopped. Everyone stopped too and turned to face me. "Two nights ago, me and Carmen were right here-but it was a little later. We heard a baby way way far away." "So?" Buck shrugged. "The baby noises weren't coming from the city. They were coming from beyond!" I felt a little shiver. "It could've been the wind making it seem that way." Drew suggested. "Nope. No wind. Only a little breeze." "A baby?" Riffi wondered. "Well more like a toddler." I corrected myself. "Wait-I hear it!" Jack signaled for us to be quiet. Sure enough, the same tired, miserable cries, I'd heard two days ago. "That's it!" I whispered. "Maybe he's lost!" Riffi sounded very sad at the thought. "Let's go back. It's 9:40." Drew sounded a little uneasy. "No..." Jack suddenly snapped back to the present, "We've gotta find the kid." "Are you crazy? I thought you were the smart one." Riffi rolled her eyes. "I am! But we've gotta find the kid! What if you were out there and nobody wanted to go look after you?" Jack pointed out. "There's a cop, let's go ask him!" Drew suggested. We agreed and went over to him. I decided to talk to him, "Hey umm... There's something we thought you should know about." The cop looked quite suspicious, "Yeah like the fact that you kids should begin going home?" "Uhhh nooo... There's this kid. I heard him first two days ago when me and my sister went for a walk around this time. And he's still crying!" I was relieved to be speaking to a grown up. "I'm sure it's nothing. Now go home, and we'll investigate." But I knew they wouldn't, "Please?! Just come listen!" The cop sighed, "If I do, will you stop bothering me?" We nodded. The cop followed us across the road to the other side-walk where the houses stopped and we could look straight to the woods. We were all very quiet. There was no sound at all. We waited a while until the cop checked his watch, "Sorry kids I think-" "Shhh!" Raffaela suddenly hissed. Everyone shushed up again. Sure enough, we heard the tired but desperate cries of a small child. "I'm sorry... That's beyond the borders! It would be suicide to go there. That kid is doomed. We'll try to locate him in the morning if we can. But it's too dangerous tonight!" The cop turned to go. "But what if the kid dies?" I wondered. "He or she will be in a better place." "What if he can't die?" Buck asked quietly. The way he said it drove shivers up and down my spine. The cop waved and left. I sighed, "Well that's it..." "We have to go find'im." Jack insisted. "No way!" Drew shook his head quickly. "It's not ten yet... Maybe we can run get the kid and come back." "It's 9:47." Riffi reminded him. "We'll just move faster than we've ever moved before. If you're not coming, I'm going by myself." Jack began walking. Nobody really knew what to do. I rushed after him and grabbed his shoulder to stop him, "Why's it so important to you?" "I just think of my brother and sister back home. That kid is probably someone's little sibling, and someone's baby. Think about Carlos. Would you go if that out there was him?" Jack studied me. Something yanked at my heart then. I would kill any monster that would stand in the way of me getting back to Carlos if he were lost. I nodded. "And Riffi? If Mitzi or Emilie was out there? Wouldn't you go?" Jack walked over to her. She nodded wordlessly too. "Okay I know you guys don't have any little siblings, but can't you imagine what it would be like?" Jack turned to Drew and Buck. "I'm in." Buck raised his hand. But it obviously wasn't because of imagining a baby stuck in the woods... He was in it for adventure. Drew shifted staring at the concrete. Riffi went over to Jack and whispered, "If we go, he won't have a choice but to follow. He's embarrassed about it, but I'll tell you, he's got a childish fear of the dark and he won't be going home alone." Jack nodded and began walking over the field, "Well we're going, you either stay or follow." Anyhow we all ended up walking together toward the patch of woods in the distance. It was pitch dark outside and I was scared. But I hid it. I knew everyone else was scared too. Although we should probably be running, I think we were too scared to. Finally, after what seemed like forever, we entered the woods. It was soo dark in there! And we kept hearing twigs snap, leaves rustle and other spooky stuff. It kept us on edge. Suddenly a bunch of twigs near us snapped. Then again, and again. Always coming nearer. Something was coming! Everyone sort of froze. "C'mon we gotta keep going!" Jack whispered. "Or we should head back!" Drew suggested. After a hesitant pause, Jack agreed, "Okay." We all turned around and began going back. But in a few minutes, we ended up in the same place we were before. "Aww shoot... Hey let's go this way!" Buck decided. We wordlessly followed him. We ended up in an open place this time. It was an old camp site! I felt the blood drain from my face. There was a torn, but standing, tent. It looked so familiar. Nobody else thought of it. "Let's stop here and start a fire." Jack took over. We were glad to have someone take charge. Drew tripped over something and tumbled to the ground, which was not unusual. We giggled and Jack pulled him up, "Hey look!" He pointed at what Drew had tripped on. It was cloth. Torn up pajamas. Riffi fearfully took my hand. I felt her tremble so I squeezed her. But nobody knew how much worse I felt inside. I was sure I knew this campsite! "Let's make the fire!" Drew hurried over to the spot that had been prepared for fires. There was hardly any wood left. "Does anyone know how to make a fire without matches or a lighter?" Jack looked at us hopefully. Slowly Buck raised his hand, "My Dad and I used to go camping, and we forgot matches one time, so Dad tried to show me how to make a fire without them. You'll like to know I sucked." "Well try." Jack handed him two dry sticks. Buck knelt down beside the fire-place and began working. Riffi and Drew checked out the tent while me and Jack began looking for more wood. We had to go a slight way into the woods for the best wood. "Do you think the monster is real?" I asked, remembering. "There's one thing for sure-there's no such thing as a monster. And whatever it is, goes out to the city, after ten, so I think we'll be fine." That sounded so good and made me feel better. "This'll be like camping out!" Jack sounded actually cheerful. "Yep." I tried to do the same. "Hey guess what! I have a small flashlight in my pocket! Isn't that fortunate?" Jack pulled it out and began shining it around. "That's definitely better!" I agreed. Suddenly I fell over something. Jack sighed and yanked me up, "I thought Drew was the clumsy one." I snickered. Jack shone the light at whatever I'd fallen over. Three half rotted, half eaten corpses lay there. I gasped and backed away. "So that's what stinks!" Jack groaned, still shining it at them, "I'm guessing those were the campers." I began to tremble but I forced myself to look. They were all women. It had probably been a few years, judging by the fact that they were rotting in some places. But not much actually. But they'd been badly bitten in places. One lady didn't even look like a lady. Her face was black from old blood. Her nose was missing too. The other lady's clothes must've been the pajamas Drew had tripped over because she was so naked that Jack was uncomfortable looking at her. She had ribs sticking out of her stomach. And black blood everywhere. But it was the other lady that almost made me die right there and then. Her face features were beautiful although dead. A black streak trailed down the side of her mouth. Her clothes were torn and rotting on her broken body. The pajamas were familiar. I remembered always snuggling up next to her in those soft pjs as a baby girl. "Mom?!" I whispered.

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