Chapter 1: Prologue: The Maelstroms Evolution

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Pairing Naruto x Anko x Yugao x Kurenai x Hana x Tsume x Tsunade

"Ssj" Demon/God

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Summary: After the battle at VOTE, a mentally exhausted Naruto makes a deal with Kyuubi for strength and knowledge of his heritage for Kyuubi's freedom. After getting the abilities of 10 individuals from different dimensions. Naruto / Harem God-like Naruto

Floating in the middle of a lake unconscious was a boy about 5'0 with Golden-Blond hair blue eyes and 6 whisker-like marks on his cheeks wearing a hideous orange jumpsuit orange paints. This boy name is Naruto Uzumaki he just got fighting his 'friend' sasuke and losing. Currently he is walking through mindscape wallowing in his pity that he was not strong enough to stop him. What he does not know is he is about to get a wake up call.



Standing in front of the cell of his tenant the Kyuubi no Kitsune was Naruto

"Your pathetic ningen" said the powerful booming voice of the Kyuubi

"Well why won't you help me get stronger since you're the all mighty kyuubi" Said Naruto sarcastically

"Ok I will "Said Kyuubi

"W-what! Really wait what's the catch?" asked suspiciously Naruto

"You agree to fell me and I'll bring 10 strong individuals from different dimensions here and give you there memories and abilities and knowledge of your parents". Said Kyuubi smirking

"Y-you know who my parents are but the old man said no one knew who my parents were?" Asked Naruto shocked

"He also said he didn't know why you were hated a lot of people lie to you ningen now do you want the deal or not?" Asked kyuubi

"Yes I want the power first so what do I do?" asked a thoughtful Naruto obviously contemplating what he was just told

"Rip the four corners of the seal." answered the kyuubi

"Ok" said Naruto

Naruto went up, and ripped the four corners and was shocked when kyuubi got bigger and grew another tail. Looking at the fox he saw that he was also shocked at what happened and he seemed happy that it did happen. As well when a white orb shot out of the seal and Naruto started felling as if a hole has been filled.

"W-what happened?" asked Naruto shocked

It seems when you ripped that kanji the yang half of my power returned and the chakra I've regenerated gave me a another tail and now I'm the Juubi no Yoko. And your true personality came back to you so you can drop the mask ningen" answered an excited Juubi

"I was going to do that anyway lets go we have a deal to complete" said Naruto impatiently

"Hump pathetic ningen" says Juubi before flaring his youki.

His youki seeps out of his cell and forms into ten puddles then they transform into ten men.

"W-what the hell happened where am I" thought the men

"Greetings hairless apes I have summoned each of you to give the ningen in front of you your powers and copies of your memories and before any of you complain you don't have a choice in the matter so introduce yourselves to the ningen so I can finish the deal and get my freedom." said Juubi

The men look at each other then shrugged and started to introduce themselves to Naruto.

"Hello young one I am Takeshi Uzumaki also known as the Rikudou Sennin" said Rikudou with a soft smile making Naruto and three others eyes widen. He was wearing a white kimono that covered his entire body and had glowing purple eyes with 3 rings the legendary rinnegan.

"My name is Hashirama Senju the First Hokage" Said Hashirama spoke with a grin .He was wearing a green cloak with the senju clan symbol.

"My name is Madara Uchiha The First Uchiha Clan Head!" Said Madara stated arrogantly Juubi started growling in the background at that name. He was wearing a Black cloak with the uchiha symbol

"My name is Juchiro Hyuga the first byuakugan and juken master." said Juchiro said emotionlessly. He was wearing a lavender cloak with the Hyuga symbol on it (wearing cloaks because there dead)

"My name is Klaus and I'm a Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid." said Klaus said with a smirk. He was wearing a black leather jacket with black jeans and black church shoes.

"Hey I'm Goku! And I'm a Saiyan" Said Goku enthusiastically he was wearing a Blue-Gi with Baggy blue pants with white wristbands he also had a monkey tail.

"I am Flash and I'm The Fastest Man Alive." Said Flash proudly. He was wearing red spandex that had a lightning bolt on his chest.

"My name is Alex Mercer I am a killer, a monster, a terrorist" He said emotionlessly. He was wearing a Leather Jacket over a grey hoddie which was up.

"My name is Ichigo Kurosaki and I'm a Soul Reaper" He spoke with a scowl. He was wearing a Black Shihakusho that was tattered at the end he also had a black katana with 5 chain links at the handle.

"My Name Is Ulquiorra Schiffer the Fourth Espada." Ulquiorra Said emotionlessly Feeling Ichigo's Glare. He just clad in all white with pale skin and green cat like eyes that reminded Naruto of Orochimaru.

After introducing and giving a brief summary of things they have done Naruto was very excited to get there abilities.

"Jackpot" thought Naruto in awe

"Well I'm Naruto Uzumaki and this is my mindscape and the fur ball here summoned you all her to give me copies of your memories and abilities so I can get stronger." said Naruto giddily at the thought of being able to do at least half the things they said they can do.

"Your kidding right what makes you think we'll allow that to happen?" asked Klaus tensing.

"You don't have a choice each of you are all spirits and when you leave you wont remember any of this! So just sit back and shut up while I do this." Said Juubi rudely

"Think of it like I'm your heir or something." Said Naruto

Blowing a stream of white fire at 11 people outside his cell the Juubi transferred 10 sets of memories and abilities to Naruto. All of a sudden Naruto screamed and clutching his head in pain . The sound of bones breaking and tissue ripping resounded around his mindscape. Staggering to his feet Naruto still clutching his head Naruto grunted in pain as his eyes went from Sharingan to Byuakugan then to Rinnegan the they fused together. Then his eyes turned back to normal with the sclera turned blood red and veins on the side of his eyes. Then he grew a tail and his eyes turned teal and his hair turned crimson. Then everything went back to normal but he had a few changes the shot up to 5'6 and his hair got longer reaching mid back also getting red streaks throughout his hair . His whisker marks got more defined and his body filled out looking very ripped with an eight pack and his pants becoming to tight.

"W-wow I fell amazing" said Naruto he noticed his voice was deeper then before looking around he saw that his predecessors where gone. Shrugging it off as un important he turn o face the Juubi when the Juubi stuck his tail through the bars.

Seeing the confusion on his wardens face he explained what to do.

"Grab my tail and see for your self what happened that night!" said Juubi

Grabbing the tail Naruto was assaulted with the memories of that night seeing and a few things stood out to him an Uchiha that had the same Ki signature as Kakashi's Sharingan was responsible for the attack meaning whoever gave that eye to Kakashi is responsible. And The Fourth Hokage was his father and sealed the kyuubi into him because he wanted Naruto was some child of prophecy. And that his mother loved him and wanted Hiruzen to keep his existence as a Jinchurricki a secret which was ignored. But the main thing that was most important right now was that the Kyuubi tried to kill him but ended up killing his mom instead. Making up his mind with what he was about to do next Naruto walked forward while wiping his tears away he reached to pull the seal all the way of but his wrist was grabbed before he could pull it off.

"What do you think your doing son?" asked the owner of the voice who Naruto has come to despise lately "The Forth Hokage" Minato Namikaze Naruto's father

Ripping his are free instinctively using the Blacklight virus Naruto consumed him before he could say anything else.

Clutching his head as he went through his memories and smirking as all the Fuinjutsu and Jutsu he just got Naruto frowned when he one memory came up.


Sitting in the Hokage's Office was looking him in the face was His sensei and student

Jiraya of the Sannin and Kakashi Hatake.

"So you guys are serious about this?" asked Minato leaning forward.

"Yes!" said Jiraya. "please let me be your sons God-Father

"Yeah I want to be your sons god-brother sensei!" begged Kakashi

"…sigh…fine you guys don't have to beg." said Minato smirking

Yes! We promise Minato should anything happen to you or Kushina we would watch over little Naruto and be there for him every step of his life!. Said Jiraya While Kakashi nodded in agreement.

End of Memory!

After seeing that he crosses off Kakashi and Jiraya of his most trusted list and forgives his father but remain disappointed in him.

Continuing his plan Naruto rips of the seal and the gates fly open.

"Ha…I'm free but first ima kill yo- huh! "Said Juubi but when he looks around for Naruto but he doesn't see him feeling something on his head he looks up and sees Naruto smirking with his new hybrid features smirking at him.

"You didn't actually think I was going to free the demon that killed my mother did you " Said Naruto sneering at the Juubi "because if you did your very stupid but thanks for the upgrades you overgrown mutt.!"

Before Juubi could do anything Naruto extended biomass into his fist and punched a hole into Juubi head and started to consume him.

"AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh…..Y-you filthy ningen how dare youuuuuuuuuuu…..!" screamed the Juubi No Yoko before he was consumed by Naruto. Before a Flash of light covered the area

Clutching his head while grunting in pain from a millennium worth of memories Naruto looked around to see that he was in a see of white and he was staring at a beautiful red haired goddess who was wearing a white kimono with Uzumaki swirls decorating and was smiling at him tearfully.

Trembling Naruto walked to her then ran and wrapped her in a comforting hug while crying.

"Sob…Kaa…Kaa-san…I always wanted to meet you" cried Naruto

"Shh…Shh…it's ok Sochi I'm here." said Kushina patting Naruto's back

After a moment of crying Naruto pulled back and smiled brightly at her.

"H-how are you here?" asked Naruto

"your Father sealed my chakra into the seal to come help you control the fox's power but you didn't need it after all" said Kushina Smiling

Rubbing the back of his head while smiling sheepishly Naruto mumbled "well at least he did something good that day"

"well anyway Kaa-san I'm happy to see you but I can tell you don't have much time left so I just want to say this; I love you even though you weren't there you gave me so much love in those moments we were together. I did go through hardships in life but Anko, Kurenai, Yugao, Hana and Tsume were there for me. I don't hate you or dad might be disappointed with his faith in those villagers but at least his heart was in the right place." said Naruto smiling.

Kushina grew tearful and hugged him

"Thank you Sochi you don't know how much that means to me. Now listen very closely Naruto-kun I want you to know that no matter what you do I will always love you no matter what you do. As far as I'm concerned Jiraya and Kakashi have failed in the duties they promised to complete you don't have to forgive them but that's your decision. I want you to give me lots of grandkids to spoil as well. Thank you for letting me be your mother. I love you so much Sochi." said Kushina as she passed on.

After a flash of light Naruto found himself standing in his mindscape again.

"Thank You Kaa-San." said Naruto as he looked around and decided to change his mindscape concentrating Naruto found himself in a field that had 10 houses with names labeled on them.

Getting a better look he saw that they had the names of his predecessors on them shrugging with but a thought Naruto created 500 clones.

"I want all of you to split into groups of 50 and go into each of the houses 25 of you read every thing and the other 25 master any techniques you find in side." Ordered Naruto

"HAI" chorus the clones. As they started to follow orders.

Naruto nodded and walked a few feet away and sat down then started to scroll through the memories he had gotten.

Real World:

Konoha Hospital

Rm. 213

Laying on the bed was Naruto he was picked by Kakashi after his body changed with his new abilities standing outside the room was Naruto true Friends and secret girlfriends Anko Mitarashi, Kurenai Yuhi, Yugao Uzuki, Hana and Tsume Inuzuka. The only one that was missing was Tsunade Senju who was walking to Naruto room with Jiraya and Kakashi. Currently inside the room was Sakura Haruno who was glaring at Naruto's form.

"…Groan… ahh shit my head." said Naruto waking up to get ready to finish his transition into an vampire.

He looks around and sees sakura glaring at him.

"Oh great this stupid cunt. why have your forsaken me Kami. Sigh… She's probably here to bitch and moan bout the emo" thought Naruto

"Can I help you Haruno-san." Asked Naruto coldly

Sakura was bout to yell but did a double take and thought she was hearing things.

"Here we go." thought Naruto.

"You promised that you would bring him back and you failed I should've -." spoke sakura.

"You would've what you stupid cow!" interrupted Naruto he could sense his girlfriends outside the door along with Kakashi and Jiraya.

"W-what." stuttered Sakura shocked that Naruto would say that to her.

At least I did something while you just stayed here crying like you all ways do the prick's gone so find something else to worship!" said Naruto.

I see he's just jelous sasuke-kun was better and we were in love with each other and I didn't want him." thought Sakura.

"I see your just jealous of me and sasuke-kun!" screamed sakura.

"W-what?!" said Naruto flabbergasted.

"yeah you let the sound nin take my sasuke-kun away" Said Sakura.

Naruto just continued to look at her like she was crazy.

"But don't worry I'm going with you next time so you don't screw up again" said Sakura.

"What the hell are you talking about there is no next time Sasuke Uchiha is a missing-nin who has deserted the leaf for an S rank criminal Who is wanted for the murder of the Third Hokage. Next time I see that prick I'll bring him back but it'll be hiss head in a storage scroll." said a smirking Naruto.

"WHAT! Y-you wouldn't do that sasuke-kun is like a brother to you!" Sakura screeched.

"pfft…yeah whatever you say. You see I have a new outlook on life now all Uchiha's Deserve to be destroyed they are nothing but power hungry psychopaths anyway, well except for Mikoto but sasuke is more like that prick he called father. A good Uchiha is a dead one as far as I'm concerned." said Naruto cheerfully.

"your just mad because sasuke was born into a strong family" started Sakura

"Sakura I'm warning you, don't go there" warned Naruto.

"And you were born from no name ninja and a drunken whor…mmmph!"


While sakura was talking Naruto was slowly giving in to his bloodlust the moment sakura tried to insult his mom Naruto vanished from bed appeared over in mid flip grab her by her face and landed he proceeded to throw her out the door embedding her into a wall in the hallway unconscious with the door of it's hinges the people out side looked at the new Naruto wide eyed, before blushes came to his girlfriends faces. Suddenly Anko grinned sadistically and with speed through a kunai at Naruto hopping to graze Naruto's cheek. What she didn't count on was Naruto catching the kunai and sending it back faster grazing her cheek using speed none could track Naruto buzzed in to existence behind he and like the blood off her cheek completing his transition and causing her to shiver in pleasure while grinding his package into her rear. Naruto was tempted to drain her dry but then he remembered who she was so he held off.

"hmmm…Anko-chan you have to try better next time and besides I have something else you can drink." whispered Naruto huskily. Causing Anko to blush.

Reappearing in front of them smirking shivering from a breeze he looked down to see he only had on a pear of black boxers shrugging and using biomass to create some clothes. (picture Gogeta's clothes)

He then took a look around the room to see his girlfriends as well as Kakashi and Jiraya. Stopping at the last to he began to glare at them causing them to frown in confusion.

"what's this felling of dread all of a sudden." They thought.

"What do you two want." said Naruto coldly.

Seeing the trouble Kakashi and Jiraya where in Anko, Yugao, Kurenai, Hana, Tsume, and Tsunade stepped away from them.

"W-what's the matter Naruto what are you mad at us for." Jiraya asked.

"Ok Explain to me why I have to find out through other means that you both were name my godfather and god brother?" asked Naruto. Kakashi and Jiraya breath hitched at the question.

"Or the fact that you both begged my father for those positions and promised should anything happen to him or my mother you would take care of me?" he continued. At this point all the blood in Jiraya and Kakashi faces drained completely.

"W-who told you that" asked the trembling Kakashi.

"I see no reason to answer the questions of men who abandoned me then come back fifth teen years later and try to be a role model all of a sudden." said Naruto coldly.

"W-wait we can explain" said Jiraya.

There's nothing to explain you both have be in the leaf village when I was growing up. Kakashi as an Anbu and even then you ignored me. And you Jiraya you came to the village every five month's to report to the old man." said Naruto coldly "you both betrayed my father that's good enough for me to wipe my hands with you."

Turning his back on them Naruto became cheerful seeing his future mates.

"I would like to talk to you 6 in private it's very important." said Naruto seriously. Tsunade seeing his face nods and they all sunshins away

Senju compound.

Sitting across from the girls Naruto prepares to show them what happened to him. Taking out his eyeball and crushing it while a new one regenerated in instant before they can do anything.

25 minute Time-skip:

Shocked at what they just watched they turned to Naruto.

"So you just got all these cool abilities basically making you an god on earth what're going to do now." asked Hana after getting out of her shock.

"I want to give each of you some of my abilities because I love each of you." answered Naruto smiling when they gasped in shock.

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