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Story Start


Senju Compound

Naruto was sitting waiting for his girlfriends answer.

"Will there be any drawbacks to this Naruto Kun?" asked Tsunade

"no there wont I'll start your transition into vampires and while using the abilities I got from Alex and add some abilities to your genetic code as well you guys will probably get the Blacklight virus and it might mutate the abilities I give you." naruto explained seeing he had their attention. "You also might de-age to about 21 years of age Tsunade and Tsume other then that there would be no changes to your bodies." he added shocking them.

"but what about the sun?" asked Kurenai " I thought vampires couldn't go in sunlight." she added.

"I got that covered" he said before flaring his rinnegan and focusing and using the creation of all things jutsu to create six necklaces he then drew a seal on the back to create a invisible barrier to protect the wearer from the sun UV rays. He then placed them around the girls neck. Anko's has a purple viper , Yugao's has a ice angel, Kurenai's has a ruby colored rose, Hana's has a dog's fang, Tsume had a wolfs head, and Tsunade's had the Senju clan symbol surrounded by vines.

"there that should protect you guys from the sun there in tune with your chakra only you can remove them so it's impossible to lose them or someone to steal them.." he explained before the girls squealed and tackled him to the ground.

After getting off the ground the girls say they are ready.

"ok but first I want to mark you as my mates and you guys do the same when you bite my neck channel your chakra into your teeth and make sure my blood is in your system" he explained while the girls nod and Anko smirk.

Once he was finished marking them naruto took a deep breath

"this is going to hurt so I'm apologizing in advance." he said before they could voice the confusion he used the speed he got from flash and proceed to snapped there necks.

Creating Clones he took the upstairs to the master bedroom and used his rinnegan to create 2 more beds he then placed 2 girls each in the bed and the clones proceeded to give them an ability using the Blacklight virus.

You go to the hospital and get Hashirama's, Madara's, Tobirama's, Orochimaru's, Sandaime's, and Dad's blood make sure your not seen by anyone." Naruto ordered a clone after they were done.

With the Clone (C-Naruto):

C-Naruto was zipping through the village on his way back from the hospital with the blood when he heard his name in a conversation he skidded to a stop and then looked over the edge he saw Jiraya and Kakashi talking about him.

Jiraya & Kakashi

"What are we gonna do Kakashi Naruto knows we abandoned him and wants nothing to do with us" said Jiraya seriously.

'I don't know maybe we can get Inoichi to erase the memory from his head and replace it with a unbreakable resolve to save Sasuke from Orochimaru" said Kakashi while C-Naruto glared at him.

"w-what are you saying he's your sensei's son why would you want to do that to him?" asked Jiraya not believing what Kakashi just said.

"Sandaime sama wanted Naruto as a weapon and this is what sensei would have wanted it is the only way he will protect the village without the option of going rouge." said Kakashi seeing Jiraya glare at him.

"I don't believe this you bastards didn't even care about him all you wanted was for him to be your little pet, well to bad I'll make sure that never happens I'll earn his trust back myself." said Jiraya turning his back on Kakashi.

"you didn't care about him either so don't act like you care about him now." said Kakashi

"I've all ways cared about him I gave him that frog wallet to at least let him know that their was someone out there that cared about him since sensei forbid me from taking care of him so I set my self to work to protect him from threats outside the village." Jiraya said shocking both C-Naruto and Kakashi

C-Naruto seeing Jiraya shunshin away takes off faster than before to the Senju Compound

With Naruto:

Naruto was standing in front of a 7 clones giving them orders

"I want you guys to recreate some of the zanpaktou's from Ichigo's and Ulquiorra's memories chose 1 I brought a vile of there blood I want you guys to tune the blades into there blood try to make mine a combination of Zangetsu and Mercilago." he focused and brought out one of the Juubi's fangs from his mindscape. "use this it's more then enough." he finished before leaving.

As soon as naruto turned the corner into the kitchen the clone with the blood packs showed up before he dropped the packs and dispelling. Once naruto got the memories back he smiled while taking out his frog wallet and looking at it.

"…sigh…I guess Jiraya can get another chance to earn my trust back." he thought. Before taking the blood packs and pouring them into a blender and mixing them up then he poured the blood into cups and went up stairs and set them on a table by one of the girls before he went to the corner and sat in the chair and waited for them to wake up.

2 hours later

"GASP!" was what naruto heard as his eyes snapped open to see the girls waking up from there forced induced sleep.

"hello girls welcome back." he said drawing there attention.

"w-what happened to us." asked Yugao as she and the girls looked at Naruto in lust but they were so thirsty.

"You guys are in transition right now the cups next to you are for you guys to drink you need blood to complete the transition, but be careful the Blacklight virus mutated the vampire abilities you have now the blood you drink you will have there memories and abilities but you'll still have to train in them though." Naruto explained while the girls took the cups and drowned them before they clutched there heads seeing memories of past Hokages and Madaras memories before their eyes snapped open to reveal the first stage sharingan in there eyes.

"wow what a rush" said Anko while she looked around with her new dojutsu

" yeah to block out the memories all you have to do is focus" said naruto wile he walked to Tsunade who was sill clutching her eyes.

"W-what's wrong with m-my e-eyes t-they hurt." she said grunting in pain

"shh shhh it's alright calm down he said while placing his hand on Tsunade's head before white chakra spread around his hand.

"Tsu chan open your eyes" he said gently. While the girls looked over his shoulder curiously when Tsunade opened her eyes they gasped and Naruto smirked. Looking back at him was Tsunade's rinnegan eyes.

W-wow this is great…Naruto kun why are the girls looking at me like that? She asked after looking around the room. Naruto showed her a mirror when she took it she found her self looking into her rinnegan she was shocked she dropped the mirror and turned to Naruto.

"w-what…how do I have the rinnegan?" she asked

"I guess since you already had uzumaki blood and Senju blood the uchiha blood that you drank as well as the Blacklight virus mixed them together." I'll leave a scroll of all the memories I got from the Rikudo Sennin so you could learn from it." he said she nodded her head as she deactivated her rinnegan, while Naruto stood up.

"Get dressed were going hunting." he said creating a leather jacket and black clothes for them to wear.

"where at?" asked Hana as the girls started to pick out some clothes to wear.

"I had a clone go locate ant bandit camps I figured you guys should get used to your vampire abilities." he said making Anko's face light up.

"oh yeah it turns out that Sarutobi had ordered Jiraya to stay away from me." he said shocking them . "he'll probably want to ask you Tsunade to let him take me on a training trip even though I don't need one but I'll go with him to see if he means it and I always wanted to see the elemental nations.

Tsunade nods her head and once everyone was ready Naruto makes sure all of them are linked he then uses instant transmission to leave the village.

A week later

It's been a week since naruto got his new abilities and shared them with his wives. He was currently walking through the forest of death looking for Anko catching the scent of blood Naruto took off in the direction when he got there he saw anko feeding on a civilian

"Ahem.." Anko looked up showing the sclera of her eyes was filled with blood and veins on the side of her eyes and her fangs dripping blood she sees Naruto looking at her amused causing her to smile sheepishly.

"Hello Naru kun what are you doing here." asked Anko before she set the body of the civilian on fire.

"I'm leaving with jiraya in a few hours in I wanted to give you this scroll. I hope you covered your tracks Hebi chan." Naruto said unsealing a book from his shoulder

"yeah I did he was some pedophile trying to lure in little girls to rape them." she said wiping her mouth "so what's the book for." she asked

They are some soul reaper and arrancar techniques in here I wanted you and the girls to learn and I want you to get better with your Suzumebachi." he said handing her the book of techniques she sealed the book and took Naruto's hand and dragged him deeper into the forest for hours moans and grunts of pleasure could be heard all the way from the Tower.

3 hrs. later:

Standing in front of the west gate was naruto and his mates they were chatting about what naruto had planned while he was gone.

"I'll announce your heritage in a few hours I'll tell the council that you have a bloodline that give you the abilities of a vampire but your able to get the abilities of those who's blood you drink, I'll also tell them your able to give your wives the same abilities." said Tsunade

"you know they might say I'm getting unstable and I could turn on them while I'm out of the village."

"already got it covered I'll tell them you gave me your bloodline and marked me as your first wife and were going to rebuild our 3 clans together." explained Tsunade. Naruto smirked before all of there eyes narrowed.

Naruto looked at kurenai "you have to do something about her Nai-chan she's to shy for my taste I'll leave her to you her stalking is dangerous now we might be hungry and she will be the one we might feed on by accident." he said grimly while she nods her head in agreement they sense Jiraya appear and look in his direction to see him with a serious expression on his face.

"are you ready to go kid." said Jiraya naruto nodded then kissed his mates before he grabbed Jiraya by his arms and took off through the sky with jiraya screaming the whole way. While the girls laughed and kurenai went to deal with Hinata and the other went to take care of their business.

1 year later

Demon Country

It's been a year since naruto left the village he finally trusts Jiraya and he has become even more powerful after learning all the uzumaki clan secretes. He also has 3 more mates; Samui, Yugito he met while in lightning country when they were on missions he spent 6 months with them and when they fell for him he turned them but he kept Nibi unharmed since she was nice and cooperative even though she was perverted. They took Yugito took to using Blacklight more while Samui took to using reiatsu. He met Mei when she was injured from a fight with the loyalist he nursed her back to health and he went through heat a side effect he got from absorbing Juubi and he marked her and she didn't mind after they got to know each other naruto had trained her in her new abilities and he helped her fight Yagura and he had her absorb the Sanbi while in a henge of him so the Akatsuki would leave Kiri alone. She took to Elemental Ninjutsu more than anything else.

Naruto was currently leaving Demon Country after helping Priestess Shion with her demon problem before he sensed someone spying on him narrowing his eyes he vanishes and appears in front of a tree with his hand wrapped around someone's neck he jerks his hand out and a Venus Flytrap/man appear looking shocked. Naruto smirks sinisterly seeing the Akatsuki robes.

"so you were spying on me huh well all that info in your head will be useful lets hope your blood is good freak" said naruto before he proceeded to drain the thing that calls himself Zetsu he smirked at the memory and drops the body he then took the ring on Zetsu's finger.

"so this is there way of sealing the biju well they have more of these Zetsu things so they wouldn't care anyway but the knowledge he had was incredible." he thought he placed the ring on his finger before he found himself in a cave surrounded by 8 astral projections.

"Well isn't this interesting " he said getting there attention when they saw him they were shocked.

"Who are you where's Zetsu." said the rinnegan user who according to Zetsu's memories is called Pein who also happen to be a Uzumaki.

"Greetings Infidels my name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and I'm the Nine tails Jinchurriki" he said shocking them " as for Zetsu yeah well he wont be reporting in considering he's dead oh but don't worry you all will be joining him soon enough" he said before he started going through zetsu's memories "lets see who we got there's Deidara, Hidan, Kakuzu, Sasori, Nagato aka Pein, Konan, Kisame, and Itachi huh" he thought. "I would like to announce that you all are considered accomplices to the murder of my parents, what that means is I will find you and kill you Zetsu had all your secretes and I guess I do to hehehehahaha" he laughing shocking them into silence before he looked at them with his Juubigan blazing. "they all are dead none of them will be spared not the fake rinnegan user ,not the old man who looks like he been through a sowing machine, not the wannabe angel, not the psychotic priest, not the walking sushi dinner baby doll playing idiot, not the gender confused pyromaniac, not the pacifist uchiha with a death wish and certainly not some uchiha who deludes himself into thinking that he's Madara." he thought as he looked around the cave. "I'll be keeping Zetsu's ring, oh and Itachi don't worry about Sasuke I'll bring his head to you but don't count on his eyes though Ja ne." he said before looking at the Gedo Mizu he laughed then took his new ring off.

Looking at the ring naruto placed the ring in his pocket and flew to rice country.

Akatsuki Meeting

After Naruto left everyone was in a shocked induced stupor.

"I-Itachi I thought you said the kyuubi jinchurriki was an idiot with no talents at all!" shouted Pein the image of Naruto's juubigan still fresh in his mind.

"H-he should be weak that's the way the Sandaime wanted him to be I knew he hid behind a mask but I thought he would keep it on forever." Itachi spoke with a tremble thinking about what naruto might do with Sasuke since it's obvious this naruto is nothing like the one the Akatsuki heard of.

"W-we should prepare for him." spoke Kakuzu shivering

"Oi what the hell wrong with you Kakuzu he's just some brat he can't hurt us." said Hidan arrogantly.

"That brat happens to be in the international bingo book after he killed a battalion of loyalist in Kiri and defeat the Mizukage easily he then knocked the Sanbi uncurious before using some kind of black tendril that absorbed it and not even a week later he defeats 2 battalions of Iwa nin that brat is worse then his parents. It's said he gets the abilities and memories of anything those tendrils absorbed you saw his eyes they looked like the rinnegan mixed with a Sharingan and Byakugan." Kakuzu continued.

"If any of you run into him don't hold back but make sure he's near death then we'll extract kyuubi from him for this mockery of us." ordered Pein "this never happened do you understand you will all keep this incident a secret we will never talk about it again. We'll get another Zetsu Clone for Spy purposes Dismiss." he finished

"Hai" they yelled before vanishing

With naruto

Naruto was currently speeding down corridors looking into rooms since it seems that Orochimaru wasn't in the base after he found the ring attach to a hand in a jar he had sensed the ki of an uzumaki and he was looking for him/her.

Opening the door to the lab naruto walked into see a red headed girl with glasses looking at him with a flush face.

"um hello" said naruto awkwardly

"hello who are you your chakra is so warm" she said dreamily

"must be a sensor" he thought "my name is Naruto Uzumaki you have the life energy of one meaning you are a uzumaki what's your name." he said shocking her

"My name is Karin Uzumaki please take me with you I sense you have a lot of power more than Orochimaru and I always wanted to be with family." said Karin pleadingly.

Naruto nodded and signaled he to come closer when she did her blush got darker as he wrapped his arms around her and he vanished with her he then appeared in the air while pointing a finger at the base and a ball of chakra appeared.

"Bijudama" he thought. The imari shot of and destroyed the base while naruto flew off with his new charge.

And Done