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Pairing Naruto x Harem

"Juubi" Demon

"no" Characters Dialogs

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Story Start

2 years after last chapter

Naruto and Jiraiya were currently walking toward Konoha, they had meet back up with each other a week ago after Naruto sent Karin to the Village hidden in the Mist where she works as Mei's assistant. Naruto was currently wearing crimson tank top under a black trench coat with the kanji for Maelstrom on the back and black Anbu style pants with red and black steel capped boots. (Goku's Shoes)

The last two years had been interesting to say the least especially when he had got a surprise visit from the last person he would ever expect.


In a bandit camp we find Karin and Naruto, Karin was hunched over with her head in a mans neck moaning as she drained the main of his life essence while Naruto was leaning against a tree around the clearing was dozens of bodies burning all drained of blood.

"Remember Karin, if a human has committed a sin he deserves death, killing him saves future people he would've targeted." Naruto said leaning on the tree.

It had been a year since Naruto had found Karin and she has been learning much since they'd been together. He had trained her on the home of their ancestors Uzushiogakure. He turned her when she asked him to as she proclaimed her love for him, he gave her Flash's speed, the Rinnegan, and Blacklight with her Vampire abilities. She took more to Flash's speed using it with her Chakra scalpel making her more deadly. They had happened on a group of bandits that were going to rape some women from a near by town and Naruto made Karin feed on human blood for the first time since she's been drinking animal blood since her transformation.

Sensing something behind him Naruto turned to see a beautiful blond haired woman with golden eyes looking at him smiling, her golden eyes held power.

"Hello miss, may we help you?" asked Naruto smiling gently

"not really, I just wanted to meet the new Juubi." the mysterious woman said causing Naruto's eyes to widen briefly

"How do you know that information?" he asked "She has a celestial aura around her" he thought

"My name is Kami" she said while Naruto's breath hitched "I have a proposition for you Naruto-kun"

"I'm listening Kami-sama." Naruto said respectfully although he wouldn't bow to her, something she noticed.

"He's respectful but he won't bow to no one not even me, he's the perfect mate"Kami thought smiling "I'm sure you know that since your immortal and have the abilities of various people your sense of adventure will not be quenched easily?"she said while he nodded " I'm offering you the ability to travel dimensions and multi-verses." she said while his eyes widen

"That's interesting but what about my mates, I won't just leave them here?" he asked although he was giddy about a ability like that.

"They are welcome to leave with you but only one of them are allowed to go to different dimensions with you, though there may be some where you all can go, but the multi-verses are off limits to them." she explained while Naruto nodded in understanding

"So what do you need?" Naruto asked smiling

"I want you to absorb the original Juubi that the Akatsuki will revive." she said seeing Naruto about to talk she raised her hand " You can still kill them, but some things have to happen here's a journal about what needs to happen." she handed him a white journal before she kissed his lips " your are now my mate, I've laid claimed to you, your other mates will be giving seats on my council. I cant wait to see you when you bring peace to this realm Naruto-kun." she said before she vanished in a white flash leaving a bewildered and turned on Naruto behind.

"Well at least she knows what she wants." he whispered before he looked at the first page in the journal. "She wants me to let Sasuke go the next time I see him…fine I'll do it, but it'll be the same result in the end, he will die by my hand." he thought smirking evilly as he turned to Karin who was watching him in lust in front of the dead corpses burning. He smirked and tackled her to a tree were he proceeded to ravish her body.

End Flashback

Hokage Tower

A smile was adorned on the face of an 21 year old Tsunade as her eyes were glued to the horizon, from her office. The entire village knew that her youth had returned although they don't know the specifics only that Naruto had something to do with it. She was wearing her original outfit the only difference about her was that she had crimson red highlights in her hair.

"Today's the day Naruto-kun comes home." thought Tsunade before she turned to the paperwork on her desk that her clones had finished up while she closed her eyes.

At the Main Gate

The duo of Izumo and Kotetsu watched in surprise as the duo of a white haired man towering over six feet along with a 6'2 blonde haired man whose hair was tied in a ponytail reaching to his mid back that had red streaks throughout his hair walk past the gates of Konoha not even bothering to register their entry in the village. Normally the two Chunin would quickly spring into action and intercept people who entered Konoha without proof or registration, but they didn't do so with old man as they recognized him with a single glance.

"Hey, isn't that…?" asked a shocked Kotetsu to his partner as he watched the duo walk past them.

"Yep, that's Jiraiya-sama alright, so the other one must be Namikaze-sama then", answered an equally shocked Izumo.

"It's been two and a half years…" said Naruto as his eyes gazed at his home.

"Indeed…" said Jiraiya as he watched the excitement in his godson's eyes although he was in Naruto's good graces he knew that the boy still kept secrets from him.

"Let's go gaki before Tsunade comes searching for us for not going directly to meet her after she knows we are back. I don't want to be on the receiving end of her fists", said Jiraiya as he shivered as an image of Tsunade punching him flashed in his mind. She had given him strict orders that they were to directly meet her the moment they stepped a foot in Konoha.

" yes lets go, can't wait to see my himes after so long." said Naruto as he looked at the Hokage's monument that had Tsunade's head on it.

"still can't believe you actually bagged Tsunade-hime" said Jiraiya looking at Naruto in awe.

"Don't be jealous old man. Just don't stress about it, wouldn't want anymore wrinkles would we?" said Naruto as he walked towards the Hokage Tower smiling.


On a beach overlooking the sea was Tsunade she was drinking sake waiting for her guess to join her and she didn't have to wait long as a figure emerged from the water was a chocolate skinned blonde woman wearing all white, she had the same build as Tsunade with sea green eyes. She was Tier Harribel Tsunade's Zanpakuto spirit.

A year and a ½ ago when Tsunade and her sisters where training with the swords Naruto made for them they found out that the swords had spirits in them that where made from the left over Reiatsu signatures that were on Ichigo's and Ulquiorra's souls using Blacklight Naruto was able to put those signatures into the zanpaktou's.

"Tier-chan why don't you join me for some sake?" Tsunade asked her spirit who she came to see as a sister.

"Sure. Tsu-chan, I see today's the day Naruto-kun comes back." Tier commented after taking off her mask fragment which she found out she could do unlike her original self.

"yep, can't wait for my koi to come back." Tsunade said giggling perversely before she composed herself. " I can't help but wonder, how he'll react to the other members of Team 7." Tsunade said

"You said it sister. So how's your Bala coming along?" Tier asked drinking more sake

"Oh it's great watch." Tsunade placed her saucer down, before she walked to the shore ling and bent her knees slightly with her hand drawn back into a fist, as a yellow aura rotated around her fist with yellow lightning flickering around it, when she threw her fist forward

"Bala!" a blast discharged from her fist and flew across the water, as the water parted reaching a hundred feet in the air, as the sea floor was shown. While Tier looked shocked.

"Wow, I never knew it could be so powerful."

"yeah, I took to Hollow abilities more than my other sisters have." said Tsunade rubbing the back of her head reminiscent to Naruto

"yeah, I can see that." said Tier before she looked up "seems someone just walked into your office Tsunade-chan." she finished

"alright see you later." said Tsunade as her body faded away

Real World

Tsunade opened her eyes to see Jiraiya and Naruto standing in front of her desk.

"Damn, he's grown… oohhh as much as I want to get up and hug him, I know for a fact, I won't be able to control myself." she thought looking at Naruto in lust, before she composed herself for the time being

"Naruto! Jiraiya! Long time no see, you two", she said a smile on her face.

"Sleeping on the job Tsu-hime, shame on you." Naruto said smiling while her eye twitched.

"Shut up koi. I wasn't sleeping I was meditating." said Tsunade with a pout "so how was your trip?"

"Awesome. I meet new people, made a name for myself, and got stronger." said Naruto with a grin plastered on his face although Tsunade caught his eyes shift to Jiraiya. Which she took as him not knowing all of Naruto's abilities

"yeah we'll see what you got later on at the evaluation." Tsunade said while Naruto tilted his head to the side before shacking it off.

"yeah ok. So has anything changed here?" asked Naruto

"Well, yeah while you were gone Kakashi tried to get Inoichi to seal away your memories of the retrieval mission." she said causing Naruto and Jiraiya to scowl "but we took care of it he doesn't remember what happened after he brought you back to the village." she explained while Naruto nodded "Sakura thinks the conformation between you too was a genjutsu and think you left the village so you can fulfill your promise to her." she finished while Naruto shook his head exasperated

"Wow girl sure is devoted to getting the Uchiha here" Jiraiya stated shaking his head

"I'll say. I trained her in medic ninjutsu and my super strength because she kept annoying me" Tsunade said making Jiraiya's eyes widen while Naruto raised an eyebrow "Anyway you are going to be evaluated by the strongest Jonin in the village, who specialize in their own fields. Mainly Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Kenjutsu." she finished causing Naruto to smile and Jiraiya's eyes to widen.

"Jiraiya can you give me and Naruto-kun some time alone please." Tsunade stated Jiraiya was going to say something, before he caught the look in Tsunade's eyes as she continues to look at Naruto, thinking this could be the perfect chance to do research at the hot springs he shunshin'd out of the office.

Naruto looked to see Jiraiya shunshin away and as soon as he was gone Tsunade rushed him.

"eager are we?" Naruto asked while Tsunade grinded her hips into him

"I haven't had the pleasure of male flesh for three years with my new body, so I have a lot of energy to burn off, and the girls are on late duty today so I have you too myself" she said giggling

"What about work?" asked Naruto curiously but a blood clone fazed into existence "oh that works." he commented, before Naruto opened a Garganta beneath him, over Tsunade's bed while they fell through it.

Next Day

Naruto awoke to the sun shining in his eyes when his eyes adjusted he looked around the room rto see it destroyed from his and Tsunade's activities. He looked down to see Tsunade sleeping on his chest, smiling he kissed the top of her head and woke her up with a thrust of his hips since his member was still inside of her.

"moan…want to go again naru-koi?" asked Tsunade as she looked up at Naruto who smiled.

"Later on. We have to get up now though I have that evaluation yesterday." Naruto said while Tsunade's eyes widen seeing it was 9:00 before she vanished in a green flash into the bathroom where the sound of the shower running came to life to life.

"Guess they mastered the Hiraishin as well." Naruto thought before he got out of bed and used the Blacklight virus to make him some boxers and pants.

As he walked down the hallway he peaked into his room to see Anko, Kurenai, Yugao, Tsume, and Hana inside his bed each holding a stuff foxes.

Smiling Naruto closed the door softly before he went to join Tsunade in the shower.

3 hrs later

Naruto could be seen with Shizune walking down the road to the Hokage's tower talking and laughing

"So Tsunade turned you?" asked Naruto

"yes, she said it was her way of saying she was thankful for me being there for her." said Shizune smiling while Naruto wrapped an arm around her shoulders

"do you like being one of us?" he asked

"most definitely, it's exhilarating and I wouldn't change it for the world." Shizune said before she kissed Naruto's lips before he could react. "I want to be a member of your clan as a wife." Shizune said

"ok, well talk about it later, but first we have to get going." Naruto said before he pecked her lips and they entered the office to see Tsunade sealing Tiburon into her shoulder.

"So I take it your ready?" she asked

"Yep. I've spent the whole day keeping myself from the others senses, so I can surprise them. I'm ready to see how everyone's changed if at all." Naruto replied before the three shunshin'd away

Training Field 7

Genin, Chunin, Jonin, ANBU, the Clan Heads and Three elders were at the training field waiting for some nin, Tsunade had said was returning. In this group were the Rookies, Konohamaru Corps., as well as the Jonin sensei's that trained the rookies.

The rookie 12 had changed quite a bit over the years since Naruto was away.

Sakura had taken her training seriously under Tsunade and became what people had dubbed, 'Mini Tsunade' with her strength and expertise in the medical department. She had also been dying to get ready to search for Sasuke. The fact that he was away tore her heart out, she honestly couldn't care less if Naruto died on the mission to bring him back, but he was essential to her plans to get him back all she had to do was manipulate him into thinking she loved him and then drop him like a bad habit when her Sasuke returned. She changed her outfit which now consisted of the same basic red top as in, with black gloves, black high-heeled boots, black shorts, short pink apron-like skirt, and pink elbow protectors. She wore a pair of black gloves and her forehead protector has also changed to red in color.

Ino had changed drastically, ever since Naruto left, she had become more focused on her training much to everyone's shock, she learnt most of her family's jutsu as well as an array of elemental jutsu that had helped her greatly in missions. Ino had removed the bandages that she used to wear around her waist which allowed her stomach to be seen and replaced the fabric arm wear on her elbows with fishnet and also wears fishnet over her knees. Ino is now equipped with a Chunin's tanto, which she wears above her medical pouch much like Sakura.

Shikamaru hadn't honestly changed much, he has grown noticeably taller and has also gone under a costume change, sporting a different undershirt and pants, and changing his earrings from rings to studs, though the placement of his headband is the same place as it always was, he was also wearing a flak jacket ever since he first became a Chunin.

Choji hadn't changed much either other than deciding to take his training more seriously since in the retrieval mission he was beaten within an inch of his life thanks to his families pills, ever since then he had never had to use them. Choji has brown hair, swirl marks on his cheeks, and like the rest of his clan, he has a much rounder physique than most other people. He sports a red top with armor on his torso, arms, and upper legs, similar to his father. On the front of his chest armor is the obligatory kanji for "eat". His brown hair has grown much longer, changes his earrings from rings to studs, and he now looks less overweight and more muscular, just like what he himself had always claimed: big-boned.

Kiba hadn't changed at all since Naruto was on his training trip he still a loud mouth, he still got angry fast. He has messy brown hair, sharp black eyes with vertical slit-like pupils, pronounced canine teeth, and nails that he can change into claws. He also has the distinct red fang markings of the Inuzuka clan on his cheeks. His outfit changed to a form fitting black jacket and pants with a black forehead protector and black sandals.

Shino was the same, just like all Aburame he didn't really say much to anyone, and to be honest he preferred it that way as it was much more relaxing. Shino has dark bushy brown hair, pale skin; his appearance became even more mysterious, with his jacket hanging down to his knees and the addition of a hood that obstructs his face even more and a satchel on his back.

Hinata had changed the most though, she never stuttered anymore, she was probably the most confident person there and one of the strongest kunoichi, ever since she found out about Naruto's relationships, she had thrown herself in to training non-stop, even to such levels that her father actually worried for her, which was a first. She had let her hair grow to waist-length, and wears a white-lavender jacket with navy pants with black sandals. Although she still wears her forehead protector around her neck, the cloth has changed to black in color.

TenTen hadn't changed much at all. Her outfit had changed from a pink blouse to a white one and red pants instead of green. She now wears black fingerless gloves; everything is still a reference to the Chinese culture. She holds a giant tool summoning scroll on her back that she uses when fighting.

Lee well he wore the same except for a vest top like many other Shinobi, plus the fact he was much taller now.

Neji had started mentioning fate a bit more again as he saw that with Naruto not getting Sasuke back was that fate had intervened stopping Naruto from achieving his goal to complete his mission. Neji abandoned the bandages. Instead of the regular tan jacket and shorts, he now wears traditional white and black Hyuga robes. This may have not only been to make his attacks easier, but to show that he is now closer to his clan. Neji is usually seen with a large tan and black drawstring bag, which he carries over his shoulder.

"So does anyone know who this mystery Nin is? From what Lady Tsunade stated about him he's very strong. There's also a rumor going around that he is gonna take on the strongest Jonin in the village." Kiba asks the rookies.

Shikamaru shrugs and looks at the clouds with his usual dull expression. "Afraid not Kiba. If you ask me it's too troublesome to think about this guy but if Tsunade says he's strong then who are we to argue?" He states getting a glare from Ino.

"I thought you stopped being a dull lazy ass Shika and would it kill you too not say troublesome all the time?" Said shadow user looks at her and a small smirk appeared on his face. "I'm not that lazy anymore Ino and no I won't stop saying troublesome." He said causing the girls brow to twitch.

"Damn you Shika." She mumbles.

Asuma, Kakashi, Gai, Anko, Kurenai, and a few others Jonin and ANBU were talking about the mystery Nin as well. "Can you believe that Hokage-sama actually thinks some Nin will be able to take some of us on? I wonder what she's thinking." Asuma said blowing smoke out of his nostrils. Kakashi was reading his icha icha book getting a few glares from the females. "From what she said he's gonna be evaluated by some of us. She said he's strong but how strong she would not say." He says. "He must be very strong to get her attention." Yugao said not in her Anbu uniform but in a Jonin version of one.

Anko's outfit had changed a lot she now wore form fitting black jeans and a red long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows on the shirt in black kanji said Blood Queen. She had her wakizashi strapped to her hip she was in the group of Jonin chewing on a dango stick. "Probably some cocky punk who thinks he's a badass just because he beat a couple missing Nin. I bet you he has the same attitude as Perverts ex student did who went rogue and joined the hebi." She stated causing Kakashi's hand to twitch

"Must you bring Sasuke up Anko?" Kakashi asks.

"Considering the fact that you ditched two of your students yes I did, I should've kicked your ass. If I knew you were going to treat Naruto that way I would've took him as my student, then he would've learned all of what Kushina-sensei wanted us to teach him." She said with a glare on her face causing Kakashi to lower his book and glare at her.

"he doesn't deserve to learn anything that Minato-sensei or that Uzumaki whor-." Kakashi retort died in his mouth as Kushina's friends and students glared at him releasing a shit load of KI(Killer Intent) forcing him to the ground unable to breath as he witnessed his death by them.

Kurenai gave Kakashi a look of disgust as she was tempted to snap his neck for him even daring to talk about her older sister figure. "I dare you to finish that sentence Hatake. Please continue so I can rip your precious eye out of your skull and shove it down your throat." Kurenai growled out making the man frown under his mask and look back into his book shivering as the pressure lessened.

It was at this time that Tsunade, Shizune appeared on the training ground looking happier than they had in years which…well confused everyone there as they wondered what could make them so happy, although Naruto's mate suspected something. "Tsunade-Sama, where is this nin you're having our sensei's evaluate?" Shikamaru asked with a yawn.

Ino sighed and slapped Shikamaru on the back of the head startling him. "Damn it Shikamaru, the least you could is not yawn in front of Lady Hokage." She growled out while he rubbed his head. Tsunade smile became a grin confusing them even more.

"He's already here Shikamaru." She stated causing them to look at her questionably until a swirl of fire appeared out of nowhere and grew bigger shocking and scaring everyone and wondering where it came from.

The assembled nin's were ready to jump in but Tsunade raised her hand up telling them to stand down and they did. Once it cleared everyone was shocked to see who the person was. He was an exact replica of the Yondaime with the only difference being that his hair was longer and spikier. He appeared to be 18 years old and had an impressive height of 6'2. He had blond/red spiky hair that was tied into a ponytail. He wore black and red steel capped boots along with black Anbu style pants and wore a black long sleeved vest wit a v-neck shirt. He had a necklace with a green gem hanging on it. He had a tanned chiseled face that had no baby fat and jutting from his upper lip were canines. He had deep amethyst slitted eyes that while calm radiated with power. Almost every female was blushing at his appearance.

Naruto's eyes look around and noticed the rookies and the sensei's. His eyes stopped at his mates noticed that he was staring at them and started to fidget and blush they tried to avoid eye contact but couldn't but for some reason they felt like they knew him. Naruto smirks and winks at them, making their blush increase and getting some glares at the other females.

Tsunade approached Naruto and placed a hand on his shoulder. "So Naruto-koi are you ready for the evaluation?" She said loud enough for everyone to hear.

The Rookies, Sensei's, and the other ninja had wide eyes. The former orange jumpsuit wearing, obnoxious, loudmouthed genin who has been gone for 3 years was now a calm, collective warrior.

"Holy Shit. Naruto-kun sure got better looking?" Anko says while licking her lips while her sisters nodded dazed and blushing.

Tsunade decided to get the show on the road as her sisters looked like they were going to pounce on Naruto any moment.

"We are here today to evaluate Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze's skills in Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, and Ninjutsu against some of the strongest ninja in the village who specialize in each art." She said

"So who is my first opponent?" Naruto asked

"Your first opponent will be Might Gai." She said making the others gawk.

"Oh this'll be good" Hana said to her aunt. Tsume on the other hand just kept her gaze on the blonde while Gai stepped forward. Kuromaru was shivering slightly as he sensed the power emitting from his partners mate.

"Yes it will. I think the only ones who can match Naruto-kun are his mates, and his aura it's… incredible doesn't even begin to explain this level of power I'm sensing from him." She finished answering her niece as she thought back to when she told Kiba his true parentage.


It's been 6 months since Naruto left on a training trip and Tsume and Hana were in the process of moving their things out of the Inuzuka compound with the help of their 'sisters' when Kiba showed up looking confused.

"Kaa-san? What's going on? Why are they taking yours and Hana's stuff out of the compound?" Kiba asked confused

"Sigh…girls take it easy for awhile, me and Hana have to explain something really important to Kiba!" Tsume said while she and Hana led Kiba to the family room and sat opposite from him.

"Ok Kiba listen to me, what your about to hear here is absolutely true." she said before she took a deep breath. "I'm not your mother." she said while Kiba's eyes widen

"What do you mean your not my mother, is this some kind of joke?!" he yelled

"No it's not a joke runt." Hana growled "Tsume here is our aunt. She adopted us after our mother and father died during the Kyuubi attack." Hana explained while Kiba sat down shocked

"Your father, my brother wanted me to look after you, and Hana-chan till you were adults." Tsume said evenly "I've tried my best by you but I'm done." she said as a sinking feeling settled into Kiba's stomach " I've raise you to not be perverted but you disobeyed me, you think that women are meant for cooking and breeding! I won't take care of a male chauvinist. So as of this morning me and Hana are no longer members of the Inuzuka clan. Your still the heir, yes but the elders will be handling clan head affairs till your ready." Tsume said as Kiba looked distraught while Tsume and Hana walked out of the room.

End Flashback

After that Kiba had tried time and time again to attack them, he thought since they weren't members of the clan then they should be his bitches.

Back to the field Gai approached Naruto with a grin on his face. "Naruto it's great to see you back in the village and I can tell your youthful flames have grown since your departure!" he said doing his 'Nice Guy' pose with his teeth shining. Everyone else (minus Lee) sweat drops at his loudness while Naruto chuckles awkwardly.

"Seems you never change Gai. I'm looking forward to this fight. And a heads up you might want to take this seriously." Naruto says as he cracks his knuckles and takes off his jacket and shirt causing all the females to blush

Both Gai and Naruto walk away from the Hokage and into the clearing and take a few steps back from one another. Tsunade picked up his shirt and jacket and stepped back as did the others.

"May the best fighter win Naruto-kun." Gai says getting into the strong fist stance standing straight up with one arm behind his back and the other in front doing a 'come on' gesture.

"Likewise." Naruto says getting into the turtle hermit stance. Gai raised an eyebrow at this style since he's never seen that stance before.

Naruto's smirk vanished and his expression was cold. "Let's begin." Naruto says. He suddenly vanishes causing Gai's eyes to widen in shock but by using his sixth sense and reflexes, he ducks, avoiding a kick from the back of his head by Naruto. Said blonde raises his leg and performs and ax kick to Gai's head again but Gai plants his hand on the ground and uses it as a spring to flip away from Naruto who brought his foot down it hit the ground hard, leaving an imprint of his foot as well as a small crater. Gai manages to land back on his feet and charges at Naruto increasing his speed. As he descended on the blonde, he swings a right hook at his face but Naruto tilts his head to the left to avoid it and then avoids a left hook moving to the right. He then blocks another right hook with his left arm and punches Gai twice in the chest making him grunt and then performs a spin kick to the gut and sends him flying backwards but the Taijutsu Master skids backwards in front of a tree. Naruto vanishes once again and reappears in front of Gai, throwing a fast and powerful punch to the man's face. Gai tilts his head to the side as fast as he could, barley dodging the punch and when Naruto's fist makes contact with the tree, the impact causes the large plant to be knocked off of its roots and crashes to the ground causing it to shake.

When everyone except Naruto's wives and Jiraiya saw this they went bugged eyed and their jaws where on the ground. Tsunade was smirking

"Tsunade-sama you taught him your Super strength technique?" Sakura asked/demanded as she looked at her teacher who had a smirk on her face before she turned to glare at Sakura.

"and if I did?" asked Tsunade dangerously

"He isn't your student, he shouldn't know that technique he isn't worthy of it." Sakura said while the girls glared at her

"Actually you were not worthy of the technique seeing ass you still haven't mastered it yet. So when you master a technique that Naruto understood the first hour I taught him it before he left then come talk to me." Tsunade said as Sakura looked shocked then angry as she glared out at Naruto

Gai leaps back a few feet away from Naruto who was standing straight smirking

"If that attack had made contact, my head would've been paste. I have to be more careful. One slip up could get me killed. Although I never thought Tsunade-sama would teach him that though" He thought. "I must say Naruto that was a very impressive display of strength." He says with a grin on his face.

Naruto stands straight up and cracks his knuckles. "Thanks Gai. But like I said you better take this seriously" He says smiling at Gai who smiled back.

He then charges at Naruto increasing his speed and leaps into the air, performing a spinning back kick. "Leaf Whirlwind!" He calls out and swings his leg at Naruto's head. Said blonde ducks as it takes off a few strands but the his eyes widen when Gai lands and performs another kick and strikes him right in the ribs, making him grunt out and be sent flying. Naruto flips back placing his hand on the ground and flipping backwards again, landing back on his feet. He then charges at Gai and performs a series of punches and kicks. Making the man get on the defense and taking a few blows in the chest and torso and the jaw. Everyone was amazed that Naruto was holding his own against the taijutsu master and Gai wasn't even fighting him at full strength. They watched as the two traded blows with one another. That was when they both cocked their fists back and at the same time strike each other in the jaw with their fists. They stayed like that for awhile and both had a smile on their face until Gai's face morphed into a grimace as he pulls his fist from Naruto's face and back away.

"I'm beyond impressed Naruto. You manage to match my skills with my weights on. Now what do you say we see just how good you really are when I use my real speed on you." Gai says although everyone could see his hand was broken as blood dripped from his knuckles as he pulls his leg warmers down, revealing a pair of weights and removes them from his leg. He tosses them aside, causing two large craters to appear.

"Finally getting serious Gai? Good lets see what you got." Said Naruto as those words left his mouth, Naruto was forced to dodge something heading for his head. Before he charged at Gai.

The sounds of flesh pounding flesh echoed throughout the field. Everyone in the field watched as green and black blurs moved across the field and create craters from the kicks and punches that missed or were blocked. The Genin couldn't even follow them nor could the Chunin but the Jonin and ANBU could follow their movements just barely

That was when Gai appeared blocking a punch Naruto launched using his forearm and they vanished once again. They appeared once again with Naruto ducking from a roundhouse kick performed by Gai and they vanished once again. Everyone was silent until Tenten spoke up. "This is crazy! How in the world can Naruto keep up with Sensei? He's one of the fastest Jonin in the village! Not even Lee could keep up with him at this pace!" The weapons mistress stated.

"Simple TenTen Gai may be the fastest Jonin in the village, but his speed is no where close to the forth Raikage." Jiraiya said while everyone on the fields eyes widen

"H-He fought the Fourth Raikage?" Asuma asked shocked

"Yep, A sure can keep him entertained in a fight even when he lost he kept coming back for more." Jiraiya said watching the fight

In the field, Gai and Naruto were not letting up at all. They just kept appearing and disappearing unleashing a barrage of punches and kicks on each other and dodging each other's attacks. After doing this for a while they appeared again with Gai ducking under another direct punch but Naruto took this opening to nail Gai in the face with a knee made the man's head jerk back, stunning every body.

"Holy shit he just caught Gai!" Genma shouted

Naruto kept unleashing a barrage of punches on Gai's face, leaving him defenseless and cocks his left fist back and launches it towards Gai's face but the man ducks from the attack, surprising the blonde warrior. Gai then kicks Naruto in the chest and send him flying backwards. Gai flips back on his feet and disappears once again. He appears behind Naruto's flying form and was about to strike him with a Konoha Senpu But Naruto Manages to twist his head in time to avoid the kick, plants his hand on the man's ankle and uses it as a spring to flip himself over the man and lands back on his feet away from Gai and had a few bruises on his face which were healing instantly and was smiling.

"I can see why you're considered the fastest Jonin in the village now Gai." Naruto stated as he saw Gai panting a little and wiping a trickle of blood from his lip. "I have to admit Naruto-san; you're fast if not faster than me right now. I can barely keep up with your speed." He says and a grin appears on his face.

"But that just makes the fight even more youthful!" He says doing his nice Gai pose with his teeth glinting. Everyone else sweat dropped from his actions. "Not even my prized student Lee could keep up with my speed without using one of the eight gates." The Taijutsu Master stated and cracked his neck. "Now then I think we should end this evaluation and I'll do it using my strongest move! "Gate Of Opening: Release!" He cried out and with a quick burst of speed he vanished and appeared under a smirking Naruto was keeping up easily.

"Dancing Leaf Shadow!" He cried and sent an upper kick to Naruto's lower jaw and sent him flying into the air. He vanishes once again and appears behind Naruto. Then locks his arms around Naruto and they start to spin in mid air and descended to the ground head first. "Sorry about this Naruto! Primary Lotus!" He cried out as they spun faster towards the ground and then they hit the ground with a bone shattering crash kicking up dust and making debris fly through the air while everyone else covered their faces.

After that Gai appeared from the cloud panting even more after performing the attack. "It's over. There's no way that Naruto could get up from that." Asuma says knowing that the Primary Lotus was not something you could get up from especially if Gai uses it. Tsunade and the others smirk as a chuckle was heard from the dust cloud.

"I have to admit Gai… that attack of yours stung a bit." Gai and everyone else paused as they saw the dust cloud clear and saw Naruto walking out of the crater with a grin on his face and panting a little. Blood was seeping from a gash on his head and it trailed down to the sides of his nose. His nose seemed to be crooked, meaning that it was broken and blood was trickling down both sides of his lip. His chest and abs had a nasty gash on his right arm. His right shoulder was dislocated and it seemed to hang limply to his side. "Had you used the other gates my head would've split opened." He said as he placed two fingers over his nose and with a painful grunt he put it back in place and snorted out some blood will the gashes closed up. Everyone watched as his arm seem to have a mind of it's own as the shoulder seen to move and his snapped back in place

"U-unbelievable. He's still walking after Gai-sensei used that?" Sakura asks while Kurenai scoffs. "Did you think Tsunade-sama was kidding when she explained his bloodline? Had that been a regular person they'd be in a coma or dead from Gai's Primary Lotus." Kurenai finished and watched Naruto who was gonna finish this.

"And now it's my turn." Naruto said in a cold tone and when he took a runner starting position "Lets make flash proud" he thought before he shot at Gai and smashed his elbow into Gai's chin as gai went flying into the sky Naruto followed after him and proceeded to deliver kicks and punches that the spectators were unable to count as Naruto kept Gai in the air by his attacks before Naruto kicked Gai in the head sending him to the ground causing a crater to form around Gai's battered unconscious body

There was a silent pause until Tsunade called the match. "Winner Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze." She then motioned for some medics to treat Gai's injuries and a few of them were nervously heading towards Naruto who waved them off. "No need to help me I'm fine. So who am I facing next?" Naruto asked.

"Because your immune to Genjutsu your next match is a Kenjutsu match against Yugao Uzuki." Tsunade said and that was when Yugao appeared on the field with her

"Hey Yugi-chan, Long time no see." Naruto said as he held his hand out to the side and his zanpaktou's appeared in a swirl of black with a green outlined Reiatsu

"It's great to see you again Naruto-kun. You've grown quite nicely and I can't wait for us to get reacquainted." She said while he nods. As her zanpaktou appeared in a swirl of white Reiatsu

"Can't wait. I've been waiting to see what you and the others learned since I've been gone." He said smiling as he got into a ready stance


Yugao nods smiling as and gets into a stance as well. The entire field was quiet while a breeze blew by. A lone leaf floated down to the ground and when it touched the ground they both vanished in a Shunpo with shockwaves coming from their blades each time they clashed before they appeared in a crater as Naruto and Yugao's blades grinded against each other as they looked into each other's eyes before Naruto's mouth moved. They then leaped backwards and continued to stare at each other.

"No Shikaihuh I guess that will reveal too much. I have to be careful, Naruto-koi says when sparing there is no holding back if you want full results, so it's obvious that he won't pull any punches." She thought as she kept a firm grip on the hilt of her zanpaktou which pulsed

"She's good. Very good. She showed no slack in her form or blade drawing. I'll test her out to see just how good she's gotten. Experience doesn't matter here considering our unique situation so she can't rely on that." He thought and a smirk appeared on his face.

"This is going to be gooood." Naruto said as he twirls Murcielago a few times.

"Let's go." She says seriously and Naruto vanishes and appears behind her and performs an overhead strike at her head. Yugao ducks from the attack and performs a thrust towards his chest. Naruto moves to the left while Yugao turns her blade to the side and swings it near his torso but Naruto block it with his blade.

Yugao mad an attempt to add more strength into her blade but Naruto manages to hold his ground. Naruto then breaks the stalemate and aims a kick at her torso but she leaps over him and lands back on the ground.

The blonde Uzumaki and female swordsmen then engage in a swords dance, performing a series of slashes, thrusts, parries, and blocks. "Incredible! He can block and counter my every move. We are definitely spar again" Yugao thought as she blocked a horizontal swing and spins her body to break into Naruto's defense.

Naruto's eyes widen when her index finger was placed at his shoulder ""Hado #4: Byakurai(Way of Destruction #4 Pale Lightning)!" a concentrated beam of lightning shot from her hand as Naruto shunpoed out of harms way and reappeared on the other side of her

"Phew. That was close, you almost put a hole in my shoulder." Naruto said to Yugao who spun the blade twice in her hand before getting into a thrusting stance with her legs spread apart. A small smirk appears on his face and he Shunpo's in front of her with Murcielago glowing in Reiatsu he slashed up and a flash appeared forcing everyone to cover their eyes when they turned back their eyes widen as Naruto's and Yugao's blades were at each others throats. Everyone's eyes widen when they saw Naruto fight the Kenjutsu mistress into a draw. Naruto put his sword away and pulled Yugao into a hug and passionate kiss shocking everyone.

As they looked to Tsunade to see her reaction since she had announced that she was Naruto's wife but they were shocked to only see her smiling

"That was a great match Yugi-chan. We'll spar again but full out someday. I have other sword techniques that I learned in my travels that you'd be very interested in." He said and saw her eyes flutter with joy for a few seconds and laughed inwardly.

"I'd like that Naruto-kun." She says and Shunshin to the crowd.

"So whose next?" asked Naruto

Tsunade spoke up. "And now we are on to the final evaluation. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze vs Kakashi Hatake." She said while everyone gasps. And Naruto's eyes narrowed