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Ricky Underwood- 23 years old fiancé to Amy Jurgens getting married in a day he's the Business manager of Leo Boykevich Company graduated last year Lives in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartments with Amy Jurgens and their son John who is 6 years old and is planning on moving once he and Amy get married.

Amy Jurgens- 22 year's old fiancé to Ricky Underwood getting married in one day. Last year of Collage wants to be a music teacher at grant high school. Lives with Ricky and John in their 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment.

Adrian- 23 years old ex-wife of ben Boykevich mother of Mercy (4 years old) girlfriend of (Omar -23 years old out of collage) She is still in collage of being a lawyer lives with Omar in a 3 bedroom 4 bathroom apartment.

Ben Boykevich- 22 year's old ex-husband of Adrian of Mercy and wants Amy to be his again

Ashley Jurgens- 21 year's old still in collage lives with grant her boyfriend lives in a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and is best friends with her sister Amy.

Grant- 21 year's old still studying to be a doctor lives with Ashley in their apartment and is planning on making Ashley his Fiancé

Grace Papas- 22 year's old wife of Jack Papas mother of Caroline (3 years old) and Catherine (3 years old) still is studying to be a doctor. Lives in a 4 bedroom 4 bathroom with a guest house not her mom's.

Ps.- I will try to have chapters 3-4 up soon what you think