I've just been doing a lot of drabbling recently but it's all been on my tumblr, so I guessed I'd throw some over here. Everything is in no particular order, this is just sort of a catch-all.

Kaidan walked back into the Loft, finding Shepard sitting at her terminal. She was leaned back in her chair, one hand manipulating her computer terminal and the other gently resting on her swollen abdomen. He stepped behind her and kissed the top of her head, leaning down to rest his hands on top of her belly. "Hey," he murmured.

"Hey." She leaned back so he could capture her lips. "Anything world-shaking I have to worry about?"

He shook his head. "How are you feeling?"

She sighed, rubbing a small circle on her stomach with her palm. "Like a damn whale," she replied. "And this one –" She poked her left side. "—keeps moving, and I can't get any work done."

"She probably can't get comfortable." He kissed his wife's cheek and looked at the terminal. "Shopping?"

"Well, I'm not sure where you expect these two to sleep," she retorted tiredly.

Kaidan gave her a worried glance. "Shepard, the meeting with the Council is tomorrow."

"To determine if the quarians, geth, and krogan deserve their embassies, I know."

"Are you going to be up to it?"

She shrugged. "I'll have to be."

"Shepard …" He rubbed her shoulders. "If you aren't, they'll understand."

"I'll be fine, Kai. Promise."

"Okay, but don't be on your feet too long. I would hate to have to bust into a Council meeting." Shepard laughed, then winced and rubbed another spot on her stomach.

"Now you woke your sister up," she scolded, looking down at her belly. "I swear they already exist to torment me."

"Well. Only a couple more months, and they'll be tormenting me too." He kissed her neck, earning a satisfied hum and a small smile. He glanced at the screen again, then narrowed his eyes. "Where are you having everything delivered?"

She glanced up at him, surprised. "Here. Obviously."

"Shepard." He rubbed her shoulders again. "Shepard, we have an apartment on the Citadel."

Shepard looked legitimately confused. "Yeah …"

"We're not raising our daughters on the Normandy. There's not enough room."

"But …"

"Shepard. We talked about this."

He knew it'd be hard for her. She'd always lived on ships – because of her father's death in First Contact she'd needed to accompany her mother on assignments. But he hadn't. He'd been born and raised on Earth, and he'd have insisted they take the guest house in Vancouver if Shepard hadn't decided to first continue functioning as a Spectre while the galaxy rebuilt, and then finally let Hackett push her into the still-vacant Council seat when she'd found out she was pregnant. Hell, he would have handed over the Normandy by now if she hadn't insisted on the Alliance giving it to her in the interest of keeping galactic peace. And with her as Councilor and him as a Spectre, the ship was technically his.

Though, of course, if she gave an order it'd automatically override his because Joker almost refused to listen to anyone else if she was on board.

"We never agreed to that!" Shepard argued.

"Yes, we did, Shepard. Besides, you're looking at buying that." He pointed to the screen. "I want to know where you think you can put that on this ship."

Shepard frowned.

"Maybe when they're a little older we can go back to ships, sweetheart. But not now."

Shepard didn't answer him, and he sighed and moved further into the cabin, dropping down onto the sofa and fishing for a datapad. Since finding out she was pregnant and subsequently adopting the Council seat, she'd given up flat-out yelling if they were starting to get into an argument for merely falling silent and ignoring him. Unfortunately for her, he had her plan down and the best way to deal with it was to ignore her right back.

A few minutes later, she sank down next to him on the couch and adjusted herself slightly before leaning onto him. He wrapped his arm around her, interlacing his fingers with the hand on her stomach.

"I'm sorry," she murmured. "It's just …" Shepard sighed. "I've never really lived in one place for more than six months."

"I know." He set his datapad aside and wrapped her more fully in his arms. "It's fine. We'll do this together, one step at a time."

She took a deep breath, then looked up at him and smiled. "One step at a time."