Hi Guys! Anyways this chapter is Ginny's point of view. The new character in this story was created by "I Luv Percabeth and Horses" and the editing done by "DianeCahill"
"Yes, it wouldn't make a lovely decoration for the courtyard," I said pointing at them.
They snickered a little bit, but then (tried) to get a straight face. "Chloe, go ask Dumbledore what to do with them," Annabeth said to a blond haired girl and pointed to Headmaster Dumbledore.
The girl, Chloe, went over to Headmaster Dumbledore to ask him what to do with the bodies. A few minutes later she came back,"He said just put them in the Forbidden Forest near the back."
We did as she told us and picked them up. We dragged them in front of the forest. "Lie them down here," Percy said.
After laying the bodies down we went to the Great Hall, apparently for this big meeting. I sat down at the Gryffindor table with Percy's tag-alongs and the Gryyfindors. Once it had quieted down a little bit, Professor Percy stood up and went beside Dumbledore.
"The reason why you are gathered here today is I've lied to my students, and some of my fellow professors," Professor Percy began, "I'm not a wizard, nor witch, I'm something most of you haven't heard of, or even thought up. There are Greek gods that live in New York City. Hardly anyone knows about them, only special people. Gods have children with random people they find on the street, club, or whever. Most of the time they never even tell the person, or muggle as you call them, what or who they are.
"They have children reffered most commonly to Half-Bloods, sometimes Demi-gods. We inherit powers based by our parents. For example, if your father is Apollo you get musical and poem powers, or if your mother is Demeter you get whats commonly referred to as a green thumb. But, there are 12 major gods in all. Three of which are called the 'Big Three', their names are Zeus, god of the sky, Poesiden, god of the seas, and last but not least Hades, god of the Underworld. Which you people call other gods and godesses are Apollo, Demeter, Athena, Artemis, Hera, Ares, Aphrodite, Dionysus,Hephaestus, and Hermes.
"Now thats not all to the story, Zues, Hades, and Poesiden made an oath to not have any more children, because their children were too powerful. Zeus and Poesiden both broke the oath. I'm Poesiden's kid and Thalia," He said pointing to a goth/emo looking girl," is Zeus's kid. Any questions?"
About everyone's hand shot up, but Dumbldore dissmised them all. Suddenly Hermione walked into the Great Hall, still a little bit dazed from being knocked out, and asked,"What did I miss?"
We all groaned and said, "NOTHING!"
She mumbled something that sounded like alright,alright. She down next to me and I said, "I tell you later."
"This year has been a good and bad year, one of my best out of all of my years of being a headmaster. I've called your guardians and parents and they will be picking you up at the normal area. I've had the house elves pack your bags and clean your four-poster. Your luggage is waiting for you."