Chapter 1

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It was just like any other day at Litwak's Arcade; kids were playing the games while the parents watched from the sidelines as the sun shone high in the sky outside, waiting for the kids to come outside and play while their spring break lasted instead of numbing their minds for the entire two weeks.

A man in his early twenties entered the arcade, but he had no kid beside him or one rushing into the building.

Litwak greeted the man as he did to everyone who passed through the front door.

The man nodded in reply, slowly glancing around at the many games as he strode forward, black coat billowing behind him.

The man was strange, Litwak thought, but he wasn't one to judge.

Litwak continued his normal rounds as the man observed certain games, eventually coming to Fix-It Felix Jr.

Brushing the layered bang of steel-blue hair hanging in front of his right eye, the man knelt down slightly, watching a kid trying to beat the Bonus Level.

That's Q*bert…he thought, watching as the small orange character helped Felix repair whatever Ralph, Slick, and a few other characters from Q*bert destroyed.

Must be a Special Edition…the man decided, narrowing his dark blue eyes as he straightened, heading toward Sugar Rush next.

He observed a young blond girl driving; her character was Vanellope, who was currently behind two other characters.

Suddenly, the kart disappeared briefly before appearing in front of the two racers, coming in first place.

Raising an eyebrow, the man looked toward where he had seen Litwak go.

"Hey, Litwak!"

"Yes?" Litwak walked toward the man who gestured to Sugar Rush as the girl departed to play another game.

"Is that an upgraded version of Sugar Rush?"

"Oh, no. I haven't upgraded any of my machines."

"I've seen a lot of Sugar Rush consoles recently and I haven't seen a Vanellope with that sort of ability."

"Someone must have unlocked it somehow," Litwak shrugged.

"Just like that Bonus Level on Felix Jr.?"

Litwak glanced toward the other game before looking back at the man.

"Who are you?"

"My name's Zephyr. I operate the arcade halfway across town; perhaps you've heard of it—Games of the Heart. My boyfriend Dennis and I cosplay as Demyx and Zexion every so often."

"And who are they?"

Zephyr chuckled, "Of course you wouldn't know about that game; or any new games. Look, I need another old-fashioned game for my arcade."

"You can't have Sugar Rush," Litwak said firmly. "The kids love it."

"I want it," Zephyr growled, narrowing his eyes. "And I will have it."

The man instantly became amiable again, smiling slightly.

"Of course I will pay you enough to buy another, newer racing game that will bring you even more quarters."

Unbeknownst to the two men, Vanellope was listening to their conversation as she waited for someone else to come and play the game.

It was difficult for her to keep up her act as she continued to listen, but she didn't want to draw attention to herself.

Come on, Mr. Litwak… Vanellope silently pleaded. Say no.

"The kids like Vanellope and the other racers," Litwak explained. "I can't do that to them."

"Vanellope's ability is just a glitch," Zephyr said.

I am not a glitch! Vanellope scowled at Zephyr's back as she continued her act before she pouted. I just have Pixlexia…

"It's not a glitch," Litwak shook his head, as if he had heard Vanellope's thoughts. "A glitch is what happened to Turbotime and the other racing game I had."

"Oh, yes," Zephyr sighed. "I heard about that. Shame on what happened to Turbo; that's why I don't have a Turbotime at my arcade."

"I'm still not selling Sugar Rush to you."

You tell him, Mr. Litwak!

"Sugar Rush is outdated in terms of racing games; I can find a nice upgrade for you that the kids will love more than this."

I'll upgrade you!

Litwak sighed, glancing toward Sugar Rush before he reluctantly shook his head, obviously defeated.

"….Give me till 10:30 tomorrow and you can have her."

"Glad you see it my way, Litwak," Zephyr smiled, patting Litwak's shoulder as he walked past him. "See you tomorrow."

With a groan, Litwak shook his head again before touching the side of the Sugar Rush console.

"Sorry, old gal. It's been a good run, but I suppose it's time I let you go," Litwak slowly walked away, "like I did with my Nana."

Vanellope was dumbfounded.

Litwak was going to give away her game?!

No way!

After the familiar 'Arcade's closed' was shouted, all the games relaxed and began to go about their normal nightly routines.

"Nice job, everyone," Felix said to the Nicelanders before hopping to the ground. "And you too Ralph."

"Don't you have a wife to see?" Ralph teased as he climbed to his feet, brushing off the mud covering his front.

"Jiminy Jaminy!" the repairman yelped. "You're right!"

As Felix hopped toward the train station leading to Game Central, Ralph trailed after him to join him so he could visit Sugar Rush.

"Hey, what's that noise?" Ralph asked as Felix climbed into the small train cart.

Just as Felix was about to say something, Ralph shushed him as he listened intently.

The sound of revving became louder and suddenly a racing kart burst through the entrance, skidding to a stop beside the tiny station as someone leaped out of the kart.

"Stinkbrain!" Vanellope wailed, clinging to the wrecker's leg as she started to sob.

"Whoa, whoa, what's the matter?" Ralph glanced at Felix briefly as he picked up the young racer before looking at Vanellope. "Why are you crying? Did Taffyta make fun of you again?"

"Stupid!" Vanellope sniffled, accidentally glitching in the process. "I wouldn't come to you if it was something like her!"

"Then what's the matter?" Felix asked.

"Litwak's gonna unplug my game tomorrow!"

Both Ralph and Felix gasped as Vanellope continued to sniffle.

"But why?" Ralph questioned. "Your game is perfectly fine! There's nothing wrong with it!"

"Some guy came in and said he wants my game and told Litwak that he'd get him a new racing game…"

"And he said yes?!" Felix asked in surprise.

Vanellope miserably nodded as Felix and Ralph looked at each other.

"Everyone loves you, though," Ralph murmured. "Why would he agree to something like that…?"

"If he unplugs you, everything will reset," Felix explained sadly. "You won't remember us."

"I don't want to leave…" Vanellope whispered, refusing to let go of Ralph's neck. "I like it here."

"We don't want you to go either," Ralph said as Vanellope glitched again, "but maybe you'll make new friends."

"I don't want any new friends, I have you guys!" Vanellope complained. "You're the only Stinkbrain, Hammerguy, and Sergeant I want to be friends with!"

"Hammerguy…?" Felix muttered to himself, obviously wounded by the nickname.

"You have no choice, President Candyhair," Ralph teased in an attempt to lighten the mood. "You have to go."

"Commander Diaper baby…" Vanellope smiled weakly as the brunette set her down.

"You should go back to your game to inform everyone of what's happening so they aren't surprised," Felix suggested. "Though I'm sure Litwak will put up a sign to tell the customers."

"Yeah…" Vanellope reluctantly headed back to her kart.

"Hey!" Ralph called after her. "I'll see you later, Queen of the candy children!"

Vanellope smirked, taking the challenge.

"And farewell to you, Sir Stinkbrain!"

"A good morrow to you, Shortstack!" Ralph yelled as the racer started up her kart.

"See you later, Monsieur Hero's Doody," Vanellope laughed as she sharply turned her kart in a U-turn and shot off down the line, heading toward Game Central.

"To be continued!" Ralph shouted after the girl.

"Yeah!" Vanellope's voice replied.

The wrecker sighed once he couldn't hear the kart's engine anymore, lowering his hand before taking out the medal that Vanellope had made for him and stared at it.

"This is one thing that I can't fix," Felix muttered, glancing up at Ralph. "I know you and her—"

"Hey, I'm fine, okay?" Ralph grinned at Felix. "This might be good for her; she knows not every game can stay here forever."

Vanellope parked her kart outside the castle and hoped out, glitching inside the main hall a second later.

"Welcome back, Vanellope," Sour Bill greeted dully.

"Hey, Bill," Vanellope replied, sitting at her chair with a huff and crossing her arms over her chest as she pouted, thinking over what she should do.

She was certain that if she told everyone what was happening, they would panic; would some abandon ship if she told everyone? Or blame her?

Vanellope sighed, irritated that she couldn't do anything before she perked up as an idea popped into her mind.

"Hey, Bill," Vanellope sat up, leaning toward the small green candy eagerly. "Ralph told me after the whole Turbo fiasco was over that he locked up everyone's memories."

"Yes…" Sour Bill said cautiously, wondering what the girl was getting at.

"Show me how he did it."

"I probably shouldn't…" Sour Bill murmured. "You shouldn't mess with the code."

"That's fine, then," Vanellope responded casually. "I'll just get Ralphy over here to lick you again."

"No!" Sour Bill yelped in panic before he became calm when he saw Vanellope's smirk. "I shouldn't, but…"

The candy sighed, going behind the throne and waving for Vanellope to follow him.

The two walked down a dimly lit hallway until they came to a door that was locked with a strange combination of buttons.

"I remember he put in some sort of code to open the door," Sour Bill said as he picked up a nearby line of licorice rope. "But I don't know what it was; he never showed me."

Vanellope stared at the door as she tied the rope around her waist.

"Was it the Konami Code?" she asked, glancing at Sour Bill.


Deciding to give it a try, Vanellope pressed up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, and then Start.

For a second, the door didn't budge and Vanellope thought that she had entered it wrong, but as she was about to try another code, the door slid open to reveal the grey space that held the myriad of codes which made up Sugar Rush.

"Cool…" Vanellope breathed before she boldly jumped into the system, Sour Bill instantly grabbing the other end of the rope.

"Be careful, Vanellope," Sour Bill called to the young girl as she swam deeper into the code.

"Let me see…racers, karts, stupid, stupid, stupid…" Vanellope muttered to herself as she searched for what she was looking for. "Ah, found it!"

Vanellope looked at the two pieces of code which announced 'Citizen's memory' and 'Racer's memory'.

Vanellope memorized the location before gliding back to where Sour Bill waited.

"Do you have a chest somewhere?"

Sour Bill appeared to think about it before he muttered, "There's a chest that holds your most precious—"

"Great. Go get it."

Sour Bill deadpanned before he reluctantly turned and trotted away.

While he was gone, Vanellope turned around, pulling out a sharp candy cane pocket knife from the pocket of her green hoodie and began to carve the code into the bottom of the wall before also writing 'chest' and 'key'.

She smiled, glitching as she stared at her work proudly before putting away the knife as Sour Bill returned, dragging a medium-sized chest.

"Thanks, Bill," Vanellope snatched the chest from the small candy and pushed it into the code before leaping in after it and carefully maneuvering the chest until she reached the memory codes again and opened the chest.

Vanellope hesitated, wondering if even if she did lock up everyone's memory if when the game was plugged back in the chest would still be in the code.

Turbo was the first one to have even found a game's code, but it was possible even he didn't know what would happen if the game were unplugged; he had just been lucky.

Vanellope took a deep breath and then rapidly slammed the chest closed, severing the cords connected to the memory codes.