Chapter 6

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It was a bit noisy inside Tapper's and the small group found a table in the far corner of the bar where they could continue to talk.

Tapper instantly came up to the quartet.

"Hello, Felix! Tamora!" he greeted with a smile before glancing at Ralph and raising an eyebrow. "Ah, Ralph! So you finally came out of your game, you hermit."

"I'm not a hermit," Ralph grumbled, glancing off to the side as Vanellope chuckled.

"Ahh, a new guest!" Tapper's grin widened. "And where are you from, young one?"

"Sugar Rush!" Vanellope chirped, leaning on the table with a smirk. "President Vanellope Von Schweetz."

"That has a nice ring to it."

"That's what I said!"

"Four root beers coming up," Tapper said, scurrying off to take more orders.

Vanellope decided that she liked this Tapper.

"Will you give us a bit more explanation on how you know us?" Felix asked as they waited for their drinks.

Right. There was that.

"I guess…" Vanellope muttered as she pulled out her picture and placed it on the table. "That was taken after the cy-bug attack."

"So these guys are the Ralph and Felix you knew," Felix said as they all stared at the picture.

"Must have been some adventure, kid," Ralph mumbled as Vanellope took the picture back and slid it inside her pocket.

"It was amazing," Vanellope grinned. "If it hadn't been for Ralph, I probably would have stayed a glitch forever and no one would have ever realized that King Candy was a dirty, rotten liar."

As the group continued to talk, changing the subject to a random topic, someone entered Tapper's and immediately headed over to the nearest character.

"Have you seen a girl my height with black hair and candy in it? Her name is—"

The person's eyes suddenly caught sight of Vanellope and they growled.


"Uh-oh," Vanellope glitched in alarm as she glanced behind her to see a furious Taffyta striding toward her. "Look, Taff, I can explain…"

"Then explain!" Taffyta demanded as Vanellope hopped down from her chair and began to back away. "Explain how we can remember everything that happened when everything was supposed to be reset after Litwak unplugged our game!"

"I just…used the idea that Turbo did when he locked everyone's memories away…" Vanellope smiled nervously as Taffyta stopped a foot away from her.

Taffyta stared at Vanellope skeptically for a few more seconds before she sighed, unable to stay mad at the princess.

"I guess since it didn't really hurt anyone…"

Vanellope grinned before giving Taffyta a quick hug.

"Thanks, Taff!"

"Anyway, the random roster races are about to start and even if you can't race in them, you still have to come and observe them."

"But I don't want to!" Vanellope whined, staring at Taffyta pleadingly. "It's not fun if I can't join in."

"It's not my choice," Taffyta shrugged. "I'll meet you at the track."

Vanellope gave a frustrated groan as Taffyta left Tapper's.

The princess paused as an idea came into her mind and she looked back at Felix and the others with a grin.

"Oh, no, kid," Calhoun stood up. "I'm beading back to my game where things make sense."

"Like flying mechanical bugs with a light addiction make sense!" Vanellope called after the sergeant.

"You're damn right they do, girl!" Calhoun replied.

Vanellope pouted as the blonde disappeared before she grinned again, looking at Felix and Ralph.

"Look, kid," Ralph started. "We have to return to our game before the arcade opens."

"We have four more hours!" Vanellope protested, staring at the duo with huge eyes.

"Sorry, no can do."

"Aww…" Felix murmured as he continued to stare into Vanellope's pleading, doleful eyes. "Just this once, Ralph?"

"No, Felix!" Ralph said as Felix came to stand beside Vanellope. "We should head back before the Nicelanders wonder where you are."

Felix gazed at Ralph, imitating Vanellope's puppy dog stare.

"We can't! Don't even use those eyes on me! They're not gonna—"

Felix removed his hat, holding it in front of him as he widened his eyes.

"I gotta—we should—you can't—"

As the duo continued to stare at him, Ralph finally cracked.

He groaned loudly, dropping his head on the table as he covered it with his arms.

"Fine! Just this once!"

Vanellope cheered as Felix put his hat back on.

Ralph grumbled to himself as he ran his hands through his hair before standing up.

"All right, let's go," he said, beginning to head toward the exit.

"Go, my loyal Stinkbrain!" Vanellope cheered as she hopped on Ralph's shoulders, pointing ahead.

Ralph glanced at Vanellope and Felix was afraid that perhaps Ralph would push the girl down because the wrecker didn't like people invading his personal space bubble.

But Ralph simply rolled his eyes as he continued, ignoring the girl leaning on his head.

Felix was surprised Ralph didn't get offended, but he was happy that the wrecker had already warmed up to Vanellope.

Ralph and Felix stared at Vanellope's kart as the girl started it up.

"This is your kart?" Ralph questioned skeptically.

"Yep!" Vanellope grinned. "Come on, get on!"

"Are you certain it will hold us?" Felix asked hesitantly as he slowly sat on the back.

"Will you just get on?" the princess sighed, giving an annoyed look at the duo.

Once Ralph had climbed onto the back, the kart creaking with the extra weight, Vanellope shifted her kart into the highest gear and took off down the tunnel to her game.

Surge returned just as the kart disappeared, having finally decided to give it a ticket.

When he noticed that it was gone and heard the engine echoing down the tunnel, he sighed.

"I hate my job."