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Ari Zona Heat

My eyes flutter open, and the smell of eggs and sausage meet my nose. My eyes slowly adjust to the light that shines in through the window. Me and my family were considered poor, but according to my parents, being poor now was nothing like being poor before the rebellion. But we aren't the poorest people I know, that title would go to my friends from the orphanage. My family could afford to have sausage and eggs for breakfast,while the orphanage kids had to eat oatmeal every day for breakfast.

Ugh, oatmeal. I hate oatmeal, my nose crinkles at the mere thought, I'm glad mom and dad adopted me before I could remember that horrid place.

I sit up in bed and stretch.

Better get ready for school...

I get up and head to the bathroom. I quickly brushed my long, dark brown hair and then wash my face and brush my teeth. With that done, I put on my favorite pair of pants. They were forest green, my favorite color, and baggy, with lots of pockets. I then put on my favorite shirt, which my dad had bought me a few weeks ago, because it had ivy vines crawling up the front of since I could remember, I have had some sort of strange affinity for I've, all kinds of it.

"Ari,"Mom calls from down stairs,"Breakfast is ready!"

"Coming,"I call back down to her.

After half-way making up my bed, I run down the stairs and greet my mother.

"Morning sweetie,"she smiles at me, and pauses her work to come over and place a kiss on my forehead.

"Morning, mom,"I reply, taking a seat at the table,"Dad already out working?"

"Yes. He left just a few minutes before you came down,"she says, placing a plate of sausage and eggs in front of me.

I nod. He's been trying to get to work earlier than his co-workers so that he can get one of the better pick-axes. Last time he got to work late, he came home with blistered hands because he ended up with an old, rough handled axe.

After I finish breakfast, I grab my backpack and head for the door.

"I'm going to head for school now. I love you mom,"I call over my shoulder before walking out the door.

"Love you too!"Mom replies with a smile as she starts the dishes.

Yup, everything was perfect. I would never guess that it was all about to change.

When I walk through the doors I see my friends, Daytona, Shae, Keely, Abby, and Estacia talking.

"Ari Zona Shean,your late,"Daytona says,trying her best to act cross after she catches sight of me. She even used my full name like my mother does when she's mad at me. I look at my watch. I am a little later than usual.

"No,"I say smirking,"I'm always on time,you are all just early."

They all smile, but bubbly Shae bursts out laughing, making us all cackle like idiots with her.

That's when Elexia and her snob shaddows ,Deriana and Saphine walk by. Elexia was actualy from District 2, but her and her family were considered poor and inferior there, so they moved here where they consider themselves exceptionally wealthy and superior to all the "Commoners",or rather, the people who don't suck up to them. Elexia especially hates me. I have absolutely no idea why.

"Well it's about time you little morons realized how repulsive that pathetic little brat is,"She says, implying that they were laughing at me who she obviously meant to be "The pathetic little brat".

My friends look at each other, uncertain of what to say.

"FYI, Elixer ,we were laughing at how insecure you and your little minions are. And as for 'The pathetic little brat',well sweetheart,"my face softens to an innocent look, but my tongue is dripping with sarcasm,"The only one I see is you."

As usual, she just rolled her eyes and sneered.

"Hmph, your so immature,"She says as she walks away, Deriana and Saphine following her closely.

I turn to my friends.

"Why didn't you say something?"I ask, crossing my arms and furrowing my brows,"You guys just stood there like morons."

"She's scary," Shae says in a low voice, careful that she couldn't be heard by the departing group.

"Oh, she's not that scary,"I repeat flatly, rolling my eyes.

"Well that's easy for you to say,"Keely retorts,"Your bigger than her!"

"And not to mention you have a gift for coming up with insults,"Daytona smirks.

I roll my eyes, but laugh along with them. Everything is okay.

"I wonder who you got that from,"Shae wonders aloud, after the laughter had subsided,"Your mom, or your dad."

"I don't know. I obviously didn't pick it up from my adopted parents,"I shrug.

And that was the truth. I was nothing like hem. Carmin and Stallone Shean were blonde with blue eyes. I have dark hair with silvery-blue eyes. My adopted mother is very short,4.9". I am tall for my age,5.5" at 12, though I doubt I'll grow another inch, much to Daytona's scepticism. When wronged, they were willing and quick to forgive, while I would be holding a grudge. They always told me that revenge never helped anything, but revenge only seemed like the natural thing to do for me.

The bell began to ring,and we all go our separate ways, except for Daytona, who is in my first class, History. Which is really good, so that I don't have to tolerate Elexia,The Wicked Witch of District 2, alone. Despite Elexia being in it, History is is my favorite class. It's mostly about Panem's past, the rebellion, and the Hunger Games, because before the rebellion the capitol withheld any information about the outside world and the history of North-America. Before the rebellion, only a select few knew much about the outside world. But Panem has been sending out researchers to find out about the world again. So far, they have discovered that we are 1 of 7 continents. Now they are studying a country know as Shinum. Shinum is a big country in the south-west corner of what used to be called Asia. They are still studying Shinum, and haven't sent back much information to the schools yet, so we have not studied it deeply. So for now, we are studying about the pilgrims, and how they came to North-Amercica seeking freedom.

I loved every minute of History.

At the cafeteria while I was walking with Daytona towards the table were we usually sit, I heard someone whistle behind me. I turned around to see Finnick Odair Jr. winking at me. Daytona let out a giggle, but I just roll my eyes. Finnick was so extremely flirtatious towards me, it almost seemed like he was mocking me. He probably was. I mean, it's not like I was something specially attractive or anything. In fact, I think Daytona is a lot prettier than me.

"Ooh, you won't believe who was hitting on Ari again!"Daytona says in a gossipy voice when we get to our table.

"Oh,Ari! Why do you always get the hot older guys!"Shae whined, her dreamy gaze immediately going to Finnick's table,"I'm fourteen, only a year younger than him and he never even notices me!"

"Oh please,"I say,rolling my eyes,"He's probably just a jerk making fun of me because I don't have a boyfriend."

"Or,"starts Keely,"He's a hot boy crazy in love with you who wants to be your boyfriend."

"And why would one of the most popular fifteen year old boy want to be a unpopular twelve year old girl's boyfriend?"I ask, raising my eyebrow and tilting my head slightly.

"Uh, because your tall, slender, have gorgeous, funny, mature and just all around attractive,"Daytona says as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

I scowl and turn away.

I hate it when she does that.

"And it's not like your unpopular,"Keely adds,"Your just not...popular..."

"Ugh, you guys are ridiculous,"I say, examining what's on my plate. Looks like were having food in honor of the newly discovered Shinum.

"Am not!" Daytona says.

"Then why hasn't anyone ever told me these things?"I ask.

"Adults tell you that all the time!"Keely exclaimes.

"But nobody my age ever does,"I reply.

"Well,"Shae sighs,"I guess we just didn't want your head to get big and stop hanging out with us."

I make an exaggerated choking sound and clutch my throat with one of my hands.

"And start hanging out with who?Those retards?"I sputter, jabbing my free thumb towards the "Popular" table where Elexia and her puppets were sitting, "Not happening."

We all all start picks up the pair of sticks that have been put on her plate.

"What am I supposed to do with this?"Estacia asks,holding up the sticks.

I pick up one of my sticks and stab what I assume is chicken with it and pop it in my mouth.

"Are you sure that's how they do it?"Estacia asks, unconvinced.

I shrug."How else would you do it?"

"Well, it just seems so... crude..."

We continue to eat that way, and I, being a fast eater, finish in only a few minutes. Soon after finish, the head chef walks up to the middle of the cafeteria, which is right next to our table, and says she has an announcement.

"Good morning. As you know, my name is Mrs. Sider, the head chef. I have just been informed that many of you do not properly know how to use these chop sticks,"she says, glancing at my friends, holding her gaze longest on me,"So I will walk you through it."

For about six minutes she instructed us how to manage these chopping sticks. I have absolutely no idea why they call them chopping sticks, you don't really chop anything with it. After she left, I waited for my friends to finish when Daytona started to giggle.

I look at her, confused."What?"

"Oh, nothing,"She says,a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. She looks over at the others, and they all burst out laughing. I sit there and stare at them, completely confused.

"Don't worry,"Estacia says, reading my confusion,"We'll tell you some day soon."

I roll my eyes. "Whatever."

Later that day,while I was returning my books to my locker, Abby ran up to me.

"Ari,"She called,"Are you going to sign up for the musical?"

I smack my head with the palm of my hand. I love acting. I love singing. I'm usually one of the first to sign up for musicals.

"I total forgot,"I reply,"I'm going to go do that real quick."

"Okay, see you tomorrow?"she asks.

"See you tomorrow,"I confirm, before heading off.

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