The sky goes dark, the lights are distant,

It's time to go, I'm not resistant,

While the nighttime's blackness falls upon the land,

Your life is being held in the very palm of my hand,

Shadowy it has gotten, you cannot see,

You shall not trace the presence of me

The hunt has begun, you see,

Never mess with Miss Lucy

My glaring eyes are tinted red,

A pair of horns growing on my head,

I have not two arms, but maybe six,

You best get out your crucifix

Your life or mine, it's a choice, you see,

Never mess with Miss Lucy

You're trapped alone, no light, no sun,

There's a single other being here, just one

I see the fear in your eyes as I begin to creep,

You know I'm there, you begin to weep

Tears from your eyes start to fall,

I shall paint your blood across the wall

I am a killing machine, you see,

Never mess with Miss Lucy

I can hear your screams echo off the halls,

Don't you know I sense your calls?

It's okay, I've been through worse in this hell,

I've been beaten and tormented and locked up in a cell

You must be unaware of the power I wield,

So I shall use your corpse as a shield

I am the queen bee, the ruler of my kind, you see

You should NEVER mess with Miss Lucy

If you do decide to do that, whenever or wherever,

You will go to sleep forever