New Start

Alright guys hope you will enjoy this chapter. Bear with me on the first few chapters. This story will be very dark and it contains slash which means Yaoi basically. In this story Jacob will completely different from his movie role, he will be possessive, sadistic, cruel, and plenty of other things. My OC will be the main character of this story, which you will soon find out about. So let me stop rambling and let you enjoy this story. Also no flamers either those are not welcomed; if you don't like the story then don't read it.


A new start, that's what my dad told me when he put me on the plane which would lead to my new home in Forks, Washington. He wanted me to start anew with a fresh clean slate. Every parent wants the best for their child and my father was no different.

This is why I wasn't mad at him when he told me that he was shipping me to my older brother, Sam Uley and his new wife Emily. I haven't seen my older brother since I was at least ten from what I remember.

Its not as if we don't get along, we get along perfectly fine, but Sam is much older then me and has his own life. I assume he didn't have time for me anymore which was the reason for us drifting apart.

I guess it would be nice to see him again and get a chance to finally meet his new wife. The whole reason for me getting shipped to my brother's was school. I was constantly bullied there mostly because of my smart mouth and my sexuality. I have a tendency to speak what's on my mind which annoys most people.

Another big reason is my stubbornness; I don't like being told what to do and I have a extreme rebellious streak which my dad tells me I get from my mom.

My mom died when I was younger, leaving my dad to raise me and Sam up all by himself. My dad grew tired of me constantly getting bullied at my school so he made an arrangement. He had contacted my older brother and San agreed to move me in with him his wife until further notice.

My dad thinks this will be a good time for me and Sam to reconnect and come back together as a family. I don't mind going to live with Sam; maybe dad is right about this being a good time for us to reconnect. I guess I should properly introduce myself to you.

My name is Light Uley. I have a russet colored skin which was because of my Quileute heritage. I have silver eyes, the first one in my family to have them, long black spiky hair; my spikes go in every direction and believe me that hairstyle is not easy to pull off. I range about five foot nine to five foot ten which is short considered to my dad and Sam's height of six foot six. They basically tower over me, and their intimidation is sometimes unmatched.

It'll be hard to adjust to my new life but I'm not worried about it. In fact I'm actually pretty excited about it. I wondered what Forks looked like and how the air smelled there.

Once the plane landed and I entered the airport I was pretty thrilled on seeing Sam. I felt as excited as a little kid on the merry-go-round.

I grabbed my luggage, which consisted of two rather large suitcases, and a shoulder bag with even more clothes and hygiene products in them.

I scanned the crowd looking for Sam and chuckled as I spotted him; he was the tallest one out of the crowd of people.

Once he spotted me he pushed his way through the crowd, making his way towards me. As soon as he reached me he pulled me into a tight bear hug, crushing me with his strength.

I honestly don't remember Sam being this strong before. He dropped me after a long excruciating moment of feeling my lungs tightening and ruffled my hair, something I strongly dislike and he knows it.

The reason why I don't like people ruffling my hair is because whenever someone does ruffle my hair they usually end up messing up my spikes, which takes a half an hour to achieve.

Sam chuckled, "I see you still make that same face."

I arched a curious brow at him and asked, "What face?"

Sam grabbed my two suitcases with ease and I managed to get a good look at him while he had done so. Sam has definitely grown up with his freshly clean face and his short hair styled in a widow's peak.

In body composition wise I was faintly shocked. His figure was very muscular which I was confused at; the body he has seems like it would take years to achieve. In the last picture I saw of Sam he hadn't looked this muscular before in his life.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't realize we were walking out of the airport. Sam finally answered, "You just made it again." he chuckled. "You've been making that same face since we kids; I noticed that you always make it whenever you're in deep thought."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Dad says the same thing to me."

Sam asked, "By the way how is dad?"

I pondered the question and replied, "He's fine, same old same old."

Sam lightly chuckled again as we reached his truck in the parking lot. My older brother has a black pick up truck which I remember from the pictures he sent me of it.

He put my suitcases in the back of the truck and opened the car door for me. I grunted; Sam knew I hated when people opened the door for me like I was some woman.

He saw my expression and laughed again, making me roll my eyes at him as I climbed into the passenger seat, closing the car door behind me.

Sam went around the car and climbed into the driver side. He started up the car, backed out of the parking lot, and drove away from the airport. He started out on the road heading to La Push.

I actually missed La Push; La Push is a Native American reservation that is located near Forks. I'm originally from La Push but we moved to California when I got older. I had such memories of the place and I was actually surprised to find that I had missed this place in the eleven years I had been in California.

I looked over at Sam and raised a curious eyebrow at him; he was wearing a black sleeveless shirt with tan khakis, however that's not what I was looking at. I was looking at the strange tattoo that was on his bicep.

I lightly traced my finger over it, Sam flinching at my touch. It was circle shaped with weird patterns and lines inside of it. Sam never seemed like the type to get tattoos so this was another question I had on what had changed him over the years.

I asked, "Sam why'd you get this tattoo?"

Sam grunted and defensively replied, "No reason, it was just something new to try."

I looked away from Sam and stared out at the window as the trees whizzed by my vision. I began to wonder why he got so defensive once I asked him about his tattoo. I mean I didn't really care but if it was really no big deal then he wouldn't have made a fuss about it.

There was something else about that tattoo that Sam wasn't telling me and I was suddenly so sure of it. Family members should trust each other and not keep secrets. That is what starts fights and loyalty issues, causing families to drift apart.

I didn't want our family turning out like that. Maybe I was just making a big deal out of nothing but I couldn't help feel that there was something different about Sam.

I saw the "Welcome to La Push" sign and I glanced around at the homes with a small smile on my lips. I was ecstatic about being back in my hometown. All the houses were the same way I remembered them. However there was something different about La Push but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Sam made a left and drove down a small dirt hill, seeing a medium sized house that looked vaguely familiar appear in our vision. It was white with a wrap around porch and a gray shingled roof.

My brother parked the car and we both got out; I observed the house, wondering why it looked so familiar to me.

That's when I snapped my fingers as I remembered where I had seen it from. This is the house my family used to live in when we still lived in La Push. Memories flooded through my head as I remembered being a little kid and playing around the house with Sam.

In our backyard we had a rather large clearing which lead right into the woods. I grunted as Sam grabbed the suitcases out of the back. I couldn't help feel that something happened in those woods, something that involved me, but I just couldn't pinpoint that memory. Maybe it was for the better that I didn't remember. Most memories weren't meant to be remembered unless they were timeless or good.

Sam stood next to me and smiled, "Home sweet home."

I nodded as we made out way to the porch, which looked very clean and recently washed. I waited till Sam unlocked the door before walking in, and gasped with relief.

It was exactly the way I remembered it with the medium sized living room with the kitchen right behind it. I saw the same small dingy table that I remembered sitting at when I was little kid. I noticed a woman in the kitchen washing the dishes with a deft hand.

Sam announced, "Emily! He's here."

I was pretty nervous on meeting Sam's wife, Emily, because I wasn't sure if she would like me or not. Dad assured me that Emily was very sweet and kind so I trusted his judgment and kept all opinions to myself.

Emily turned around and I got a good look at her. She had long black hair that stopped mid way down her back. She beautiful white skin but the most noticeable thing about her was the scars that were prominent on her face.

The scars made her look as though she had been mauled by a bear. Emily had three deep scars that ran down the side of her face, distorting her features, pulling down the corner of her eye and her mouth. I knew it was rude to stare so I didn't focus on her scars. She wore a red button on shirt with black jeans and black shoes.

Other then that Emily was extremely beautiful; Sam was lucky to have a girl like Emily.

Emily smiled at me and said with a nod, "It is nice to finally meet you Light. Sam has told me much about you."

I returned the warm and friendly smile which was rare coming from me, since usually my smiles usually consist of sarcasm or contempt. I forgot to mention I'm very sarcastic, which is another reason why I was constantly bullied. My sarcastic mouth would get me into constant fights.

Emily's voice was very sweet and melodic to the ears; I could tell why Sam loved her so much.

I replied politely, "It is a pleasure to meet you as well Emily. Thank you letting me stay in your home."

She shook her head, the smile not fading off her face, "No need for thanks. This is your home now as well. So come on, I'll show you to your room."

I nodded as I took my suitcases from Sam and followed my sister-in-law up the stairs. She led me into this medium sized room which blue wall painting. I instantly realized that this was my room when I was a kid.

The dark blue paint on the room looked fresh, and I assumed Sam painted over the walls to give them that fresh look. Everything looked the same, my bed pushed up against the wall; the comforter was swirls of blue the pillows matching the set. Sam knew that my favorite color was blue, the majority of my clothes were different shades of blue.

Emily said, "I hope you like it, Sam wanted to make sure everything would be the way you would want it."

I lightly smiled, grateful that I have an older brother like Sam.

I turned around to face Emily and replied, "It is perfect Emily."

Emily sweetly smiled and left, telling me that she would give me some time to myself. To settle down and adjust. So I walked over to my bed and lightly smiled as I sat down on the soft bed. This new life wasn't so bad; I could tell I was going to enjoy it.


The next few days I spent my time adjusting to the house and getting to know Emily and Sam. Emily was the sweetest person I've ever had the chance of encountering; she acted like a mom to me and I was grateful for that.

I also discovered that Emily was an extremely talented cook; Emily adored cooking and I was surprised that she never went into the career of culinary arts. Sam was grateful to have met Emily, she was sweet, kind, caring, and an amazing cook to top it off. I'm happy that he found someone amazing like her and could share his life with her.

At first Sam and I were having light conversations but after each day I opened up more and more to Sam. I couldn't still be mad at him for pushing me aside, I knew he must have felt guilty about that but in a way I understand why he did. There is a huge age gap between me and Sam, Sam being twenty while I just recently turned sixteen. That ten year difference between us caused us to drift apart.


I was in my room just finished getting dressed for my first day of school. It was half way in the semester and I knew it would be awkward being the new kid. However I knew it was just something I was going to have to deal with.

I had on a dark blue and white striped shirt, with dark blue khakis and to top it off the whole outfit I wore dark blue and white converses. My hair was already up in the spikes so I didn't have to worry about that. I just wanted my first day to go smooth and easy with no problems or complications.

I heard Emily call me down for breakfast, and grabbed my book bag off my bed before strolling down the steps.

I threw my book bag onto the couch and went over to sit at the dining room table. I looked at the food at the table and was surprised by the quantity of it; there were plates of blueberry muffins, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and waffles. I arched a curious brow at the food, curious as to why Emily bothered to cook all this food. There were only three of us, or was she expecting more people?

I asked exactly what was on my mind. "Emily? Are you expecting more people?"

She nodded, "Sam's pack usually comes over in the morning. They seem to have made it a tradition now, but I don't mind them at all."

I wondered why she called Sam's friends a pack. I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed a muffin before getting up from the table.

Emily asked, "That's all you want sweetie?"

I nodded, "I'm not really that hungry."

She decided to ask another question. "Excited about your first day?"

I shook my head, "I'm more nervous then excited."

Emily rubbed my back and replied, "Don't worry Light, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic first day."

I smiled at her and nodded; Emily was so optimistic about things, which fit her personality nicely. I had to stop being so pessimistic about things and look to the bright side just like Sam's wife does.

I saw Sam jog into the room and immediately went for the food on the table. As soon as he reached for something Emily smacked his head away and warned, "Take Light to school and then you can have something to eat."

Sam pouted which I found amusing; they certainly are a cute couple. Sam and I left for school in his car, getting into it, and soon were driving off.

He asked, "Nervous about your first day?"

I nodded and replied, "How'd you know?"

Sam chuckled, "I'm your brother, of course I would know."

I wonder what being my brother had to do with any of that but as long as it made sense in his head then I guess it was all right.

Sam glanced at the muffin that was in my hand and asked, "Are you going to eat that?"

I chuckled and handed him the muffin which, in three bites, was gone. Another thing about Sam that I've noticed is his appetite. Lately he's been having at least three helpings of each meal which surprised me each time I saw him eat.

The other crazy part is I haven't seen him gain any weight throughout this whole thing, You would have thought he would have at least had a gut from all the food he's been eating. I began to wonder what had caused his bizarre appetite, Emily doesn't even see a problem with it, she just makes more helpings for Sam. I know I sure as hell can't eat all that in one sitting.

I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I didn't notice we had arrived at the school until the car stopped. I gulped, nervous about entering the building.

Sam said, "All right, you go have a good day; I'll be waiting out here for you after school."

I nodded and climbed out the car and slowly made my way to the building. I glanced back at Sam as he waved goodbye to me and pulled out the parking lot before driving off.

I reached into my book bag and pulled out my class schedule which had already been sent to me prior to my arrival in La Push.

I pushed open the double doors and stepped in. The scene before me was just like any other high school, noisy and livid. I was used to it to this scene. I decided to keep to myself, not wanting to be bothered with other people. I don't want to have a repeat of my previous school.

I looked at my schedule and saw that my first period was history. I dreaded history; it was never my favorite subject. Even though I excelled in it I despised the subject. My favorite subject is English Literature all because I loved books and writing. In college I planned on majoring in creative writing and becoming an author.

I ended up getting lost; I wasn't able to find the history class. The late bell had already rung and the hallways were empty not a single soul lingering in the hallways. I sighed in annoyance as I scanned my schedule seeing what my second period was. Lucky me, it was Algebra, my least favorite subject besides history.

I never excelled in math; I was always weak in that subject. Every year I always pass with a C average in Algebra.

I was so deeply engrossed in my thoughts that when I turned a corner I walked right into a brick wall which sent me crashing to the ground landing right on my rear end. I really need to watch where I'm going sometimes. Wait…why the hell was there a brick wall in the middle of the hallway? I rubbed my head as I looked up to see what caused my accident.

Towering over me was six foot seven guy. His was tremendously thick, toned, and muscular similar to what a body builder might look like. Luckily he was very tall so his body didn't look so out of proportion. He had russet colored skin and I assumed he was descended from the Quileute heritage.

The guy also had short ebon-colored hair that was cropped short. He was extremely handsome, with dark good looks, deep-set twinkling dark brown eyes that seemed to have me captivated. I felt my cheeks slowly blush but then I frowned when I had remembered that he bumped into me, well I bumped into him.

He snapped, "Watch where the hell you are going!"

I rolled my eyes at him as I grabbed my schedule which had fallen when I fell down.

I looked back up at him and snarled, "If you saw me coming then why the hell didn't you move out my way, you ass."

He grunted bending to down to grab a handful of my shirt and lifted me up and a couple inches off the ground.

He growled, "Look asshole you-." He stopped in midsentence when he looked me directly in my eyes. His dark brown eyes softened when he looked into my grey eyes.

He finished, "You are mine!"

I gulped as my eyes widened in surprise.

I was lucky to escape that strange man when a teacher came strolling around a teacher broke us up. The teacher also escorted me to my history class; I was twenty minutes late.

Good thing the rest of the day went rather smoothly except that altercation that had took place earlier. I also unintentionally made a new friend. His name is Seth Clearwater; he's rather talkative and not to bright at times. His last name sounds vaguely familiar, I'm sure I've heard it somewhere before but I couldn't remember where. He was a pretty cool dude, I was actually glad that I met him; I would have never guessed I'd make a friend on my first day especially since I wasn't trying to.

I had asked Seth about the guy I had saw earlier and he told me that I had met Jacob Black. He was a junior here at school; Seth told me I should keep my distance from Jacob due to the face that he has a bad reputation. I told him he had nothing to worry about, that I had no intentions to interact with Jacob but I felt as though Jacob was watching me throughout the whole day.

Every where I went there he was just stalking me. It was very unnerving for me but I wasn't going to let him ruin my day. I was leaving school kind of late and the reason for that was because of Seth. That guy sure does know how to talk your ear off. The crazy part is I have no clue what he was talking about so I tuned him out after the first three minutes. I threw in an occasional nod here and there but I was anxious on leaving.

I was walking down the school steps and glanced around the parking lot and saw very few people lingering around. I scanned the parking lot for Sam's black truck and smiled once I spotted it. Sam was waiting for me outside his truck but I felt the smile disappear off my mouth once I saw who was with him. It was Jacob Black. He and Sam seemed to be arguing with one another.

I arched a curious brow at those two, curious as to how Sam knew Jacob Black. I shifted the weight of my book bag to my other shoulder as I slowly made my way over to them.

I dreaded seeing Jacob once more; he just doesn't know when to stay away. I could walk home but that walk home was rather long and I was completely unfamiliar of my surroundings.

Once I neared the russet colored guys, their argument slowly came to halt as they both turned to look at me. Jacob gave a big toothy grin which creeped me out on several levels. I got a good eye on determining people's moods, and emotions and what I saw in Jacob's toothy grin was pure lust, which caused me to tremble.

I looked from Jacob to Sam and asked, "What is going on and why the hell is 'he' here?"

Sam was about to open his mouth but Jacob answered, "I'll be taking you back to Sam's myself."

I sharply turned to face Sam and pleaded, "Sam, please don't make me go with him!"

Sam looked me directly in the eyes and looked at Jacob and begged, "Jake can we not do this right now? I don't want him involved in this mess."

Jake shot Sam a look that was full of so much raw anger, which would cause even the strongest of men flinch. However Sam held his ground. That look caused me to flinch even though it wasn't directed at me.

Jacob growled, "He was involved when you let him move in with you without asking for my permission."

I scoffed, my bravado coming back in full force, "My brother does not need permission from you to let me live with him. What goes on in his house does not concern you."

Jacob looked surprised by my outburst but then his face twisted up in anger.

He growled, "How dare you talk to me like you are an adult, you brat!"

I rolled my eyes at him in disgust as I tightly folded my arms against my chest. I looked at Sam, as he asked me, "Light please go with Jacob, for me?"

I was shocked that Sam was actually asking me to go with Jacob. Jake had some serious anger issues going on with him and I wanted nothing to do with him. I saw the look in Sam's eyes; his eyes were full of sadness and concern for me.

I deeply sighed and nodded, "Fine, but I'm solely doing this for you."

Sam grinned and moved his hand to ruffle my hair but I immediately stopped him and shook my head.

He chuckled and stated, "I'll see you at the house."

I nodded and I followed Jacob off to his vehicle. Jacob rode a black Harley Davidson Sprint motorcycle. I arched a curious brow at him as he climbed onto the motorcycle and waited for me to get on.

I shook my head. "There's no way in hell that I'm getting on that deathtrap."

I honestly didn't like motorcycle's, you have a more likely chance of dying on it then in a normal car. Plus there's no seatbelts so that makes it even worse.

Jacob narrowed his eyes at me and growled, "Either get on this bike willingly or be forced onto this bike."

I gulped, his voice was thick with anger and the look in his eyes told me that he meant every single word he said.

I reluctantly got on the bike and had no chance but to put my arms around Jacob's waist, something he was most likely enjoying. He started the bike up and pulled out of the parking and drove out into the open road.

The rapid wind whipped my hair in all types of directions as I clung to Jacob's waist, terrified of getting knocked off. This is exactly why I despise motorcycles, I have the biggest fear of getting knocked off, and at the speed that we were going I'm pretty sure more than a couple bones were going to get broken.

I was so relieved when we made it to Sam's; I climbed off the motorcycle and quickly made my way to the house.

Jacob ordered, "Stop right there."

I ignored him and kept moving but was stopped when he harshly gripped my forearm, causing me to turn around.

He tightened his grip on my wrist and growled, "Don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you."

I snorted, "I'll do what I please, when I please, and how I see fit."

Jacob tightened his grip on my wrist even more causing me to winch in pain.

He growled, "Not while you belong to me."

I snapped, "I don't belong to anybody and I sure as hell don't belong to you."

I snatched my arm away from his menacing grip and went stomping towards the house. I opened the screen door and walked in to see Sam waiting for me on the couch.

He got up with a slight grunt as a muscle cracked and said, "Light, we need to talk."

I nodded, "You're damn right we need to talk."

Sam sighed, he knew once I started cursing that I was pretty annoyed. He motioned for me to sit on the couch, I put my book bag in the armchair and sat on the long couch, folding my arms against my chest and waited for an explanation. He sat down next to me and contemplated on what to say to me next.

He finally asked, "Light do you remember the Quileute legends?" I thought about it, I remembered bits and pieces of it but some parts were fuzzy. I knew that Sam and I were descended from the Quileute tribe. I remember my mom always telling us about the Quileute legends when we were younger.

The Quileute tribe were Spirit warriors who were believed to be able to shape shift into oversized wolves. They were able to astral project their bodies into wolves at first but after the whole third wife incident they were able to shape shift into wolves. They fought against the cold ones, who are now known as Vampires.

They say when Cold Ones are near another descent of the Quileutes the tribe would rise again to shape shift into a wolf to defeat the Cold ones. When I was younger the story used to fantasize me but now I just shrug them off as old legends. Wait, what did the Quileute legends have to do with any of this?

I nodded at Sam. "Yes, I do but what does that have to do with this situation now?"

Sam sighed, "I really didn't want to bring you into this whole mess."

I asked, "Are you going to tell me or not?"

I felt my patience slowly wearing thin with this silly guessing game. I just wish Sam would hurry up and get to the point.

Sam answered, "The Quileute legends are true."

I arched a curious brow at him and asked, "Are you serious?"

He nodded and the look on his face proved it. I couldn't believe the legends were actually true.

Wait, did that mean Sam was…

My train of thought trailed off as Jacob came in, went into the kitchen, and sat down at the kitchen table.

I ignored him and looked at Sam and asked, "So wait, does that mean that you're a wolf?"

Sam nodded, "The correct term for it is shifter."

My eyes widened in surprise as I tried to process all the information he just told me. I couldn't believe it my older brother was a wolf.

I pointed at Jacob and asked, "Wait does that mean that he's one to?"

Sam nodded, I guess that would explain Jacob's attitude.

Sam explained, "As you know wolves travel in packs and they have an Alpha and a Beta."

I asked, "Who's in your pack?"

Sam answered, "There's me, Jacob, Embry Call, Paul Lahote, Jared Cameron, Seth and Leah Clearwater, and Quil Ateara V."

My eyes widened in surprise once he told me Seth's name. I was completely surprised by that. Who would have thought Seth was a shifter? None of the other names seemed familiar at all, but I was sure I'd be meeting them very soon. I was also curious as to who was the Alpha but I had a good idea who that was.

Just to be sure of my suspicions I asked, "Sam, who's the Alpha of your pack?"

Sam replied, "The Alpha of our pack is Jacob, your imprinter, and I'm his Beta."

Imprinter, what exactly was that? I knew that imprint means to leave a mark on someone but how was Jacob my imprinter? That's when another big question formed in my head.

I asked, "Wait…Sam does this mean that I'm a shifter too?"

I was praying that I wasn't, I wanted to have no part in their pack, especially since Jacob was Alpha of it.

Sam thought about it and replied, "I doubt it, if you were one you would have shown symptoms."

I gulped, "But Sam we're blood brothers."

Sam nodded, "I know that, I just don't think you are one. It might have skipped your generation and went for me."

I sighed in relief hoping that Sam was right. I learned while being Sam's brother that he was right on a lot of things. I just hope this was something he was right about. Oh right, I almost forgot about the imprinting thing.

I looked at Sam and asked, "Sam what exactly is imprinting?"

Sam glanced back at Jacob who wasn't paying attention to us; he seemed to be in deep thought.

Sam replied, "Jacob should be the one to tell you."

I sighed; I honestly didn't want to engage in a conversation with him. I'm pretty sure I'll be fine without knowing what imprinting means in wolf language. Then again I really wanted to know because Sam said Jacob was my imprinter, and I was curious to know what he meant by it…

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