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Character Bios

Leah Nicole Shepard- 15, looks like her father except she has her mother's smile, eyes, and nose. In the 9th grade at Georgetown prep. Birthday January 19th. Takes care of her younger sisters. Plays volleyball, swimming, and softball in their seasons from 3-5.

School Schedule:

Day 1: Day 2:

8-9 Geometry Latin

9:05-10:05 Biology Art

10:10-11:10 English Psychology

11:15-12:15 A. History Gym/Computers

Lunch Lunch

12:50-2:15 Study Hall Study Hall

Elena Selene Shepard- 12, looks like both her parents with blue eyes and brown hair. In the 7th grade at Georgetown prep. Birthday February 27th. Called Lena by her friends and Ellie by her family. Plays volleyball, and swimming, undecided for the spring in their seasons from 3-5.

School Schedule:

Day 1: Day 2:

8-9 Latin English

9:05-10:05 Science Spanish

10:10-11:10 Gym Computers

11:15-12:15 History Art

Lunch Lunch

12:50-2:15 Study Hall Study Hall

Madeline Rose Shepard- 9, looks like her mother but has her father's smile and eyes. In the 4th grade at Jefferson Elementary. Birthday June 5th. Everyone calls her Maddie. Struggles in Math and takes dance classes Monday-Friday from 3-6.


It was Sunday morning when three sisters decided to go to the park. The two older sisters ran around the track while the youngest of the three was on the swings humming to herself. Two hours later, the sisters decided to go to the library to do some homework.

Once at the library, the three girls quickly realized that they were going to get very little work done due to the unexplainable amount of heat in January. It was so nice out, that the sisters wanted to be outside but they had work to do. After finishing their homework, the girls went into the bathroom. "Leah, can you braid my hair?" Maddie asked.

"Yeah, come here."

As Leah briskly braided her baby sister's hair, Elena opened a window to cool down a little. As she was looking out of the window, she saw a man lying on the ground. "Hey, guys, come here. I think this guy got mugged."

"What?" Maddie asked. The two sisters stood next to Elena and looked out the window. "Should we call the police?"

"I think this guy is coming to help." Leah said. The man in question approached the hurt man and shot him point blank. The girls gasped and ducked down, except Maddie who was so shocked she just stood there. When the man was gone, Maddie started screaming. "Maddie, stop!" Leah said covering her mouth. "Come on."

They walked outside and over to the man's body. "Is he o.k.?" Elena asked.

"Let me look, Lena. Maddie, stay with Ellie." Leah walked over to the man and felt for a pulse. "Fuck, he's dead." Leah walked away signaling for her sisters to follow. She went to the nearest payphone and gave an anonymous tip to the local p.d. "Come on, let's go." Leah said.

"But, Leah, shouldn't we report this?" Maddie asked.

"I just did. Come on, lets get out of here." the three girls got back to the orphanage before the caregiver noticed they were gone. Later that night, the children in the orphanage were watching the news when they saw the man that was killed.

"That guy was a marine." Elena said when they got back to their room.

"I know." Leah said.

"Does that mean that they are going to contact NCIS?" Maddie asked.

"Probably." Leah answered.

"What are we gonna do. Leah, what are we gonna do?"

"I don't know, Ellie, I don't know." They went to bed and the next morning, they got up and ready for school. As they walked out of the building, they were heading for the train they took every morning to school when Leah went to another train.

"Leah, where are you going?" Maddie asked.

"You'll see. Come on." She took Maddie's hand and they went to the Navy Yard.

"Is that-"

"Yup, Maddie, that's NCIS."

"Why? Are we going to tell them what happened?"


"But I thought we weren't going to say anything." Elena said.

"I know, Elena, but mom would have wanted us to say something."


They walked into the Navy Yard and approached the front desk.

"Are you three lost?" the guard questioned.

"No. We witnessed the murder of that marine." Leah said.

"What? How could you three have possibly have seen it?"

"We were at the library when it happened and we saw it through the bathroom window."

"Hold on a second. Director Vance, we need you down here at the entrance. We have a situation here. No, sir, we have a couple of witnesses, but, sir, they're a bunch of kids."