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A/N: this chapter is mainly a flashback that Gibbs is remembering, but it is important to the story.

Chapter 6

The next morning, Gibbs woke up on the couch like he did any other day. When he tried to get up, he had a difficult time due to the fact that Elena was sleeping on his chest. He smiled slightly and couldn't help but think what would have happened if Jenny had never left him in London. He always wondered if he and Jenny would have gotten married and had children like the ones that Jenny had with another man. He couldn't help but envy the man who had fathered these three beautiful girls. Gibbs picked Elena up very easily and placed her back on the couch and covered her with a blanket.

He started cooking pancakes for the girls, knowing that they were going to need their energy today. Gibbs remembered the last time he had pancakes with Jenny, it was right after he had made love to her. Stephanie had just moved out and he came back from a boring day of work that revolved around paperwork. He was making his way into the basement when he smelled vanilla and jasmine. He hadn't smelled that scent since Paris. He went into his basement and saw Jenny sitting there. "Jen, what are you doing here?" Gibbs asked.

"I was in the neighborhood and I just wanted to say hello to my old partner. Any one would."

"Yeah, anyone would but not you. Why are you here, Jen?"

"I... I missed you, Jethro."

"Yeah, you weren't so concerned about missing me when you letter me that Dear John letter back in London."

"I'm sorry that was a cowardly way to end things. Things were moving so fast between us and I didn't know how to tell you about the job offer in Spain."

"That's your excuse?"

"Jethro, I'm sorry. I really am and I wish that there was a less cliché way to say sorry but there isn't so I'll say it again, I'm sorry."

Gibbs couldn't deny that she looked good and he grabbed her by her waist. He smashed his lips against hers and they continued kissing while peeling each others clothes off. Gibbs pushed her up against his boat and made love to her.

The next morning, Jenny woke up and found herself lying in bed with Gibbs' arm around her. They had made love on just about every surface of Gibbs' house before making it his bedroom. Gibbs started to stir and kissed Jenny when he saw her. "I thought it was all a dream." Gibbs said.

"So did I." Gibbs was going to roll on top of Jenny again when she pushed him off of her. "Jethro, I have no energy left. You've worn me out and the only way you'll get any out of me is if I get some food into my system."

"You never could pace yourself very well. Fine, I'll make you breakfast."

"You can cook?"

"Don't look so surprised, Jen. Between my divorces I had to learn how to feed myself besides takeout."

"Good for you."

"So how has Europe been treating you."

"I like it but it's not like D.C. I miss it here."

"Why don't you ask for a transfer?"

"I did but they need me in Europe. I have temporary leave right now. But enough about me, who's your new team?"

"They're good but it's nothing like what we used to be. Remember serving with Mike and Pacci and Decker." (A/N: I know Mike and Jenny never worked together when they were both field agents but for the sake of the story I changed that little detail)

"Yeah, working with Ducky and Lucy."

"You know what I remember most?"


"Making love to you all over that building."

"Really, I thought for sure it would have been when Diane and I got into that catfight that ended with both her and I taking a dip into the Reflecting pool."

"Yeah, that was pretty memorable. I couldn't believe that you two did that."

"Yeah, and none of you idiots pulled us apart."

"Well I was not about pull apart two women that were fighting in a pool."

"Typical male."

The two of them were silent while they were eating their pancakes that Gibbs made. When they finished, Jenny was in deep thought. "Jethro, there's something I need to tell you."

Before she could tell him, Gibbs was kissing her passionately again and they proceeded to make love again. The next day, Jenny walked out of his life again.

Thinking back on it now, Gibbs couldn't help but think that Jenny was going to tell him about her girls. Thinking about Jenny and their last time together, Gibbs realized that the timeline between that moment fit with Maddie's age. "Oh my god." Gibbs said quietly.