Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Walking Dead, sometimes I take it out of the box and play with it for a little while, I do however own Kit and Annie Harris.

Summary: Kit Harris and Daryl Dixon have known each other for years but it's not until the world goes into a tail spin that they learn that there could be more to what they have than meets the eye.

Author's Note: This story starts preseason one and will eventually fall into cannon. Because of the way this story starts you can expect plenty of flash backs mostly because I love writing them. As always your feedback is always welcomed and wanted.

Just wanted to say that just because I started this story doesn't mean that I'm not going to continue Kindred Spirits there's definitely more to come with that story but when the people who reside in my head begins to speak I can't ignore them. Well I can…it's just that it can get very painful. I'm not exactly sure about where What Matters to the Heart is going, I've been having trouble with that one for a while so anyone please don't lynch me if I don't continue it.

Chapter 1: Love Hate Tragedy

It was nearly dusk when the glow from the camp's fire came into view. Merle and Daryl had been out most of the day trying to run down something to eat. Since they'd left the small town of Clayton they'd been trying to make the food they brought with them stretch a little further by adding fresh meet that they were able to hunt. The problem was that lately their hunts had been coming up pretty short but that day they'd gotten lucky. Merle managed to run across a den of rabbits, Annie and Kit would probably bitch about eating bunnies but the idea of rabbit stew had his stomach growling. As they came closer to their small camp it was clear that something was bad wrong. The side of one of the tents had a ragged gaping hole in one side. There were things knocked over and spilled out all over the ground. Merle looked over at his younger brother a look of fear on his face, "No…fuck no." he said his gruff voice full of fear. "Annie!" he yelled.

Neither man was prepared for what they found. "Oh fuck…oh God….Annie?" Merle asked running his hands over his face trying to hold back any and all emotions. There had only been one person who'd ever got him…who ever understood him and it had been his Annie. There she was her broken body lying in her sister's arms covered in blood the things that did it were a few feet away with bullet holes in their heads.

Kit was very aware of what was going on around her but at the same time everything was too bright the sounds too muffled. She saw Daryl and Merle come back into the camp but it seemed like they were far way that they were at the end of a tunnel. She could hear them speaking but couldn't hear what they were saying over the beating of her heart and the rushing of her blood in her ears. She couldn't stop crying even though her tears had stopped flowing long ago.

Daryl had no idea what to do, his brother well he'd never seen Merle like this. Hell half the time the man bitched about what a good for nothing piece of ass Annie was and that he'd be well rid of her if something happened to her. While Daryl had never believed that his brother meant this, his reaction to Annie's death had still come as a shocking surprise. Merle had never been one to let his emotions show and to see him here like this with tears pouring from his eyes…he didn't know what to do. Then there was Kit, the girl was a pain in his ass most of the time all he knew was that he didn't like seeing her like this, in shock. "Kit…I'm gonna take Annie now." He said trying to get the woman to release her sister. "Merle help me!"

"No!" Kit sobbed holding onto Annie tighter.

Merle pushed his brother out of the way and squatted down in front of the younger woman. His first reaction was to just knock her ass out but he had a feeling that Daryl would get his panties in a twist over it. It took a few minutes but finally they got Kit to let her go the only problem was she latched onto Daryl instead. "You take care of her, I'll…." Merle trailed off as he looked down at his girl now cold in his arms and stroked her hair.

Daryl nodded; he had no idea how he was supposed to do. He'd never been one to fuss over women; while he'd known Annie and Kit for years it didn't mean that he was good at any of this shit. Knowing that there was nobody else to do this he picked Kit up off of the ground. His first thought was to take her straight to her VW Bus but decided against it instead opting to take her to the stream that was just down the hill from the camp. He set her down on a bolder and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wet it in the cool stream water and started to bathe the blood, and dirt, and gore from her face. Once she was clean he gave her a small grin, "There you are." He said gently.

"I'm here." She said. Her voice was low and gravely, the voice of someone who'd been screaming…screaming for hours. "Annie-"

"Merle's going to take care of Annie." He promised.

"She has to be…and he won't do it. She was bit Daryl." She said standing up her knees still weak.

"Then I will." He said.

Kit just shook her head as she stood up and started back towards the camp as fast as her legs would carry her. It was when she reached the clearing that she realized her handgun was still clutched tightly in her hand.

Merle had laid Annie's body to the side; he wanted to wait until last to deal with her. He wasn't sure how he should handle it. He'd burned the bastards who'd done that to his girl but he couldn't bring himself to do the same to her. All he could think about was how bad he'd been to Annie, he'd loved her and he'd never been able to share that with her. Maybe it was because of his father he'd been a mean bastard and he'd made sure that he and Daryl were mean bastards too. Only Daryl wasn't a mean bastard, sure he put on a show for Merle's sake but there was more going on in that head of his brother. Now that Annie was gone all he could think about was the bad things that he'd done to her. How he'd cheated on her with skanks that hadn't meant anything to him. It hadn't been about the sex neither it was something more than that it gave him power. It proved that he didn't need Annie; he just had her around because he wanted her there. Only now that she was gone he was starting to realize that he did need her and he hated her for that. Hated her for making him weak, and yet when he heard the rustling of leaves behind him he still couldn't help but turn and look with hope in his blue eyes. He knew that the lifeless shell that stood in front of him wasn't his Annie. Still seeing her there looking at him with those milky lifeless eyes and ambling towards him with her arms out, he couldn't help but hope that they'd been wrong that she was still alive.

Kit had made it to the clearing just as Annie had reanimated, she couldn't get the sick feeling out of her stomach when she watched her sister going after Merle her hands reaching for him. It was almost like a perversion of how their lives had really been. Annie had always been blind to the mean side of Merle, she'd always blindly reached for him. What astonished Kit even more was the way Merle approached her zombified sister as if he'd forgotten what she was, that she'd been killed, her throat ripped out by the two walkers were burning on the white hot flames of the fire. Without a second thought Kit raised the gun and pulled the trigger, just before Annie reached Merle she fell motionless to the ground.