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Chapter 11: Inheritance

Kit couldn't explain the antsy feeling that she had as she watched Daryl and Merle go into the woods. She had no fear about them coming back; after all they were both more comfortable being secluded out in the woods than with a large group of people. Maybe it was being thrust in this group with people that she wasn't prepared for, she didn't know and to be honest, she wasn't even sure if she liked them. She knew that it probably wasn't fair but it was how she felt. Of course she felt the same way about her college roommate and in the end that had turned out alright. Knowing that the best thing she could do was just metaphorically rip the band aid off, she tossed the book she'd been reading aside and tucked her hands into her pocket and walked over to where Lori was sitting with Andrea, Carol, and Amy while Sophia and Carl played with Louis and Eliza not far from them. "Mornin' Kit." Lori said as Kit set down in the camp chair beside of her.

"Morning," Kit said.

"We were trying to come up with a plan how we're going to handle the work around the camp." Carol said quietly as she looked over her shoulder. Kit couldn't help but notice the woman's husband standing not too far away, a cigarette in one hand a beer in the other. She couldn't help but wonder exactly what he was going to do when he ran out of his two vices. She had a feeling that it wasn't going to be pretty and that she didn't want to be anywhere around when that happened.

"Um…anything you need help with." Kit said. "I do kinda…suck at laundry though."

Amy gave Kit a sympathetic look, "I thought a washboard was Abs related until recently. Dale had one in his RV and Glenn is going to see what he can find in the city."

"Don't worry we'll get you two sorted out." Lori said with a good natured smile.

"So you think they'll find anything." Andrea asked nodding in the direction that Merle and Daryl had disappeared.

Kit nodded, "They'll come back with something, they always do." She shrugged. "Might be something small…squirrel or something but at this point food's food."

Andrea made a face, "Squirrel, people actually eat that?"

Kit shrugged, "It's not that bad."

"So…how did you end up with those two?" Andrea asked. "I mean, they just don't seem like the type of people someone like you would know."

Kit could have easily got offended by Andrea's comment if she wanted to, but she knew that the older blonde woman was just curious. Hell had she been one of them she probably would have been curious herself. "I've known Merle and Daryl since was barley 16…."


Christmas 1999

Kit was sitting in the porch swing bundled up in her father's old army jacket and her old Strawberry Shortcake comforter covering her legs. Clutched in her gloved hands was her Christmas present a new Berry colored Gameboy Color in her hands. Even though the package had said the gift had been from her father, she knew the truth. Annie had bought it and the games to go along with it and said they were from him. Deep down she knew the truth, McKeevey Harris barely knew that he was in this world much less that he had daughters that depended on him. While he hadn't always been a doting father, the sloppy drunk that he'd become since their mother had died almost a year ago was something else entirely. What made matters worse was the fact that just after she'd been buried he made them pack up their things and moved them to Clayton, Georgia. They were now isolated from everyone they'd ever known, even their family that lived in Kentucky. Christmas this year well with just her an Annie it didn't seem much like Christmas. Mick was off at a local bar getting drunk as usual; hell he probably didn't even know it was Christmas.

Kit's attention was snapped away from her Gameboy and Ghosts 'n Goblins when she heard the loud sound of a truck pulling into the driveway. Her first thought was that maybe Mick had remembered his family after all but as she looked up she realized that she'd never seen the truck before in her life. Her first thought had been to go inside and grab the handgun that her father kept in the table by the door but she stopped herself. The man that climbed out of the truck didn't seem too bad, he was probably about Annie's age around 21 or so maybe a little older. He had brown hair that was a little shaggy and a day's growth of beard on his face. But what Kit had found about him that was so compelling was the man's eyes; they were a stormy greyish blue. The sadness that she saw there was like nothing else she'd ever seen in her whole life. "You Mick Harris' girl?" he called.

Kit nodded, "I'm Kit Harris." She said.

The man nodded, "I'm Daryl Dixon, your old man was raisin' some hell up at Wally's. I got him before the cops did; he passed out in my truck on the way here."

Kit knew the name Dixon probably better than she did her own. It was name that she heard on the lips of her sister constantly, only it wasn't Daryl that she talked about it was Merle. Why her sister had become involved with the man she still wasn't sure, after all Annie was really pretty and Merle was…well he was Merle. "You need me to help you get him?" she asked.

"Nah I can handle him, you just get the doors." He said.

Nearly ten minutes later Mick Harris was face down in bed with his boots still on passed out cold and Kit had no idea what to say to the stranger standing in her living room. "You okay kid?" he asked.

Kit nodded, "I'm fine…embarrassed but you know fine. And I'm not a kid." She said standing up a little straighter. "I'm 16."

Daryl smirked at the girl; she was a skinny little thing nothing but black hair, baggy clothes, and combat boots. He'd heard a lot about the Harris girls from his older brother. "You're still a kid." He said lighting a cigarette and taking a long drag from it. "You shouldn't be ashamed of your family; they're the only ones that will unconditionally have your back."

"The only people whose back my dad has is Jack, Jim, and Jose." She said her arms cross under her breasts.

"Your dad he's going through some shit." He said. On more than one occasion he'd set with Mick at the bar and listen to the older man spill his sorrows about his wife and the piss poor job he was doing at raising his girls. "You had anything to eat, kid?"

"Annie made Christmas breakfast this morning but she had a shift at the diner at the truck stop." Kit shrugged. "I was gonna have some Ramien later."

Daryl made a face; he couldn't imagine anyone having those cardboard noodles for Christmas dinner…or any kinda dinner. "Come on I'll get you something to eat."

Kit gave him a skeptical look, "I don't know…what if he starts drowning in his own puke?"

Daryl laughed at that, "He's face down, he shouldn't drown."

Kit nodded as she grabbed her messenger bag that was covered in patches and buttons and walked with Daryl out of the house.

~End to Flashback~

"And you just went with him?" Lori asked.

Kit nodded, "Daryl's harmless…well for the most part anyway."

"I couldn't imagine going off with a strange man that I didn't know when I was 16." Carol said. "If Sophia did that I'd probably ground her for life."

"Yeah well, I already knew Merle." Kit shrugged. "Besides the way I figured it he knew my dad…he knew Annie and he knew that in that messenger bag covered in patches was a handgun." It was when all the women started to laugh that Kit realized that she was starting to warm to them.

It was late afternoon when Daryl and Merle made it back to camp. As soon as they did they parted ways, Merle headed to his tent while Daryl sought out Kit. "Looks like you're gonna get that bunny stew." She said nodding to the rope that held several rabbits.

Daryl gave her a small grin, "Looks that way, you gonna start bitchin' about it?" he teased.

She shook her head, "Nah at this point food's food. Not everything can be as magic as Ramien."

"Says you." He snorted as he pulled his knife out.

Kit frowned when she saw Merle come out his tent and head into the woods for his evening ritual. "He not gonna help?"

Daryl shook his head, "Nah, Merle he does better with bigger game. This many mouths to feed, we need all the meat we can spare."

Kit nodded, "How's he doing?"

Daryl shrugged as he started to clean one of the rabbits, "Can't really say, when we're up in the woods we don't really talk all that much. Good news is I saw some deer tracks today, I get a few of them and we'll be set for a while as far as meat goes. Just so long as we don't get none of those eaters up here we should be doin' good. Wasn't til we started seein' them before that we had problems with food."

Kit nodded her brow wrinkling, "You think we'll get some up here?"

Daryl gave her a serious look, "We'll get them up here, it's bound to happen. They'll run out of food in the city after a while. All those things know to do is eat, they'll have to find food other places. The only thing that worries me is this group. We only have a handful of guns: Merle's rifle, my handgun, your's Annies, that old man has a rifle, and the cop has two guns oh and that lawyer girl. That's it and I'm sure ammo is probably low right now too. Hell the rest of those slobs probably wouldn't know how to use them if they had to neither.

Kit nodded as she thought to the army foot locker that was shoved under the seat in the van, "That's not entirely true." Kit said.

Daryl frowned, "What do you mean?"

"I have something to show you." She said standing up.

Once Daryl and Kit were in the van with the doors shut she made sure that the paisley print curtains were closed. She knew that the rest of the group probably though that she brought Daryl back to the van for a quicky and she was okay with them believing that. "What are we doin'?" he asked out of curiosity.

Kit pulled the chest from under the seat and undone the lock on it, "Well you remember how Annie pawned all of my dad's guns?" she asked.

Daryl nodded, "I thought Merle would choke her out over that."

"Well…I kinda bought them back." She said opening the lid to the chest that was filled with ammo and her father's prized semi-automatic rifles. "I didn't buy the one he used but….the rest I did. Annie didn't know. I figured this was like our inheritance you know." She shrugged. "When all this started going down I thought we'd need them and then when we got to the woods Merle started to get a little….well Merle. I didn't say anything because I didn't know how he'd react."

Daryl nodded, "And now?"

"I don't think it's the right time to say anything. I'm not sure if I really trust these people yet." She explained.

"Why did you tell me?" he asked.

"Because I trust you." She said looking up at him their blue eyes locking.